Sunday, September 18, 2016

Employment FUD

Tuesday, and the day-to-day pondering as to my employment status. Vineyard work is done now and I am kept on odd tasks, though some last a whole day. It is most strange the boss lady doesn't say anything. She doesn't even direct me much either, as the boss man has things for me to do, now that winemaking has begun.

Then future employment prospects got the royal FUD treatment; the hiring winemaker is splitting to work at another winery and three guys from France are coming to replace him. All the hiring winemaker has to do is not mention anything about me to his replacement crew, and I am replaced too. Bizarre IMHO.

And what is it about splattering food and beverages (in the kitchen mostly) that is so important to the perps? This insane fuckery goes on every meal preparation, but of late it has been getting to be a big hassle with me getting rage-ified in the extreme. Once one mess is cleaned up, they plant another. Even drawing the dishes cleaning brush from L to R somehow erupts in dish water splatter flying the opposite direction, time after time. What is the matter with the juvenile nightmare gang that they must harass the living shit out of me for over 14 years now? Over this ridiculous event, food flicking?

The pissing games (urination urgency) have come back by dint of some kind of fuckery. That is, urination urgency, though not at bad as it was Dec. 2015 to Mar. 2016. Back a few months ago I could go from morning to mid-afternoon before needing a piss. My piss count of late for that duration is now five. Thanks a bunch assholes; just when I get one problem nailed down they go and re-create the hassle.

A group of six of us in the warehouse for most of the day, packing wine cases. A whole lot of brown boxes to say the least, containing either red, or white wine, or else made-up combinations. Based on past such events, there is plenty of near contact; butts, heads dipping, hands projecting in front of me, etc., all in the cause of expeditiously packing wine. Too, the cling (shrink) wrapping of the pallet loads is always a big deal, though this time they did not leave it all up to me. Another fellow helped out, and it was all for the good as it smoothed out the way things got done. Anyhow, all good company and we got lots more done than planned.

What a fuck of a day...

An arranged (as of late yesterday) late work start of 1030h to start the shit show. I was to start at 0800h and had arranged a wheel alignment at the nearby Toyota dealership. I was there at 0800h and sat there at the customer waiting area at the Toyota dealership for an hour, expecting the job to be done. But no,they had part seizure problems. They could of told  me this 20 minutes into  the job instead of arranging this ambulatory gangstalking parade around me all that time. And the coughing and hacking that went on too, one would of  thought it was winter. Strangely, only two other parties were waiting there while I was there for an hour, each lasted about 5 or 10 minutes. A fat woman and her husband, and later, a single dude seemed to need to sit down for five minutes, and I thought his act was most strange; probably an operative.

Then what to do? They dithered me into indecision for five minutes and I decided to get the vehicle wheel alignment done, and decided to take off than to submit to more gangstalking. On the way I was forced to purchase a 100g chocolate bar I didn't need at  the nearby LD sore, and eat while walking with the noisy traffic coursing around me.

After 35 minutes of in-town walking back to my residence the assholes then plant the notion that I didn't  have my house keys. Ergo, no lunch after a 35 min walk in the 30C heat. Outside was my briefcase in its soak in isopropanol alcohol for three days in the 1.5 year long quest to remove the mold smell the assholes laid on when they molded this place two years ago. Why the assholes had me walk across town to remove it, dump the yellow mold ridden alcohol  on the ground, and then walk back across town again seems as perverse as it gets (the planted rationale is that it could dry out in the sunny weather).

I "happened" to meet my old landlady one block away while walking back; exchanged pleasantries etc and caught up on things since I last stayed there in 2012 -not part of the things-gone-wrong fuckery to say the least, but another interesting "coincidence" all the same.

Then to work at 1030h at the warehouse, no access as the door was locked. I checked the other side of the large building, it was locked too. Back to the first entry, email the boss who knows the phone number of the workers inside (one being her son) and lo, i was let in. And as it turns out, the group work of packing of yesterday wasn't continuing and so I get to make up two pallet orders.

One of the two workers, son of the owner, piles 20lb of flattened cardboard box bundles on my coat with my phone in it, fortunately it survived OK. Later the kid copy-cats me on "lunch" (left over trail mix) by sitting down exactly where I had sat down for lunch and eating the same trail mix), and then is about to lean on my coat and phone again until I advise him of the precarious nature (but not that he put the aforementioned cardboard boxes on my coat and phone). I nearly finish the second pallet order build, some 56 cases, and put on the last case and the kid bursts into a cough attack. Like WTF; why is it I get constantly stalked and noise-stalked every time I complete something?

We finish early at 1315h and they give me a lift back to Toyota to get my keys, if not vehicle, but thankfully it is repaired. "Only" $80 extra over and above a wheel alignment cost for their extra "difficulty". And then with some free time I got onto loose ends; launder the briefcase, get the BSOD prone PC #1 to the repair guy. No doubt that will be at least a week of down time; hopefully not months like time, from December 2015 to March 2016.

Then onto the automotive repair outfit that did my brake job in January, as the vehicle vibrates on braking, confirmed by the Toyota dealership when they did a test drive. Said outfit said that brake rotors have only a 60 day warranty but we can "help you out" on a new set. Like WTF: I have never had new rotors "fail" (go out of true) inside of 8 months of installation. (I have been through many pairs of rotors over the last 40 years of car ownership). I made it clear I wanted a good set and not be back inside of six months. (I have been long stiffed with minimum spec car parts and don't go there if I get a choice  in selecting parts myself). While waiting in the customer sitting area for the mechanics to put the car on the hoist to get a measurement off the brake rotors, (odd IMHO) a bizarre vignette unfolds. (It was odd as I later discovered when doing online brake parts surfing; all he had to ask me was is it a 4 or 6 cylinder model, assuming he didn't already know). Bizarrely, the woman in the back office took a tape measure, the typical carpenters' flexible yellow steel kind, and proceeded to measure herself around her hips while standing next to her desk. After a few minutes of messing with this endeavor she proceeded to measure her bust. All the while I shot unseen glances to determine if she was playing with a full deck. Then she "happened" to notice me momentarily casting a glimpse at her bust measuring spectacle and she saw me looking and only then decided it might be a bit embarrassing and then moved away from the open door way and presumably finished measuring her bust out of my view. Eventually she resumed sitting at her desk. How utterly bizarre, and such has a propensity to erupt around me all the time. Interesting that the measuring component was added into this totally unnecessary 20 min. wait at the auto repair shop. This auto shop was NOT one I was going to return to as they blew me off about initiating a Pirelli tire warranty claim back in July, claiming they didn't belong to the Big O tire chain since July 01. I must of dropped over $2k in repairs on them in the last two years. So here I got screwed into going back to this shop I didn't want to return to all over these shit brake rotors, or else the perps jacked with them to force me back and of course, to cough up more money. And what is it about tires and brakes and brake rotors the perps just must sabotage, now in its third iteration in 2016? Or four iterations if you count the prior wheel alignment today, though not technically brake or tire related.

I get back to my place, and sit down to read "The Secret Team" and then I get hit with a nap attack for an hour. Then dinner with all kinds of perp interference; finger fumbling, food flicking, mind dithering.  They especially go nuts on me when transferring food from one plate or vessel to another, and all  the more so when I about to take  my dinner (completed dish) to the table.

Then I got ambitious about measuring and marking to install for L brackets to support this shelf that is to be installed, a 4 month delayed project, shelf still to come.

Then a new garbage routine; I take my garbage 80' down the lane, empty it into the landlord's garbage can and return my empty one. The insane litany of fuckery over refuse and recyclable garbage is  unrelenting.

Doing vehicle jockey work for the owners this morning; both their vehicles needed oil changes so I ran the truck down to the Ford dealership and waited 10 minutes for a ride with a coworker. Then back to deal with the regular garbage duties, and then I took the owners' SUV to the Honda dealership where I waited in the customer area for an hour until it was done. I suppose they wanted me to have more face time with a deep brown skinned person, as he was my service rep. He wasn't negro, and didn't speak like a E. Indian, and in fact, spoke impeccable English. Anyhow, all was civil, polite and copesthetic and I drove the vehicle back to the work site. So...that is four automotive shop customer waiting area seatings in two days. It cannot be a coincidence, though I have no idea as to why the perps like to arrange such events apart from their obsession over seat swapping. That is, have me seated, and later, someone else presumably sits down next to, or in, my seat in my absence. Much like the public transit games that went on ad infinitum in Victoria when living there, 2002 to 2011.

A fork lift certification course for the most part today. A two hour classroom and a test, and lo, if my upright pack on the floor wasn't flooded with water from my steel water bottle. Like WTF; nearly all of the one liter of water was on the floor, the cap was sealed fine, and the bottle was upright and SOMEHOW all this water was in a puddle on the floor with my pack in the middle of it. And we know who likes to dick with water in all its sources don't we? Add in the arranged weather of it lightly raining all morning and while the six students, including me, did their forklift driving test in this weather. And too, the 4" drainpipes from the building's roof also ejected their rainwater contents where we were standing while each student was operating the forklift.

Anyhow, all went well and I even scored some extra time for tricky driving when the pallet, and forklift, is next to a wall. A shipping container served the purpose and I got extra instruction on this particular situation that the perps seem to like to dither me over since I began my very limited fork lift driving over a two years ago.

And of course, it was all about seat swapping too; one student, then another, and then sometimes alternating to use the one forklift in succession.

A nap-attack fake-out later in the afternoon, not getting to sleep at all once lying down. This followed reading "The Secret Team", a detailed treatise on the rogue CIA. All the more rouge when one considers that it was never in their mandate to have an operational arm. That is, not to have weapons, military materiel, military divisions, undertake foreign meddling, and the rest of it. I haven't got anywhere near their LSD research, support of brain trashing psychiatrists, namely Dr. Ewen Cameron, or their notorious and significant SE Asian drug importation. Never mind that the CIA disrupted the largely agrarian population in advance and then fomented the Vietnam War and then managed to hand it over to the US military once war escalation was imminent. Then in another book of Prouty's, he details the CIA involvement in the assassination of JFK.

Onto laundry in the afternoon amidst colossal vehicular gangstalking. Trains of vehicles at every uncontrolled crossing/turn I made.

The back to the auto shop, in person because they were to phone me yesterday and didn't, and then they also changed their phone number so I could not get through to find out if they ordered the above mentioned brake rotors. These are to replace the ones that mysteriously (IMHO) ran out of true since installation in 01-2016. And what is it about ripping me off that is so important for the perps? Last night I see on Amazon that I can get these brake rotors for $35 each, same make and model. But of course the rotors were already delivered to the shop, who when I asked, told me they could "honor" the $65 price I paid before. Not only did the perps sabotage my 9 month old brake rotors, they then force me back to this shop that pissed me off over the tire warranty I was seeking in July, (per above, and for which I swore I would never go back there again), and finally to add insult to injury, they then rip me off over the price of new rotors.

And the brake rotor problem following on the heels of getting the (warranty) tires installed last weekend, a follow-on wheel alignment, and can we say, "yet another fine coincidence"?

More afternoon time to get laundry done, with more "customers" that strangely need to close in on me at every turn, and when done, I read more of "The Secret Team". This time a real nap attack some 10 minutes into reading the book, getting hit for 1.5 hours before getting up at 1815h. And why do they need to constantly hit me with nap attacks over this book? It is all about their imperative over information epistemology [ih-pis-tuh-mol-uh-jee] -noun 1. a branch of philosophy that investigates the origin, nature, methods, and limits of human knowledge].  And too, why they need to arrange these senseless massacres at schools and universities all over the world.

I will be so glad to finish reading "The Secret Team" book for all the nap attack interference I am  getting every time I read it. Nothing related to the contents I hasten to add. Then I can get back to reading about cancer, another "gift" from the perps this year.

Sunday, and I didn't pursue any weekend work today. The weather was tolerably hikable. The usual delays in getting going, and then on the road finally. No regular trip though; a mule deer ran across the road in front of me, threading itself in front of a motorhome from the opposite direction and across the entire road. I slammed on the brakes and narrowly averted a major mess, and repair bill. The new Pirellis served me well.

At least 20 parties on this regular hike, most unusual as they left me alone for the most part this summer. An hour of top-only tanning as they screwed me out of wearing my shorts due to weather uncertainty before I set off. They also had me doze off while tanning. When it came time to go two parties arrived either side of me, each some 100' away. I thought it was opportune to then depart, and lo, another party "happened" to start ahead of me, and  lo, a second party behind me. Like WTF; I never had this much attention at McIntyre Bluff all this year until now. I eventually got ahead of the party ahead of me, they pretending to be surprised I came up from behind. All the more to see the waddling male in shorts ahead of me I suppose, a long running perp planted motif. I stopped at the farm store for groceries and got to the parking lot, and lo, if these same trail stalking parties didn't both arrive there too. One proceeded me and one tailed me out, now in vehicles.

Anyhow, enough on the travails of another week, and onto posting this.

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