Sunday, July 31, 2016

Nap Attack and Other Assaults

Rather than detail the games at Monday yoga each week, how about a scintillating tale of my Tuesday evening? Just kidding. A 3 hour nap attack when I got back from work at 1630h just plain killed the evening. I awakened at 1930h to then start dinner for crissakes. The usual proviso applies; at no time was I running a sleep deficit. Talk about punching a hole in one's free time.

What else might of prompted the above nap attack? Why, receipt of an Amazon order, a box with 3 books in it. It was hung on my outside door knob in a plastic bag and I placed it on the table where I usually eat. And there it sat the entire time while I got sent off to saw logs for 3 hours.

First Feral Family youngest brother also chipped into the time wasting by phoning while I was making a salad, and aforementioned box still on the table. It was all about pensions and what I might be able to get, now aged 62.

Other health related adversities are this pelvic pain, now seeming to migrate up into my spine at the small of my back, and sending a shooting pain into my L thigh. This problem erupted in mid June and hasn't let up, though it has morphed often. From seeming pressure on my kidneys, to a hip-pointer, to pain down one leg, pain into my shoulder and even a general feeling of malaise for a day or two. What on earth is the conventional medical diagnosis for this? Never mind the fact that they have got cancer science totally wrong and use the FDA, and presumably Health Canada as a lap dog, as an enforcer goon. There is nothing like a out-of-the-box cancer study or treatment to send the FDA Goons into one's life and thoroughly disrupt it. Here is one current day example of Federal (US) Goons and their illegal campaign related to MMS, Master Mineral Solution, aka sodium chlorite and citric acid that can eliminate cancer.

Another evening time nap attack, this "just" an hour. Like WTF; I am getting plenty of night time sleep and still the assholes attack under this guise. It seems that they wanted to hold me up in cleaning the dinner dishes, as it was all there on the counter when I got up. Which is consistent with what they have had me doing over the past two months; invoking some kind of other activity, e.g. reading a book, to deter me from getting the evening dishes done.

A day off work to visit the big city of Kelowna today. First was my iron IV drip, and then to the passport office to get it submitted. But as the perps screwed me out of getting a passport photo done ahead of time, which was my intention, I had to get a photo while there. I did, and wandered around the trendy shops, and staying away from the cluster fuck crowds who have this unerring knack of stepping in my way without them knowing I am approaching from behind.

Then onto the herbalist for an anti-cancer treatment consult. She is quite wingy, and she did this muscle test as she called it, where my R arm is held horizontal and she applies downward force which I must resist. Then she mentions nutritional elements, e.g. selenium, iron, copper, zinc, etc. and suddenly my arm drops down unbidden by me when she said "iron". And then she did a round of this with the doses for the supplements she figured I needed. Very odd, but  hopefully the $400 bill will be worth it.

Once I got back, why, the perps pulled a two hour nap attack after I had started reading the herbalist's book she had authored. Another evening time hit, and as usual, I did not need the sleep. The most egregious nap attack I had was in 2012 for five hours, and no coincidence, it was a viticulture text book, having just completed a 3 month course in that subject. Ever wonder why there are so many of these tragic massacres at educational institutions? Could it be that the perps have arranged them for blood samples in situ given their consuming need to find out about humans learn and retain and use knowledge. Just a wild assed associative notion.

And 432 page reads on July 23, 2016, quite the increase over the 20 to 40 I typically get. Though I am doubtful as to the veracity of the numbers as I don't see the same increases for individual postings. I will take as I see it for now, though spoofing the numbers would be very much a perp stunt.

It feels like summer has come to this region; two hot days in succession, and the same as the forecast for the next 7 days. Imaging that, summer finally comes weather-wise to the Okanagan Valley in late July.

And just when I figured I might be able to get two sun tannings in successive weekends, why, an offer of short term work comes up via text mail. It is rare that the perps let me tan myself silly in the good summer-time weather, as it seems they like to space out my tannings by more than a week. It was May this year when I got my last tan outdoors tan, and finally, I get a chance to do so last weekend, July 24. And lo, if the assholes didn't burn me some, though it largely dissipated into a tan and didn't flake off.

A rare outing to Walmart, that loathsome perp haven tonight. I needed a blender to start smoothies with specialized herbs as part of my therapy for prostate cancer. And of course they were open the latest. My entrance was muted, in that there was no loafing Fuckwits making moves or hand signals with each other. Even better was that the kitchen appliance section was visible from the entrance, no wandering the aisle thankfully. And no chest butting staff members like one of my prior visits. Once I decided on the model and plucked its box from the shelf and headed to the cashiers, the perp games started. A tattoo heavy woman preceded me to the cashiers with a disgusting arm full on show. Then when at the checkout, and after the cashier moved the box the prior customer, and E. Indian woman with two grandchildren in tow dithered in paying and held me up. Then she loitered while I was paying, as there was another item she had to purchase that somehow missed the cashier. Then in a most ridiculous pose, the E. Indian woman leans one elbow on the box with the blender in it. I say that because it wasn't restful as she had to lean down at least 6", sideways to look as if she was "casually" leaning on this ersatz prop that wasn't even hers to begin with. And so we have a "brown on brown" stalking; while the outside of box depicted the picture of the blender in full color, the box was made of brown corrugated cardboard. Why didn't she just go buy the same blender and do whatever the perps wanted to the same box, even in the "privacy"  of her own home? She said "sorry" when I pointed at the box when I was about to depart so I could pick it up without a personal space intrusion. One of the kids then stepped in my way so I had to take a longer route around. And in perfect timing, the tattoo-ed woman was passing by and in lead-ahead gangstalking mode. Once outside I stepped out to pass her. But the perps weren't done yet; a double pit laming show, with two parked vehicle facing each other, one black, one white, both with headlights on for me to pass between them before I got to my vehicle. Understand why I loathe Walmart shopping?

Working in the vineyard today, and then off to the organic farm to get 3lb of basil that I will convert into frozen pesto cubes for the winter. But, they "forgot" to handle the order and I had to wait 30 minutes while they picked it. During the wait time I conversed with the friendly E. Indian proprietor, she once being scared shitless of me 4 years ago, but is now at ease. Don't ask me what the perp meaning to this is, but it "happens" a lot.

The good weather suddenly disappeared today, and it was cloudy with spots of rain. It is rare the perps let me sun tan two days in succession, and most often they plant some notion about "resting", or fear of too much exposure. Today, they decided to change the weather conditions it seems. It was warm enough to wear my spandex shorts all the time though, so I suppose there was some perp technical reason for me to have exposed legs (waxed last weekend), but keeping my shirt on.

They even scripted rain, enough to send me back to my vehicle to put on my raincoat. Which they exploited to cause my headphones to get dumped on the ground, the wire caught up and a number of other topological hassles to infuriate me. Not out loud, but at this point the owner came by to chat about the next rows to tackle. I finally got the phone based music player to find the files, and listened to two of my favorite female vocalists for the entire day. But not without harassment; they had the player jump to Bob Dylan for 10 seconds, and to recover this, I had to replay the selected female vocalist for an extra 40 minutes. The perps also liked to have the headphones drop off my head, or else they slid them an inch or so off my ear so the volume was reduced. I have been through remotely invoked volume changes on nearly all my portable music playing devices, from Discmans (2002) onward.

And now, some 5 hours later, the perps are playing the sensation of the headphones resting on my head. I never had this "happen" before, and now it is a regular event. Go figure, as to why a billion dollar+ budgeted outfit with science fiction technologies outfit needs to engage in such juvenile inanity.

The assholes also forced sleep onto me while driving, not a good thing. And worse yet, my reactions to defeating this now seem muted in that I could not notice it coming on. What really woke me up was when they pointed the vehicle toward the edge of the road, and allowed me to recover just before the R tire ended up on the shoulder. Had they not awakened me, I would of driven into the adjacent lake. They pulled one of these a few weeks ago, except that I was within a foot of contacting these barrels at the edge of the road at a different location.

A long weekend here, BC Day, the first weekend of August. An excuse for more traffic and vehicular trains that have been plaguing me everywhere I go. Now to get this posted for the week just past.

But no, I see that the perps have remapped the buttons in this Blogspot page and the one titled "Publish" invokes a new blog page. Earlier, the "Close" button was doing the same thing. Two remapped keys in the normally reliable Blogspot cannot be a coincidence.

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