Sunday, March 05, 2017

Incremental Dude Insertions at Yoga

After backing off yoga for three weeks, I decided to head there and see what kind of shape the perps will put me into tomorrow morning, as if it were "from" yoga. And lo, if they didn't pull a light snowfall onto the bare ground, only a week exposed since early January. About 15 yogis there, and this time they upped the dude population to four, up from their previous high of three, though two has been common over the past few years. Three of them "happened" to do a entrances-and-exits number around me as I entered the practice room, and the fourth one was inserted afterward. One of them looked like he never took yoga before, another seemed like a body builder. Not your usual yogi. Another was the arts freak in the man-bob I see time to time. Two of them were on the other side of the delectable young blonde woman next to me, surely planted there for that dopaminergic rush upon viewing her gorgeous visage, short shorts and all. On my other side was an overly large woman, another never-before.

Anyhow, the perps made sure I felt more inept at yoga than usual, playing up this health problem they have saddled me with, as if prostate cancer wasn't enough. That on top of the ongoing pissing match over being dopamine deficient and all the rest of it; urination urgency is the latest extreme annoyance that has been coming back again, despite the medications.

On the mysterious ailment front I am more nerve bothered today; my L arm has been week and there is nerve pain in my shoulder blades on both sides. And some generalized stiffness in my pelvic region. And it seems the perps have been bringing this one on since 07-2015, slowly though, so it seems it has "legs" and they aren't about to terminate the problem until some crisis erupts. I can hardly wait, and live in fear as to what exactly is going to play out. I have been through a number of these "health mystery tours", and I don't see it as a coincidence that it erupts when I am getting a better fix on my dopamine deficiency. Not that I consider myself making too much progress on this front, as most doctors are clueless as to its importance to the "peripheral system", that is, everything but the central nervous system. Stiffing this victim with ADD wasn't enough adversity, and they put me through a gauntlet of seeing four doctors in succession 1998-2001, who each blew me off. Finally I got a SPECT scan, and that has been my continuing trump card to get any doctor-adversity straightened out.

The landlady wanted to visit this  residence this morning as she had an appraiser coming. I would be out, but I did ask if she was going to sell the property. She said maybe. They have lived here for 25 years, and have family across the street. It just doesn't add up. So... if they do sell, I could be dispatched if the new owner doesn't want me here. Or else they could jack the rent up big time. Nothing good ever lasts, and after a near four year run here, the perps likely want to move me on. Bring on the loud "neighbors"; upstairs, downstairs or either side, who can even pound concrete floors and make them vibrate (somehow). Never mind the propensity of the perps to staging sex in adjacent apartments. Hmm, much food for thought today and where this new episode will go. Four years is about the most they have ever had me stay in one place, but one can be sure the discomfort and interaction level will be escalated. No sense in having a undisrupted victim is there?

The day after yoga, and thankfully I am not the next day waste case I was back in January. Note that I am never ordinarily discomforted by yoga, even the greater workout version I regularly attended until they screwed with the schedule in January. Whatever these aches and pains that came on after yoga, and sent me into a tizz thinking it was metastatic prostate cancer, now seems to have mostly abated. Perhaps temporarily, as mentioned above, this mysterious ailment might yet come back on me. Today, I had less shoulder and arm pain, so perhaps that symptom component is now finishing up. Hard to know, when they can access every cell, if not, molecule in real time and mess it up or otherwise fuck with it. Or at least, that is the way it seems.

Vine pruning all day at work today, finishing up the chardonnay block. Nice to finish one section, but I see on the wall map there is a considerable amount of acreage to get done. Which begs the question, why did they start in February when they could of got going a month earlier? No idea, but it remains to be seen as to what further problems this would create.

The mulatto co-worker came back today after a week away. He was in Mexico apparently, and now registers three shades darker in the face from his tan, or whatever means the perps have to darken skin. Perhaps this is his normal skin tone, and two weeks ago they whitened him down as an introduction tactic. (He has negroid facial features, but was near Caucasian skin color). All in keeping with these ongoing ethnic and skin color games the perps need to expose me, and too, their Unfavored demographic groups they dearly love to parade before me.

Speaking of which, the ample sized woman on the crew gave up her mid-thigh coat today and put on a warm bomber jacket. Which meant that I was set up to view her ample butt as she was in the row ahead of me much the time today. And do I need to see yet another oversized butt, male or female? Emphatically NO. And apply to that to all Unfavoreds, this ongoing freak show parade that the perps need to expose me to constantly, and incrementally it seems, e.g. the mulatto boy getting darker after a week in Mexico.

Pruning vines in the vineyard all today, now moved to a new block as we were directed to the wrong block for the last work hour yesterday. Perps love this; start something and then get interrupted and return much later than if it were a continuous job. It is still cold, though above freezing again, having had another freeze spell last week and the ground is thawing for the second time. Which means it gets slippery.

And I see the coyotes killed another deer on the lake ice, like what they did three years ago when working at another vineyard in the same area. (I saw the unfortunate deer struggling on the ice in the morning, and a coyote was clearing out as I drove by. On the way home, the eagles were guarding the carcass further out on the ice). Not that I saw such today, but the eagles were perched on the lake ice, guarding the carcass for their friends. And this was only 100m from open water, so it is most curious to me that the deer couldn't make it there if coyotes were on its ass. Or more to the point, if it were looking for water to drink, why didn't it go to the open water, rather than venture onto the ice where it has a singular disadvantage of keeping its footing. As always, there are so many curiosities out there, and all the more is why was this carnage arranged for me to witness again?

Another round of sabotage over audio playback. My vehicle's system lost power on start up yesterday and today, and all the settings were lost. Today, the assholes have fucked the playback through my home stereo system, as only the R channel will play. And to add insult to injury, the means to bypass this and run the sound through my headphones connected to the computer are compromised; the Windows settings just won't set. How many fucking times do the perps need to sabotage audio playback? I went through weeks, (six months if the repair episodes are included) of having the YBA amp messed with and testing for whatever the problem was in 2015-16, and now the assholes are at it again. Nothing functional EVER goes unsabotaged.

The audio equipment playback problem has been isolated to the input for one particular input. The tuner and the portable player both play both channels normally. Does this shit ever end? Two separate audio devices malfunction in two days of each other. Doubtless they will need to be shipped somewhere for months at a time. The computer playback is now working, albeit in one channel. That vexation finished off the evening. Funny how a reboot "cures" the problem.

A day of vineyard pruning again; some of my work colleagues have adopted the throat clearing all of a sudden when I am proximate. One in particular, and he does seem a little behaviorally odd, even without his on-off throat clearing act. I met last year's vineyard supervisor and she indicated that there was one crew member who did just what he wanted; it is the same guy as he is the only returnee from last year.

That doesn't include more back-and-forths; my next row work colleague did some of those today, all to look at young vines we weren't to prune. At least she wasn't on her cell phone doing this seeming strangeness.

About 1.5 hours of helicopter activity across the lake from the vineyard yesterday. I have no idea why they needed to buzz there for so long for so seeming little purpose. That would of put them in the flight path of Penticton airport, which means they must of had permission to putz there for that long.

Pruning vines all day long; more peculiar organized co-worker group behavior - all of them starting at the same end of the row when they had done a partial row. Normally one re-starts when where left off unless it is at the very opposite end, in which case, one picks it up after completing an adjacent new row.

A stiff breeze all day, enough for the hood of my ski jacket to be up. Then later, some rain, artfully timed after lunch to then serve as an impetus to take our jackets off while outside and then put the battery pack vests underneath, as they aren't to be in the wet. These are the battery packs of the Electrocoup electric pruners, the tool that I run all day. After that, no major rain, just the odd spitting now again.

And why do the perps constantly flick the switch on my Electrocoup pruners so that they are in the wide position when only use this less than 1% of the time? No, the switch does not catch on anything, nor does my finger slip onto it; somehow it just gets moved and then the perps screw me around by not "noticing" the setting for a minute or so. Normally I would notice the re-set setting right away as the jaws take longer to close.

Another daily disruption is "hat attacks"; my toque moves up somehow to uncover my ears so the extra loud wind buffeting noise (itself remotely enhanced to be extra loud) becomes all the more louder. The "hat attacks" have been going on ever since this Fuckover scene began in 04-2002; they just move my all by themselves, conventional gravitics be damned.

Good thing I was sitting around at home as I get this phone call from a guy about my car, thinking he was a potential buyer. But no, he was 40' away outside and wanted my car removed as they were going to do a service pole replacement. Once up and about I could see over the fence that a backhoe was outside and a ubiquitous stalking boom truck beside it. "Hate to see your car get scratched" he says, and I said likewise. I suppose it was crude dude-talk for "you better move it", not that I expect any better from that crowd. So I go outside to see three boom trucks arranged in the lane outside, along with the backhoe and a dump trunk, and four dudes in orange safety wear standing around. So I moved both my vehicles in the lane, which made perfect sense as how can they back a dump truck down the lane without serious consternation over avoiding my vehicle. Like WTF; a temporary 24hr no parking notice might of been a more reliable way of providing notice. But as everything here is arranged, including stalking my ass with boom trucks and dump trucks everywhere for 14 years, and anything else that scrapes or digs soil, why am I surprised. Said dudes were looking at their cell phones as I passed by, and one actually thanked me for moving the vehicles. I wouldn't call this episode rude-assed, but the dude on the phone did succeed in rubbing me the wrong way.

And this whole set up, per above mentioned phone call, was possible because I had a For Sale sign in my vehicle with my phone number on it. So perhaps this was the big perp deal; have the dudes in orange call me from across the fence from 40' away and then be seen in person only 5 minutes later when I had my footwear on. The perps just love these games; come to know someone over the phone (or nowadays, email or text or combinations thereof), over repeated interactions and then meet them in person at a later date. Now it seems, they are boiling this game down to one prior phone interaction.

People who wear orange freak me out. Worse yet, wearing orange and red. I had a stalker on my ass at the glass recycling depot on my butt wearing orange and red. And do I need to mention that the recycling depot is a prime stalking site?

I "happened" to see the landlord today as he was fixing the fence 3' from the gate I exit from, and asked him about the possible house sale. He said he was still thinking about it. I asked him why, and he said he just didn't want to expend the effort to keep the house up, and that he had been here 25 years. He didn't mention that he had other rental properties, which of course would take time to manage and fix. And he mentioned that the pool maintenance was an issue. I said maybe he should just fill it in and he countered with some lame assed excuse about devaluing the property. Then he attempted to sell me on the fact that a new buyer would keep me for a tenant. Yeah, for sure, as in how can anybody know that? Anyhow, the whole thing seemed so fricking lame. Or perhaps this whole thing is just to game me, as they could of kept the appraisal reason secret so not to cause me to start looking for alternative accommodation. Or else the landlord is getting old before his time. I will stick with the lame assed diagnosis for now.

A short look on drugsdotcom last night at the side effects of tamsulosin and I see back pain listed. Like WTF; I visit a GP, urologist and a prostate cancer oncologist over the last three weeks and not one of them suggested this might be the cause of ongoing problem of pelvic and back pain. What does it take to get a modicum of clinical competence?

The 2017 HD motorcycle noise barrage has begun. The neighbor across the lane started a HD motorcycle noise campaign two years ago, and is now starting on HD Noise -Year 3. Why they need to run the thing in his backyard for 30 minutes is beyond me. Drive it away! But that is not the point; make the noise and piss off the victim. To date, I have found no historical abuse history related to motorcycles; nothing in any of the literature, the most revealing being "Thanks For the Memories" by Brice Taylor.

I had a look at the last remaining possible link in the above mentioned audio problem, the cable that connects the source to the amp. I swapped another one in, and lo, the L channel worked. I unscrewed the barrel of the connector and lo, the internal solder joint was broken. Like WTF; it worked fine for the last 11 months, it was not disturbed, pulled or torqued, and the wire is crimped onto the bracket so there is no stress on the soldered joint. Perhaps it is perp-speak for "get new interconnects" (wires). Given their interest in all wiring and related connections, why am I not surprised.

And while winding up an online financial transaction to purchase new interconnects, why, the dreaded HD motorcycle noise starts up from across the lane. All this in 1" of snow that just fell. Then a forced piss to top it off. Been there, done that.

Did my income tax return, online mostly. The latter qualification refers to the abominable software not having a functional auto-fill for the income tax information. Had it worked, all my employment details (six employers) would of been loaded into the tax return instead of the usual shit of printing them, and then manually entering them, yet again. Another "de-feature" straight out of the perps' book; cost the victim 1.5 hours of extra time and all the attention it needs to re-copy information from one screen to another, via print out. And better yet, bait the victim by naming and identifying a very useful feature that is disabled or crippled. I will have to talk to Simple Tax about that.

And so, when I was about to make a donation to Simple Tax, why, the HD motorcycle noise starts up again. I have made only two online transactions today, the only two as I haven't gone anywhere outside, and in BOTH situations, the HD noise starts up a few minutes beforehand and continues while I make the transaction. I stopped listening to music until this infernal racket is done with. And have I identified this perp habit of stalking and noise-stalking financial transactions ever since this blog began in 2006? At least once per month for 10 years now. And it was immediately apparent when this insane abuse started up in 04-2002; these operatives would suddenly arrive beside me while making a financial transaction (aka purchasing) at a store. And the operatives doing their usual stupid thing; back turned to me, or pretending to shop bent over.

And to add insult to injury, the perps locked up the mouse and obstructed making the above mentioned payment, so I had to reboot the browser to get it back, and too, that engendered  protraction of the HD motorcycle noise. Funny how this shit "happens" with such consistency.

A visit to the supermarket this Sunday evening; a whole 5 customers in the store, and they took turns hanging around me for no seeming reason; the "usual" dumbstruck (aka, just-stand-there) shopping stalk I have come to know at every trip. Plus the drip shit hanging outside the store for no reason, and still there 20 minutes there for no seeming reason. Normally they have the vagrant acts do this as they have an excuse for loiter time, but as this was inside a mall, I suppose they defered to the more obvious Fuckwit stalk.

Another cursor disappearance to contend with again, so time to call this one done for the week.

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