Monday, August 22, 2016

Hot Times in Preparing Foods

Friday, and I have missed blogging these weekdays until now as I have been busy rendering 30lb of tomatoes into pulp for freezer storage, and too, rendering 4lb of basil into frozen pesto cubes. All in the good cause of having a winter storage of some foods, though as always, it is part of the great experiment that is my tortured existence. On Monday I went to yoga, and then began the basil/pesto preparations, utilizing a food processor and chopping it up with the addition of olive oil to make a thick fine paste that I freeze into ice cubes. The cubes are then transferred into plastic boxes for freezer storage. I am still finishing up last year's basil/pesto batch, so a combination of this and last year's is in my fridge freezer.

Sounds so humdrum, and it would be, except that the perps harassed me mercilessly; flipping basil or pesto off spoons and onto the floor (10x +), making other messes to clean up, confusing me as to what I am doing while in the middle of doing a repetitive task, sending me to the wrong cupboard, re-assembling the food processor incorrectly and countless other mind fuckery, and object fuckery delivered by remote means in real time, and soley designed to enrage me. Some 30+ rage-ifications stunts inside 1.5 hours no less, pouring it on. And likely because I had yoga a short time earlier, and the perps do love to have me prior energized from all those stretches and poses along with my fellow yogi stalkers.

The basil pesto done Monday, so I got onto the tomatoes Tuesday (no prior yoga), and lo, if the assholes didn't turn down the "heat", as in harassment. There were just as many things that could go wrong, but somehow they didn't. Ditto two days later when the latter half of the tomatoes got rendered down.

And so these imposed rage-fication episodes continue, especially at meal preparation time, usually when making dinner. (Which is often made in double quantity for lunch the next day).

All of the above is a comparative poor do for a posting, but as over a week has transpired, I shall post rather than procrastinate. But here is a summary of my recent reading and possible associative threads.

Following the blockbuster of a book, "Me and Lee", I read "David Ferrie; Mafia Pilot... " both by Judyth Vary Baker, someone who was there, and no less, Lee Harvey Oswald's lover when he was estranged with Marina. I would say that it is an important book, but as her interaction with David Ferrie was limited, it wasn't quite the same impact as "Me and Lee". But that is not meant to discredit the book or the author in any way. The author has contributed a significant component to the JFK saga, and too, straightened out those idiotic fanatics that populate the internet nowadays. Both are highly recommended as essential reads to understanding the background of the JFK assassination and who didn't kill JFK. And it is abundantly clear that it was neither Oswald or Ferrie, though both had some connection to the plotters, a seeming the covert action arm of the CIA.

And no less, Judyth Vary Baker, on account of her brave and commendable stance in writing these books has become a refugee from America. That is correct; she gets death threats and sidewalk pushing and now lives in multiple countries in Europe in lieu of getting permanent refugee status. With all the premature deaths of JFK assassination witnesses, the chances of which are one in a trillion, it is most remarkable she was allowed to survive and write these fantastic books. (As I said many times in this here blog, Canada and the USA are not free countries as one might be lead to believe).

BUT what is most interesting is that she saw research papers at David Ferrie's residence that were part of the MKULTRA files in 1963. Back then it was highly classified and very few would of known of this covert CIA sponsored nonconsensual human research program, or worse yet, illegal detainment of US and Canadian citizens whose minds where trashed in an unresearched protocol. The atrocities of Dr. Ewan Cameron of McGill University in Montreal, Canada come to mind as part of the Canadian connection. In the author's opinion, to which I agree, David Ferrie was a peripheral player, not an assassin, and had enough perspicacity to tell the then Judyth Vary to "head for the catacombs", post JFK assassination and to never go public. She heeded his advice (until recently) and is still alive as a direct result. So... how did a curious player such as David Ferrie come to possess MKULTRA documents in 1963? The book doesn't answer that question as MKULTRA isn't the central theme. But it does tie that CIA sponsored atrocity with the JFK assassination in a way that begets my considerable curiosity. (And keep in mind that the CIA disposed of all the MKULTRA files, except for the few accounting related ones that were later found filed somewhere else and currently provide the limited knowledge of its existence).

As a possible MKULTRA victim when young, I find this thread of association most remarkable. Yes, I was there in Montreal for two years, 1956-57, and 1958-59, (during Dr. Ewan Cameron's CIA sponsored mind/knowlege purging atrocities), but I had my recall wiped out by some means. And the ongoing gangstalk freak show, and other media manipulations like to portray Scottish accented speech, particularly males. And that all-time butcher-in-the-name-of-psychiatry, Dr. Ewen Cameron, had a heavy Scottish accent and syntax. And he was also known to perform experiments on children, and I was aged 2 to 4 y.o. then.

Anyhow, another snippet of information was in the 1990's when I heard on the radio  morning news that a newly published book concluded that the JFK associated Zapruder film was considered to be altered after the fact. (It disappeared from public view awfully fast, like within a day). I mentioned this to my then wife, surely part of this then covert harassment, that this story was of considerable significance (if true) as many of the assassination theories were built on the sequence of this film. She went awful quiet and didn't have anything to say. I thought it most curious at the time she had nothing to offer on this seminal finding.

Anyhow, enough conspiracy talk for now, even if it is largely true, as most people have a limited capacity for major paradigm changes, aka, "game (knowledge) changers".


Intrepid Arts said...

Hi there,I am also a Canadian TI (in Ontario) and a victim of human experimentation since birth. Hoping this message reaches you, I would like to extend my hand in friendship and offer my support in anything you should need. I have spent the last two years filming my life and adventures collecting some of the most incredible footage showing the tactics and methods and technological capability of my adversaries.
It has taken me 18 months to realize my situation lucidly , the initial observations made, led me to believe the source was extra terrestrial. The process in coming to a comprehensive understanding of not only my own situation but that of those around me has been difficult in my discoveries. I had been an electrician for the previous 20 years and my knowledge base has been valuable in the understanding of the scientific principals behind the technologies being used against me and the rest of society.
Perhaps you could recognize similar tactics etc. from your own experiences.
This would be a valuable asset to have obviously for everyone.

AJH said...

Answer to: "Hi there,I am also..."

Yes, your message reached me. I always wished I was an electrician if I hadn't gone to university, and took forestry. I have done house wiring for my home renovations after taking an evening course, and I liked the work. Perhaps that is not a fair comparison, being a renovations hobby "tourist"!

Though to be accurate, the perps can do anything beyond the conventional realm of electricity, even generate current on demand by remote means. If you can push through Bearden's work, ( you will find many references to the basic laws of electromagnetism being fundamentally compromised by various players who bowlderized Maxwell's work. And that electricity is all around us as we live in an energetic ether. A very long investigation is in order to understand all of this, and by the end of it you will probably conclude the perps have been managing scientific progress for over 100 years, and why the "free energy" and "over unity" researchers have such misfortune in getting their ideas promoted and products sold.

As for forestry being relevant to understanding the perp's methods and objectives, I find some relevance, but not enough to borrow from to understand what the perp's nonconsensual human research objectives are.

You are reasonably accurate in ascribing TI events/harassment to extra terrestrials. I deal with teleportation harassment, action-at-a-distance technologies and remote neural influencing all day long, usually to rile me up and piss me off at select moments. Presumably the aliens have passed some of this technology onto compliant human abusers, and all the rest of the harassment crowd.

Welcome to this rabbit hole, and pray you don't get sucked down as deep as I am. This is hell on earth, and there is no immediate exit. If you are every out this way, BC, Okanagan Valley, let me know and we could trade stories. To date I have not video taped anything, as usually things revert to normal when a camera is pointed at the Thems. Thanks for the comments.