Sunday, March 12, 2017

Technetium Injection No. 2

A trip to the big city, Kelowna, to get injected with Technetium and a follow-on bone scan. This would be the second one, the first in 07-2016. And yet again, to determine if my prostate cancer has metastasized, this time prompted by the symptoms of recent pelvic and back pain. Yet again, I get injected with a radioactive substance, (half life of 48 hours) and then scanned to see it as it gets taken up by my bones. Hopefully it is negative, but in this present circus of symptoms and conditions I have been put through, who knows.

I got injected in the morning, and then I returned three hours later to get scanned. Which meant plenty of kick-around time, and so I visited a few tool stores, but strangely felt agitated in each so that I didn't buy anything. Then to a used CD & book store to peruse the stock, and then to another tool store, one of my long term faves. This time, I was allowed to purchase a few items, having a list on hand. Then to an outdoor store and peruse the goods there, buy a few trinkets and then got held up at the cash register as there was an item I was looking for and the stockist went to look for. While waiting they switched the cashier, from female to male, and he did the friendly nattering thing while waiting for the stockist to report back on a certain item's availability. It wasn't to be had as it turned out. I suppose this is a more elaborate exercise in checkout obstruction/delay; wait for a determination from the stockist AND switch cashiers. In the latter instance, the perps have been pulling this one for 14.5 years, never mind the covert games that went on before. So what is it about undertaking a financial transaction that so interests the perps? And I am talking transactions of all shapes and forms; coin machines (that malfunction way too often), bus fare, writing and mailing checks, cash (change or purchase), debit card, online and of course, paychecks. And gifts too.

I got my usual jerkarounds at the hospital over parking; at first no parking at the parkade, and then the second time I found a stall, but the machine, once I found it one level down, wouldn't take money. So I parked the car on the same side street at the first time. Each time they put on an ambulatory gangstalker when I arrived at my vehicle. A residential side street of no major activity, and these stalkers arrive as I arrive at my vehicle, one providing the traditional cell phone coverage while passing by.

I drove the yet-to-be-sold Camry, and filled up, and lo, if a dude didn't cruise by to chat about the vehicle while I was filling up. I have a for-sale sign on it, so he had a legitimate entre. How he saw the sign from where his vehicle was located suggested a set up though. And given the amount of gangstalking games tha go down while filling my vehicle, and his lukewarm questions/interest, this smacked of gaming the victim (me). No big deal. But why have I only got two feeble inquiries in 5 weeks for a reliable vehicle with lots of repair history last year?

I picked up Adele's "19" today at the used bookstore, and ripped it to my collection, and I find that my "21" album has gone missing on my PC. In fact, the artist folder too. Like WTF; the "21" CD was given to me by my farm worker friend, I played it, liked it, ripped it and now its gone, poof. A word to the perps; leave my stuff alone, and leave me the fuck alone. Not that they listen to me at all.

I missed yoga tonight due to a pissing match over getting some new software to split a track into two, which was two strung together by a 30 seconds of silence. Only after I went to the bathroom did the software start working properly, not doing anything different. The perps like doing this; blocking new software operation over something dog simple. I haven't revisited Google's free CAD software after a royal pissing match with the perps over its obviously denatured/corrupted features, e.g. greying them out, or it just doesn't work

Cold all day today, and a wind off the nearby lake with ice still on it. This would be at the vineyard site where I am pruning the vines. The perps ran me out of work in 2003, and then only allowed me to start farm work in 2008, and vineyard work is the present culmination (aka, career path) of this insane imposed abuse. Farm laboring is for the dispossessed, given the nature of the work and working conditions. I don't know what the perps get out of having me do this work, but given the number of times they arrange noise for whenever I make a pruning cut, cut a cabbage or make any other kind of harvesting activity, there must be something in it for them. Besides, they get to control my income with the low pay rate, and keep me in seasonal work. Full time work, or full time association with an employer is not allowed by the Fourth Reich.

Vineyard pruning all day today. The organized games continue, this time over where I park my vehicle. Four of us have vehicles, and two parked on one lot, and two in the adjacent lot as a matter of habit over two weeks. No big deal; same thing in regular classes, every one has their spot and sticks to it. But not today; the two "other lot" workers decide to both move their vehicles to the same lot a me, and then park in stalls on each side of my regular spot. Like WTF; this isn't even pretend random; it is just plain stalking/herding me to park somewhere else.

All this abetted by the perps making me later for work, another one of their stunts. When getting ready to depart, a pissy scene erupted when clods of soil fell off my boots and got over the floor and door sill. Then they powered down the player in the vehicle again, killing the one pre-set radio station. And what is it of late about getting out the door and out of the place that has to be sabtoged routinely by the perps? The make me "forget" my keys, something I NEVER forget, every time I head out. Add in other "forgets" and I am routinely making one or more back tracks to the house to get something. What is the matter with the perps that they must escalate this insane stunt?

More strangeness by a particular co-worker in vine pruning, the one that did the pointless back-and-forths from two weeks ago. This time he stops pruning in mid row and then walks up the hill some 120', past me in the adjacent row and starts pruning the same row from the top. Like WTF; he just created extra work for himself for no seeming reason. I am pruning downhill, and he is now also pruning downhill. As I get to the location where he stopped to go uphill, he now comes down opposite me, 7' away (width between rows) and resumes where he left off the first time, so he now works uphill. Now we have TWO totally pointless movements in pruning that cost him traveling some 160' for no seeming reason. Perhaps he is building up his "derangement cred". I have talked about "asshole cred" before, though this does not apply to any one on the crew or organization; they all seem to be OK people to relate to.

Pruning vines all day yesterday, that being Saturday. I was all by myself in the vineyard as I had to make up a day due to Monday's absence, the trip to Kelowna, per above. The perps like to do this; not only have me work alone where there is no one else around, but also have me put in four rows of pruning side by side. Normally with a crew of five, I would be doing every fifth row, though it varies as some are faster than others. I cannot count the number of times in my office work days when I went in on weekends to catch up due to so many vicissitudes of  things going wrong or needing extra time when no one else was there.

I finally got my first hike done in the year, but it wasn't a classic. There was snow on the ground for half of the two hour hike. And as usual, some strange cats on the trail. The dude in shorts and a shirt on his back country bicycle took the cake this time; I come down a steep slope and there he is stopped at the bottom waiting and looking at his cell phone. I don't think I have been more obviously phone-stalked than this, but I am sure it will happen. Said Fuckwit came back down in 20 minutes as he just couldn't be bothered to tough it out by climbing the snowy slopes on his bicycle. I was about 4C at best, with some light rain, and there he was in flannel shorts and a long sleeve shirt. Said shirt was mucked up from dirt flicked up from the rear wheel. Maybe that was the point; instead of stalking me with road dirt plastered vehicles, why, send in a dirt splattered kid on a off-road bicycle instead. And have him "register" color receptivity (or whatever they get from it) on his cell phone while under tree cover as I pass by. Ridiculous.

And plenty of road dirt plastered vehicles out these days, and one Volvo in particular that needed to pass me, all to have me catch up. And they put on the yellow flashing lights when I made my first corner onto Hwy 97 N bound, a tow truck sitting there for no reason. Later, a small rock fall on the highway and a police car with flashing red and blue lights beside it as some kind of warning. So, I and others, drove over these small rocks (1-2") scattered on the road for some 20' of distance. I drove a Volvo for 15 years, and my then-wife had one too, surely no coincidence in this ongoing stalking game of color arranged vehicles, though I didn't know about prior covert surveillance until 3Q-2003, about 18 months after the perps went berserk-over on me in 04-2002.

Daylight savings time again; the perps do have a fetish over getting the time wrong, setting clocks, or clocks being out of sync. Some asshole fucked with my cell phone a few weeks ago, re-setting the clock to run local, and lo, if it didn't run different somehow, going faster and slower. I always have the cell phone set to the network time, but "some how", some asshole reset it to run independently and furthermore, changed the time. And when do I find out? Why, that magic major harassment moment of heading out the door for the first time of the day, with at least four forced "forgets" to piss me off extremely. Same routine; "forget" the keys, how to tie one's boots, getting all my gear together to go work to go pruning etc. At least three rage-ifications to get out the door.

About one hour after returning from hiking the extra-conventional hijinx started up; pulling things from my hands, things snagging and hanging up, handling objects goes wrong, water splashes travel in unusual directions etc. At least 10 screaming level rage-ifications over the next hour. And what interests the perps so much at this juncture? Certainly food preparation is one event they like to disrupt, more so today. Perhaps it was the time change too, making dinner at a time that has more daylight than before.

Just when I wanted to write my piece on dopamine for the urologist I get two phone calls tonight. Another hour gone. What is it about urologists that they are so uniformly obdurate and unhelpful. There must be a clue there, if the perps are so intent on obstructing me from this kind of care.

Autobiography reading is now important (for the perps). Thank goodness for that, as after reading about the horrendous and gruesome events depicted in the book, "After the Reich" by Giles McDonogh, I was ready for some relief. "Life" by the rock and roll bad boy, Keith Richards was a great read, and I admire him for his honesty and artistic integrity. A book by  the ice hockey player, Bobby Orr, is being read at work as we get a full half hour lunch break. I have no idea what the perps get from me while reading, let alone biographies. Perhaps they need to separate the psychic energies of reading personal narratives versus non-fiction factual material.

Anyhow, enough for a posting and on with the show for another week.

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