Sunday, April 09, 2017

New Crown

My new tooth crown was fitted today, amounting to a $1350 bill in total. The dentist had some trouble fitting it in and hovered over me at length to get it adjusted. She was attempting to install it without freezing, but that didn't work, and so a delay over that as well, waiting for the anesthetic agent to kick in. Said tooth represents nearly the last of the infernal mercury amalgam fillings that I was nailed with from the 1960's. One more small amalgam filling that the dentist says is "stable" that will be $230 to fill with their current resin technology filling material. Sometimes I think they should have a billing meter overhead on the ceiling of the dentist's office so one can see how fast it is adding up. Kind of like those government deficit counters one sees in many places, and online of course. In that unlikely event, I am sure the dentist would do more reaching over me than ever to block such billing visibility.

And in the process I see that she got a wonderful tan over spring break. The perps like sending their abettors to get brown, hence the guy that started at work for a week and then took a week off to get a tan in Mexico. No wonder they like to place Mexican farm workers near me. And all the better they can have their abettors get close and touch me in the course of their professional duties. Even more than a hair stylist.

The dental appointment was for 1300h, and so was able to return to vineyard work. And the perps pulled a massive weather change when I arrived back. The morning was warm but overcast, but when I got back the wind was blowing at least 40kph and it was cold. Back on with the ski jacket. No rain thankfully.

At the end of the day on my way back there was a massive vehicular gangstalking, and they also had two white colored helicopters on patrol, even keeping them aloft for me to "happen" to see them from inside my place once back. One was a EC 135, and the other was an AStar, also made by EC (Euro Copter), circulating overhead.

This evening I was lured out to talk to a former work mate who is also in the headphone distribution business. I tried two models, and naturally, liked the most expensive (by 3x) pair. I shall have to reconsider my new headphone "need", as always, perp planted, orchestrated and governed. And my history, again, highly governed, orchestrated and sabotaged, with headphones is that they "somehow" fall apart and need repairs. That goes back 40 years. And who knows, it could all be a ruse to have me go out with my new crown (read, electromagnetic properties) and put new electromagnetic devices (headphones) on my head. The perps like to lure me away from my place at certain times, and holding a day job won't do it all the time for them.

Just finished reading, "The Man Without a Face:  the Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin" by Masha Gessen. What a book, and a great insight on all what ails Russia, and of course, the central personality who reigns there. And the nasty retributive politics are quite something out of this Western world. A sobering reminder of how the thin veneer of civility we have. And what a perp heaven Russia must be; demonstrations, detentions, summarily shutting down businesses and all that chaos and disruption they so like. And too, the past "collectivization" of Soviet Union where ownership was stripped from individuals and companies; the perps just love to manipulate (and monitor) ownership, and related to that, financial transactions. By my reckoning, it has been one VERY costly non-consensual human experiment, and it is still going on, just not as visible.

Another day of tying down vines, and plenty of perp fuckery to go with it; pulling the tying tool from my hands at least 10x, and pulling the wire or cane from my hand, breaking the wire (if it gets too twisted up), tangling the wire, knocking buds off the cane, freezing up my fingers and very often, one hassle followed by another by another. Fuckery and sabotage is best delivered (from the perps' insane abusive perspective), in threes or fours; drop the tool, break the wire, have the cane flip out from one's hands etc. The more fine motor control task actions, the more sabotage and thereby, greater victim (me) infuriation can be inflicted.

And windy and cold most of the day; still ski coat and toque weather. Though the toque thing is likely to discourage me from wearing headphones and listening to music all day. The perps have put on a concerted effort to disrupt music listening over the nearly 15 years of this abusive hell. They can drop the volume level of the player by remote means; possibly for the purpose of limiting the electromagnetic activity at one's head, or whatever other remote neural monitoring fuckery they are up to. There is no question they like to use music to map deeper into the human brain, all the way to psychic levels I would posit.

Light rain at the vineyard, getting heavier all of a sudden after lunch. Some coffee and doughnuts were planned for 1200h, just at lunch break, but that got delayed. So... I put my blue rain pants on at the end of lunch break and lo, if all four of the other crew members didn't get a text to say that come to the winery where the coffee and doughnuts are and wait out the rain. They told me on the way back. I wasn't the first time I have been left out of the loop on a crew job, just me, and it won't be the last. (See below).

And it is the third time in three in the last year, where I put on the rain pants and the job gets stopped. Too much rain for vineyard workers apparently, though from my forestry background I find this laughable. So we sit and chat in the winery for 20 minutes with the coffee and doughnuts with the gorgeous woman (dressed in a light brown coat) who runs the tasting room, as she delivered them. But as the rain is keeping up, the crew boss decides to stop work for the afternoon and we are to make up the time on Saturday. So... what is it about wearing these blue rain pants, (or any), that the perps need to stop the job? In this case they added brown liquid (coffee) and brown glazed doughnuts, along with the brown coated feminine visage. Not forgetting that I drove home afterward in my brown interior-ed vehicle. And two more laughers; two broadside in traffic stunts on the way home. The Fuckwit that proceeds to cross the street with his pick up truck and stops in mid-street as there is nowhere for him to go. I was about to take a picture of this fantastic idiocy and "somehow" the perps fumbled my fingers and had the screen die out, and lo, the traffic finally moved on. Only a block later another Fuckwit in a pick up pulls the same deal, this time on a back street, causing me to wait in mid-street until the idiot show finds his driveway.

A phone call from an E. Indian (from India that is), interested in my Toyota Camry for sale. First it is meet in two days at my place, then her "friends" can meet me this afternoon, but I said that I would be going out shopping and could she confirm when this would happen. Then in the next call, "since you are going shopping can me meet at a store", though not in those words as her English was mediocre. I get another call, and so it is for sure, and I tell her three times it is the west side of the SOF parking lot. I drive there for the appointed time, and what a holy vehicular gangstalking it is, and with plenty of pit-lamping headlights that is all the rage of late. I am waiting in the parking lot and for some mysterious reason a 22' white public transit bus pulls into the parking stalls, only two away and sits there for five minutes. Like WTF; there is a proper bus stop with a passenger shelter in the parking lot within our respective sightlines, and here this deranged driver (it seems to me) situates a passenger bus in the public parking lot for no apparent reason. No passengers to get on or off or other seeming genuine purpose. He eventually departs and within a few minutes I see three E. Indians wandering around in the parking lot on their cell phone, and sure enough, I get a call from them. One has a red jacket on, another yellow, and the third a mid-grey hoodie with orange stripes. Talk about a perp-made set up; how many times have I lamented the extra-obvious bright red and yellow color combinations, and here they send a neutral colored one into the mix. They look at the vehicle, the grey hoodie one sits in it and starts it up, and they jabber away in Punjabi. After ten minutes, and after refusing my offer for them to drive it, they say they will phone me tomorrow. As in no sale, having not even driven it for crissakes. So what was that all about? Meet the brown skinned people after the prerequisite wait time after having coffee (per above), and/or prior driving in a brown interior vehicle? Another ridiculous brownstalking stunt IMHO.

Then onto SOF, with the three E. Indians leading me into the mall having parked on the west side, but not into the SOF supermarket thankfully. And as it "happened" there was a major ambulatory cluster fuck inside SOF as they were opening their wine section for the very first day. I never go shopping there at 1645h; 2000h or later when there is much less gangstallking action. Even the security guard there, (a ridiculous arrangement for a store section opening IMHO), got into the act by adroitly stepping into my path without having seen me coming. Somehow the fuckers just know when to step in my way sight unseen while I am noiselessly approaching. And this perp-patented move suddenly erupted 04-2002 and hasn't let up. Which is why I never go out to busy places as it "happens" every time. Sooo... I got sucked into a no-seeming vehicle sale in mid-afternoon, after being let off work early, and then into a store during the height of its busy time, extra busy in fact with the opening of the wine section, all seeming to continue the "brown action" in human form, after getting set up with ingested liquid brown coffee.

Then another visit to another grocery store as SOF's grocery section sucks so bad, and plenty more in-store gangstalking there, and then into the parking lot where trains of vehicles suddenly arrived to clusterfuck me in attempting to leave the parking lot. Then more vehicular gangstalking trains on the way home. Then to top it off, the back-alley perp station (house) started up their infernal HD motorcycles again, this time three of them (up from the usual two). Then at least four more rounds of this racket over the next hour when making dinner, also another high perp fuckover event.

Rain this morning, enough to have work cancelled. Which means it must be made up on the weekend. Which means it screws with my part time weekend work plans. Well done.

To fill in the time I decide to go to the tanning salon as I "forgot" for the past two weeks. And lo, if they didn't put a white boom truck backing out onto the street ahead of me, in the next residential block. A major vehicular gangstalk scene on the way, and another white boom truck when I turned into the plaza. First he was N bound and in my way, and I had to wait. Once I parked, he "happened" to be S bound and again, forced me to wait near my vehicle until he completed his back-and-forth in front of me. Why these heavy vehicles are so important to the gangstalking scene is beyond me. In fact, it is any dense material load/object. Once they arranged a Fuckwit on the street towing a pallet jack with a safe strapped to it. Absurd as it is consistent.

Then in the tanning salon two shiftless males were loitering there, putting on the faux nonchalance. Extra obvious Fuckwits for whatever reason. Perhaps they want to register my loathing of males doing squat, a long running theme it seems. At least they didn't jointly close in on me, another patented Fuckwit trait.

The boss man asked if I could start work at 1200h as the rain had abated and I said yes. So I hurried home, made lunch and then set off to work. By then it was pissing rain again. One other worker was there, waiting in his vehicle for some strange reason, until I got out. Anyhow, even with the rain dissipating, and then coming back in an hour, we got an afternoon's work done. All this disruption over having me get a tan before going to work. For the perps it must be priceless data.

The E. Indians didn't phone back about my Camry for sale, so it would seems yesterday's red-yellow clothing on brown people clown show was the real purpose. If I loathe bright yellows and reds and browns, what could be more interesting from the perps' perspective than having this combination hanging around me and my vehicle, and even sitting in it.

Worked in the regular vineyard this Saturday, a make-up day for the recent rain outs. And why am I the last to know what the fuck was going on? I was led to believe the make up day would be Sunday, but I also had to make up 1.5 hours for the above mentioned dental appointment, which was arranged to be today. And lo, the other crew members and then the crew boss show up too at 0800h. I ask about the plan, and he tells me today is the make up day. Like WTF; everyone else knew but me. [Update; I got "forgetted" after re-reading the above]. Thankfully I had brought my lunch along, as I was expecting to depart for the part time vineyard job. I will had to phone to make arrangement changes, as today was the only make-up day, and tomorrow I will do the part time job. And what is the perps' obsession over changing appointment times? It "happens" 10x the formal normal rate before all this hell rained down 04-2002, and has never let up.

And what is it about dropping me off lists, mailing lists, accounts etc. that so interests the perps? I cannot count the number of seemingly normal people who dropped me off their email lists where they do blanket send outs. Then Linked In dropped me off without notice. And the latest today is a certain online business dropped me off, finding this out when expecting to order headphones which are on for a killer price. I haven't shopped there for a two years, and lo, if they don't have my account based on the same email address. That took a few attempts to get that figured out. So I delete them from my Payee list for my online banking, and cannot create a new one. Then I phone the bank to get that straightened out. Then I see the "temporary" account is now permanent and they gave me a cryptic password I need to fix. I attempt to get to their site and now the browser has gone into an endless looped fetch so to prevent this new account login. This whole infernal hassle never would of started if they had just left my extant account alone. Or let me update the one I had.

Sunday, and work at the part time vineyard. A whole six hours, but all the tying down is done. The adjacent road with the plethora of mountain bikers of last week was nearly bereft of the same crowd today, and today's weather was better. Still, I had my ski jacket on all day.

And yet again, the perps were up to their sabotage fuckery; freezing up my fingers, dropping the tool etc. And as usual, this sabotage comes in extra hard when near a row end. It is so consistent, in keeping with the extra gangstalking and vehicle pit-lamping when I change directions and proceed down a new vineyard row.

The perps let me listen to my crappy headphones for part of the afternoon, though resorting to their sabotage of headphone listening again. These headphones got "crappy" in part because the plastic headband broke up all by itself. I fixed them to some extent, but ever since the perps use this as an excuse to pull them off my ears and thereby reduce the listening volume. It never fucking ends. And just what are they going to do to interrupt my headphone listening when I get my new pair? I going to call it now; they will sabotage them and cause them to be sent back for warranty repairs, taking weeks, if not months. We shall see.

Enough trials and tribulations for a week, and time to get this posted.

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