Sunday, August 07, 2016

Some Summer

Three weekends of tanning quality weather so far this summer. One was in May, and the last two weekends. The coming weekend does not look promising either. Weekdays haven't been that sunny either for the last two months. Now we are into August and had a big rainstorm last evening. The earliest bud break (for vines) on record this year, and yet the growing season hasn't been terribly sunny, though warm. All of this just an observation, and I won't ascribe it to perp pranks and their nonconsensual human experimentation agenda. I try not to go conspiratorial on everything, even if it is the dominant bias while being kept in this rabbit hole.

Some of the First Feral Family is coming to visit me for dinner tomorrow, driving over from Kamloops. That would be my mother, and brother and his family. No doubt this will become a "persuasion" session, to talk me out of starting on a herbal program to treat my prostate cancer instead of the conventional barbarity of surgery or irradiation in all its collateral damage. No thanks; I don't want to be wearing diapers for the next 20 years, I rather be in the ground. Especially with the hounds of hell on my ass at every turn, who will exploit every opportunity to make matters worse. Fuck that; my quality of life is abysmal anyhow, so why make it worse?

Fruit thinning in the vineyard today and yesterday, with the vehicular noise train going on all day. Such fun, especially the awful HD motorcycle noise. And adding to it, passing N bound, and five minutes later, S bound. There is no rational reason for this driving behavior.

The vines were soaking wet from last evening's rain until noon today when they finally dried out. I had my raincoat on all morning as copious amounts of rain water would flick onto me. My hands were soaked through my gloves all morning. No doubt the perps need to do more rain water testing on me, as it seems they need to test me with many sources of water on me; rain, from irrigation pipe of various materials (polyethylene, PVC), from city water etc. They haven't let me go swimming much since 1999, when beforehand I was swimming 3x/week, 7,500m in an organized practice for 14 prior years. Maybe 6x in pools since then and once in a lake. Obviously they need to build a water infusion energetic model (through skin) for me. Which would follow the water ingestion model they are working on with such diligence. On that count, they have me leave my steel water bottle all over the place, sometimes overnight in the vineyard or on other surfaces like concrete. And not just standing on it base, but tipped over on its side. Exciting times indeed.

I did a trip out to see the urologist today, he finally deigning to let me know what my CT and bone scan results were four weeks later; no metastasis. Which is what my "good" Kelowna doctor told me three weeks ago, as she got the results off the health care system and gave me a copy. She also gave me the results of yesterday's blood test today; my iron is now normal after three IV drips over the past three weeks. Between that and the herbal treatments I started last week, I feel much better.

I see all the fine TI activism work by Deb Newhook (OSNanaimo) is going to slide into electronic oblivion soon as she is moving to Facebook without keeping any TI references that I can see. Too bad that all this material is going to go poof soon (this month, 08-2016) as she has been active in getting the TI message out there. That is, from radio interviews, to detailing statistics on organized stalking as well as her other work related to covert agendas. I have met her a few times, and she even organized a TI weekend meeting at her place in 2010. All of us TI's were perfectly sane and roundly perplexed as to why we were being so abused for no seeming reason. And of course, all were disabused of the notion that Canada, and like "civilized" countries, represent freedom. When she asked me about activism in our first phone call in 2006 I said that I would be available for testimony, but no public demonstrations or picketing. She never called me up for any of her radio interviews, but that is OK, as she was amply supported by other TI's, some of whom I met that weekend we converged at her place in 2010.

After reading Rachael O's recent blog about a surge of page views from Russia, I checked my geographic statistics, and lo, if the recent increase (more than 2x normal) is also from Russia. I cannot imagine the regular Russian folk reading this blog even if correctly translated, and so it would be more likely IMHO that it is the Russian IT Gestapo that is doing the viewing, if it amounts to that. You know, the same 9-5 crowd that breaks into Hilary Clinton's emails, and other embarrassing hacking over the past 10 years. The US government has identified a source of hacking from Russia, and they do all their work 9-5 on weekdays, no weekend activity. Let me call it now; get ready for a major Blogspot hack and us TI's and our many postings, (over 1700 here) and comments will go poof, as in gone for good.

And why is it that the perps constantly hack Blogspot statistics? First the activity (page views) graph won't show, and then after a few minutes it does, but the pointer based counts don't show each day's actual total. Later in my session, they progressively allow this latter feature to show. This progressive feature restoration, after their initial obstruction, has been going on for months.

A day in the vineyard after a job at the warehouse first thing this morning. And talk about a total cluster fuck gangstalk at every move I made in my vehicle after that. I stopped at a store as it was nearby, and three vehicles were on me in the parking lot entrance (stores were just open), and then again when I parked with the extra obvious pick up pulling up next to me when the lot was 90% empty, and then again when walking to the store, then again crisscrossing traffic in the parking lot when exiting the store, and when back to vehicular gangstalking, they were all over me with vehicular trains at 0930h, and clusterfucking me at every turn.

Family rolled into town for a early dinner at a restaurant. As it "happened" it was only my brother and my mother, as his child got sick today and his wife stayed to take care. My, or more like, my planted notions about getting grilled over herbal treatment of the prostate cancer became a big nothing. The only voiced concern was about me being looked after by a specialist. I assured them that I was, and I would be tested for the all important (though with caveats), PSA test every four months. Hopefully this herbal stuff should be showing results by my next test in November.

And of course being in a public restaurant, with a full Okanagan lakeside view the entire time, brought on some gangstalking silliness. A 30' black painted boat was attempting to dock on the wood breakwater until some one from the restaurant staff shouted to them that they couldn't tie up. So they backed up and went elsewhere. The next door table had a E Indian (male) and Caucasian (female) couple and their two boys arrive halfway through our meal. Said party then tailed us out of the restaurant in a might curious coincidence. As part of this "coincidence", it should be noted that my brother is married to an E Indian woman, but as mentioned above, she wasn't with us. So it would seem the perps are doing multi-racial couple testing, with me as some kind of human test (read, abuse) subject.

Sunday, and a near useless one at that. I worked for 4 hours this morning, and came home to clean up and then go the Psychic Fair to do a regression on my life, looking to find what happened to me during those three years the blanked out, aged 2 to 5. No such luck; I got hit with a nap attack for two hours, and then felt so wasted it took another hour to get moving to any extent. And too, the perps had me "forget" about it for the prior two days in was on in town.

And what is it about boats the perps like me to view, or more accurately, parade around me. These would be as big as vehicle trailerable boats, up to 24' or so, usually made of fiberglass. Though kayaks, 12' aluminum boats, inflatables and aluminum hulled boats are also part of the "boat show".

More bizareness from what seems to be sane people. I was at the vineyard and had finished up at 1100h and decided to have lunch there at the end of the row where a driveway is. Along comes a red sedan down the driveway (typical gangstalking circumstances), and then the driver stops some 10' from me, backs up some 60', and then proceeds forward again. This time a kid of 15 y.o., presumably a passenger, is running along side the vehicle. The vehicle drives past me and then pulls into the adjacent house parking area, and from what I could tell, they were residents of the property. Like WTF; what is the rational reason for this high strangeness about driving a vehicle to their own property, something they would of done hundreds of times or more. Instead they back up, let the kid out of the car, and he runs beside it. Just plain frigging berserk  IMHO.

This was adjacent to the vineyard of 6 weeks ago where the workers were kicking a soccer ball between them while doing their vine tending. I found this utterly bizarre too, as there was no way they could contain the ball in the aisles between the rows, and besides, attending to an incoming soccer ball every half minute or less is highly distracting. More high strangeness in the same location.

Enough for a post, and I am being kept in a wasted state here, de-energized and demotivated since the nap attack of some 8 hours earlier.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the herbal treatments. Sounds like the best way to go. Chemo and radiation will fry your immune system, and of course, the perps have probably beamed enough radiation at you already. I've heard of treatments where you take high doses of vitamin C. Maybe that's another thing to look into.

I'd never want to suffer through the damages caused by chemo and radiation. Good call there.

Anonymous said...

After reading Rachael O's recent blog about a surge of page views from Russia, I checked my geographic statistics, and lo, if the recent increase (more than 2x normal) is also from Russia.

If the American Govt is looking into the "TI Field" after the Gang Stalking Referral from Gavin Long Shooter Event, they would Surely be hiding behind a Proxy server pointing to a Different Direction in Russia or some other hostile Government.

Lost Almost said...

I posted this to On_Gangstalking, but I use tor often, thru European servers, and those will come up Eastern Block. Most of the TI tech came from there and some from here.But, I often get more on a site, and links, which have previously been blocked to either my MAC addy which in on my hard drive, my ip, or general physical location. I live in Los Alamos, NM and can't get info on here unless I go out of county, then my phone comes back and the sites re-appear. It's due to the cops blocking and monitoring phones in Los Alamos county. My pastor, and lawyer both told me about it, and a local radio station owner stated the police blocked implementation of a their radio station antenna with cell phone transmitter, until the cops were allowed to install a trapper and redirecter, to control phone trasmission. When were coming back, the same Bu-buhhh happened on our radio as it did on our phones.

On Gangstalking is being harassed, ip's come from Russia, but mention situations with police here not known to him but involving him. Guessing they both work together?

I read your Deb Newhook entry, her website has been down for some time, and she stopped posting on her FB site. Sounded fishy.

Anyway, just wanted to up you on other possibilities. I use Tor often, not on this one tho. My comments get thru when I do.

AJH said...

Answer to: "Good luck with the..."

Thanks. The trouble with unusual treatments, such as Vitamin C, is that one has to find a doctor to administer them. I attempted to get the Dr. Lee ( protocol going with the "good doctor", but to no avail. The urologist turned me down too. I had ordered his paper titled, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Prostate Cancer" though I don't see it there now.

The way I see it is that my quality of life is shit; so why make it worse with chemo, irradiation or prostate removal, and the collateral damage that is surely to follow. Though to be fair, one mainstream treatment called proton beam therapy (PBT) looks like the gold standard, but is only affordable if you are on a US medical plan. Otherwise, it is $250K!

Answer to: "If the American Govt is looking into..."

I listened to the video (in part) and it seems that the Gavin Long, perpetrator of the Baton Rouge police killings, was a TI. Though, I would not care to speculate who is hiding behind what server. But I do recall on 60 Minutes a few years back, that there is a Russian based group that does web and server hacking, and that they work 9-5, Mon-Fri. As I have said many times on this blog, there is a pattern to these public shootings, and it seems to fill the perp's need for death and destruction. While I may pillory the police for being perp lap dogs (aka abetting LEOs), I find it tragic that they are themselves targets of snipers, no matter their motivations or whatever rationale they claim. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they've introduced a new character for me. I call this one "Mr. Tough Guy". It's so funny, this strategic move. They placed him in front of an apartment where this studio used to be (to do photographic portraits). This guy stood there, looking all hard ass, staring up the road. He happened to be looking west, so I know the direction he stands and stares is very important and strategic on their part. I'm sure it coincides with me looking to move to a different town across the state, and of course, him posing in front of an apartment would be a subliminal (as I would be looking at apartments). Him standing looking tough kind of represents a bouncer at a bar, as he had his arms at his side, and then folded. And one possibility would be me working as a bartender, as there are plenty of bars in this town.

It's one of those deals where I feel like I should be moving on somewhere else. I'm getting perped at lot by co-workers, and it just seems like management treats me like I'm their slave. I'm surprised, because I've done really good work there. And I'm getting perped by a pair of dudes telling me otherwise. I have to laugh at that, because in my experience, people who perp me always seem like the laziest people. The perps are into bullying targets as part of their "experimentation". Whether or not they get a sadistic pleasure out of their games is up in the air at this point.

I'm sure they've put on the "Mr. Tough Guy" act for you too. You did mention something about this in your demographics section, I believe. This newest character is too funny to be taken seriously. It's not like he's gonna try something with me (despite the fact that he acts like he's going to). The perps tell me they aren't "allowed" to touch me, and they wouldn't try anything without their permission. A lot of them just seem like losers to me that were available for street theater stunts such as this. Ever notice how much free time gangstalking perps seem to have on their hands? I wonder why that is? Haha, probably because they can't find real work or they just happened to have so much idle time.

AJH said...

Answer to: "Looks like they've introduced..."

I do get occasional macho male stalkers, and in this summer holiday town they like to strut the streets shirtless. There are also some of the motorcycle riders who fit the macho male description. But on the whole, I don't get a regular macho male stalker. Sometimes certain Unfavored themes predominate, e.g. elder folks, fat women, fugly males with large guts, males with bald heads etc. Sometimes they like to arrange certain poses, like the ones you mention, the folded arms or hands on hips in some kind of feigned redress pose. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I hope you backup your site so it can't get damaged. See Several DVD copies in sealed jewel cases would help. Check search for security tips. Really shocking about the 9-5 style Russian hacking. Still I notice my attacks are diminished around holidays in my time zone. This means people near me are perps. Mostly I think people are mindlessly influenced into perp type activities. I think the most central problem for TIs in enlisting help is the low enslaved mentalliy and spiritual reality control around us. S.