Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sabotage & Harassment -a Sampler

As a TI, sabotage of anything that meets the perp's displeasure is a given. This applies to mundane activities such as typing, or having certain garments that they do not wish me to have although allowed in the past. Any new activity is guaranteed to be sabotaged, as they would of created the incident in the first place.

Typing, or keystroking as I call it, is fraught with mind-controlled typos, which hopefully you will not read. I was once a fastidious speller and a reasonable keystroker until these depraved assholes landed on my back, and made their mind-control agenda apparent. These are not ordinary typos, but include the letters of the next planned word being "injected" (by mind (or finger) control from a distance) into the word that I am presently typing. This sets up some fierce rage shows where again, "my" response is mind controlled to the level of possibly earning me an apartment eviction (already happened twice before). And don't forget, that the perps will sabotage my keystrokes in correcting the typos they caused in the first place. Even the placement of a "." can be a fraught exercise should it fall at the end of a line. These pitched battles over who owns my fingers almost invariably happen over the first half hour of keystroking, then they back off some.

And it should be noted that these very same typos/keystroke sabotage "happen" as I handwrite in my physical journal. In fact, it is worse there as they sabotage the scripting of 95% of all letter "s", making it like a letter "c", and I have no control whatsovever, even if I try. Other letters that get sabotaged in handwriting are letters, "g, y, u, m, n". And again, this has never happened before until this venal cabal mugged me in Seattle in 2002, and have dogged me all the way back, sans job, to Victoria, Canada where they were waiting for me with ever more gangstalkers at every turn I make.

Another form of harassment is vision impairments that happen transitorily as I type. It seems that the perps create (action at a distance operations again) a film of mucus on my eyes (which I have seen) and pass it over my cornea in concert with what concept or word I have in mind. Or, at least, a concept or word that the perps have planted as I cannot be sure anymore as to where all "my ideas" come from, especially as this has being going on for a lifetime (53 years). In other words, they seem to want to create a temporary disassociation between what I see, and what is on-screen. Not that I care to know much about the technicalities as to their harassment agenda, I want my own life back, now. The last doctor I saw confirmed my complaints as persecution, and even my so-called family still maintain their avoidant behaviours and will not intelligently discuss any of the myriad improbabilities that occur, let alone the impossibility of the collective coincidences.

One big life-component the perps harass me with is in ambient and intrusive noise. I, or they, in planted thought form, call this the "noisescape". The perps have somehow caused anything I do, especially opening packaging, to be amplified in volume so to ensure there is more noise about me. As well, 3 to 5 loud mufflered vehicles per minute, or more correctly, the noise thereof, pass by to create a 5 to 10 second long sound decay, which is highly favored. This kind of "traffic noise" wasn't even apparent in this same apartment six months ago. Now, it is all day. I will later explain why no corresponding vehicles appear to be the cause of said noise, as I can see the street in part, and there are none travelling at the speed the "traffic noise" suggests. They amplify both ambient noise (raising the threshold of noticeability) and that of transitory noise, again, ensuring a protracted decay time.

I also get a variety of "neighbor noise", usually in the form of water usage, though it is very clear that no neighbors coordinate their "water usage" say, by alternating use, one from each side. Sometimes "neighbors" will tap their floor overhead (my ceiling) and the tapping will then progress along the ceiling to the suite beside me, and down the wall. More unlikely neighbor noise-making coordination. Other times, I get a familar (to me) kerchunk sound (like an oversized stapler) that has followed me through five apartments, wherever I have "neighbors" overhead.

Other contributors to the noisescape are a sudden onset of eating and chewing noise in my mouth that never occured before, and there is little I can do about. The perps also set up a jaw clicking noise that has no other or former related medical conditions, and it can even start up without me chewing anything.

Many of the transient noise is timed to web page display changes, an unbidden thought that is not mind-controlled (getting very rare now), when I change my clothes (color is a significant aspect of the perp harassment and sabotage), undertake a specific action, say drinking a glass of water, cutting up the chicken meat, opening the fridge etc. A subset of the noisestalking is thoughtstalking, where a noise erupts where I have thought of something outside the perp's script.

As I type, or handwrite, specific words will trigger noisescape additions. One can never be sure which words will be "hot" (earning a noisestalking as I call it), as it will vary from day to day. On occasion, I will get a body zap in place, or with, noisestalking. It is usually an overhead clunk with a total body jerk reaction, another facet of my past six apartments in two countries. Alternately, or in combination, a transitory plasma flash will appear. Another add-on is introducing a sudden and unexpected smell.

The plasma and/or maser (a coherent magnetic beam similar to a laser) show deserves a full blog of its own, but suffice to say, it is constant inside this appartment, and any visitors, if allowed by the perps, would see it too. (All major phenomenon have been confirmed by other parties.) The hallways of the apartment have a "plasmic fog" look to them, it is the only words I know to describe this visual hash which is becoming more pervasive around me. Usually a plasma flash will occur ahead of me in locations there I am about to reach, step into, or sit on. The masers appear to emanate from any wall surface imperfections as well as from me. These are one of the more benign harassment types, save when they strobe the plasma flashes at night to annoy me or otherwise perform their illegal research.

I frequently get navy blue dust bunnies that "show up" on the carpet or bed overnight, and sometimes "arrive" in the shower with me, and even (somehow) stick to the ceiling in the bathroom. These too have followed me over six apartments in the past seven years.

I am getting severe sabotage on keystroking currently and so I will cease the blogging on this introduction to harassment for now.

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