Monday, September 05, 2016

Electronic Gadgets for Sabotage.

09-02-2016, Friday
A round of screaming at the Psychopaths tonight as they fucked with my Astell & Kern digital audio player, at least the 50th time since I received it about two weeks ago. It worked perfectly fine, and then poof, all kinds of buttons and touch screens didn't work. Even the connection to the PC didn't work at least 5x tonight. Then it partially worked, then it didn't work, then the correct screen came up and disappeared, then the correct screen came up again but it didn't take the command, and finally it did. All to load some more files on it. And it worked perfectly fine last night in this same capacity.

Same for the car audio deck; the assholes fucked with the Source button so it would not select the CD over the tuner, or vice versa, it would just turn off altogether. Then I could "fool it" by popping out the CD and then putting it back and lo, the CD worked. Then again, the only way to get the tuner was to pull out the disc and not replace it, and lo, the tuner suddenly came to life. What is the matter with this Psychopathically Insane Agency (the PIA perhaps?) that they cannot declare themselves to their victims, but instead, remotely torment the living shit out of them 24x7, (literally and figuratively) now for over 14 years?

And to make matters all the more grim, it is going to be an on-off rainy weekend, this here Labor Day weekend. This summer we had some nice weekends in May, and two in August, and to keep their wretched streak going, they are now back to screwing weekend weather in September. Not that today or yesterday was that great either; rain both days in the afternoon. Today, they timed their rain just when I started to work outside for the first time today, as I had been kept inside doing winery work, and order packing.

Earlier tonight, screaming at the assholes during meal preparation, and again when making the smoothies as part of the alternate cancer treatment regimen. Last weekend I was infuriated by the assholes, though no screaming, as the screwed me out of taking the supplements that go with the kidney flushes I take every two hours. Only the day before the two bottles were made up and the supplements were in hand and I did the kidney flush regimen as required. The next day, after making up the solutions the night before, the assholes made me "forget" to take the supplements with me. Same deal as my similar complaints of two weeks ago; the assholes give me prostate cancer (diagnosed 06-2016) and then turn around and screw me out of taking the supplements and solutions in an attempt to address the problem. They will screw you when attempting to address the problem they screwed you with in the first place, every time. It is as sick as it is predictable.

Went to work in the vineyard at the weekend employer, but he didn't tell me in advance that he wanted me to work in his winery instead until I phoned him from the vineyard. The vineyard location where I left off last week had been attended to. So..., all the debris he heaped upon other debris in his garage cum winery over the past six months had to be sorted through and cleaned. Even some mucky fittings had to be cleaned up from his bottling endeavor in May.

Labor Day weekend is finishing up, this being Labor Day, same as in the US. And it was labor all weekend at the above mentioned employer, continuing to clean his winery and property up. In fact it was borderline hilarious; he and his wife are pack rats and they ask me to clean up the winery and property. I told them in advance I am a throw-it-out, person, though with responsible rules. (That is, the rules are to throw the item out if NO to all of; "use it in the last year?", "likely to use it in the next year?", "monetary value in the open market?", and "does it have emotional connection to one's past or family?", e.g. pictures). So I assemble a pile of stuff to throw out (as I have some history there too), and and they start picking at it and retrieving stuff from it.

Eventually their van was loaded with enough junk that we went to the Penticton dump and dropped items off at the various recycle piles, and then the refuse pile. At the packaging recycle area, just after crossing the scales, where we were to put cardboard, paper and glass in their respective bins, it suddenly became a big vehicular gangstalk, with some six vehicles descending around us who just "happened" to need to arrive at the same time. As their are no painted lines to guide traffic it became a free-for-all for driving and parking behavior, and one dumb-assed shit parked exactly behind the van some 10' back, just out of rear mirror range. It was a good thing I got out in advance of the boss man backing up and told him to not do so, and that we would have to hand pack the recycle waste some 40' due to the idiotic parker, and the rest of the cluster fuckers. The perps just love the concept of garbage, not to mention having me visit the dump and recycling bins, not only at the municipal landfill but at the in-town locations too. And I cannot count the number of garbage trucks that circulate in my proximity in any given week, some 20 or so, and that is without making any dump trips as there would be more in that case. Even my landlord commented on the city curbside collection service changing their route for the first time in the 20 some years he has lived at his place (next door), as they now back down the lane beside my vehicle, usually at about 0740h when am about to depart for work (on Fridays).

I picked up some 4lb of basil yesterday from a farm and tonight I food-processed it into a pesto base with the addition of olive oil. Not a true pesto, but I can add garlic and/or nuts to it if I wish at a later time. I then freeze the paste into an ice cube tray, and once frozen I store it in freezer boxes in the freezer for use over the winter. I believe I have now processed 10lb this summer, and that should do me for the winter. As to why the perps need me to do this virtuous food preservation activity I have no idea. They do like me to cut plant material, e.g. vine pruning, so perhaps a whirring blade set doing the job in my kitchen represents more of their investigation of the secret life of plants. (There is a book by that name, "The Secret Life of Plants", recommended), which the perps had me read back in 2004 or so, which gave me some insight as to why they like to gangstalk me with landscape vehicles carrying plant material, (usually cut, but sometimes packing live plants in pots).

Enough for a post, even if the Russians stopped goosing the statistics since I drew attention their peculiar interest in this here blog.


Anonymous said...

Hello AHJ

Feels like the last 16 years of Gang-stalking stress, Anxiety, despair is developing into congestive heart failure.

No Hope encouragement Left to exercise or concentrate on healthy diet.

Just hopeless with increasing failing health and depression

Thanks for the post.

Some times I am wondering if prostate cancer is even real most of the time ???

fake prostate cancer could be a real unverifiable money maker for the doctors.

AJH said...

Answer to: Hello AHJ, Feels like the last...

Just say no to all of that, and eat healthy. Easier said than done for sure. If you have the money try and get dopamine tested, as it leads to low motivation, anxiety and depression. And we lose 1% of our dopamine per year after age 40. Another thing is to get your hormones up to high normal levels, again if you have the medical resources to do so. As for eating healthy, read and follow, "Wheat Belly", and "Grain Brain". All of that said, the perps have multiple ways to defeats one's initiative and intention, never mind health directly.

As for the heart health side, I don't have much personal knowledge as it is OK for me. Read up on Vitamin C and lysine one link here

As always, buyer beware. But realize, conventional medicine is constrained by adversity to precedent. That is my conclusion after reading some cancer history books, and that those who have made substantial progress in understanding the science have been vilified; e.g. Priore, Nassens, and Rife as three cancer research innovators who were dumped upon.

As for prostate cancer being real, I have no doubt it is given the long list of the departed. As it being real for me, I have no idea for sure as anything can be spoofed, and any medical professional can be compromised without concern of professional misconduct in my experience. The perps have that kind of power, and use it anytime they wish. Thanks for the comments.