Sunday, June 25, 2017

Working With the Males

Everyone else late for work today, save the "Difficult Dick", the one who offered to throw me a pitchfork (for no reason), a few months back, plus two other like-minded stunts. Normally I avoid this person to work with, though there were prior friendly associations (lunchtime CD exchanges). So... as we are tucking the vines into the trellis wires, best done with in pairs, each person working a side, he was my obvious working partner. We started out for about 10 minutes, and all was OK, and chatted some along the way. Then the boss man came along and needed the "Difficult Dick" to do some perimeter spraying for weed control. The boss man substituted himself and became my tucking partner for most of the day. He of the constant shades (owing to sunlight sensitivity I have recently learned), and now sporting a warm toque on a hot day. All went OK.

At about 1430h the Difficult Dick came back, and was swapped in as my tucking partner for the remainder of the day. Again, no big deal. But what is it about swapping out personnel around me? Same as checkouts, which seems to feed the perps' need to gangstalk my ass with a new cashier just as it is my turn at the checkout.

Summer Solstice today, and a ridiculous amount of vehicular gangstalking this morning. Nothing too weird or strange the rest of the day; just "regular" amounts (8/day) of aircraft, including a gyrocopter this morning. Another male co-worker swap event, this time the Difficult Dick was swapped out for the boss man for two hours; swap time was more like 4.5 hours yesterday. The Difficult Dick stank of something smokey this morning, so I assume it was a starter spliff before work, as he parks nearby some 30 min. early and sits in his vehicle to "enjoy nature". Then he comes to work some 20 min. before anyone else and goes through his obscure parking routine, where he parks well away from everyone else. (So maybe he can have his post-lunch spliff, which I have witnessed).

After two weeks of spinning my tires, I was finally allowed to phone LL about proton beam therapy for possible prostate cancer treatment. Don't ask me why when I want to get onto something important like this I get sandbagged into doing nothing. It would be roughly $86k for an uninsured patient, and 9 weeks of treatment. Big money (4x annual salary in $CAD) for a vineyard worker, especially with the Canadian dollar exchange rate being 1.40 or so. And still the perps flooded me all afternoon (after the phone call) with notions that LL is going to be part of my "future", read, harassment script. Like WTF; I cannot afford it in the least, so what is the deal? And why not X-ray therapy an hour's drive away at no cost? The perps have been beating on this LL proton beam therapy since 08-2016 when I first read about it, making me almost obsessed over something I simply cannot afford. The whole scenario is absurd, as it is planned.

On the planning end they screwed me out of my dopamine agonist medication in 2002, which in hindsight IMHO, then caused the prostate cancer in 2016. Because, as I learned last year, dopamine also operates like a hormone in the "peripheral" systems, (non Central Nervous System), including mediating the immune system. While attributing causal might seem like a stretch, especially over a 14 year interval, I am going to stick with it, and assign this as yet another clinical assault. I was doing the right thing in 2002 and as I see it, this fucking harassment now seems to be leading to this present state of prostate cancer. Other supporting clinical games include a colonoscopy 2 years ago, bone scans, CT scans, all needed for patient evaluation for proton beam therapy intake. Funny how that "happens". Am I also scripted to win the lotto to string this whole escapade out for more drama, or is it yet another futility exercise taken to more heightened inanity? The perps always have a plan, if nothing else. We shall see.

Tonight they had me researching the driving route to said LL facility on Google maps. Talk about adding inanity to futility, I just don't get why I am being put through these unrealistic scenarios that are financially out of reach.

Another day of working in the vineyard, and perhaps for the second or third time this year, full-blown sunshine from beginning to end. These kinds of days should be a regularity from May onward, but haven't been. It wasn't too hot, 24C, so all was well weather wise. I got to work with the Difficult Dick again (ponytail and all), this time all day. He just had to change into a singlet top at morning break and show off his shoulder tattoo, to add to his Unfavored state for the day. He seemed amenable to conversing in the morning, and we even had some commonality over ADD symptomology, but he, in keeping with perp controlled conversation, seemed to not want to continue the dialog. Call it yet another case of conversational "drop outs", where the instignator suddenly ceases conversation for no seeming reason. This behavior of others began when the perps first went berserk/overt in 04-2002.

In the afternoon he got ornery, so he was back to his usual grumpy self, having his post lunch time spliff no doubt. Even one of the other crew members upbraided him, kindly, about being negative. I had a good (quiet) laugh over that, staying out of the interaction. I still cannot comprehend how I get stiffed with such losers all the time. Call it the farm labor pool.

Today, in continuing the perps' planted notions, I still got nailed for planted LL proton treatment considerations, and they still pummel me with the notion it is part of my "future". That I am getting increasingly incensed over this blatant futility exercise might be why they backed off some.

I got nailed for a two hour nap attack when I got back from work today; as usual there was no sleep deficit to need this extra sleep, especially of that duration. 

I had "morning sickness" until 1100h, and at one point I thought I was going to lose my breakfast, as it got a little worse. So far, this morning time nausea has only "erupted" here at my residence on weekends; not a work, yet. I was also stiff in my hip joints and with a little back pain; so it would seem if all this is dopamine mediated, I could well do with a dopamine agonist in my regimen. Plus, I was in a grim mood all day, so it would seem all these symptoms are traveling together. I should bother the walk-in doctors for something, as it seems my wait list time for a shrink could be many months.

And why did I need to get pit-lamped by two red vehicles when I arrived at the SOF parking lot tonight? I get out of my vehicle, and they both arrive, two seconds apart, and park identically, driving through a stall to then face me as close as they can. One parking stall apart, and dissimilar red colored vehicles.

Then more pit-lamping (or "brighting") when I exited the mall (where SOF is); this Fuckwit in his oversized pickup truck was approaching, looking to drive over the crosswalk, axially, with me in his headlights. I walk wide to avoid what looks like to be a pending rundown, and then he pulls to my R, and then proceeds to back up, with his tailgate approaching me while walking through the handicapped parking. I couldn't get away from the fucker at a walking pace. Then he proceeds forward to stop in another handicapped parking stall for all of 30 seconds and then departs. All he had to logically do was make his turn onto the access route, avoiding the crosswalk rundown potentiality, instead of this absurd pedestrian (me) endangering fuckery all to show off his headlights, and then back up lights. I haven't seen anything so deliberately stupid for quite some time.

More gangstalker dip-shit driving games this morning at the intersection where I make a L turn.  Opposite me, this idiot makes a L turn from the through lane, crossing one vacant lane to make his turn. The perps just love these games; unexpected behaviors, the stupider the better.

An Elvis tribute contest in this town this weekend. I don't think I will make it, just like past years. I wonder what Elvis must think, perhaps in another physical place, per the film Bubba Hotep. (Not forgetting that science fiction films often portray real, but suppressed, events. Hence Twin Peaks, X-Files, and Star Trek).

I got to work with Difficult Dick all day today on tucking the vines in trellis wires. I have never met anyone who dithers and pisses around so much, all suited to dipping in and out of view, as well as backing and forthing. And who obsesses over so much in the vineyard, always finding an excuse to delay some more. I reckon I could of done 50% more work today if I had someone who was motivated about getting things done, rather than his obsessive routine. Even the slow pair were keeping pace with me and the Difficult Dick.

I got a referral to a medical specialist back in April, and was given the phone number to find out where I sit on the invariable wait list. Guess what, I am not on it, the referral never got to the specialist. Another managed fuck up to obstruct my medical care, as if I haven't had enough of these over the past 20 years, even before the assholes went berserk/overt in 04-2002. Prior to that was the all time jerkaround, four successive doctors blew me off about not having ADD. It was getting desperate, (or at least, the perps made sure of that), and when I got a SPECT scan it came back exactly as I told the doctors, ADD-Inattentive subtype. Fucking absurd, but that wasn't the end of it, as they took my stimulant (dopamine agonist) away in the outrageous stunt with paid-for doctors after 04-2002.

Forced back and forthing after the drop in doctor visit to get two Rx. He only gave me one, and when I went back to the doctor's office the receptionist said they were both on the same piece of paper. I said it wasn't and the pharmacist didn't say anything either. So I go back to the pharmacist and she gives me back the now stamped Rx and I take it back to the doctor's office and before I said anything, the (not too pleasant) receptionist gives me another Rx without so much as "sorry". So I take both back to the pharmacist to get them filled. Like WTF; what was that all about? The new Rx gets its own piece of paper and gets duly processed, and later retrieved with the pharmacy stamp on it and taken back to the doctor's office. Then a second Rx, a refill, gets taken back to the pharmacist's with the first one. Was it the stamped paper, or this back-and-forth paper shuffle the perps seem to like so much? Or was it about the strange dude pair who needed to stalk me into the parking lot and walk past my vehicle ahead of me?

Saturday, extra vineyard work; curiously, no helicopters at all today when 10-12 were "normal" last week. Maybe three fixed wing flyovers. Also curious, was that no one else was in the vineyard, not even the boss man came by.

And I see the FDA is hard a work crushing alternate cancer therapies; IV vitamin C is banned if this article is to believed. Maybe not in Canada, but I have my doubts that so-called Health Canada is anything more than a FDA subsidiary. (In the 1930's Royal Rife had an effective cure for cancer and worked this system in full support of conventional doctors. The FDA shut this advance down). Not only is IV C effective for cancer (or some cancers), it is effective for addressing drug addiction (read, acute dopamine deficiency). It just isn't enough that 650k go down every year with cancer in the US and Canada, (and 500k go to Mexico for alternate treatments), and now addiction problems need to be protracted and extended. I wonder if the FDA can be sued for cruel and unusual punishment?

Sunday, and another day in the part time vineyard. This time some other activity; a backhoe was run and the boss man came later in the day. And still the perps pummel me with all manner of notions of going to LL for a plainly unaffordable $86k proton beam prostate treatment.They haven't let up on this since I phoned LL (above). But in fact all of this has intensified since the call, and this has been on the "thought pummeling" script since 08-2016 when I first learned about it.

More excruciating leg muscle cramps last night; this was timed during a two hour restlessness where they had me "thinking" about a link in a posting at OG, where there are left wing (a misnomer IHMO, more like reverse racists) who have "white (Caucasian) exclusion days" at certain educational institutions. It was the first I heard of this latest public inanity/subversion, so the perps kept pummeling me with "thinking" about it while keeping me restless and awake in bed. And rotating me on my cot as part my attempts to get relief from this and to get to sleep. Then they pulled a major leg cramp and had me piss into the shower stall while keeping my leg flexed to avoid more cramp pains.

Tonight, just as I was to turn on this PC, why, a major leg cramp came on. All in keeping with their relentless fuckery over switching things on or off. I cannot count the number of times in a day when the screw me over turning light switches on or off or any like initiation of action.

Anyhow, enough for a week's posting and getting this done.

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