Saturday, September 02, 2006

DP Highlights

That is short for Displaced Person, as I have been over the past xx days/Labor Day weekend. I was staying with my brother and his on/off longtime girlfriend in a Feral Family Gangstalk situation. Not ideal, but planned to the nines. These are some of the highlights from the perp/harassment angle, and won't mean much to readers unfamiliar to the TI life, not of my choosing. But as is everything is planned, right down to brown crumbs and their trajectory as they may hop off of foods etc., anything and everything is significant, right down to dotting my "i"'s and crossing my "t"'s. Unbelievable, but true, and if you know me at all, I do not have the creative abilities to make this up.

As always, the color and its proximity is central to the perps harassment and/or experimentation. The prominent colors of late are red, brown, green and white.

Highlights of recent moving and DP status.

  • H, my brother's girlfriend is a native Indian, and the brown skin tone is of vital interest to the perps vis a vis me and my own energetics makeup, especially as I appear to be irradiating some kind of energy.
  • coming and going, 11 hour sleep so she could be up first ahead of me
  • burgundy red shirts on all ambulatory parties I encountered when walking back to my brother's place from the grocery store (15 minutes). There were only three ambulatory parties on this leg of my journey; the first it was 1 of 2, second 1 of 1, and third party, 3 of 3. Is there anyone who suggests that this is random chance? Even the abetting First Feral Family has given up on defending these "color coincidences".
  • at least two gangstalkers were placed at each location I had in mind to visit; how is it that they can do this with no one else knowing what my plans were? Simple, it is called thought invasion; they know before me.
  • and my gangstalker-behind-me-at-the-checkout was a pseudo staff member of the rude persuasion; "excuse me" wasn't good enough, nor was doing something useful like packing my groceries, the usual feint to have another person in closer to me. He came to socialize with the cashier like no other "staff member" I have experienced before.
  • only six minutes of book reading time is currently allowed before the perps crank up the masers/zingers in my field of vision and force me to stop reading for this annoyance. (Although they did let me read my new cell phone manual for longer durations).
  • more abundant masers and plasma beams; I actually saw the perps plant a hair in the newly cleaned bath tub. There was a localized shimmering of a thread of something metallic-like, and poof, it de-materialized and left a 2" long hair just where I had cleaned.
  • 09-06-2006 the one week old cell phone crapped out, and I took it back to the seller, who gave me static because I didn't have the original packing boxes, USB cable, and recharging wall jack. I told them how inconvenient it was that my new phone crapped out in the middle of a move, and it was the least likely time that I (or anyone for that matter) would keep the packing boxes. This whole jerkaround is about having me make repeat trips to the same store location and pack some 30 concurrent gangstalkers around me. The seller is London Drugs for anyone who follows British Columbia harassment lore, as they are very perp compliant. Tomorrow with be the fourth visit to this seller to deal with the new cell phone that somehow didn't work within two days of use. I am extremely pissed that both my cell phone and my PC were taken out by the perps inside of 10 days, all at month-end, pre or during the infernal move that was forced upon me.
  • I now have a $400/month room that hasn't enough space to swing a cat, without causing it considerable harm as Mark Twain remarked once. I have a hot plate and a matress, and will be highly compromised getting one more piece of furniture inside. My filing cabinet (the heart of all my records) will be kept in storage, as will many other belongings. My belongings are in four locations now, not including the two quisling assholes I took to be friends who started this whole jerkaround by "helping me".
  • And one can see the pattern in the successive locations where the perps have placed me. This new residence location is one that I drove by almost daily until 06-2006 this year, when I gave up my vehicle for its expense. The very locations I drove through is now my walking beat, and the freak show of ner'do wells is not optional. Street people is one of the biggest disguises/cover stories that the perps put on, and there are plenty in this new neighbourhood.
  • Anyhow, the next mission, after change of address notifications, is to go to the storage locker and re-pack my belongings as I didn't know where I was headed then. (It was my brother's place and his mysterious ways, someone who "I" (with the usual provisio) have reamed out in the past for being so perp compliant. All is forgiven and nothing is ever discussed again).
  • And I was gangstalked ceaselessly when in downtown Victoria, Canada's Gangstalking Capital. And a few in-my-face-stunts today; sidewalk or aisleway blocking, the fuckers putting on the cluelessness act again. Been there, done that.
  • The perps have been laying on a significant amount of brown clothed gangstalkers; e.g. even on a very warm day as today (09-06-2006), they had winter coats on in brown colors again. And plenty of blondes, one >50 y.o. who looked like she belonged in a limo instead of the bus stop.
  • But there was some good news in all of this; I met my social worker, me playing the mental game for all its worth, even if there was plasma strobing in my left eye peripherial vision as I spoke with her. It seems that she might be able to work some administrative magic and get subsidized medications and housing for me, even if I had an eviction notice at the last location by way of mind-fuck stunts and blatant enragement provocations courtesy of the perps.
  • The word "perps" is too kind for the types of things they do to people; perhaps venal as a root word, and have them identified as members by way of a suffix,- say, venalites, venality makers, venality perps, anyhow, you get the idea.
  • And what started me down this intire conspiracy trail, with some reservations, was the Fortean "experiences", many of which are detailed in this website. For me, some of these stories are everyday experiences, seeing plasma balls, teleporting, MIBs, etc., though some are way out there. All these kinds of events are well within the powers of the perps, and the Fortean events suggest the perps are much more pervasive and established than most people, including some current harassees, believe.
  • the movers deliberately left behind one box and then fucked off when they said they would wait for me. That left me with the option of heaving it out, where the garbage doors were conveniently left open, or packing it all five block on foot. Some choice.
  • My six month worn shoes, brown in color, suddenly developed a "problem" where the entire sole fell apart. This after trashing the black shoes of the same model only two months earlier, which lasted six years.
Enough for a post, this now 10-16-2006 when "I" decided to re-visit this one, my only blog posting not published.

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