Sunday, September 11, 2016

Windows 10 Crashes

An hour's nap attack tonight and an hour later I still feel like shit. And as usual, I did not need the sleep as I was not running a deficit. Just normal fuckery.

On the abnormal fuckery slate is Windows 10 and its crashing, CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. Like WTF; here we are into over 25 years of of this Windows OS, and all I get is some lame-assed message with a blue screen and this message. There has to be some 20+ critical OS processes running simultaneously and here is this utterly innocuous vague-ism which is meant to "explain" it. Has not MS grown up since DOS in terms of elucidating their error specificity? And of course the music player went down then too. No wonder one cannot find a decent player that is PC-free, though it needs to be connected to get the files. That is, an affordable and reliable one. Not this high end stuff over $10k.

Another piss-off, while on the topic of Windows 10, is the periodic message on the R side telling me to "Tap" something. Like WTF; I have been a keyboard hack for over 40 years and they slip this totally inappropriate nonsense on me. All the worse is the reference to that ever-klutz prone interface called the touch screen, made worse when confined to a so-called smart phone. Give me a break; I don't come to the PC to get smart phone interface interference traumatization re-invoked.

Back to the above mentioned Win 10 OS crash. The timing of tonight's crash was absolutely straight from the perps' play book. As I was about to enter my credit card data on my checkout process for my vitamins, now ever more essential due to their invoked prostate cancer stunt that began June 07 this year, 2016. And have I not roundly and loudly complained about financial transaction stalking, harassment and other fuckery, now totally consistent over some 14 years of this insane abuse-athon? And lo, if they don't (possibly) exploit a Windows 10 problem, and pull yet another financial transaction harassment stunt right here at home. From coin machines, writing and mailing checks, bus coin box payments, physical checkout transactions and the rest of it, the perps have been utterly consistent and utterly insane over screwing at this juncture. Just go fuck yourselves and leave me alone. Some 14 years of this relentless abuse-athon, with a prior 47 years of covert surveillance, and here they are still pissing around. I must scream at them (out of earshot) some 20x/day; "leave me the fuck alone", and "show the fuck up and figure out what your problem is". (As why should I, or any TI for that matter, need to be remotely harassed and abused in real time by way remote means).

A classic perp checkout stalking erupted some two weeks ago; no crotch grabbing this time, one of their most egregious stunts at this juncture, previously reported in this blog in 2015. This time, it was a three way swarm of Fuckwits/stalkers in motion just as I had grabbed my shopping bags and was about to depart. One Fuckwit did a come-at-me-then-turn-at-the-last-moment, while two where criss-crossing in opposite directions behind the lead Fuckwit. Said Fuckwit did the look-up-and-away as if programmed and totally out to lunch. (That is, totally inappropriate eye movement while about to encroach into someone's personal space). And too, why would anyone normal be doing this; coming in from outside and then heading for the checkout and then turning to avert their collision with the physical checkout and or me? And "excuse me" doesn't exist in the perp gangstalk/harassment vocabulary, another universal trait of theirs. And of course I was held up to await the end of this totally absurd choreography, another perp checkout stalking tactic of many hundreds of times.

I was dispatched to help the landscaper today as vineyard work isn't much of late. First I was packing a pallet of wine cases for shipment for a few hours, then onto weed eating and leaf blowing, then onto a third site to help the landscaper. He seemed like a cool guy and and no less, offered me to drive his Bobcat, but I deferred and said I had never driven one before so I wouldn't be that much help. He was OK with that and I volunteered it wouldn't be the best time to learn as we had to get this job done. And of all things, he used my name frequently; usually the perps NEVER allow this and have others stumbling over my name or plain "forgetting". As in who would ever forget that they encountered (and worked with) a mind fuck victim for crissakes?

Anyhow, the big rocks needed to be lifted up from the soil if they weren't too deep as he would then be placing black topsoil on top for me to rake smooth. Instant plantable landscaping I suppose, how it is always done. And so I began rock removing from the grayish lacustrine soil (ancient lake-bed). Then he used the Bobcat to distribute the black topsoil and I began raking into the form he directed. Then he had done all he could do and indicated what I had to do to finish and he took off.

Then the perps pulled a hailstorm for crissakes, with white 1/4" pellets raining down for 10 minutes to add a big sprinkle of white on top of the topsoil, presumably for contrast or some kind of "white" registration. It melted soon enough and soaked about a half inch into the topsoil. I still had plenty of raking to do, and lo, if the wet topsoil wasn't now jet black and the drier topsoil underneath didn't have a heretofore unnoticed brownish cast to it. And have we not done these wet weather color games before when the wet portions take on a slightly deeper color compared to the drier ones? Yes we have many times, more than 10 years ago even.

Then to complete the victim games, the two other tradesmen on the site also depart about half hour between them. If I finished the job at 1515h, they were gone by 1415h. Not a bad gig for a trades job. This perp method of having others selectively leaving in my proximity hasn't gone unnoticed over the years, the classic being the public transit bus and the oft-curious passenger turnover around me.

And too, the deep black and brownish black color contrast games have been done before. No end of garments or fabrics that are black colored slowly develop a brownish cast. And the excuse of it "happening" in the laundry due to dye leaching does not apply. The latest is that the fuckers are changing the color of the fabric of my black zippers of my black back pack to a brownish cast, and it has never been laundered.

In fact, the black and brownish black color contrast games go back to the 1980's when I had a Newfoundland dog, an all black one. Not only was he 150lb and deep black haired, but the "feathers", those hairs that streamed from the back of his legs were a decidedly brownish cast, the only location where he had this hair color. And I suppose as part of the color contrast games, and likely related to the perp's intense interest over hair color, the then-wife would always slack off on dog grooming and I was the only one who would groom the dog's hair, save the odd trip to the professional groomer. And it wasn't just a hour job, not with all that hair, and the knots and tangles it had. I could get a quarter of the dog groomed before he got restless with it and did his "mouthing", putting his jaws gently around my wrist to signal that the grooming session was over. In other words, it took four sessions to completely groom the dog, usually about an hour duration per session.

No day would be complete without helicopter coverage, and I had at least three for the some three hours on this job. Though none of the open cockpit gyrocopters this time, as they must of known a hailstorm was in the area and that would decidedly crimp their style. This year two gyrocopters are in (aerially stalking) circulation, both red colored. In the past four years there was this one slow one that would buzz the property I happened to be on (a different one, some 20 mi. south). But now a faster engined one has joined the gyrocopter-stalking show and it flies lower for some reason. (A gyrocopter has two propellers; one unpowered (unlike a helicopter) vertical axis to give it lift and a pusher propeller (horizontal axis) in the rear to propel it forward. And they don't have a long tail boom. And just when I thought I had a gyrocopter "problem", so did the White House).

09-09-2016 Friday
More BSODs in Windows 10. And just to show me that they mean to be mean, they are pulling these in the middle of running a playlist, same artist, multiple albums. I am a whole album listener of music if it isn't radio or streaming. So... when the assholes strike in mid playlist they decidedly want to interrupt my "groove" if you will, the simple act of listening to one performer over an extended duration, over 35 min. or so.

 A rare Saturday off, or at least of late. I had to get replacement tires as the ones I had were wearing out 40% into their distance warranty. I thought it would be a protracted hassle to get a new set through a warranty four years after I bought them. But Pirelli were astonishing reasonable and I got a new set of four balanced and mounted for $260, a $400 saving over a new set. But given the perp's insane fuckery over tires, natural rubber and all that contacts them, one can assume this expedited tire set serves another purpose. And too, I was also picking up my set of four snow tires, used, on used rims, that were purchased some 4 weeks ago and dropped off at the same tire shop.

And as part of this tire stunt, I drove 40km up Hwy 97 to Westbank to get the tires mounted and balanced due a local tire dealer changing alignment with their parent franchise July 01. And who got pissy about not handling a Pirelli warranty. Some thanks for the $2k of vehicle repairs I rammed up their ass in the last year.

Then when back to my residence, the perps pulled a rare pre-noon nap attack. This came on while reading the "Secret Team", and I got hit for two hours. As usual, I was not running a sleep deficit, and there was absolutely no reason to suddenly get tired at 1100h. And the perps are constantly running interference on me while reading this book; very often I get 20pp into my reading and then they scramble me so I cannot read any more. Before all this erupted in 04-2002 I could read anything for hours at a time, but since then they like to curtail my reading duration by scrambling my capability to focus. Nice guys, but then again, when you are harassing the utter shit (literally and figuratively) out of someone for 14 years straight, dithering their reading by remote means is a mere nothing.

A 15th year remembrance today that I am sure is all over the news, but as I rarely venture into that contrived disinfo-space any more, no matter the media (aka, delivery format), I have no idea what is transpiring out there.

But I mean absolutely no disrepect, especially for all those who lost family in that atrocity. It is just that I am a news cynic, more than ever. I was there working in Seattle that day when I heard something curious on NPR news about a small plane had crashed into the Pentagon. Then my boss phoned me a few minutes later and said not to come to work, and that I should watch the TV news. I duly turned the TV on and there were the twin towers burning and all the apocolyptic footage in the streets. It was appalling to say the least, this utterly idiotic escalation of religious-militancy objectives. And I was cranked up all the more when the sound track indicated that both towers were burning and I could only see one on live TV. I assumed that one tower was lined up behind the other, but why did they keep that same camera angle on? Then the second tower went down and there was none. Needless to say I was dumbstruck. And of course the fate of the other two aircraft were also of news concern. Anyhow, like anyone else in the US, I was horrified and spellbound to say the least.

Later that day I had a dental appointment in Everett, where I had formerly lived. Then when done, I stopped at Ms. L, in circulation then, and we spent a long time viewing the news footage and then discussing all the portent of such egregious violence. And as well, the other building that came down, seeming without aircraft impact. Even the 9/11 commission didn't figure that one out. Since then there has been a volume of conspiracy material, and given my perp harassment experience since 04-2002, it would seem their murderous hand was at work. How did all those proximate vehicles get damaged by a quasi-melt or burning for example? And how did someone organize loads of compost in dump trucks to be then dumped on smouldering piles the next morning? I have seen what remotely applied localized material manipulation has looked like, i.e. watching a stiff mu-metal sheet crumple up in my hand unbidden by any conventional force. And too, a screwdriver shaft bending by action of my hand with no heat application. And ponder why Karen Hughes bailed from Bush's cabinet within some 4 months on the job. (And rejoined some years later). The conspiracy theories are rife, but remotely applied unconventional energetics isn't going to come up very often.

Then add the curiousity as to why my TV was even working as I had cancelled the service a month earlier. A month later I got a bill, and then informed the service that I had cancelled it, to which they concurred and apologized for their billing "screw up". Had they got my service disconnection request correctly the first time, I would not of seen 9/11 events live. Anyhow, that doesn't prove anything of course, it is just a curiousity.

A vineyard working day today, working with two friendly Quebecois fellows putting out picking bins and cleaning other ones. The brakes on the side-side were faulty the owner told me, so thankfully no problems going down the steep hilly sections.

Time to get this launched before a BSOD takes me down again.

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