Sunday, April 23, 2017

Rain Out

More like thunderstorm; the boss man said if there is any lightning, we must vacate the vineyard. Sure enough, inside 5 min., lightning flashes came on to accompany the thunder. By then it was raining and hailing. I find it totally incongruous that there would be a thunderstorm here (Okanagan Valley) in April.Thunderstorms following hot weather, for sure. But it hasn't been hot, and we still may not be out of winter weather.

Then I got hit for a two hour nap attack. The usual caveat applies; I did not need the sleep in any way.

A full day of vineyard work, and the latter half wearing my new headphones, as the old ones had their "problems". (Read, perp imposed fuckery).  New headphones meant a number of helicopters over the afternoon, and a strong wind started up and stayed for the whole of the afternoon. And the usual row-end games; the boss arrives in his pickup just as I am finishing the row. I cannot count the number of times these "row end clusterfucks/gangstalk eruptions" happen, but it is totally consistent with the perps' research need every time I change direction. Back to the anisotropic properties of energy, and likely, energy absorption. (Anisotropic; different physical properties in different directions, x, y, z- e.g. wood -you can split it easily on its endgrain, but not the other directions).

This week's vineyard work has been to remove tendrils and debris off the irrigation lines, and to make sure there is a hanger for every dripper, every 18" or so. Needless to say there are a number of other things to tidy up, like tie downs that were missed, and ties that are girdling the cordons.

A new employee yesterday; I will call her an "dis-engagee", a now new kind of employee in workplaces world wide; plugged into earphones for the whole day. Not unlike most of the others, though another one is particularly plugged into elsewhere; even at lunch time in the heated shed he is on his phone and earphones, making no bones about not talking to anyone. But of course I am listening to my headphones as much as the weather permits, but I don't go out of my way to be disengaged.

Said new employee has a Toyota Corolla of a light tan metallic brown color, nearly the same as my Ford Escape, given to me by my mother in 01-2017. Not forgetting my ride for the last five years was a mid-grey Toyota Camry, which still sits outside unsold, now three months on the used market. One would think I was selling a motor-home for crissakes.

More likely changes in my residence circumstances in the wind. The owners want access tomorrow to show the place to a potential buyer of their and this place, being a carriage house. All these wonderful benefits of no neighbors up, down or any side will likely not persist in any new arrangement. Back to the past in all likelihood; overhead pounding, sex rabid neighbors, yapping dudes etc. The perps usually don't allow me to live in one place for more than four years. Ditto back in Victoria, 2007-2011. And four prior residences 2002-2006. And four residences from 2012-13.

A rainy start to the day, enough that I changed  into my rain gear at the outset. It was to rain all day on and off, but by 1330h, the sun came out and warmed me up enough to take off my ski jacket, though still with my rain pants on as I would of needed to take off my boots etc. A rare combination of clothes; rain (ski) jacket off, rain paints on, and warmish weather. All this on the vineyard job, cleaning up the irrigation lines of tendrils and the sloppy tie-down work that was permitted this year. Don't ask me why the crew boss was so slack, but I did draw his attention to it before, all for nothing.

A nice weather day for the first time this year, down to a shirt. From winter weather to summer weather all in one day. Said shirt was black, so that meant that I was in all black today after 0900h. In fact, I was in a black ski jacket first thing, and then it was suddenly so warm that I took off my grey sweater too, and so it was black to black as it were.

Today, like yesterday, they had the other two guys on other projects, so I worked with the two women on the crew for much of the day. All part of the selective gender games, which includes introducing the males back in singly later in the day. Both have pony tails, a hair feature I absolutely loathe on males, and the perps know this given their relentless pursuit in displaying this along with other typical male vestiges; guts, beards, waddling walk, skin-heads, and others. Just to think; 15 years of this insane litany of selectively introduced male features, especially the Unfavored ones.

The gorgeous tasting room supervisor whom I have met a few times, but don't see much of in my regular work, "happened" to be outside at lunch time and I caught a fleeting glance for three seconds while in my light brown (mid-brown interior) vehicle. And lo, if she wasn't in light tan pants and a black top, and I was all dressed in black after above mentioned clothing change. Funny how I get color matched stalkers. Do the perps buy their clothes too so they have a color matched wardrobe on hand?

Doing care duty yesterday as my former co-worker is laid up with a broken knee cap. He is on the mend OK, but it will take three months before he is back together. Just to think, he was learning about winery equipment when it "happened", and we know who likes to interrupt human learning. And you think all those school shoot-ups and massacres are random nutters?

I drove my colleague to his favorite grocery store, and then his liquor store and packed all these for him. Needless to say it was a gangstalk scene, and plenty of brown people dogging me in his grocery store, aisle after aisle, and even parking themselves at the aisle end for crissakes. Added into this gangstalk scene were two of my vineyard co-workers who "happened" to be there separately, both of the  strong "dis-engagee" stripe. The above mentioned woman who started this week was one of them, and she didn't even acknowledge me for crissakes. Either her vision is bad, or she is totally out of it, or else is controlled to be utterly rude. Lots of fat people at this grocery big-box store too. The final touch was at the second stop, the liquor store when my colleague bought his items, then I bought a bottle of wine myself, and just as we were leaving, why, a striking black haired babe struts in. I am sure she caught my colleague's attention too.

Which set me up for later, as two brown skinned people came to see my vehicle for sale. They drove around to test the car, taking turns. They seemed like nice guys, but the story changed from coming to purchase it so he could drive home to Kelowna (that he was desperate to buy it), to a parting "I'll let you know". The price was agreed to via text messaging two days beforehand, so price wasn't a deterrent, and he said the car was in good condition, he, a former Camry owner. Recall from two weeks ago, three E. Indians (from India) came to view my vehicle in a parking lot who checked it over but didn't drive it, another ridiculous ruse IMHO.

I did not hear from the brown skinned people about my Camry for sale today. So it would seem this was another ruse to have them view, and this time, drive my vehicle. The perps like to have one anticipate a sale, or money, and it not materialize, and I suppose this was just another. Maybe these three prospective buyers in three months is part of the perps' "warm up", finally getting to a sale in few more months and visitors. Yesterday's ruse had a more urgent tone to it, building up the story that the guy was desperate for a vehicle and would have to scrape to get to Penticton and then purchase it to secure his passage back. The story didn't pan out when he arrived with a pal in a new Corolla, and then departed in it. One would think I was selling a 40' RV for all the curious lack of sale action.

I got out for a hike though, getting the imminent rain forecast when in fact it turned out to be warm-ish with high overcast. Yet again, I got my follow-me-up and follow-me-down hiking stalkers. In the five years I have been going up this trail, this hasn't happened until two weeks ago, and then again today. Too many coincidences IMHO. Said hiking gangstalkers, like two weeks ago, hung back in their nearby vehicle when I arrived at mine, just for more variation action; e.g. on trail one way, then return, and then at or in vehicle. They could of been long gone but weren't. Plenty of those fugly oversized shorts on other hiking males up and back. I loathe cargo shorts or baggy shorts on males especially, and the perps seem to know it, and therefore add more of this into the gangstalking scene. Another one of those Unfavored vignettes the perps love to pummel me with, extending the season every year it would seem.

And on the way back I stopped at the LD store, and what a holy gangstalk scene that was. Fuckwits blocking and criss-crossing my path one after another, and that was just getting parked. (One being a two tone light brown Camry of similar age to mine). Once ambulatory, in typical fashion they popped three Fuckwits out from behind the corner of the building, and in keeping this up, three Fuckwits from two separate doors emerged at the same time as I was approaching the mall entrance, forcing me to take the third set. Then another doddering Fuckwit crossing in front of me as I approached LD, and then three Fuckwits blocking my usual store entry route. So I take an alternate route, and another Fuckwit was there, and once around him, a kid is on disengaged cross-my-path duty, and once he blew by, a pair of doddering geriatrics were blocking the aisle. And once mobile, this Fuckwit woman was dithering over the chocolate section, not seeming to be very shopping focussed, and adroitly placing herself two seconds ahead of me as to where I wanted to go. I haven't had such an over-obvious chocolate-stalker for a long time. Another geriatric stalker was opposite hiding behind an aisle constricting display. I hadn't seen anything quite like this since the intense and insane abuse days of 2002. And what was the special event, apart from returning from my hike? Why, I had drove the Camry, the vehicle the aforementioned brown skinned pair had driven for 20 minutes the day before.

Exciting times in perp-ville, and the sense I get is that they aren't even close to concluding their brownstalking research. And to set that above whole deal up, who planted the notion that I needed chocolate anyhow?

So now, taking possession in 2017 of the the perp-abetting parent's light metallic tan (medium brown interior) Ford Escape, the brownstalking has moved up a notch. Maybe in 2027 they will lay on a brown skinned girlfriend. (I hope to be gone by then, but given this macabre and abusive trajectory, I am not holding my breath. Nor do I want any girlfriend as she is bound to be a perp abettor). Though it seems the Psychopaths have been working on the brown girl angle in parallel as both my perp-abetting brothers have brown skinned wife/girlfriend.

Enough on browning the victim and to get this posted.

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