Sunday, April 02, 2017

Annual Forced Finger Fumbling Exercise.

Tuesday, and the perps seemed to have gone nutzo on me for some reason. This is most manifested by their forced finger fumbling, just when I need finger control the most in the course of my paid duties. This is in the cause of "tying down" the vine canes to the trellis wire so that they are secured and then readied for later bud burst, which in turn, will become new canes over the growing season. The new canes bear fruit, and so the cycle continues. (An alternate style of training and pruning is "spur pruning", where a longer term cane, called a "cordon" remains and sends shoots forth, which are then pruned down to short spurs, from which the buds develop to form shoots. The merits of each style of pruning have been debated for millennia. We have done both styles of pruning on this vineyard.)

For tying down the canes one must spiral wrap the cane around the trellis wire so it is supported and then to tightly tie the cane end down with soft tying wire so it doesn't unwrap for the season. Having three hands would help, but in the absence, using one's leg to hold the cane helps. The activity requires manual dexterity in that one must hold the hand pruners and typing wire with an integral spiral twisting device to pull the tie tight, as well as keeping the the cane in place. And of course, this is where the perps intrude and pull any one or more of these from my grasp just before the critical moment of the wire being tight. They blatantly sabotaged me doing this when I first started working in vineyards in 2012, and really haven't let up for this 3 to 4 week job each year. Yesterday they didn't bother me too much, but today, they laid on the finger fumbling sabotage way too often. Often enough to have me fuming all day, and in addition, having the tying wire snag and/or spill out on the ground.

I don't know why they started their concerted finger fumbling attack on day two of this exercise; perhaps it was the post-yoga Fuckover Phenomenon. Yoga was on last night, to a most strange class size of three, easily half of the least populated class in the five years I have been there. And most strange after over-populating it with some 15-18 yogis and four to six dudes just to up the idiot show. Last night they gave me a rare nose bleed after yoga. I don't get these more than once per four years, but for some reason they figured I needed one. This morning the garbage trucks were all over me on the way to the vineyard, plus one there when I got there, and the bins were out. I even had a three-time vehicle stalker, the Fuckwit in a Ford Escape, the same vehicle I am now driving, was "showing up" after taking alternate routes. Then when I got to the vineyard and parked, a large (24' trailer) propane delivery truck arrives and parks near my vehicle to make a delivery to the adjacent winery. And too, plenty of engine noise with the Bobcat that got delivered for a rental as well. A whole lot of noise to accompany my morning start for "some reason".

The assholes didn't stop at the above stunts; they defeated my alarm clock in the night, as I expressly checked it before going to bed, and lo, the assholes had killed it. So I ended up getting up an hour late, just to make the morning time a total fuckaround to rile me up. Invariably, I shorten or abandon my shaving routine in the morning to make up for the stolen time. Worse yet, just before awakening, they pummeled me with dreams about ships, some of them familiar ferry boats of past experience, somehow moving down an crowded interstate-like arterial. Ridiculous, and it could only of been planted as I really not that imaginative on my own.

A morning call from the crew boss; it is raining too much for vineyard work, so await later instructions. That is OK, but it does make me wonder what the whole perp deal is; besides a basic disruption event, so what? I don't think I will ever know why they so love to disrupt regular activities, as having weekends off isn't enough. With all the shift work in the world, and varying work week durations, sometimes 20 days on, 10 off, it does make me wonder what the perps see in this. Then add in weather created problems for outdoor work, and we have yet more variations on their beloved theme, the disruption of planned or regular events.

Back to the graphics stripping games of html pages. This time all my Amazon tabs (both dot com and ca) have the graphics stripped out and the text is aligned on the L side. If it is just a tab, why isn't is displaying from a stored file (normally), instead of now being modified? I went through this stunt for at least 5 years on and off with my Yahoo pages, but that problem is now over. Somehow, the same "problem" is now erupting on my Amazon pages, and I am a regular user. Disruption games anyone?

But is this any different than the perps arranging Fuckwits to block my view when seated on the bus, pre-2012, when I was a regular public transit user? Or after yoga, arranging the yogis to stand in front of me while seated on the couch putting my shoes on? I don't think so, but it is still most curious as to why they need to block my visual field all the time.

An interesting association I discovered; p. 5577 of Mini-review;... Peripherial Dopamine... "social interactions activate dopaminergic regions, whereas social deprivation alters [reduces, I assume], dopamine signalling". Which ties back to a very common perp theme among TI's; imposition of limitation of social interaction. For me, a seeming pariah of TI's, some of whom find rather thin excuses not to talk to me, (like one TI, calling me a perp for crissakes), my family have been notably absent in all of this insane and abusive shit that rained down since 04-2002. When the Fourth Reich illegally jerks you into hospital for 5 months and take away one's very useful dopamine supportive medications and substitute it for dopamine blocking agents (agonists), one has to wonder what is the perp's preoccupation about dopamine. Some days I wonder if this whole insane nearly 15 year long abuse-athon isn't about nonconsensual human dopamine research. Though I would posit that the wider population is also being researched in a covert manner; every wonder why governments do absolutely squat about addiction problems when they could arrange a program of high dose IV vitamin C (here too) that would end the patient's desire in most cases?

We tied down vines from 1100-1700h today in the gusty conditions with spatters of rain too. The perps haven't let up on winter weather yet; I am grateful for my ski jacket still. And for some reason, no hat-attacks; in fact they made sure it was pulled down to my glasses and seen in my peripheral visual field. They even put on a helicopter hovering exercise across the lake from the vineyard; it seemed to be testing a monsoon bucket and took an hour to do so.

More gusty weather with some rain spattering thrown in, plus a few tantalizing shots of sunshine. All this while tying down canes. One co-worker has been exchanging CD's with me, and I returned one to him at lunch at his vehicle and big burst of dope smoke came forth. That explains his need for solitary breaks. The perps then kept this up by planting dope smoke smell up my nose every 20 minutes or so all afternoon; a little shot to remind me of what an unpleasant stench it was.

I have had the annual ant invasion for a month now, and early one they arranged for one to crawl over my neck, onto my face and my glasses before I got the the thing and crushed it. But ever since then I have been getting the "creepy crawlies", the sensation of ants crawling on my skin, and especially while seated here at my desk. The ant outbreak is concentrated at the two places I spend the most time; the kitchen and my desk. Ergo, this is where I get the most attacks of the "creepy crawlies". As before, the perps can arrange sensations on any part of one at any time, and seem to get great mileage from emulating ants crawling on me when it has not occurred since the first live (real) one. I have crushed some 40 ants tonight since I came back, and these erupt at the times the perps so love to interrupt; making dinner, about to eat dinner, cut-paste activities, and when bookmarking. Yes, even the insects are remotely manipulated.

And what is it about the row that I am working on that is so interesting to my co-workers that they need to drape their coat on the trellis wires? Why not their own row so they will be more certain to see it afterward? What is this, some kind of deference or dodge?

 A wine tasting for the viticulture crew today, on work time no less. And the owner was there, and a personable and interesting fellow he was. The guy has class, and a long term perspective. Much different than the last outfit.

After the initial frost this morning it warmed up, making my ski jacket redundant after 1000h. The sun did go behind high cloud for the rest of the day, but at least it was warm.

 A busy day off; laundry at the laundromat, then the drop-in clinic to try move the dopamine deficiency problem along, then car insurance x2 (because I still haven't managed to sell the Camry), and then a haircut, and then an afternoon meeting with a vineyard owner about a part time gig.

And new plates on the Ford Escape as I am now the sole owner, my mother having signed all the papers in December when I visited. We were joint owners for the past three years, but she has given up driving, so with this ownership relinquishment, I am the sole owner. That means new plates, and they were duly installed and the old ones taken off. The perps have a fetish on vehicle licence plates, either from this province (BC) or elsewhere. I have no idea what they are on about, but for them, new plates is an exciting event.

Exciting enough that they had me get my haircut afterward, this time from a young and slim hair stylist in training, with a bronze tinge to her brown hair. She took a while, and had to be trained on cutting eyebrows, but she did a good job. Again, a staff crowd at the till when I finished up; the young overweight hair stylist from my last time (6 weeks ago), "happened" to be standing there and deigned to say hello. I think today's young stylist was behind me at the time of payment. She seemed spaced out in terms of personal engagement goes; it is rare that I initiate conversation, but I did. She was left handed, so I asked her a general question on what is it like to be left handed, and I got a short rambling reply. It could of been an entre to nattering about plenty of things, but she played the spaced out card. She wasn't terse or abrupt like I so often get, or otherwise scared shitless, just plain out of it. And why were so many overweight young women trotting back and forth while I was getting my hair cut?

The other hair theme was old ladies getting their crimped (fugly to me) grey hair attended to? This leveraged the hair theme from the prior doctor's visit. The female doctor had crimped curly greyish hair, more grey than before as I had not seen her for at least 18 months. Normally at this drop-in clinic they put on the younger male doctor on Saturday mornings, but today it was this female doctor who has been only borderline pleasant for some reason. But she concurred with my dopamine deficiency thesis that has taken 4 weeks to get together, and sent in for a referral, which is what I was asking for. (Lack of dopamine means lack of motivation too, though we also know who can also govern that by remotely applied means).

Sunday, and six hours on this part time vine tying gig that started strangely yesterday. They asked me to come by with my resume to meet me, which I did, but also suggested "trying out". Fine. I chat with them, and they of course don't have time to phone my references, and then ask if I brought my tools with me, which I did. They then asked if I could start, and I did. And it seemed the "trying out" was bogus too, as I was tying down as I have been taught, and they had some convoluted way of doing it which threatens to girdle the canes. They liked my method of tying down, and I was kept on for 4 hours. It was even warm, and no ski jacket on Saturday. Sunday started warm but was cooled down by three cool clouds blowing in cool air, and good for two hail episodes, though nothing substantial.

I found the whole vineyard gig to be most odd; They have been growing vines for 10 years and it seems they really didn't have much of a clue.

And as it "happened", just as I was about to start this part time job, my employer from last year stopped by on the road and chatted briefly. Said employer's vineyard is only 100m away, so it is all too convenient to have a part time gig that close to my full time employer for the last two years.

And what is with the dudes who live at the perp station in the back lane? The dudes who run HD motorcycles at high-perp harassment moments, and have lane blocking parties on Monday (post yoga) nights. There they were again, blocking the public lane with their pickups, this time it was only two and they were in the middle of a welding job. I had pulled into the lane only to find it was blocked, and there they were, pretending not to notice this outrage. I backed out and drove around the block to then back down the lane to get to my usual parking location. Again, the dudes pretended not to notice the inconvenience they created. Add in the welder's generator noise, and lo, situation usual; victim arrives home and crank up the noise.

Enough of the grind for the week, and onto the next.

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