Thursday, July 13, 2017

Meet the Oncologist

Actually, I met him before, but I had a whole lot of more questions to ask. He seems personable and reasonable, though I have come to distrust doctors significantly more since this insane abuse began. In fact, my vexations with doctors was already considerable after four in succession blew me off over not having ADD. I got a SPECT scan which said exactly as I told them; ADD-Inattentive subtype. Hard to believe that one could find such a serial and seamless array of ineptitude per random chance. (one was even a recommendation of an ADD group). And considering I wasn't well, it is even more of an outrage they fanned on any diagnosis. Then I am well for 2.5 years on stimulant medication (read, dopamine agonist). Then they arrange a barrage of insane proportions in my apartment (04-2002) to then herd me to hospital at gun point for no seeming reason. Then they take my medications away and feed me ones (doctor prescribed) that make me worse, (read dopamine antagonists). The minute I got out I dropped their medications and felt better right away. To repeat my oft asked question; what is it about my dopamine state that is so important to an insane nonconsensual human experimentation project such that they relentlessly abuse me for 15 years from the shadows?

Of course, no stimulant medications were allowed since then. And now, I have prostate cancer, and lo, if low dopamine isn't implicated based on my research. Thanks a bunch assholes. Then the fuckers block my recent attempts to get back on dopamine agonist medications. The referral "happened" to get lost by fax, and it took 3 months to get it resent. And maybe the referral doctor will turn out to be a big nothing and jerk my ass around. So... my aversion to doctors, and doubt of their clinical competence (or true intentions) is from experience. God knows what they did to me in the recall blanked years, aged 2 to 5.

Back to the oncologist; a one hour drive to Kelowna, and I had my landlord somehow end up driving in front of me for the first 3 km. I set off, stopped to fill the tank, in front of an extra array of backed up traffic, then set off and lo, he "happens" to end up in front of me with his red truck. Eventually he turns off, and lo, if the motorcycle escort crowd doesn't then materialize, and I get rotating motorcycle stalking for at least a quarter of the trip in both directions. And extra red colored vehicle stalking.

A cute receptionist at the cancer clinic left her post at the central desk to deliver me an Ipad to answer a visit questionnaire. Then another, shorter and more slight framed cutie (nurse) came to collect me and take me to the exam room to then ask me more questions. Her hair seemed to be a distraction, per mind fuck games. It was swept to the back of her head with a "spike" or "spray" of it projecting out high to one side. That relieved the visual severity of her hair being swept back only, usually in a bun. For some reason, the perps love to present various female hair style variations, and also have men's hair emulate them. I have no knowledge of why they do this, save their constant and abiding female-male comparison games they so like to play. And even configure the odd stalker who is momentarily mistaken for the wrong gender. Hilarious; and its only been 15 years of this stupid shit.

Last day at the vineyard with the Difficult Dick, he starting up his senseless back and forthing again today, being quiescent after his ridiculous stunt of last week. Onto my new vineyard employer next week, so to leave Difficult Dick behind, though I suspect he will surface somewhere, perhaps on his motorcycle that he told me about.

And there is a strong drift of having motorcycle stalking of late; HD's parked on the street in every direction now (five) for days, and escorts when in traffic. Before all this crap came down, I would never see motorcycles parked on the street in residential areas, as it would be bait for them to get stolen at some point. I am told that a certain motorcycle group owns an HD dealership, and if they aren't reviewing their sales records to find them, they deploy scouts to note where they are parked. All the normal precautions of motorcycle ownership seem to have gone out the window to serve the greater gangstalking need. I have yet to figure out why the perps do this, but they are very consistent once the weather gets better.

We moved to three different varieties of grape in the course of vineyard tucking today; such is always of interest to the perps, changing locations and varieties. Though for the last two years at my former employer, the varieties would change in the same row (no location change). And of course they would screw me around by having me not notice at first.

Changing voice in the same book has always been a fascination for the perps; co-authors writing different chapters as one example. Another is from the non-fiction work, My Secret Sister, about twin sisters who were separated at birth, one adopted out, the other staying with her birth mother. Each wrote different sections, with one of them being much abused by her step father, while her mother was of no assistance. And to complete the list, I just finished reading Gone Girl, a novel by Gillian Flynn, each chapter alternating in the voice of one of the two protagonists. And so what is it about books of multiple authors that the perps so like me read? Of course, the last mentioned book is the same author, but in different voices.

Halfway through July, and a day off to attend to errands. After last night's screw up of going to the part time vineyard and finding the owner did the rest of the work, why, another screw up today with another part time employer. (To be full time beginning tomorrow). She didn't tell me which vineyard, so I assumed it was the one I was working at for the past four weeks. Not as it turned out, so one hour later and multiple texts, it was the other one. More FUD-ery it would seem.

The driving was crazy in town today with arranged traffic trains of 20 or more; and with one oncoming dick running a late yellow, and me just about to make a left turn, why, some fucking idiot runs the just-red at speed and I just about clobbered him. I have never seen something so stupid, save the near head-on collision the assholes organized back in about 2013. (Another was a lane change into my lane by the Fuckwit beside me, another one of those "I don't know how there wasn't a collision" stunts in 2010 or so.) This was when I was transiting from the vineyard to the Ford dealership to get extra keys made up.

The assholes had me "forget" and had me lock my keys in my vehicle last night. Normally they would let me know right away so to stress me out for longer and while in the store. Thankfully my landlady was in, and retrieved the spare set in my place and brought them to me. And thankfully I had my phone with me.

Then two calls from the hair salon an hour before my appointment, one about a change of stylist, another for a person not at my phone number, looking for Tricia. And while getting my legs waxed, I get a call, then a message, from the salon, for Tricia (again), who didn't show for an appointment. I was looking at the very person who was making the call, as the curtain "happened" to be open. And then looking at my cell phone while getting waxed. Good trick that. Just more FUD games as I see it.

Sunday, and starting at a new vineyard full time after getting fed up at the last one with the Difficult Dick seeming to round on me for no particular reason. And a small pay raise into the deal. I suppose this was all part of the plan, having me work with a crew of six, and now down to one or perhaps three in total. Right now, I am working on my own.

Anyhow, I shall get this posted for the week.


Anonymous said...

The comment about the Harley Davidson's and then, the comment about your landlord reminded me that many of the online threats that are made to TI's is that "I hear there are even gangs of outlaw bikers who hate pedophiles" and so on.

In other words, often the rumor that one is a pedophile is spread by the police after Fusion Center spying takes place, or they inject underage porn into your browser as you search or view legitimate porn.

There is a HUGE international co-ordinated operation running from Thailand, and another one run by the US military from Osaka and S. Korea that does exactly that. And the the US and its so-called anti-human trafficking initiatives are similarly situated. It is another form of pimping, and sex slavery-the religious and conservatives allied with white middle class entitled women who all derive income from it.

You should research organized gang stalking-the "save the women and children's" and the victim pimps and lobbyists are multi-billion dollar international industries, according to

As for the bikers, they are generally cowards who can't stand alone. After the drug wars of the last decades revealed that many cops are bikers, many bikers are drug dealers, and that the CIA and the DEA are one and the same-game over-the "good guys" are all dealing dope and making milllions. So even bikers-the scum of the earth many years ago-are now "save-a-ho's' and their children, of course. Yup. Bikers just love children....

So don't worry too much. They're mostly big pussy faced cowards-and don't forget: when they surround from all sides and tail gate you? Hit the breaks quick and feed them some bumper. See how that works?

Buy a camera, a spy pen, and a tape recorder-check the laws of wiretapping in your area, and film these cowards who are demolishing privacy and civil due process rights, while protecting the illegal drug trade, and frequently frequenting the same hookers.

AJH said...

Answer to: "The comment about the..."

Knock on wood, I haven't had any serious computer hacker incursions to portray me as any kind of bait for further gang abuse. Though, I suppose, anyone's computer can be hacked into and then their web access history can be reconstituted to make the victim look very bad.

Mostly, its the HD motorcycle noise they like to pummel me with; there hasn't been any swarms of bikers in my proximity, again, knock on wood. Though too, they like to present HD motorcycles (or like) and have every route from my residence with at least one parked motorcycle on the street. My knowledge of motorcycle ownership may be out of date, but long ago street rumor was that was the last thing you did with your motorcycle; it was almost guaranteed to be stolen if not locked up in a garage (off street). That so obvious local street parkings of motorcycles for weeks or months on end, at least six in my neighborhood, suggests to me there is some kind of organized amnesty of motorcycle theft.

As to why the perps like to hound me with motorcycle presentations, parked or in traffic, I have no idea, but I have seen some ridiculous situations that can only of been set up for me to see. I haven't read anything from the the 1950-60's organized abuse/ child experimentation literature to provide me with any handle on why the perps have such a motorcycle fetish. As for clinical, clerical, and military involved child transportation and abuse, there is a considerable body of witness reports. The book, "Thanks for the Memories..." by Brice Taylor is a huge eye opener as to how extensively and intricately organized this all is. Thanks for the link (while I shall peruse), and comments.