Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ironman +update

That is me, after my second IV iron treatment today. I drove up to the big city for this, the second of three. Not much difference after the first one, so I am still optimistically waiting for a positive outcome. Ideally that would be a significantly improvement to dopamine genesis as it is moderated by iron. And hence, a reduction of those ADD comorbidities, the ridiculous clinical term to describe conditions that "happen" to exist with ADD (or other). That it is a brown colored solution, Venofer in saline would also be of significant interest to the "brown tyranny gang" that runs/ruins my life to the microsecond level of coordination. It is of course the same gang that sponsors gangstalking me wherever I go, and too, the relentless toilet blocking from 2002 to 2012, having the brown, no matter the volume, block the toilet time without fail. Once, they even blocked the toilet when all I did was pee in it. Yes, they are that fucking insane. And just as ruthless.

Another one of their insane preoccupations is rubber, the kind derived from rubber trees and in every automotive tire ever made. On that front, they may have had a hand in my car tires prematurely wearing, as they have 52k km on them and are nearly at the wear bars when the tires have a 135k km warranty on them. If that weren't enough, the local supplier who would of backed the warranty from the tire manufacturer switched to another commercial allegiance and is not backing the warranty since July 01. Adding insult to injury, I was going to stop at the remaining tire store in the vicinity on the way back, and took my bearings and note of my landmarks when passing by the tire store. (One who would back the warranty). And lo, if they didn't box me in among tractor trailers and other tall transport trucks and I "missed" the landmarks and didn't get to figure it out until I was well past the turn off. Thanks a bunch assholes. Though, they could of added some real time remotely applied mind fuckery as part of it too. Hard to tell any more. I had been planning this stop off for a week, and even researching the store location and available replacement tires online. And poof, the assholes have me miss it altogether.

And as part of the above mentioned tire wear stunt, I "happened" to have two small tires for a hand truck (dolly) in my vehicle as I purchased a replacement yesterday. This was for work, as the dolly tire was ripped and needed replacement. After work I went to a tire store but they suggested a major Canadian hardware retailer, a store I loathe for the staff's red shirts and never finding the item I want. And in a rare instance, I did not get skunked (that is, not find the item, and come up empty), but found the very substitute I was looking for. So, I had the old dolly tire and the new one in my vehicle when visiting the big city and returning, and when "somehow" missing the turn to the tire store to have my vehicle tires examined for a warranty claim, per above.

Back to the IV iron drip; this was at the offices of the "good doctor", though it hasn't always been so. She did good today though, she offered to get my bone scan and CT scan results, and she did. (The requesting doctor, the urologist, has yet to tell me). She said it was good news; no metastasis of prostate cancer evident. Well sort of good news; for the last three weeks the assholes have been giving me pelvic stiffness and some minor pain which was VERY suggestive of metastatic prostate cancer spread. And as noted in prior postings, they also pummeled me with notions that it was metastasized cancer and had me imagining my own departure from this wretched planet. No such luck; I have to deal with just prostate cancer now and don't have a ticket out of here. And in case you are wondering why I would think that way, it would be normal for anyone in my circumstances to do so. Imagine your life governed down to your every last thought, fleeting ones even, not to mention one's actions, outcomes and one's entire environmental sensors; hearing, touch and sight. Not to mention that everywhere I go seems to be scripted ahead of time, with the usual doleful or contrite countenances. There is absolutely no quality of life; it is worse than being an incapacitated cancer patient. Having a ticket to check out of this mortal plane would be a godsend, and we know who plays god here don't we?

[added, one day after first posting as I missed this stub]

I just finished an epic book this week, and it took at least four days of processing for me after I finished it. It is titled "Me and Lee; how I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald". If you have just a passing interest in JFK's assassination it is a definite must read. I am by no means a scholar on this subject, though I have read at most, 20 books. And without a doubt, "Me and Lee" is a substantial piece of work to fill in the missing background story. How the author, Judyth Vary, did not get nixed in the Great Witness Killings, as have so many in highly improbable circumstances (and odds) is a mystery in itself. And too, getting this work published when the mainstream press are such fawning sycophants of the hand that feeds them is another astonishing accomplishment. And it is a love story too, something I found myself strangely emotionally connected with. If you want a short study of the JFK assassination, get the director's cut of "JFK" by film director Oliver Stone. Yes, it is 3 hours long, but it is very accurate and informative of the labyrinth of lies that forms the conspiracy.

Saturday, and no work at the casual employer today, two weeks in succession. I got word from my phone call that they laid more vineyard workers off and that they don't work Saturdays any more. Hard to believe that, as last year they worked all Saturdays through the summer and the Mexican crew worked Sundays too. Anyhow, the gig is done, and I will miss the $90 per worked day.

And why are the perps pumping me so hard about feeling fat of late? It has been going on for three weeks now, and yes, I am 20 to 30lb overweight per BMI, (200lb) but nowhere near as bad as the gangstalking gut show arranged around me everywhere I go.

Sunday, and a few hours of paid work. Not too many that I couldn't get more more prostate cancer research done. In the mid afternoon I went to the gym and began my treadmill test. That is, how long can I run for. The reason for doing this test was that the recent iron IV's of the past two weeks may be helping me and I needed to find out. I was pleasantly surprised that I ran 14 min. at 6 mph after a six minute warm up. Past performance, pre-iron IV's were like 3 minutes. Soo... it seems that the iron IV's are giving me more physical stamina. Or else the perps are allowing me to run. Back in 2003 they hacked me by making me so floppy and so tired that I gave up after 3 blocks, say 10 minutes. They just did not want me doing aerobic exercise, probably because it generates more dopamine, something they have long governed with significant levels of intrusion. (E.g, taking me off my very successful ADD stimulant medications twice in 2002). And swimming was verboten too, as I had been a swimmer of 14 years since 1986, and swam 2500m per workout, 3x per week, every week.

Said iron IV's don't appear to be helping me on the dopamine genesis front as I was hoping, or at least not so far. One more to go in two weeks. I can tell as my mood improves, I get onto finishing all kinds of loose ends and am much more organized. And too, libido improvement would be nice too, but hey, the greater the expectations the greater the disappointment especially when some Psychopathic agency can, and will, down regulate any mind/body function improvement they so choose. And they do; a lifetime of being ADD and therefore being dopamine deficient counts for squat. Or else any improvements are then down regulated, as in dampened and/or decreased no matter the efforts devoted to improving such.

And prostate cancer research is becoming a major rabbit hole; the current medical orthodoxy is that testosterone causes prostate cancer. This is absolutely ridiculous, as young dudes would be getting prostate cancer all the time. But as testosterone, (and dopamine for that matter), decrease by 1% a year after age 40, then might it not be a testosterone deficiency that is the problem? Well, it is a little more complicated than that as it is more about the testosterone:estrogen ratio, and well as testosterone:progesterone ratio. This is what I learned from two sources, one written by an MD. But no, two prostate doctors say testosterone is the problem, but of course they don't have any explanation as to why young males rarely get it.

Even the whole cancer genesis model is fraught with controversy. The orthodox doctors, and the FDA and other organizations of the same ilk say it is disorganized DNA growth. The alternate medicine crowd say it is viral or microbial invasion of the cells should cellular conditions permit such growth. I am siding with the alternates; as soon as the FDA and the national cancer agencies provide their orthodoxy, the doctors line up or else get pilloried. And then this ridiculous travesty called "chemotherapy", where these drugs hammer the shit out of the immune system, the one last defence, is maintained as "treatment" is just absurd. Into this netherworld of fanatic idiocy, then proscribed as orthodoxy, all in the name of objective science, (ahem) the perps launch me with their kiss of death, prostate cancer. None of the usual options look good: cut out the prostate, irradiate it from outside, or else put radioactive seeds in the prostate. Incontinence and/or impotence are the usual collateral damage. And they call this a "cure" for crissakes. I will take the cancer over the diapers and the rest of it anytime. There is no question that cancer research is highly contained, with the FDA acting as the lead bully should any one stray from the fold.

Only the proton beam therapy (PBT) seems to offer efficacious treatment with next to no permanent side effects/collateral damage. At $250k a pop, it isn't going to happen for this broke-ass seasonal farm worker. BUT that did not stop the perps from harassing the living shit out of me, as in pummeling me with the possibility of this treatment and what it would be like at Loma Linda hospital. I was reading about it yesterday, and the perps followed last night by awakening me twice so they could then run this treatment scenario in mind as if it were possible. And too, all day today, they planted notions of being treated with PBT at Loma Linda hospital where the book author was treated. (And who are the pioneers of this therapy method). Added to that ridiculousness they had me meeting ML while there. These planted notions are absolutely utter bullshit and yet it has gone on all day, and it is patently absurd, something I determined two weeks ago when reading about it online. Then I get a book on this two days ago, and read it, and now the perps again erupt in planting this treatment as an option last night in my sleep and all day today. Unless I win the lotto, and I never buy tickets, it isn't ever going to happen. Yet another example of perp mind invasion with absurd or unrealistic notions, and keeping it up all day no less.

Time to launch this for the week so I can get other things done.


Anonymous said...

Hello AJH

Seems the Baton Rouge Shooter was a Member / Visitor of( Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance )

Gavin Long of Kansas City went on a shooting rampage on his 29th birthday that left two police officers and a sheriff's deputy dead.

The " Lizard Perps " seem to be Ramping up their Harassment and Agitation Campaign of " THE NON-COMPLIANT ".

My Aunt is a Full Blown " Lizard Perp ".

My Aunt is Very Very Pro Republican, Pro Government, Pro Christian, Pro Law Enforcement, Lots of " Pro Conservative Christian " Rhetoric.

She has a Picture of a Random Police officer on the wall of her living room.

Her Personality is Difficult to explain. Her Personality is Very "Machine Like", Like a computer Spouting Government Propaganda.

She Always seems Very Angst Ridden and filled with Anxiety, constantly wring her hands in fear, induced by inculcating her Fear based Baptist Trauma Based Mind Control.

I call them " Lizard Perps " because they seem to always be "Crying Crocodile Tears ", purposefully trying to Force Excessive emotional Sorrow and Faked Empathy. Like a Psychopath trying to Fake Empathy for their Victims.

Gavin Long's Shooting Rampage seems to be EXACTLY the "DESIRED END RESULT" the Lizard Perps want.

The LIZARD PERPS Purposefully agitate People into Violent Action, Then Blame the Victim for actions the Perps Desired.

I Believe This is EXATLY what the Government want and will be used as an Excuse to increase "Government Authoritarianism" and Oppression of Free Speech, End Private GUN Ownership and turn America into a Dictatorial Authoritarian Oligarchy.

AJH said...

Answer to: "Seems the Baton Rouge Shooter was a..."

Hmmm, lots of political messages as well as assignment of causality in your comment.

I do believe that these public shootings/terrorist events are by way of perp instignation, if not, total stage management. They do like human blood shed, and all the more in strange juxtapositions. And even better with foreigners and tourists, say airports.

I suspect that perp operatives and abettors come from all walks of life and the politcal spectrum, so I won't assign party politics to the perps.

I don't feel that I am robotic, and now the perps can run me much like I would chose for myself. Of course they have got better at it after 14 years of noise pranks, harassment and orchestrating my every move. Being robotic is not the tip off it once was.

Where all this (TI harassment, abuse and nonconsensual human experimentation)is headed I don't know, but authoritarianism isn't necessarily an outcome. But there is no question the perps like to crank up the emotional angst and grief and the more, the merrier for them. Thanks for the comments.