Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Cancer in all its Manifestations

To dispose of the trivial first off; yes, I am born under the sign of Cancer, the Crab.

And yes, there has been an arranged confluence of cancer related reading; not only the prostate cancer ones, but "Me and Lee", "Dr. Mary's Monkey", "David Ferrie", "The Cancer Cure that Worked" and just arrived, "Cancer; Cause, Cure and Cover-up".

As of 06-07-2016, the Psychopaths, with the dispassionate urologist as front man, let me know I had prostate cancer, per biopsy. For someone kept in a densified magnetic field, some 1600 Gauss about in 2008, why am I surprised. I am surprised as the assholes seem to control everything in my life, down to fleeting microsecond thoughts, so why drag me into this wretched mire?

I say "wretched mire", because my preliminary investigations indicate that cancer is virus or fungi caused in the main, and the NIH and American Cancer Society steadfastly refuse to accept this, even if their own researchers were telling them this in the early 1960's. And numerable other researchers back to the 1920's.  And it seems that to maintain this mega-deceit for so long, the Cancer Criminals must have had perp help, either by having the FBI unconstitutionally trash cancer research, (e.g. Royal Rifes's) labs, having the defendants (researchers with a different and successful methods) unable to sustain a viable defense in court (mind control perhaps?), or various other methods of effecting a shutdown of promising research. Not just in the USA, but in France (Priore) and Canada (Gaeten Nassens). Shutting down promising cancer research for so long and over such a wide geographic range takes studious attention to the field in many languages and in many organizations, publications and conferences.

Then take the 20 years of research of Dr. Jerry McLaughlin, an Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology (?) who discovered that the twigs of Aisimia triloba, (Indian Banana, or Paw Paw), contain a potent anticancer compound group called acetogenins.  Since 1993 he he tried to to turn all his research studies on Paw Paw over to the National Cancer Institute, but to no avail. They refused. It seems plain to me they did not want to know. Call it egregious and wilful ignorance.

Meanwhile, due to the polio "crisis" of the 1950's, the vaccines first developed were infected with SV-40 virus, from simians and a seeming parent of HIV. That is 197 million doses, from 1957 to 1963. They were warned by Bernice Eddy giving an NIH (her employer) unauthorized presentation at the New York in October 1960 that the SV-40 (and other viruses) infected polio vaccine would likely cause cancer in future years. Instead, the vaccine and health authorities refused and kept it secret and allowed 197 million people be infected by a potential cancer causing polio vaccine in North America. And now they wonder why breast cancer, prostate cancer and other soft tissue cancers are epidemic, far more than polio. [From "Dr. Mary's Monkey", pp193-225, by Edward T. Haslam.] And too, Bernice Eddy's professional career was trashed by her employer.

IMHO, it is an atrocity of astronomical proportions right here on plant Earth, and manifested and sustained by a Psychopathic agency, dressed up with august institutional fronts. Essentially humans are deemed to be nonconsensual fodder for disease, suffering and death in epic proportions, never mind the buck suck.

And did I want to discover any of the above? No. And did I have a choice? No. And so the cancer reading has taken over me since 07-2016. Not just prostate cancer, where leading authors such as Scardino, "Dr. Peter Scardino's Prostate Book" have it totally wrong, saying that testosterone causes prostate cancer. Never mind the obvious that young guys rarely get it, but us older male duckies do, and that testosterone production in males goes down 1%/year after age 40.

And if that weren't enough, I discover (per mind control script) that cancer is often, if not always, caused by a microbe or virus that takes over the cellular reproductive mechanisms., per above. And usually in local organ low oxygen conditions, where the microbe goes into a fermentation cycle and reproduces without normal functional controls, and also fooling the host immune system.No doctor will tell you this, and don't expect conventional medical practice to follow either. Instead, be prepared to be irradiated or have radical surgery. Or else wiped by chemo-therapy that compromises your immune system which should be your first line of defence.

So what is the cancer epidemic about and the state of intense management of its grossly inadequate cures? The short answer is that I don't know, but the Thems not only like us to blunder about in the research realm but also like to remove millions of people (and dollars) in the process.

And a virulent form of cancer has been developed as a bioweapon since 1963. If you read the astounding (but true) book, "Lee and Me", (by Judyth Vary Baker) you will find that the JFK putative assassin and his colleagues were developing such in a secret lab in New Orleans that year, prior to the JFK assassination. And that its purported need was to eliminate Castro in the service of US covert policy objectives. But, the hand-off of the live virus/cancer in Mexico City never happened, and Lee Harvey Oswald was re-assigned to the assassination project, of which he seemed to be a bit player. And of course they didn't want him to reveal all of this, so he was rubbed out courtesy of the Dallas Police Department and the FBI covering all his tracks. Besides, they didn't have a case against LHO anyhow, not even a hope.

The above is my conspiratorial rant on the cancer biz, but probably won't be the last one as I have just received a new book, "Cancer: Cause, Cure and Cover-up", by Ron Gdanski, 2000. He does a far better explanation of the root causes of cancer, and as far as I have read, it makes the medical establishment seem like the Health Care Gestapo. And what will become of all of this when the lid is blown off? Can we ever trust conventional medicine again? I came to distrust the fuckers when exceptional and unconventional circumstances were imposed on me in 2002, but for those whom have been touched by cancer there will be a resounding outcry, unless squelched by some covert means. Maybe this is why they want me to "discover" the real causes of cancer and then apply this topic-specific mind control to the masses to keep the lid on.

Slipping into bad habits again; not doing much daily blogging and attempting to pull this all together Sunday night. Which means a whole lot of perp fuckery reportage goes without mention as the memory fuck games come on just when I want wrap up the week.

I worked the weekend at the former full time vineyard employer, mainly doing leaf plucking. Late August and he has only got the shady side done. He is at least 3 weeks behind on this one, and the sunny side leaf plucking has yet to be done. At least it pays for rash of spending of late.

The latest forced squandering was a dedicated audio player, having been messed with over version contingencies and app software licence crashes on my Android phone for no apparent reason. Then one problem sets the other off, like a senseless merry-go-round of infuriating contingent inconveniences. No need to wonder who manages that. Especially that they have already done this once a few months ago.

So the DAP (digital audio player) arrived this week, and strangely I wasn't hit for extra taxes, border crossing fees and other import ransom demands. Though the final word isn't over as they sometimes send a demand letter a week or so later. And this device actually worked, even if it was missing a physical back button. It was a touch screen control for the most part, with a dedicated physical volume, forward, backward and play/pause button. Thank goodness for that, as the touch screen interface is such a blunder prone prospect in the first place, and then the perps routinely exploit it; e.g. wrong selection, touch screen button goes inoperative, or conversely, it fires off at random, or even the time worn harassment game of sending my fingers to the wrong button, touchscreen or physical. Back in the day, when handheld calculators were vogue, I could never figure out how I managed to press the wrong button so often; I would look at the key I wanted to press and my finger went to the adjacent key. I thought I was dyslexic, though I have no problem reading. Now I know; I am  neurally invaded and dithered with just to piss me off. And here we are some 40 years later and the assholes are still at it, just different forms of buttons and devices.

The perps are still hacking my anticancer herbal treatments. Today they screwed me out of taking the requisite tablets after making and taking the two alternate solutions that go with the supplements, every two hours. And to add insult to injury, they screwed me out of taking my regular lunch time supplements with me. And so it has come to mind that perhaps the reason for this whole prostate cancer attack (IMHO) is for the perps to continue with their games over what supplements I take, when, and what color they are. Seeing that I am adopting an herbal anticancer regimen, it means yet more combinations and permutations of supplements. I am taking three courses at present, and a fourth one to be added soon. and besides, I am on a decided tear about not wanting surgery or radioactive treatment due to the possible long term collateral damage. How I came by this strong conviction instead of grovelling for treatment from the conventional medical system is most curious.

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