Sunday, August 14, 2016

Give the Victim Cancer, Then Obstruct His Treatment

These herbal concoctions cost a fortune, all in the cause of ending the prostate cancer the assholes gave me in June. I put an order together to get the next round of items, and on completion of the order I see the assholes fucked me out of seeing one item on the prescription list that I need for the kidney flush. I was screamingly infuriated, as I had read that section at least twice, and "somehow" I missed the chlorophyll line item. I was pissed beyond compare to say the least. This cognitive and/or visual dithering is just another example of the relentless and insane fuckery that I get stiffed with at anytime, anywhere.

A hacked up day, interspersed with forced "forgets". I worked for 1.5 hours, then went to the dentist, and then to the warehouse to make up two orders for shipping. And so when I got to the dentist, they had me discover that I forgot my wallet. After treatment I went back to my residence returned to the dentist's office and paid my bill, and then onto the warehouse to make up shipping orders.

While at the warehouse I was obliged to use the common-use forklift to take a pallet off the one I wanted to get at. I am certified, but my employer doesn't want me to use the forklift anywhere for reasons that make absolutely no sense. So what am I supposed to do? Wait an hour for the sanctioned employee to come for a one minute forklift job? It was too ridiculous to contemplate, so I used the forklift and got the pallet off. And as soon as drove it to the parking stall, why, the neighboring warehouse tenant "happened" to need the forklift, so without turning it off even, and only setting the parking brake and shifting it into neutral, I got off and he got on. Can we say (yet again), the perps cannot get someone into/onto my just-vacated place (seated, standing, or walking) fast enough?

When I returned to the winery, the assholes had me "forget" the warehouse key set I was to return. I knew I used it to get in and then put in my pocket, as the first rule of keys is "don't fuss with them", just put them away on one's person in a reliable location, e.g. pocket. A 10 minute walk back to my car to look for them seemed to be what the perps were suggesting in mind, and having no choice I went to my vehicle and found the keys. I had absolutely no need to pull them out of my pocket and put them in my vehicle after first using them, so I assume this was one of their teleportational jerkarounds. And given the increase of doubling back games of late, this latest stunt of having me "lose" the keys is in keeping with this harassment method.

And dental work is oh-so expensive, all in consideration of the herbalist who wants me to have root canal teeth removed. The herbalist considers such teeth to be a source of infection, and hence, a stimulant for cancer. Implanted teeth are $4k each, and bridge work is half that. Having a gap isn't recommended either, as surrounding teeth will move in. Besides, one adjacent tooth would need a crown to then support a bridge, and that would be another $1200. And too, healthy teeth would need to be drilled to support the bridge.

And to remove my last two metal amalgam fillings, I would still need that aforementioned crown. The dental hygienist made a point of scraping the very fillings we were talking about, and isn't that how one creates more mercury poisoning? I am going to think long and hard about this root canal removal "need", as it will get very expensive.

I spent most of the day operating the weed whacker, though the power head can be detached from the string trimmer end and substitute a hedger.

The increase in pit-lamping events is sustained so far this week; these assholes with headlights pointed at me, typically when I am getting into or out of my vehicle, or arriving or leaving a parking lot.

a three dude posse on skateboards to cover me at the corner, looking all the more ridiculous as one had crutches. This while on the way to the bottled water station. Then onto the neighboring gasoline station, where the fire truck was sitting across three lanes of pumps. No apparent emergency, this at 1900h or so, so why would they be doing a "social visit" to the gasoline station in their fire truck. As has been long reported here, the fire department does lots of "emergencies" and gangstalking cruise-bys for the perps, and so it would seem they were called out to sit in the gasoline station property. They pulled away before I got there, and lo, if the pump use (other "customers") wasn't configured to have me drive over the very location where the fire truck had been parked. Normally I avoid that particular pump as there is too much busy action there, but as "chance" would have it, my preferred pump locations were tied up.

And minor weirdness at the next bay, opposite mine; two vehicles backed up together and the "customers" seemed to be filling both from the same pump, engaging in one fill up for two vehicles. This was made apparent as the dude placed the nozzle end on top of the shared surface between the adjacent bays. I had never seen a two vehicle-single fill act before, and I suppose getting the nozzle that bit closer to me in an unusual juxtaposition and having it sit there for a minute or so was just too exciting in the perp's human nonconsensual human experimentation (read, nonstop abuse-athon) agenda.

A surge of gangstalkers of the populations subtype of the doddering duckies, mostly males, in their ridiculous plaid shorts.

Friday, but one with a different start, so to speak. I go to the warehouse to make up a pallet order, and enter via the keyed door, and I open it up, and here is this 65+ y.o. man standing there, shirtless no less, looking straight ahead like a zombie. I say "hello", and I think he said something, and I proceed through the door and he closes in, attempting to get through the doorway at the same time. Ergo, yet another, personal space intrusion from this utter freak, there for no seeming reason but as some kind of doorway stalking stunt. I have seen most of the personnel at this warehouse and we are on at least nodding terms when we recognize each other. But this mofo, I had never been seen before, and I hope never again. Later in the day, the perps planted the notion that he and his family own the whole warehouse and the adjacent steel fabrication plant and the attendant large yard of construction materiel (and materials).

And what is it about me making work progress that so interests the perps that they have three people sending texts, or in person afterward, wondering "if I had finished yet", or latterly, "why did it the order take so long?". I bust my butt to get everything done efficiently and promptly, but as some 60 cases of wine needed new labels (two per case), and 14 of them had to be split into half cases and labeled too, it takes time. As mentioned many times in these blog postings, the perps have a work productivity theme as a component of their insane abuse/human consensual experimentation agenda.

And you thought it was all about remotely applied mind control, what I ate, and all my energetic interactions with foods, others, materials, colors, and their proximity and juxtaposition with respect to me. So did I once, but when the Psychopathic operatives were clustering around me anytime I paid for something back in the intense abuse days of 2002-2003, it clued me into there being much more to their objectives. Themes like

  • financial transactions, 
  • work productivity/efficiency, 
  • business owners stalkings (possibly per above), 
  • having me repeat names unnecessarily, 
  • foiling me anytime I would type "the" that went on for years, 
  • screwing me out of pressing my intended keyboard key, 
  • arranging coincidences,  
  • arranging sudden shortages (e.g., skunking me when intending to obtain an item at a store), and 
  • arranging dashed expectations,
  • noise stalking or other harrassment when measuring something, 

plus a few other concept themes that don't come to mind; all these are very much part of the perp/Psychopathic Confederacy agenda, and to me, all the more mysterious as to what is so important about arranging them.
Saturday, and some free time to attend to the equipment rack, where I have my PC and stereo gear stored. The assholes screwed me right and left as to getting the correct mount holes for the cage nut's placement. Then onto a haircut, this time a new student who had purple hair, a light tinged touch, and not one that was bold or garish.

Then onto Kelowna for purchasing used snow tires and then used rims, and then dropping all off at the tire shop there who is dealing with my Pirelli warranty claim, and whom I expect to deal with next week to get replacement tires. Why all this tire "action" is taking place some 63km from here is utterly bizarre. But as the perps are obsessed over tires, and the tree rubber they come from, and whatever else related to this, I should not be surprised

Sunday, spent mostly doing vineyard work at the former full time employer. He is behind in getting vineyard work done, and asked me to help him out. I said I would, even if he reduced my pay for vineyard work versus winery work. Which explains why he laid me off in 2014; he wanted to pay his vineyard workers less. (I was doing both jobs from 2012 to 2014, and he paid me the higher rate for all duties once I became his winemaker). The perps are still at it; they will not let me use my hand pruners (secateurs) efficiently, but have me place the jaw above or below the intended cut line, or else have me pause and have the jaw rest on the outside of the intended cut line. Fourteen years of insane abuse and harassment, including being made a laborer from an IT job in 2002, and they still won't let me use the tool of the trade efficiently. Utterly bizarre.

Tonight's call with a TI got seriously hacked; fading voice, then slowing the voice like one of those old cinematic films that would slow down, and after four attempts to communicate became unlistenable, it was time to call it done.

Anyhow, enough to get this done for Sunday evening and posted for the Russians to read. All those readers from that part of the world does make me suspicious as to another spoofing of the victim (me).

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