Sunday, September 25, 2016

Rain Again

Monday, and one of varied duties as the main task of irrigation modification wasn't technically doable. I got to do weed pulling, then grape sampling with the boss lady at different vineyards, and then back to the weed pulling. By then the rain was coming down and so the activities for the rest of the day were cancelled.

That left me time to get onto my brake rotor installation, which begat a 45min. kick-around time. Ergo, do what I did before; walk two blocks to the tanning studio. Even if is September, the amount of tanning I got this summer was minimal. And given the perp intensity of managing my sun exposure, clothed or unclothed, it surely was not a coincidence.

And what is with the succession of freaks today while on my walkabout time while the brake rotors were installed? At the automotive shop a grinning idiot, then at the specialty grocery store a mawkish over made-up cashier, then at the tanning salon an over-browned Caucasian woman with matching dyed brown hair, and then a few more walk-by freaks. A $208 hit for the brake rotors that NEVER should of happened, as I never had any problem with 8 month old rotors before. A full on vehicular parade to accompany my route home with new brake rotors. Then a motorcycle from the back lane "needed" to circle the block back to the back lane perp station to "greet" me and my new brake rotors.

And to add to the idiocy, the across-the-lane perp station (IMHO) had a major boom truck arrive and park in mid lane to then hoist some kind of welding rig from a pickup truck onto something else.

Yoga at 1715h, now getting de-tuned with less challenging poses from a new instructor and now 15 minutes shorter. Only three yogis tonight, a far cry from the 12-16 that would regularly attend. What do they know that I don't? Maybe it is time to move to a new yoga studio; that is the planted drift I am getting anyhow.

Mostly picking grapes at a supplying vineyard today. Then I got to "follow the grapes"; go back to my regular employer vineyard/winery where the bins of picked grapes were stacked, with some in the crusher, some now juice going through pumps, and the spent skins and stems in another bin. Call it high grape conversion coordination.

The boss man from the winery "happened" to visit the picking twice for whatever reason. The picking crew was OK, and I even knew a few from other vineyards last year. But what was with the six scruffy Quebequois dweebes loitering around my vehicle at lunch time, and then appearing in the vineyard then too? They weren't part of the picking crew so what were they doing there? There is  no question the perps love to plant "scruffians" around me, and especially those from Quebec at select times. I don't have any personal angst over Quebequois, but scruffians and like freaks don't make my day anywhere no matter where they hail from.

There is an English-French angle to all this harassment, the quintessential city being Montreal, PQ, in Canada. And lo, if they didn't have me live there for two of the three lost years, aged 2 to 5 y.o.,  for which the perps seemed to wipe 90% of my recall.  What they did to me then and where elsewhere is still a mystery, though the daily freak show, aka, the Unfavored parade (e.g. per above), seems to be a supporting component to elicit subconscious traumatization reactions (abreactions). This would comprise of the Unfavored features, though of late males (especially with fugly shorts), bald heads, red colors, freaks, obesers with over-sized guts and asses seem to be popular stalking themes or props.

I was packing wine cases in the garage in the afternoon, handling brown cardboard boxes next to a metallic maroon red vehicle. And if there is one single vehicle color theme after black, white and silver grey, it is metallic maroon red. Hardly a coincidence.

To the laundromat in the evening to rid myself of sticky clothes from picking. And what is it about retrieving laundry from the washing machine that they must send in their shills and stalkers? Twice in two visits, plus another on the "pre-stalk"; happening to be standing there mindlessly in front of the washing machine I needed to get to. Said fucker was outside when I exited, standing dumbstruck in the parking lot access where I was to drive over shortly.

The last day of summer technically, though in terms of air temperature it was at least three weeks ago. A cool fall, 20C, compared to the last 4 years when I could count on getting tanned until mid-October.

Another day of packing wine cases with coworkers at the warehouse. All went well and we finished in good time. Same deal as before; the number of times they got in my way, were leaning over what I needed to get to, head dipping while I was head down, or "butt ending", (butts facing each other), and other close-in action. And it seemed that they took turns, with the most Unfavored cat taking his turns at the end of the show.

I took my lunch at 1330h, and was sitting on a 2' high pallet stack while doing so. Another fellow was there waiting for a delivery truck, and we conversed about past trades, experiences etc. And too, this no doubt served the perps' obsession over pallets (of all materials and sizes) and keeping them around me, having me walk on them, build an order of 56 wine cases on them and all other general contact or activity with them.

The off to the garbage recycling dump to dispose of cardboard and overwrap. One other person there oddly, as they usually like to cluster fuck me there. Said Fuckwit was parked where I wanted to go, but left to go to the other end of the recycling. I thought I was out of his visage range as we were some 100' apart, but no, the Fuckwit in his fugly shorts needed to walk up and enter my peripherial vision to get my attention and then turned around and departed. And what was the purpose of that, except to get my attention with male features, highly Unfavored if over 20 y.o.

More rain, nearly all day while I was lifting nets and then helping a crew landscape planting. In the latter case, some 80 plants arrived for planting, grasses mainly, and then they worked through the placement while I was lifting nets in the adjacent vineyard. After lunch, already wet like everyone else, I was re-directed to help the landscape crew dig planting holes and then once done, help them plant. It got muddy at times, but thankfully it wasn't cold or windy. The perps go silly over me when I plant plants, though to be fair, where wasn't any overt in-my-face get close stalking action. The featured freak seemed to be the focus, a Bob-Job (male with bobbed hair-do) who had his bob projecting from the rear of his ball cap. Not that I care for ball caps either, another favorite perp prop, but as they are ubiquitous now, I rarely register them as Unfavored anymore. Said freak was from New Zealand, and turned out to be an OK guy. Why he had to wear sunglasses on a wet day is beyond me, save perp imposed inanity.

A whole Saturday off, pleasantly welcomed as I will be working some tomorrow. As "usual", that is, the imposed usual, the assholes had me "forget" something off my list. That being the acquisition of a 8' carpet runner to cover the region I trek mostly on, from doorway to kitchen over an intervening carpeted region. Why all this wasn't done in continuous linoleum like the kitchen and entry way doesn't make any sense to me, but I don't design these things. All the flooring got re-done just before I moved in. Another perp pre-occupation is floor coverings.

I got my vehicle washed and waxed today, a twice yearly endeavor the perps seem to like me to perform. (Believe me for this gig, all good habits never go unpunished). They backed off on the red suds for the foam brush, white this time. Then a drive on the highway for 15 minutes to dry it off, and then back to my place to begin waxing. As part of it, applying RainX to the windsheild seems to be perp-important. A great product that is a god send in the rain.

And the rain came on today to ensure the grape picking was cancelled after getting up at 0600h and hanging in my work clothes for a later pick which did not materialize.

Then a visit to the vinyl record event to meet up with the hif-fi salesman who sold my once expensive  amplifier. (Somehow I could not get it sold online). It turned out it was in cash, brown colored 100's in fact, and I rarely carry those with me. It was in an envelope and never placed in my wallet. Anyhow, once deposited at the ATM the swarm was on, and that included the vehicular trains and clusterfucks.

Then the rain abated and it got warm, so a late (1230h) start to hiking, but I did, as I don't know if I will get any more in this season. Same deal as last week; a tailing party ahead and behind. In the latter case the party split into three with two Fuckwits running ahead, one being thif fat 6 y.o. who ran-plodded like he never ran before. All the worse that he had red shoes on, and that twice previously he stood at the trail side to let me pass.  Then for some inexplicable reason he gets the running notion and speeds ahead. Then with this split party, their dog runs back and forth between the sub-parties, and of course past me at least 20x. Brownstalking and dog stalking both at once. Then a cluster fuck and stake out at the organics store at the trails end, similar to last week too. And this elder stalker in mustard yellow pants pacing around and coming at me to get over top of where I was standing. Anyhow, most odd as they have left me alone for hiking this same trail all summer,  and now they lay on the stalking.

Enough said for the week; I start a new winery job tomorrow and we shall see how that goes for the next 8 weeks.

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