Monday, March 20, 2017

Glassware Sabotage

And what is it about glassware that so interests the perps? From glass bottles to glass storage vessels, they are totally besotted. So much so in fact, the assholes punched a hole in my borosilicate glass Bodum vessel. It is just the perfect size to grasp, and serves to keep half my smoothie in for the next day. BUT FOR SOME REASON the assholes needed to break it, this time surreptitiously, as they didn't cause me to fumble or drop it, their usual routine so to blame the victim. None of that; I cleaned it, put it in the rack, and looked at it a while later, and lo, if the assholes didn't put a hole in it, pictured below. No glass pieces to be found in the sink or anywhere and more unusually, no cuts, aka, bloodletting, one of their all time favorite jerkarounds.  And what is the meaning of that for crissakes? All to change up the vessel I suppose, and too, change the design as I don't see these straight sided vessels available any more. Who knows, maybe the new ones come from a different factory too, and that fascinates the perps too.

Long time regular readers will know that they pulled this shit over my Bodum coffee maker about three years ago, and as part of it, had my mother's one drop out of the cupboard and smash, all so I could recover the hardware parts. Later, I took her hardware parts and mated them to my same sized coffee maker, to re-construct a coffee maker with different generations of parts, vessel, handle, stem, filter and lid. Then a year later they fucked me out of drinking coffee with the invoked pissing problem.

 Anyhow, Monday night yoga stalk wasn't quite the "squeeze together" show of last week, and the dude count was down to 4, from six. They put the blonde babe back on again, this time at the other side of the room, not beside me like three weeks ago when she was last there as a major distraction. In the lobby after class, she came to "visit" in all her gorgeous legs, (wearing shorts) while I was putting on my footwear, strutting about and making sure I saw her in all her majesty. Then they inserted the regular stalker dude following her, the one who hangs around me and "happened" to be on door stunt duty last week.  That is, the one who was on the other side of the door of the practice room when I opened last week, a regular stalk-stunt that "happens" far too often to be coincidence. Now that the cold weather has abated, I must devise a way to get the hell out of the yoga lobby area faster, so these loitering Fuckwits don't have a chance to put on their show. But one can readily figure out their countering ploy; instead of letting me leave the class first or second, with everyone hanging back for some weird reason, they will suddenly start hurriedly leaving and block my egress. It is worth a try, just to see if the mass stalking behavior suddenly changes.

Pruning vines all day yesterday, and today. The good news is that we have finished pruning the some 30 acres, finishing late today. In characteristic fashion the perps sabotaged my electric pruner set yesterday morning, just after the morning break. The electric pruners had been working fine the day before, and for the first two hours. Then it just plain conked out. Classic perp timing; when 80-90% done, the essential tool craps out. So I used hand pruners (secateurs) and loppers to do the job, including all today. So I was the one of five without the red vest with its integral battery pack, and of course, no electric cutting tool. And what was that all about? Four of the five of us have identical models, all purchased at the same time last year, and all of them held up fine except for the set that I had. (We each kept the same set each day). So what was that piece of sabotage all about? In past experience, the assholes have multiple aims; no red garment (vest), no battery pack on my back, no EMF discharge from the cutting tool, use of different hand, wrist and arm muscles in manual application of pruning tools etc. All while the rest of crew kept going with using their electric pruners of course. All fascinating comparative details if you are a perp Psychopath and have been hounding the victim for nearly 15 years as to what color of garments one wears, proximity to electric energy fields and EMF pulses. And all the better while pruning, as in cutting plant material, another perp preoccupation that has been evident early on since they first went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002.

And I suppose, when one reads "The Secret Life of Plants", and finds that plants have a electro-sensitivity to adjacent plants being harmed, it seems to add the perp need to discover something about plant-human (psychic?) interactions. Lets see; human have been plant tending for 10,000 years, and assuming the Psychopaths (perps) were present then, then why in the fuck have they rounded on me in this macabre nonconsensual human experimentation project, after arming me with a battery pack and an electric pruning tool, and as a job, pruning vines for a living? I don't know, and I am sure a lot of abetting assholes (scum-inals in my parlance), who do know.

And what was with the cough-stalking with my crew members today? Four of the five of them broke into coughing while proximate to me, plus a few well timed sneezes. And fakey coughs too. The boss man had a cough all day long and had an unerring knack of timing his coughing just as I put the manual pruners around the vine cane I was about to cut. Another piece of adroit cough timing was when I had just made a pruning decision as to what to cut. So do they sign up to be invaded so they are forced to cough at the exact moment that is perp preferred?

Onto another current beef; I have been trying to sell my Camry for two months now, and so far I have got three text/email responses and one person came and saw it, but didn't buy it. Today another (rare) call, and a tentative meeting, but she phones at the appointed time to say she cannot make it. At least she phoned, unlike other no-shows. Other prominent sale blockages of the long past include real estate and lo, if I didn't lose a bundle in a stable, if not, rising market. Never mind been hung out to dry for a year.

After three weeks, my RCA interconnect cables arrive in the mail, precipitated by a solder "failure" that self erupted inside the RCA plug housing of my extant cables. It took a 10 days for "Express" mail to make it from MN to BC. Then to add insult to injury, the landlady kept the package overnight and dropped it off this (Saturday) morning when I was out attending to laundry. Given the need the perps have to mess with connecting cables, including driving (vehicular gangstalking) all those phone and internet service vehicles around me, why should be I surprised?

The perp's need to add the "running Fuckwit" gangstalkers was finally revealed to me. These are the seeming (out of place) idiots who are arranged to run on the streets in street wear, and do not include the plethora of day-glo runners/joggers out for exercise. The "running Fuckwits" will run on city blocks where there is no bus route, or even on suburban streets where there are no offices. So much for the excuses like running for a bus or late for an appointment. The last-most "running Fuckwit" of note was an E. Indian (from India) running along a suburban secondary arterial in a turban and a suit. No bus route, no nearby stores, incongruous running clothing, so what was the excuse?

Well as it turns out, the basis of aerial flight is the lift provided by the earth's photonic energy field, and not the pressure difference between the lower and upper wing surfaces. Otherwise, an aerobatic aircraft would never fly, as it has a symmetrical wing cross section. Or, aircraft could not fly upside down. More speed begets more lift. So... it would seem the running Fuckwits would be picking up more photonic energy than that of their adjacent gangstalking confreres, and it would seem they want to compare this elevated energy interaction to adjacent other and myself (kept in a densfied magnetic field) in whatever way they do. So you thought the Olympic track and field show was all about athleticism?

A total shut-in day this Sunday, and am still getting motivationally blocked on putting my dopamine paper together so to escalate this multi-faceted problem in search for a doctor that gives a shit. Not forgetting this insane dopamine obstruction theme began in 04-2002 when the assholes shanghai-ed me into hospital and took my dopamine enhancing stimulant medications away (that were very effective) and fed me dopamine agonists (blocking the dopamine and making me MUCH worse). If you think doctors are to help you and are acting in the patient's best interests you are sadly mistaken in my experience. Are we any any further in the West (Canada and the US in this case) than Soviet-style methods of sending state-deemed undesirables into mental hospitals with no due process and for no clinical reason? No. And keep a print out of all your contacts with you, as it saved my ass while in there. And check on what the doctor wrote in the chart (record) before the consult ends, as they will fucking lie to make themselves seem important.

Anyhow, enough of the daily detritus of dealing with Psychopathic Confederacy and screaming at the assholes so I can key what I want instead of having my fingers re-directed. Some 40 years of keyboarding and this is where I am kept.

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