Sunday, July 23, 2017

New Job in Mid-Season

Another smokey hazy day, as there are so many forest fires here in BC. None locally, but the smoke does carry, and then sit in this Okanagan valley. Which also means it limits the amount of solar radiation. What would of been a hot day of say, 32C, is only some 28C. The perps love sunlight and heat games, and I suppose they are up to their usual tricks of "local dimming" again. Two years ago there was plenty of smoke haze in the valley, comparable to these past two weeks.

My third consecutive day at my new employer, mainly a vineyard operation, though I see they have a winery that is just completed. I am working on my own for the most part, though the boss lady does come by every so often. Goodness knows why the perps needed to cycle me from a 6 person crew situation of five months, to a work-alone situation for two remaining months of the vineyard season. But as they have had me in a near work-alone situation for the past five years, save last year with one co-worker, it is all the more curious as to why they had to revert to the former situation. But it seems they had this one planned, with Difficult Dick at the last employer rounding on me 4x to come across as a rude-assed deranger. The boss man there did not ask as to why I was leaving. Funny how that "happens".

A hot day in the vineyard, tucking shoots by hand. No reprieve (as in reduced solar intensity) from the smoke today, as it was relatively light. The assholes screwed with my vitamin intake again, this time "forgetting" me out of taking them at lunch, even if sitting in the bottom of my lunch bag and duly seen at the time. Within the hour I knew it, as the energy depletion fuckery came on, when I am just fine in the heat. And of course, more adversity comes on and the assholes make sure I get fucking pissed. (Or "pissed off" as we say in Canada).

Adding to the adversity, they fucked with my cable from the headphones to the player, so just when I had 285 songs queued from my very favorite singer, LR, why, there is intermittent channel drop-outs. Ergo, shut it down and go without any tunes while doing boring vineyard work for the rest of the day.

If that weren't enough, they added insult to injury, (a favorite perp timing), by trashing the zipper on the pouch that goes on my work belt, making my phone and DAP exposed, and of course (per perp adversity), ready to spill out. Ongoing relentless fuckery, one on top of the other, and timed coincidentally even if there are no contingencies

Continuing in this theme of stereo channel fuckery, my stereo at my residence has L channel drop outs, these being the new cables that replaced the ones that mysteriously developed a break in the solder joint.

A warm, but partially cloudy day in the vineyard; no smoke. Even a spatter of rain for 20 seconds after lunch, a favorite "gotcha" perp timing.  But that didn't stop the perps from arranging entertainment of a kind. Across the lake a fire broke out, and in time, that brought in the helicopter to dump water on it. All was duly timed for me to watch this at my 1000h break from my vehicle.

Another day of dull and boring tucking; the audio device fuckery was all about having me bring my home (usually) headphones into the vineyard, which are typically a PIA as the vertical earpiece posts hang up on the vine shoots. And then in the afternoon the DAP battery was depleted, so only a partial listening to LR.

This vineyard is closer to a busy road, so now the traffic noise has amped up; the usual parade of HD motorcycles, bad mufflers, hot rods, sirens etc. Even more noisy was first thing this morning, when three deer got in the vineyard and the owner chased them out in his ATV. Plus he made a few visits on his ATV to me to explain things. And then some mysterious low frequency noise, like a subwoofer aimed my way from 200m away for five minutes. All jolly good noise games while listening intently to LR, for whom the sun rises and sets.

The male co-owner came by at one point, and chatted briefly. It seems he wants me for next year's vineyard work. That is good to know I am wanted longer term. Presumably the radio-therapy cancer treatments planned this fall won't screw things up, nor any other introduced ailments, most of which seem to be focused around having a dopamine deficiency. I have beating on this problem for over 20 years, and with the exception of stimulant medication for 2.5 years, I have got absolutely no clinical traction. And for the record, the very effective (and no problem) stimulant medication was taken from me due to this insane incursion/invasion in my Seattle apartment in 04-2002 by what amounts to the Gestapo of the Fourth Reich. And they have gangstalked and harassed the literal shit out of me every since, and obstructed, if not directed, all my clinical care since. (And likely before too). So you think you live in a free country, the US or Canada? Not in my experience.

Saturday, and a day off. I attended to some domestic chores, replete with same color vehicle gangstalking. (What is it about taking glass to the recycle depot that so excites the perps to put on extra silly shit?)  I attempted a walk-in doctor clinic visit, but the assholes stacked it with at least 15 seeming patients lined up ahead of me. After a 5 minute wait that was going nowhere, I decided to bail on this ritual of getting swarmed at the door, and instead, purchase yet more chocolate at LD next door. Despite the new medication, me being there for a refill, it hasn't abated the chocolate habit. And I always know when my dopamine production is working as it should, as I don't crave chocolate. Its been rare these past 15 years of this senseless and relentless abuse and harassment. But the odd time, a combination of tyrosine and or phenylalanine will work. Then it dissipates in a few weeks.

Then off to a hike at McIntyre Bluff; no tanning today as it was cloudy, though warm and no threatening rain.

A straight day of vine tucking, the job becoming more adverse with each passing day. It seems the wires were raised, but no straightening or wire clipping was done, and the shoots could then fall down on each other. So, along comes me, and I get to straighten them up, and just two days ago they supplied the clips to pinch the wires together and keep them vertical.  I have been on this job for the past six days, and am at least three days from finishing this 4.5 acres.

And despite wearing short for the past four weeks, I see my leg tan has gone absolutely nowhere for the past two weeks. That is, it hasn't got any deeper, and my tan is stalled out at a mid-brown, and may have even diminished some. I just don't understand why the perps need to jack around with my level of skin brown-ess. But as they have been on a total brown color fixation since all this abuse began in 04-2002, why am I surprised? They seem to be holding my leg tan to a constant level. Or else they are jacking with my perception of color, something they have long been doing, as it seems from what I heard from an expert on the radio, everyone's perception of color is unique. Great; another reason to be experimented upon at substantial length, as if 47 prior years wasn't enough.

 This text editor is suddenly screwing up and is time to bail.                                                                                                                                                   

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