Friday, April 21, 2006

Dinnertime Rage Show

Making dinner tonight was another classic harassment activity; the action-at-distance provocations and then mind-controlled rage reactions. I have no power whatsoever to control "my" reaction. And each of this events, which followed within a minute or so of each other was accompanied by a different voice. That's correct, the perps can substantially rearrange my vocal chords inside of 5 seconds, and it is always a feature of rage shows.

The perps got me cranked up by mind-controlling a "forget" on the new package of cheese that needed to be opened while in a crunch state of needing to expedite matters as my tortilla was cooking on the stove. They did this by mind-controlling/dithering "my" finger coordination with the scissors to prolong opening the package and then controlled me to rage at them.

Then they rattled the plate on the stove in constant motion, then mind-conrolled another rage show as a response, in a different and louder voice. More finger motor control dithering while I did the dishes in the interim while the cheese was melting under the broil burner; ergo, another rage show, and another voice.

Then once the fry pan with tortilla was pulled out from the overhead broil burner and back on the top burner, the perps screwed me over for folding the totrtilla in two, a mission critial event insofar as making a successful product and not have the contents spill out. And it "so" happened that there was a mismatched fold with some of the olive tapenade happening to fall out on the counter and cutting board. And they applied extra heat to burn my fingers and hasten a piss-poor job. Naturally I get mind controlled in remediating to the resultant problem and "make do".

Another regular stunt is the perps spinning the fry pan as I fold the tortilla, which in itself is a feat as the burner is not level (their doing for every place I have lived for decades), and yet the pan spins like there were ballbearings underneath. The perps mind-controlled me for another rage over this intrusion, this one the loudest voice version I have ever had.

Another rage stunt erupted when they dithered my finger motor control and would not let me pick up the cling wrap to put over the cheese. Again, another voice variant, and a loud one at that. There are constant "battles" (read mind-controlled reactions to action-at-a-distance provocations (neural and physical)) over the cling wrap placement and properties (i.e. clinging), but 90% of the time the perps will not let it cling, but only drape and flutter.

The perps have me eat the same food for lunch and dinner, now 3.5 years running, and the mind-controlled me, "doesn't mind". This has never happened before in 52 years of living (sort of) and yet, for very strange (read mind-controlled) reasons, this is not a hardship. The food that I eat is a tortilla with an olive tapenade base, cooked red onions, chopped chicken (always bought cooked) and melted cheese over top. Half of the tortilla is eaten at one meal, then the other half is reheated at the next meal. Nutritious, but the same every lunch and dinner,- a never before experience.

And there are no real neighbors in this apartment block as the entire floor and at least two others that I frequent, are irradiating/vibrating with some kind of colored plasma. I could call it radioactive (in the sense of ionized radiation) but it is not that kind. Call it a plasma bath, which infers a very high magnetic radiation which is visible all the time in transitory exposures, usually in peripherial vision. In the early 2002 days of harassment, I did measure 200 gauss with an industrial quality meter, but I would not be surprised if it were 1,000 or even 10,000 times as much now.

Anyhow, I should describe these irradiative effects and displays that I deal with every waking minute in another post, as they are truly exceptional as a constant backdrop to my existence.

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