Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Best on a Wednesday Evening

Last week I drove to the mall where my regular SOF supermarket is on Wednesday evening, around 2000h. Maybe one car in the W lot, and I could park as close as a handicapped parker could do. So as I drive into the stall, why a woman in a wide brimmed hat is coming out of the mall entrance, no shopping in hand. (The mall part was closed, only the supermarket part was open). She had plenty of room to pass by as the lot was near empty, by some 20' even without altering her path any. But no, she passes within 2' of the rear of my just parked vehicle, and as I am stepping out I check her out. (Like, who would be so fucking stupid as to come by the rear of a vehicle with a driver still inside?). As I spot her coming past the rear as I exit on the driver's side, she shoots me a look. Like WTF woman; you are the weirdo, so why do I get this? I close the driver's door and head into the mall while she walks on. So why was she dressed like she was going to/from Sunday church in a wide brimmed hat in this super casual dressed town on a very dead Wednesday evening, and purposely passing 2' to the rear of my just parked vehicle? (On the casual look, the dudes are now wearing shorts for crissakes, and we haven't had a day over 10C this year). I have encountered these peculiar stalkers before who love to walk through where I have just parked or am about to park, but this one was a little different. Why the get up? And why shooting me the look, and not the usual avoidance comportment while scuttling off after so obviously stalking the victim? I don't know, though she did have the same stature as a few other larger obvious female stalkers I have come to know, so maybe this was the same woman. (Ms C of the story as one such).  I won't get into other perp-made obvious speculations as to who this might of been, but those in the know won't need to speculate much.

A day of pruning at the vineyard, and a new dude on the crew, another male pony tail. Now at three out of six crew members, and beginning to look more like a bikers club. Long time readers will know that male pony-tails rank high on the Unfavored demographic list, so it is most odd the perps have kept beating on this theme so much. Heaven forbid when the sunny weather comes and they possibly sport tattoos (very Unfavored). Last year's crew mate, a very interesting guy, had a huge armful of tattoos that I found unbearable to view.

There is a picture of the vineyard annotated (mapped) with the blocks and their ID's on the inside door of the viticulture barn. It serves as useful spatial layout of where we are at with the pruning, and what remains to be done. I look at it on my breaks, just to keep track of progress, as I am viewing it from my chair inside the heated barn. But I couldn't believe the rest of the crew at morning break; as I was looking at the picture map, they (unusually) kept coming and going, opening the door and disrupting my view of the picture map. Just when I re-established my bearings at the prior interruption, someone else would open or close the door and do it all over again. And as the last insult, the newbie stands in front of door, blocking my view of the map. Like WTF; at least 7 interruptions in viewing a picture map inside two minutes, with the coup-de-gras, the "get-in-the-way obstruction". And what is it about visual continuity (with a modicum of processing the visual material) is so important that it must be consistently disrupted so often?

Yoga tonight, and they stuffed it near full even if I did get there 10 minutes early. I should of bailed when looking at at the parking lot. And now a six dude flush, and four of them came to do the stand-in-front-of-me when I was sitting on the couch putting my shoes on. Another did the meet-me-at-the-door when entering the practice room, something that "happens" nearly every time I attempt to enter the practice room. All this getting up and moving around before class starts just has to be choreographed, unless everyone is ADD-hyperactive. And I see my normal power yoga is now moved to an impossible to make time, so perhaps it is time to move to another yoga studio.

Very windy today while outside pruning all day. The one woman on the six person crew was feeling ill and begged off before we finished the one block of Syrah. Within an hour we moved onto Malbec. The perps like to arrange noise and other perturbances when I am moving between different varietals, be it pruning, shoot thinning etc. The crew boss was sick yesterday, so it is going around.

The new guy came around at about finishing time, entering the row of his crew member friend, which was adjacent to me. I hear someone coming, and look, and here he is, he had me already lined up and is staring at him as I look to see who it is. Worse yet, he had his black hoody up, the kind with the sharp tip. There is something Unfavored about hoodies the perps like me to be exposed to, but this dude "pre-staring" at me before I looked up at him approaching was most strange. Not that he said hello either. And too, in the following days he never made the cross vineyard trip to visit his buddy at quitting time anyhow, as they would meet at their shared vehicle in the parking lot. More high strangeness for no seeming reason.

Three CD's arrived today in one Amazon order. Interesting that two of them are re-releases with extra songs, a CD extra each. The incomparable Nightbird by Eva Cassidy has five unreleased tracks on it, and is remixed and remastered. It has an extra CD from its predecessor, Live at Blues Alley. So I will retire the latter and install the former in my music library.

Ditto for the Complete Trio Collection, of Parton, Harris and Ronstadt, a 3 CD edition that will supersede my Trio I CD. (Didn't have Trio II, but do now in this set). The third CD has outtakes and alternate versions, and very much worth it. In other words, a whole lot of file making, renaming, and moving, displacing the original version I have. And to the perps love all that file activity for whatever reason.

A visit to the dentist this morning, getting one amalgam filled tooth milled down for accepting a crown. As usual, the masers and plasma projections were in abundance for the first 10 minutes when there wasn't much happening, except me sitting in the chair. The perps have a need to "paint the room" with magnetic phenomenon when in unfamiliar locations, particular doctor's and dentist's offices. Then the dentist got to work and she took the tooth down. All this online web nonsense about special handling of amalgam removals makes me laugh. Sure, the suction hose was in close proximity to the tooth (and amalgam) pieces flying off, but there isn't any special handling. Unless of course, all ejecta from teeth is specially handled. The dentist got to handle my cheek and all the rest of the professional need to touch the patient. I don't have any idea as to how the perps handle these physical energetic interactions, but they must seriously plan for them. The dental assistant did her bit too in making before and after wax impressions, again, all professional.

Perhaps it is part of the dentist's gruff style, but I don't understand her conversational style of talking to the nearby dental assistant about me as if I am not there. As in, "the reason his (wax) impression was so difficult to remove was because of the spaces between his teeth". Like WTF, I am right there, and she references me as if I am not there. But this isn't the first time this kind of third party conversation style has erupted in my presence, and not just this dentist. I assume it is yet another perp need, depersonalizing the victim, when surely she would not ever forget my presence due the magnetic activity, and whatever other perp preparations are made in advance.

The perps were at their games again while I was in the dentist's chair, more like prone. I put on their safety glasses after removing my own, and lo, if they didn't steam up. I lifted them off my face a little, and within the minute the safety glasses pivot on my head and swing backwards. The dentist asks if I am OK, almost perfunctorily, so it would seem the whole thing was scripted and she had a ready comment. I got a different pair then and they worked fine.

As "usual", the dentist was wearing a face mask and had the special magnifying glasses on so I didn't really see much of her face for the whole time, even if she was 12" away for the half hour it took for her work. The perps love to play up these partial face visibility activities; perhaps why Europe is getting inundated with the hajib crowd. 

Just before payment for dental services the Asian woman (who seems strangely reserved for a service business) arrives, she being present last time when I paid for my tooth cleaning. I haven't figured out what role she legitimately plays in the office, as they only need one office assistant, and they have one. Perhaps they have some personnel changes planned, or perhaps they need to have Asian stalkers while I am making a transaction. Or perhaps she was "read" from outside to inside just before payment, a common technique of correlating outside energy states to those inside. (Regular readers will know the perps are utterly obsessed with stalking my ass when making financial transactions, from coin machines, paychecks, paying bus fare, writing and mailing checks, cash, debit card etc.) Though I am quite sure they have a data bank of many hundreds of my past financial transactions I have made with Asians. And what about the history of Hong Kong and the British in all their drug dealing of the British of East India Company? Surely a gold mine of interracial financial transactions for surreptitious perp research, all without electromagnetic pollution in the day.

A full blown warm sunny day in the vineyard, and I even took my ski jacket off for the afternoon. Of course the perps played some cloud obstructing games and chilled me down, but only for 20 min. or so. And I see the perps stole my toque I had been wearing for the last 6 weeks, often in the prior snow-bound conditions. I don't know what their fixation is over what hats I wear, and what material and color, but every so often they need to steal or trash my hats. They trashed my bucket hat I had worn for the last five years in the washing machine after the last vineyard work day in 2016, so I would not be surprised the assholes have pulled another "hat attack", this one not on my head at the time.

It was fixed wing aircraft overflight today, especially getting those noisy single engine aircraft out to buzz the vineyard for a few passes, maybe 10 aircraft on the day. Later, one helicopter came by. The HD motorcycle noise made its 2017 debut from the road below the cliff, and of course the perps made sure I heard that. Ditto for later this evening at this residence where the back lane "neighbor", aka perp action center,  brought in two HD motorcycles for noise harassment while making dinner, a very favorite harassment situation.

The vineyard crew met the owners for the first time today; they seem like reasonable and personable people.

Vineyard pruning all day today; back to cool climate viticulture. Chilly winds off the re-formed lake ice made it necessary to put on my ski jacket again. As to how the lake got ice back on it after a warming trend is in progress I have no idea.

I wore my city wear-only toque to the vineyard, as my backup one went missing. No untoward scuzzing it thankfully, the usual fate of pristine or clean objects being deployed in a rare substitution. And lo, my regular vineyard wear toque was "found" by someone yesterday, duly scuzzed up. One cannot win for losing with the perps.

Saturday, and leg wax day, and lo, if the rain didn't start up when I was about to set off. I had a few prior errands to do, one being dropping off the bottles at the recycle center, as for some reason they take everything else but glass. Then to the hardware box store where the lineups at the cashiers were nonexistent when I arrived, and five deep at five cashiers when I came to purchase my items. Onto the cosmetology school for my leg wax, but then a forced piss before I was allowed to get ready. A young E. Indian girl on my W side, and the oversized instructor on the E side. I was done inside of 35 min. with two of them on me, no issue with that. The instructor is always friendly and conversational; we talk about wine and wineries, and as it turned out, about music and musicians. It seems she read the same book as I have recently, Keith Richard's "Life". More interesting conversation ensued. Then as it turns out, she was an opera singer, but then she was called away after that interesting segue.

It took the attendance of four girls to get the cash system right so I could pay for my leg wax service. The E. Indian girl was there, two trainees, and then they had to bring in this horrific blondish girl with black lipstick and four rings in her lips to help them. Then they had to bring her back again for another problem. Can we call this yet another financial transaction stalking, or just an extended event? I am so familiar with cash registers going "wrong" these days that I have become blase about it. And what is it that so interests the perps every time I pay for something, no matter the circumstances, e.g. online, in store, cash, debit card etc.? And too, returning something is a big deal for the assholes.

Back in the high-abuse and intense harassment days of 2002, it was quite obvious that financial transactions were a big deal; these male Fuckwits would suddenly arrive around me while I was at the cash desk, sometimes in these ridiculous poses where they obviously weren't shopping for anything, back facing me. I assume they were teleported in, as they arrived soundlessly and in close proximity within five seconds or less of having looked at the same location where there was no one. Who are these fuckers, and why have they been harassing the living shit out of me for nearly 15 years?

Saturday evening now; what a piss-assed "self" imposed disruption day; do this, interrupt myself and do that, go onto something else, and repeat the interruptions again from the beginning. I found that my coffee table, built under high-stress circumstances when the perps unloaded on me big time in 2002, including Ms C. of the story (27pp.) and her drama queen act, has a glue joint that somehow "failed" so it doesn't support the table top. Onto chiselling and sanding to get the old glue out and re-visit the big box hardware store to get a different glue that expands in the joint. Except that I had to take care to tape off the joint, cautiously joining only two pieces instead of three at once. Even still I had glue expanding onto the outside and needing to be wiped off with mineral spirits. Nothing like that pong to go to bed with. All part of the chemical ether perturbance I suppose. Later in the morning I find the assholes had me "forget" to put the lid on, and to add insult to injury, the humidistat controlled bathroom fan was turned off. Said fan has an annoying habit of coming on when I am listening to music, or when in the bathroom, timed to the start of my activities there.

A sunny Sunday, and so off to McIntyre Bluff for a hike. Last week I did the same, except that it wasn't sunny, and it had 4" of snow on the ground. Today, hardly any snow, and mucky only in a few places. I had my usual retinue of trail stalkers, and can hardly wait until it dries up some more and I can get to my nearby "back country" sunning spots.

The HD motorcycle noise in the back lane started up when I got into my morning chest hair plucking routine. Said noise also erupted before I set off. And was there "for me", when at the top of McIntyre Bluff. Non-HD motorcycles escorted me on my way back on Hwy 97, pulling this gonzo passing stunt when I was already doing 105kph when the speed limit was 80kph. Not only that, he had all of 8 seconds to pull this idiot show off, and pulled back in the lane some 10' from my front bumper. He was the bravest of the six of them, as the rest slowly arrived to pull these same idiotic passes. Then they suddenly slowed down when there something odd on the other side, no police, but a seeming radar set up. For all that extreme road passing, the assholes ended up immediately in front of me approaching Okanagan Falls. There, Hwy 97 turns L, and if you go straight one can take the alternate route along Skaha Lake, the Eastside Road, slower, and only two lane. The motorcycle stalkers took the L route and so I went straight and took the alternate route. About 15 minutes later, who do I see in the rear view mirror? Why all the motorcycle stalkers again. The Fuckwits had re-grouped and changed their driving plans to then follow me, this time with out the gonzo driving. There is no getting away from motorcycles (noise and stalking) when the weather turns sunny, weekend or otherwise.

Too much chocolate consumption these days, and I the craving won't stop. And how many doctors have I mentioned this to and got nowhere? Perhaps 10 over the past two decades, and not a one of them is any help. Is it just me, but why are doctors so useless? I still haven't finished my pissing match with the obdurate laggard urologist, and for some reason I have been hit with a motivational lapse to deal with this fucker.

Anyhow, enough Rants from the Rabbit Hole for this week.

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