Monday, May 01, 2017

Tractor Driving

Monday; start with equipment that behaves fine (Friday last week), and then successively sabotage it so things constantly go wrong. This would the vineyard tractor I am driving for the second time, the first day this week. Lots of controls = lots of perp sabotage, preferably multiple things going wrong at once or in immediate serial sequence. Just hilarious after 15 years of things going wrong 5x the normal rate. Their very favorite Fuckover stunt was to prevent the forward-reverse shift lever from going into gear (forward usually). Some 20 attempts at a time while sitting in the tractor was not uncommon, and this shit went on all afternoon. Every time I came to a row end I had to reverse it to go back on the same row. In fact, the supervisor seemed to set the job up so I needed to do this twice as often given the slow revelation of instructions. Had he told me all that had to be done, I could of traversed one block to the next, crossing the trail, instead of turning each time.

A second day of tractor driving, using the so-called grape hoe implement, a blade on the R side that severs the weeds by the roots and lifts them up. That is the theory, but it is more like a "weed dislocator", moving them around in clods, and not out of the row as it should be. Hence a build up of weed, often grass, clumps over the time that defy said implement. Having a steel blade, some 1/4" thick, plough and flick just under the soil is a perp implement of significant proportions; they just love soil interactions, and all the better with steel implements as they see it for their human nonconsensual experimentation agenda. Don't forget I was hand digging these same vineyard weeds with the rest of the crew using shovels for three days last week.

Today, thankfully, things went better, and the insane disruption over being able to shift forward or back (separate gear lever) only lasted a half hour. Given that the assholes have been shitting me over shifting into reverse over the last two months with the new (to me) Escape (standard transmission), gifted from my perp-abetting mother, who knew the sickos would of pulled this same stunt with another vehicle, this time a tractor? Or who knew, that shifting standard gears, especially forward and reverse, was a total Fuckover event for some remote sick asses harassing the living shit out of their victim for over 15 years now? But it seems they had this one planned; given a standard transmission vehicle in 01-2017, and then harass the victim for the same thing in a tractor in 04-2017. No wonder they didn't let me drive a farm tractor since I took the viticulture course in 01-2012 when there was plenty of opportunity to help out my employers.

And why was I so unusually tired after work today? Kept too tired to do anything, but not allowed to nap. Never had this problem before, but the perps wasting my time is just too funny for them. Consequent to this 30 min. quasi-nap, I went grocery shopping with my usual gangstalking entourage. Fucking tiresome.

For the second day in succession, an aerial stalker came by, totally incongruous given the circumstances. Like WTF; a Canadian government aircraft with "surveillance" on its side. I look them up, and they are all about marine traffic and pollution surveillance. Like WTF; what are they doing 600km inland for crissakes? But let us not forget the military putting on their submarine detection aircraft for 7 circuits over a former vineyard work site 3-4 years ago, spewing some kind of magnetic beams out of its stinger tail. I read another TI calling this "air stalking" and I suppose it is. But the way it seems is that the Canadian government is sending its few aircraft over to harass a TI, and is nothing short of a criminal organization, just like the police. Nothing new there. Last year it was the four engined C-117 cargo aircraft doing four passes over the vineyard I was at. It never landed, so what on earth was such an aircraft doing flying over Naramata and then departing? And the SAR was on a fly past two weeks ago, with their yellow EH 101 Cormorant, though it could be that they were out on a mission, but given my past experience with this same aircraft and owner, it is suspicious.

And for the second day in succession, I worked with the new woman employee, who "happens" to have the same first name as my daughter, though 7 years younger. A strapping lass, if not a tad overweight, and breasts the size of softballs. Yesterday, a low top, and I could not help to notice the cleavage exposure, another long standing perp put on. Today, she was in a red shirt, perhaps to sync with above mentioned red colored surveillance aircraft. Anyhow, she seems like a nice and positive person, unlike the last new woman who is so furtive and avoidant.

Yesterday I was planting vines with her and the NZ woman, so I had my close-in dose of the feminine, and the perps do love me to be planting. And then weeding in the afternoon, with the furtive one who says nothing. Today, it was all weeding with the new woman who is thankfully, someone I can talk with.

And a police vehicular gangstalking in front of me half way back to my place. I see way too many of them or their vehicles to be a coincidence, not that I believe there is any such notion in my highly orchestrated and harassed circumstances.

Two days ago after grocery shopping, the police were out doing some kind of apparent search in this small wooded area. One vehicle had its red and blue lights flashing on the opposite side of the road, with the officer pulling a black bag out of the vehicle. Then a yellowjacket (police man) coming from the woods, and around the corner, with no lights, was a second parked police vehicle. The latter one should of had his lights on as it is a no parking zone on a bend for crissakes.

I see the crew boss man is now doing the weeding on the tractor in other areas with the attached implement, more of a weed dis-locator implement. Where we are hand weeding now is where I did the same tractor work a few days ago. So it would seem this rotation goes with various tractor drivers doing "weed dislocating", and then us vineyard laborer schmo's do following hand weeding. Now with three different tractor operators, and an added new person (per above), it should be all grist for the perp non-consensual human research mill over their insane obsession over plant tending, e.g. weeding, planting, etc.

A rare good weather day today, enough for shorts and getting a tan on my legs. Rain tomorrow, so maybe I am getting an interrupted introduction to summer weather this year.

And what was the point of the perps having me "forget" to turn off the tuner (radio) this morning before leaving? I rarely have it on, and always turn it off, and lo, if some asshole didn't dither me and have me leave it on all day in my absence.

Another forced "forget" was yesterday, leaving my boots outside all night. I got screwed with this trick last year when they unloaded a rain storm on my boots that were outside. So to counter that fuckery, I put the alarm on for two hours or so, long enough so that the wet wool sock stink dissipates. And lo, if some asshole didn't defeat the alarm so that I "forgot". And again, what is the point of this insane relentless fuckery? And to note, I didn't have this wet boot smell lingering until recently. One screw-over begets another.

Another day of digging big grass clumps from the vineyard. Normally we work in teams of two, but since one guy was seconded for irrigation installation, I helped two women crew members by going ahead and removing all the large chunks the tractor turned up. One was the NZ woman, the other who started two days ago. In the latter case, she put on a head band for whatever reason, as she did yesterday. She added on a ball cap today, and lo, if her whole headgear thing didn't resemble a turban in part. Anyhow, given how much the perps like to stage/stalk me with head wear, especially the ones I loathe on sight, (e.g. turbans), why was I so clueless? And of course, with all my knowledge now remotely manipulable, that too has been attended to. Talk about feeling helpless, and too, that notion gets wiped out.

Even the CBC radio gets in on the act, by describing a political party member as the "first turbaned...". Who gives a fuck? We have had E. Indians in all our political parties, and now even the federal cabinet. Now the CBC have taken it upon themselves to further distinguish (promoting??) whether they are wearing turbans or not. We don't need any more divisions that we have, and now the national radio has invented another one. And they will likely spin this into "creating national unity" or some such.

On the headband theme; I did my laundry tonight and an attractive blonde woman (though large ass) was there, and lo, she was wearing her hair up with a headband too. She looked 40-ish, and the perps made sure that I noticed she wasn't married. Like WTF: I don't care about these things any more; not only am I 62, but I have the hounds of hell on my ass, and they orchestrate every microsecond of my existence nowadays, and everyone seems to know it in advance. I don't think they always did this as they didn't have this element of control until 2006, but now it seems they do as the coincidence factor is so high. I am simply not interested in romance, and any sane woman would feel the same about me, assuming she didn't already know my circumstances beforehand, or else see a light field around me, as reported by other TI's (though not mentioned in my presence).

As it "happens", now continuing with the coincidence theme, with the laundromat proprietors engaging this woman in conversation (not me), it turns out that she is from Edmonton, and is an Edmonton Oilers hockey fan. As it "happened" the Oilers were playing on a live broadcast of the playoffs on the 50" TV screen in the laundromat. Anyhow, resulting from general banter about hockey now that the playoff season has finally begun, the laundromat owner shows me a picture on his phone of his son with an prominent Oilers player (captain), as the team was visiting here on a pre-season goodwill tour last year. Then he shows it to the attractive Edmonton woman. (Both of us getting "color calibrated" with the same LED image perhaps, though she did some oohs-and-ahhs over his cute (to her) son.) And within the minute, this same prominent Oilers hockey player scores a goal on TV. I kid you not; another tangle of coincidences over a certain hockey team and player.

Another nap attack hit after work today; the perps are bound and determined never to let me get onto my laundry any earlier than 1900h in the evenings. I could of got onto it an hour earlier, but the wave of helplessness came on and the only thing I can do is lie down and pull the blankets over.

Saturday, and a small job to help the vineyard couple; not that it was vineyard work, but they needed the cedar hedges trimmed, and he arranged some scaffolding with a platform to be mounted on a trailer which he towed with his ATV. I would get up on the platform and wield the gasoline powered hedger to trim the hedge. The system worked for the most part, save where it was too far to reach, and then we used the pole pruner. Anyhow, it was 3 hours of work, and in OK weather. And nothing went wrong; imagine that. I suppose for the perps it was an exercise in plant trimming at some 6' off the ground, and we know who loves me to be plant tending, and all the better, cutting them. And we know who likes to test elevational differences from ground level.

And more dithering (two weeks now) by the fee-for-service doctor's office this week; a call to tell me that the "good doctor" needs to determine which tests I need in advance of my requested appointment. Well, it was last year, in a change to their usual practice, when they cited new medical regulations that one must see the doctor first, who then determines the tests, and all to see the same doctor again. Even if one has had prior clinical interactions that would be a basis for an obvious extension to health care delivery. And now, it isn't so, or isn't mentioned. No doubt this is more foot dragging over my demands for dopamine deficiency treatment, as the three other referrals are still in a state of non-response, and could be for 6 months or more in this current medical system. I fully expect the "good doctor" to deny me anything more than supplements, which if one has ADD as I do, are pretty lame, as ADD is by definition a development problem.

I spent two hours this afternoon viewing Ty Bollinger's astonishing research of cancer treatment and its squalid history -two hours note. Not to mention the grim future; by 2020, one half of cancer events are expected to be caused by prior medical "treatments" of cancer; chemo therapy (e.g. tamoxifen) is carcinogenic as is radio-therapy. I hadn't read any cancer material for three months, getting fed up with it, not making light that it is an atrocity of epic proportions; 600,000 victims each year in the US and Canada. And the repressive actions of the FDA are nothing short of living in Nazi Germany, just not as widespread. To be an professional and responsible alternative cancer practitioner in the US and Canada is to have a target painted on your back, as mentioned by an MD who leads a prominent alternate health care center.

Sunday, and I was finally allowed to get hiking at 0930h instead of 1200h. The weather forecast was for sunshine, but at a cool 18C. Fine; I will do the hike and find out then if tanning can be attempted. As it "happened" it was cool at my usual remote tanning site, but after an hour I relocated to the lee of the wind, and was able to get tanned. I used my lightweight camp cot for the first time, and it worked out reasonably well.

Another "cattle problem" on the way back along the trail. It seems they had been released in the last week into this woodland area, and lo, if the bull wasn't standing on the trail looking at me while the herd was passing behind him, going down to this small lake for water. As twice before, retreat, and take an alternate off-trail route. Fortunately I could navigate my way through the woods by keeping a visual reference to this lake and not spend two hours back tracking along the trailed alternative.

I did get some three hours of tanning in, though it didn't seem like it as the cool wind kept finding me for a time. And just when I popped back onto the trail, why, a gangstalker came along on the trail. I say gangstalker as the timing was perp-perfect; just as I entered the woods from the open area and only two minutes into my return. Besides, the guy was such a rude ass; most hikers say hello or acknowledge each other, but not this one.

I got my usual helicopter coverage while tanning off-trail, this time more obvious. About an hour before lunch a big throbby Bell 412 came low (500' above terrain) and then circled about a kilometer away to the S, going back to where it came from seemingly. After lunch this same helicopter comes over the same flight path and then extends its flight to fly N of me and then do the same large circle to the S. Same helicopter, seemingly to add some post-lunch (favorite perp harassment timing) noise and a visual, by extending its curious flight path.

Anyhow, I later did my care duty, helping my knee cap damaged friend get some groceries at various shopping locations. The usual gangstalk fray of course.

Onto posting this for the week.

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