Sunday, July 02, 2017

Power Failure

A power failure after putting all the soup ingredients together in a pot on the stove. Maybe the soup was on for a minute or two, but it was not mixed up yet, nor blended which is what I usually do to get a puree type of soup. Why the Psychopaths needed to pull a power failure at this juncture I don't know, but they do love to mess with me when mixing foods. So perhaps this was an extended "hold" before it all went in the blender and got truly mixed. But also, the perps have a bizarre need to name-drop "soup" all the time, so maybe this was more of their silly games over this particular subject.

For some 30 min. it all sat there while I read about extra-terrestrial contact between the US Navy and the Nordics, as well as the competing alliance between the Reptilians and the USAF, CIA etc. Apparently, the FBI also aligns with the Nordics. It is well documented in the book "The US Navy's Secret Space Program and Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance" by Michael Salla. He of Exopolitics, who expect/hope that the US government will publicly declare the existence of these associations. Dream on; its been nothing but subterfuge and deceit for a very long time, so why would it change? Even President Trump is touted as a breaker of this log jam, though I doubt it very much. He looks so very Reptilian himself, even as keeper of the governmental gong show that is unfolding of late. Didn't someone tell him that the Russians are aligned with the Nordics?

Back to Dullsville; tucking in the vineyard today, and it was forecast to be a all-day sunny day, but lo, if a rain storm didn't come down the valley at about 1400h, and send us running from the bottom of the vineyard uphill, to our vehicles to close their windows. Then to don a rain coat as the rain kept up, and then it got cooler later in the afternoon. And run I couldn't; just no gas, so I suppose my ferritin is down again after it got boosted with an IV in 09-2016.

And I see that someone entered my place in my absence today, and moved the slider on the switch for the overhead lights that I installed in 01-2017. Or else there was some other peculiar and unconventional method they used. This follows from three days ago when someone entered my vehicle, searched through the glove box, door pockets and other stowage nooks, seemingly to be looking for something valuable. Almost unbelievably, they overlooked the ashtray-like stowage at the base of the center console and missed some $5 in coins I keep there. Are the perps really that obvious, or do they send in an utter bozo in their place? Don't know, don't care, just leave me and my vehicle the fuck alone.

Friday, and it was warm, about 30C in the vineyard. All day tucking shoots into the trellis wires. The arrangement was that I worked with the NZ woman for two hours, then the Difficult Dick, and then the NZ woman in the afternoon with the Difficult Dick hovering around in behind me. Why he didn't go to the other end of the row and work with his uncommunicative co-worker is beyond me. So yet again, this alternating arrangement for me to work with a woman, then a man, and then the same woman again. Haven't we done these same games at the checkout so many countless times? They are putting on more males at cashiers of late, a break in the long standing practice of female only.

One worker left for the long weekend yesterday, and another had to take the afternoon off to move his belongings. Just two pairs working the tucking today. But at least I had someone to talk to in the form of the NZ woman. The Difficult Dick can have his terse moods at times.

Canada is 150 years old today, though I don't feel like celebrating knowing that it is a police state in disguise given my experiences. All that started a little over 15 years ago, in Seattle USA, but the Canadians are also full measure in keeping up this relentless abuse and gangstalking. I was driven into hospital at gunpoint, force given drugs that depleted my dopamine and made me substantially worse, and kept there for 5 fucking months. Meanwhile, the operatives, in the guise of patients, were stalking my ass around every corner and especially at the elevator and at meal times. And if you think I had any direct part in it, think again, or else read my Essential Introductory Postings for a primer (one page version) on what it is like to be kept as a nonconsensual human experimentation victim. Yes, one's world turns upside down when doctors are criminals and the police violate the law on behalf of the Psychopathic Confederacy. Slowly one begins to see patterns and suspects that so very much more in the world seems orchestrated and arranged. Anyhow, it is all a bummer story, and I will leave it at that.

A work get-together in the evening at the vineyard, for tasting room staff to meet the vineyard staff, and the owners were there too. The owners are people of significant influence; they have had a premier and a prime minister come by. Two of the tasting room staff didn't introduce themselves so I have no idea what their names are, both young, female and cute coincidentally. Only three of us vineyard grunts showed up; two are coupled and SO's weren't invited and one is away for the long weekend. The crew boss man came for a while, as did the tractor driver. One by one these folks left the party, and I remained the only vineyard person with the tasting room staff and the owners. Then a SO woman came with horrendous tattoos on her L arm, and lo, if she didn't sit down at my table with her L arm facing me. We chatted for a while, and the owner came too and joined the conversation. All was well and amiable.

At one point in the party, the owner (male) made a 25 minute presentation on the history of property and his intentions as to what he is attempting to achieve in winemaking. All the while these blackish maser dots and patterns floated around his head or else dropped between me and him. It was getting very distracting, trying to look at him and these blackish dots and wispy filamentous trails were around him. No doubt everyone else saw them too, but didn't say anything of course. This guy is a serious high achiever and a very personable one, so why he became my "maser mate" I have no idea. I am attracted to high achievers and movers and shakers, but only ethical ones, and he has my utmost respect, if not admiration. Whether this fits some perp experimental progression, I have no idea. Interestingly, my employers of the last two years were also high achievers, also ethical ones, but were rather impersonable. Don't ask me how all this fits the perp plan, but it is interesting the perps love me to meet business owners, building landlords etc.

In all of the banter of the party, it was clear there were a few planned topics; cancer and prostate cancer (which I have, but wasn't revealed to anyone there so theoretically they don't know I have it), some friends who have died recently etc. The meal was pizza, and lo, if I didn't "forget" that I should not be eating cheese on my current medication, and lo, if I didn't "forget" that I avoid gluten based foods, i.e. the pizza crust. All went well and I did nothing to distinguish myself and was the perfect guest as far as I know.

And lo, if I didn't wake up clogged and fogged and very sinus congested. Only after a half hour of waking time was I allowed to associate my condition with last night's pizza dinner. I have the experience to figure this out right away, but all my normal faculties are so messed with that my new normal is plain abnormal.

I worked this Sunday at the weekend job site all by myself, as it is a post-Canada Day "recovery" day. It was hot out, and I am still tired this evening. I am still getting bombarded with notions of going to LL for proton beam therapy, despite the fact that I don't have anything like the needed funds, some $86k. Why I get stiffed with undoable notions for 10 months, all related to making such a trip and getting such treatment I have no idea, but pummeling me with planted thoughts is nothing new.

Anyhow, time to post this for the inter-web and call it a night.


Anonymous said...

They did pull a power outage a couple weeks back. I did hear a loud bang, so it's obvious a transformer blew. And the one side effect this power outage had was that it rendered my one computer unbootable. The green light was on on the motherboard, but it would not power on after that. The strange thing is that it was plugged into a UPS with power surge protection, and while the power was off, the computer was still running. I did a shutdown. But after the shutdown, it wouldn't power up again. Clean shutdown, surge protection successful, battery backup was working, so this shouldn't have happened.

Then the planted notions began that was "definitely" the motherboard. Well, I ordered a motherboard off of ebay, and it turns out that the power supply "blew". Funny how all of a sudden with surge protection it goes bad. So I bought the motherboard for nothing, but I decided to use it anyways. I ordered So-Dimms, and it turns out they were incompatible with this motherboard. I ordered a new set of so-dimms, and this time, they worked.

Another twist was that the power supply I ordered was too big for my mini-itx case. So I ordered a cheap case that the power supply would fit, and it turns out the fan is loud as fuck, and it was loud enough to make my ears ring. Then I find out that this new motherboard I didn't need now has Power VT 545 SGX graphics, which is not supported by Linux or 64 bit windows. So I decided to relegate this to server duty, where I don't need high res graphics (VESA mode is just fine because it's a server not a desktop). I' sure you've noticed now annoying VESA mode is to look at, as it doesn't have widescreen modes that modern monitors have.

So now, I bought a Second motherboard, an ASROCK quad-core board. I noticed that I already had the sodimms required for this board, the ones that wouldn't work in the Intel D2500HN I mentioned earlier.

Oh, but this time I decided I'm gonna need a new case for this one. So I suppose the "dead" power supply stunt and planted notion that the motherboard was dead, not the PSU, was inflicted to set off the chain of events leading me to two new computer projects each requiring their own cases: the server (D2500HN) and the desktop (Asrock board).

I know the perps must be getting something out of the loud TFX PSU fan complete with ringing in the ears. The power supply is a "Replace Power" that seems to be everywhere. I'm sure the perps want us to buy this model, simply because the fan is loud as fuck and they want to do testing on loud-ass computer fans.

So they'll use the power outage as purported reason for the PSU blowing. I'm sure they did something to make that PSU blow up. It was an FSP, and they're supposed to be so good. Much better than the cheapo Replace Power with loud fans.

AJH said...

Answer to: "They did pull a power outage...."

LOL; they gamed you big time into a slew of PC parts purchases. And too, bypassed the UPS with surge protection. OR, the PSU "just happened" to fail when the UPS kicked in. I have had a cheapo PSU go pop in the past, so I go with a good now, as with all PC components. They even popped a mobo a few years ago. Thanks for the comments.