Sunday, October 02, 2016

New Job

I started my cellar hand job today, and the town was replete with extra vehicular stalking. The helicopters came to visit me there more than twice, and even the E. Indians came by for a stalk-by, if not expressly and rudely loiter in my proximity.

And of the 8 co-workers, I am the only one who speaks only English. All the rest speak French; some from France and some from Quebec who are fluently bilingual. It is kind of like the winter time situation where the perps had for me to work among E. Indians in the vineyard for the past two years; to be predominantly surrounded by language/speech that I cannot follow. What is in it for the perps I have no idea.

Then with a complement of French personnel, some from the mother country and some from Quebec, that too must play into the perps' objectives.

And then the perps started up their metastasized cancer games, shooting sensations up to the middle of my back, and then down to my knee. Why they had to start this up again when I thought it was done back in July, I have no idea. Back then, the two scans indicated no metastatization of my prostate cancer, the perp's gift of June 07 this year. Sometime in August the sensations dropped off and I assumed it was a transitory perp stunt. Now it has the makings of yet another takedown intiative.

On the French Canadian angle, reading a book titled "The Trial and Persectuion of Gaston Naessens", by Christopher Bird. The the real reason was to learn about his discoveries of cancer origins and cancer cure. On goes the jigsaw of inter-related perp themes; the French Canadian angle, and as of this year, cancer. (I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June).And of course, the entrenched medical dictatorship, termed by one congressmen as the "meanest monopoly on earth". You better believe it.

Third day on the job, and I have a great bunch of folks to work with. I haven't had that in close to 40 years, going back to my summer time forestry jobs. Mind you, interaction is limited because of language differences.

And they even let me use the forklift there; two years I worked at the last place and they would not let me for some pathetic reason.

A forced forget at work; admonished by boss, but kindly though. A total set up as I was doing everything fine on this task two days ago, and suddenly a brain fart.

A busy day at the winery job, and more elvated responsibilities; They let me drive the fork lift to feed the hopper for the grape crushing. Navigate it through the aisle of tanks, lift it up, but not too high as to contact the overhead catwalk, and then rotate the bin carefully, not all at once. At the last job site, only the most senior and experienced forklift driver was allowed to forklift, pallets cases of wine. Where I am now, they have at least two much more experienced forklift drivers at their disposal, but gave the job to me, a rookie.

And still the observation holds at this new work site; all are nice people, all 9 of them.That is an unheard of statistic in the last 30 years of working for me.

10-01-2016 Saturday
Visited Kelowna, aka strip mall city, to attend the Prostate Support Group meeting. I chatted with the facilitator, he having organized this for the past 20 years. According to him, paw-paw, the herbal that I have taken for the last month, "won't do anything".  Nothing like cancer and child rearing to bring on everyone's opinion. Today's speaker spoke about ED; an interesting presentation. If not a bit macabre, as the speaker referenced that he had an inoperable brain tumor, and mentioned it again to take the potential misplaced humor component out of it.

The perps polluted me with notions of ending this whole gig all the while, and in the least, kept me in a bummed out state all the while of the meeting and afterwards.

I stopped at two stores, kept the financial impact low. One is a used bookstore that has CD's for $4 or less. I was back in Penticton by noon, and went to the farmer's market and got skunked on finding spring onions. Which meant sending me the two blocks looking for it and having the cluster fucking Fuckwits step in my way, come at me and offer no way around them, stop dead in their tracks to create an impasse and the rest of the obstructive crowding behavior I have come to know first hand.

Had lunch and then listened to my first CD of  the purchased ones today, and lo, the assholes put me into a 2.5 nap attack after some 15 minutes listening time. Talk about punching a hole in one's afternoon.

Haven't we done this before? Back in 2012, about two months after the viticulture training (3 month course), I started into a new book, one of the classics of viticulture. About 20 minutes into reading the nap attack came on and it was all-time doozy; a 4.5 hour take down with no prior sleep deprivation or deficit.

And the perps had me purchase a 2 CD opera set today. I never listen to opera, and never buy it. But "for some reason", was compelled to do so.

Later a knock on the door, then the person takes off; but wasn't my landlord, though he was walking toward the landlord,s house. (No public access to my door here, a perfect perp harassment preventative). A woman was standing there at the house and waved to me, though again, it seemed that she wasn't the landlady. I have no idea who these people were, and why one of them had to knock on my door and then screw off. And for the record, there was no prior yelling or outrages perpetrated upon me, or any reason that I would of caused anyone to come to my door. Fucking bizarre.

All to disrupt me while making my cacao mousse, a new "habit" that has erupted recently. As in following a recipe and as usual, varying the ingredients and portions some. The perps just love that, and will in fact constrain supplies just to ensure they extract the variations they are looking for.

And what is it about file synchronizing, and dis-synchronizing that the perps love so much? With my PC #1 still out, now 10 days and another week to go, the music file library I keep on it is now out of sync with the added albums now on this here PC #2. Add to that, the above mentioned CD's that I will soon digitize, (loathe the terms "rip" or "burn"), and the recent downloads I suddenly "needed", it is all too curious. Because when PC #1 was down in January through March this year, the same thing "happened". I suddenly had the need to acquire more music from CD's and  online and had to later bring the files on PC #2 back onto PC #1 which has adequate storage. Adding to that digital file synchronizing complexity now is a dedicated music file player that can store all my music files. So it has to be kept synchronized too. Obviously having two devices synchronized wasn't enough, so the perps added a third one into the mix.

My PC #1 is down due to the Crucial SSD drive having problems; It has been rock solid since 2011 and then began BSOD-ing a few weeks ago. Another file sync takedown was my NAS, used for backup purposes; it crapped out due to an upgrade problem and the repair guy could not fix it.
A Sunday off no less, two days in succession, a normal weekend, the first in months. And onto my errands list, instead of going hiking like last Sunday.

They finally let me get on with khife and blade sharpening after holding me up for over two months. Not without some fuckery though. I tried again to get the multi-oscillator tool to do the job with adhesive backed abrasives mounted but it didn't work at all. Two years ago I tried the same thing with diamond abrasives and they mysteriously (IMHO) flattened out.  Even when using them hand mounted on a file, these belt mounted diamond abrasives just smoothed out. Ridiculous.

And my weekly TI caller has now backed off to once per month. Seemingly financial reasons, but she offered some lame excuse abou not having enough to talk about that didn't hold up. (Most calls went over an hour and there was always much more we could of talked about). And the perps hit me with some inexplicable recall lapses as well. Back to more lonesome-land times again. Nothing new there, being the pariah of TI's it seems.

Anyhow, now to get this launched for the week.

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