Sunday, April 30, 2017

Audio Volume Antics

And what is it about audio volume for music and videos that so interests the perps that they must relentlessly fuck with it? Either lowering the volume or shutting it off. Yesterday a 10 minute screaming-at-the-assholes show erupted when they fucked with the Oppo, when I put on the first movie in months. The movie volume would not come through the audio system. Eventually it was "solved" as they stopped mind-fucking me as to the correct input switch on the amplifier. I have played movies on this system many times, and "somehow" I got screwed up, and "somehow" when I was on the correct setting, there was still no volume. Then it suddenly worked.

Tonight they are busy screwing me out of having Youtube play through the same audio system, but the PC based player is working. Normally I don't have to make any audio gear switches from player to internet (all from the PC), but for some reason this is not working tonight. Other than blatant fuckery, another trick of theirs is to pull the plugs out some connections, to prevent the signal getting through. Another was 6 weeks ago when they broke a soldered joint in the interconnect cable connector that formerly worked fine. Said joint was protected and in no way flexed or messed with, and "somehow", it failed inside the hard shell RCA connector all by itself. Direct hardware fuckery goes back to 2002 when they could remotely limit the volume on my Sony Discman when I was listening at the gym while on the treadmill. They kept slowly diminishing the volume and eventually I gave up on that device as a useful player.

I cannot conceive as to why a billion dollar per year budgeted black operation has to fuck with my audio listening for 15 years. Are they utterly and organizationally insane as they are malevolent and relentless, or is there something important to the inner workings of the brain as promoted by listening to music? I suspect it is the dopaminergic response they are attempting to determine (or remotely replicate), which is entirely consistent with their objectives for these 15 years of this imposed abuse-athon. Don't they ever get it? Just leave me the fuck alone.

Landlord pop-ups in the window, facing to the side, perfectly catching my peripherial vision, something the perps have been long testing, as in been there, done that. Turns out he was doing some lawn edging, something I have never known him to do in the four years I have lived here. He was doing pop-ups in the kitchen window on one occasion two years

Monday, and onto vineyard work, finishing up trellis wire moving. The top wires needed to be moved up one final notch on the slotted posts. It was hard work for the shorter two women on the crew. The weather started off wet, hence ski jacket. Then by afternoon it was warmer, down to my shirt, and headphones on. That didn't stop the weather drama though; big black clouds to the W formed and brought cool air, but thankfully, it skipped by on the other side of the lake and didn't unload on us. Big black clouds formed to the E too, enough for some serious rain threat, but didn't come over either. Between the dark rain clouds as the afternoon developed, and only getting a few spattering out of it

Digging out weeds in the vineyard; the bunch grass is a formidable invader, and gets stronger each year. No herbicide treatments here, just mechanized weed cultivation which is in need of an upgrade. In other words, it doesn't get them all by any means, and once the bunch grass is established, it cannot get it out. Or else, it cuts the weed off at the roots and then displaces them, all for them to re-start in short order.

There is two of us weeding together, one from each side of the row. The NZ woman was my worker-mate, and she was reasonable conversation for the day. And to add to the show, three helicopters came to visit the vineyard tasting room in the afternoon. First we had to move our vehicles; then a Bell 206 came in and departed, and then two smaller Robinson 244's arrived and set down on the same helipad. I wasn't nearby, so I couldn't see how close they were, but it did seem unusual.

A 2.5 hour nap attack tonight. As nearly always, I was not running a sleep deficit and there was no conventional reason for needing so much extra sleep.

Another day of digging weeds, very heavy clods of bunch grass, often 15-25lb. Brutal work, not unlike those gulag dwellers who are to grow their own food. Except that they don't get paid for it. I still work with the NZ woman, who is a valiant trooper and sticks with it in reasonable humor.

All those green tips of grass that I see all day long in the course of the above weeding are fodder for plasmic and visual fuckery. The Psychopaths replay the same grass visage in front of me; either in front of this LCD or a book or whatever. It is the same pattern of vertical grass shoot tips and their characteristic color. Why do I need to be hounded with the same color and pattern I see all day long at home? They say that every individual's perception of color is neurologically different, so maybe the Psychopaths need to hit me with this day-long image in different lighting and location to then learn how to remotely fuck with my color perception. Surely they could fuck with some one who is color blind? Or maybe they already did that, as I had a color blind co-worker one summer I worked in the woods.

Back to the bad old days when the Psychopaths would block the toilet. They pulled this one tonight, as a signature escalation after three days of consistently having me need to take a crap immediately getting back from a day's work of weed pulling.

Then a sudden later need to take another crap with the debris from their above mentioned antics still stewing with the bleach. So... time to take the plunge, so to speak, and thankfully, no overflow games. This following listening/viewing my very favorite audio artist, EC, on Youtube. Then onto bill payments, another longstanding point of invasive fuckery I have come to learn firsthand since this insane abuse began in 04-2002. Clearly, taking a crap has very much been escalated to tactical levels in the last year, sometimes three a day. Quite different from the once per three days until 2016.

Three rounds of leg cramps last night, screaming at the assholes each time. The "usual" magnesium bisglycinate didn't work for some reason, and I had to tough it out. The joys of having one's low dopamine condition exploited to the maximum continue.

And in predictable fashion, I embark on listening to a new artist on Allflac, and lo, the player craps out when it was working just fine with EC, per above. There is utterly no reason whatsoever for the PC-Oppo player combination not to work, as the settings are the same, and I can normally switch between Youtube and Allflac, both internet sources, no problem. Suddenly this audio "problem" comes on when wanting to switch to a new artist.

Which begets a broader perp tactic of selective introductions to people, either live or via music or film. An example would be someone texting, then later phoning, then in person, strung over a week or longer.  Doing it in reverse is also a possible variation. The DVD film of Volver which I had bought used suddenly crapped out in mid film, thereby freezing my viewing of the luminous actress, PC.

My, a sudden change up in my work detail. I got to run the tractor with a mechanical Grape Hoe attached on the side, which turns up the soil next to the grape vine and along the row. A whole day no less, of running a tractor for the first time. And the most surprising thing was nothing major went wrong, in a world where things go wrong at 5x the normal rate. Sure, I drove over a post at one point in the afternoon, but that was it. There was a 80' ravine next to the vine rows for the afternoon, and thankfully, nothing too close or threatening, though it was of constant concern of course. I don't know quite how to read this experience of a new endeavor where not much went wrong; either the Psychopaths will get me in spades next time, or else they may relent as it is part of my orchestrated "career path". We shall see.

And of course it saved me from hand weeding all day, back breaking toil as mentioned above.

An evening time visit to my knee-capped colleague, still in a brace from his work accident three weeks ago. Though this time with a smaller and more flexible brace. And so I walked to his place to try get him going on watching videos by taking my spare Blu-ray player. But the poor boy is "Appled"; no HDMI connections, no CD player for crissakes. I loaned him a box of DVD's and he hasn't got to one yet. I don't know what exactly is going on; if I was laid up I would make sure all my audio and video gear was working via the remote control.

Anyhow, we drank wine for a time aand chatted, expending the bottle I brought. Like last week, it seems I am there for some kind of script role; his bemused countenance didn't miss my attention, this time or last.

Saturday, and laundry to get done. Then to help my injured colleague again, this time taking mounds of bottles to the recycle, ones sitting in bags that had been there for a year or more. The recycle place stinks of stale beer and I loathe going there, but I do only for special situations, this being one. Mostly I dump my bottles in the bins out back and don't bother claiming any refund.

The refund was enough for lunch which he graciously bought at a nearby chain restaurant. He conveyed more about his life in Japan, which is nothing what it seems on the surface. Then onto a few stores to do his shopping, and then to take him back to his place.

It was the usual gangstalk gong show when I out and about with my colleague; even some weird ones; a couple sitting in their brown vehicle opposite when I pulled into the mall parking lot, and still there when we returned 15 min. later. We get into my vehicle, a light brown colored Escape, and then a dude from the opposite vehicle gets out, begins to approach us, stares at us, and then returns to the back of his vehicle. We didn't do anything to invoke this near-threatening behavior, but here it was. This dude in camo tights (!!) with baggy shorts over top for crissakes. As we depart I see him walking through the very location we were parked. All that posing and near-threat posturing over no provocation, this mofo does a vacated parking stall walk-through, standard perp fare. Similar to last night at 2400h when walking home; a mofo comes at me from across the street and then diverts his course in the last five seconds. Like WTF; why is pedestrian traffic as bad as the vehicular traffic?

And while above activities were conducted, the on-off pestilent potential Camry buyer started up his texting, now looking to make a deal. First he attempted to exploit some mechanical faults, then I responded that I would deal with the one semi-legitimate one in a few weeks when I got the summer tires on, he later then responded he could save me the money by doing it himself if he could purchase the car ASAP. It is too confusing to relate, but the guy has got his bargaining wrong, and is only getting a lower price because he is a pest that is aided by the fact that no one else seems to be interested in my very reliable vehicle. This would be his second round of apparent interest in the vehicle, so we shall see. The whole text-negotiation exercise is getting too tedious.

Finally, I sold my Camry to above pest, even if the bank was closed and forced me to keep the cash on hand, paid in 20's for crissakes. I didn't know he was coming today until I got a text at 1430h when I was out hiking. I made it back by 1530h and he still hadn't shown up. He did after 10 minutes or so, and then went to the bank and the ATM wouldn't take the wad of bills, no matter how few I fed it. Onto the insurance people but they were closed, so we tried three more, still closed. Either he or his pal suggested Wal Mart, and lo, if there wasn't an open insurance bureau there, and we got the deal done. My plates off, and his new ones on, and my insurance cancelled, and his put on. All done with the background whooping and yelping at the adjacent photo business, surely put on as it carried on for far too long if it was a legit photo shoot.

Three freaking months being posted online and all I got was two lookers who counted and one party of lookers who didn't even drive it. Maybe a couple of other calls who didn't show up, and that was it. All over a very reliable and well maintained two owner 1997 Camry with no history of wrecks, damage or anything else problematic. Go figure.

Said pest "needed" to use my washroom when he came, getting my instant suspicion that this was more perp fuckery, given their interest in all kinds of body waste, and the on-off sabotage ructions with the toilet these days, including blocking it for no seeming reason, as all I did was piss in it. Even my landlord got into the scene, "happening" to be driving by in his red pickup truck as I turned over the keys to the buyer. Go figure.Or is this just more idiocy over conducting a transaction, a rare car sale variety.

The evening time lassitude has come on, so I shall post this so it gets done and not drag on for another week. i see a new feature of Blogger is that the Save button flashes orange when it saves. Just what I needed, more orange flashing.

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