Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pelvic Pain Possibilities

The US holiday, something I came to enjoy when I lived in Seattle, 1999 to 2002. And even with a girlfriend at the time, Ms. L. She bailed on me when the harassment began and I never heard from her again. Rather strange from someone so considerate and sensitive, and we had a good vibe (humor, intellect, curiosity, films, ADD research conversations), when together. Such is the weirdness I live in; I have only thought-to-be friends in objective retrospect. I have seen her likeness a few times when the gangstalking scene was on when back in Victoria. I still wonder if she was an operative or a shill they trained up/controlled. There were a few tells in retrospect; the odd blinks and staring away into the distance, or looking up at odd moments. Plus, the more obvious sudden behavior change in the four months leading up to when the perps went berserk/overt in my apartment and have never let up since.

One July 4 in Seattle I will never forget was the night time lighted parade of boats viewed from her apartment through the Union Canal. And too, a US Forces helicopter a.... came over low with a large flag suspended below while we were at Gasworks Park and before the impressive fireworks began.

Back to reality; today, the perps laid on pelvic pain and aches on my L side and into my L leg. Last week it was the R side and it suddenly stopped two days before my bone density scan, though it was more aches rather than pain. And "somehow" I "forgot" to mention it when they asked me about any pain at patient intake time. Perhaps the whole deal was about the technetium injection, that radioactive substance still coursing in my system since, and for another week yet before it is undetectable by a Geiger counter. One more scan to go, this coming weekend, a CT scan. Perhaps I will be allowed to 'fess up this time.

All of the pelvic aches and pains plays to the notion that my prostate cancer has metastasized into my bones and other pelvic structures. We shall see. And of course all day long, just like last week with the R side aches, the perps played notions of how I would live out my last days, to whom I would bewqueath my belongings to, and what my will might say;

"You Fucking Assholes, consigning me to a lifetime of learning disabilities, anxiety, and constant low grade depression, (caused by dopamine and iron deficiency) and never once did you let me know I was a human nonconsensual mind controlled subject with yet further abusive and adverse "coincidences" arranged for me at every turn. And never mind the vexatious liar-wife I got stiffed with..." 

Something like that. Right now it is wait time; when the results come in I will know. Otherwise, anything else is premature to say the least.

And what is my perspective on having a major invasive cancer? Bring it on and get me out of here ASAP. My quality of life has been hell on earth for the last 14 years and I want out. Make it comfortable and painless and final. No lingering incapacitation thanks. But owing to Canada's Prime Snowboard Instructor, aka Prime Minister, he and his cabinet refuted the will of the Supremes (Court) and the Committee recommendations, all to table a weak-kneed bill for doctor assisted suicide. He seized minimal compliance (if that) from the jaws of substantive social progress. And no less, earned a Constitutional (Charter of Rights here) challenge within two months of the bill passing as so many other medically suffering categories were excluded. The Health Minister had some feeble excuses in Parliament, which to my jaundiced eye spells Perp Intervention big time.

I read somewhere that someone said that once politicians were elected and had gone to the capital city,Ottawa, to serve Parliament they seemed to all have their spines removed once there. Meaning that they suddenly lost their convictions and resolve and subsumed them to political purposes, if not actively obstructing progress. My interpretation is that they get a lesson from the perps in some kind of guise, ("secret government", per Bill Clinton's comment recorded once) and that they run the show and they had better toe the line, including playing up the theater that is politics.

A rainy day in the vineyard, and eventually I took on an indoors job to pack a pallet load of wine cases for shipment. And more pelvic pain and twinges, and too, seeming weakness in being able to lift something heavy. I find this latter event most curious as I took my testosterone injection this morning before work and should of been feeling stronger and without making much effort. More weirdness, and a CT scan this coming Sunday. Perhaps this will end the speculation that is planted upon me, metastasized prostate cancer. And in keeping with yesterday, all manner of impending death scenarios; who will receive what items I possess, how do I keep this TI World going (if at all), and what it would like to be sitting around in a hospice and for how long. Any time I have a free thought, it is along the lines of: "I don't know squat and won't know until the test results come back".

I got my muffler/head pipe fixed today; a $644 hit, and one I did not need in the least, and am still recovering from a $550 vehicle repair hit from last month. And still, new tires are needed as the P4's with a 135,000km warranty have only lasted 52,000km. And we know who has a fixation over rubber and also who can sabotage anything at will don't we?

And I got screwed into making a 20 min. walk to the vehicle repair shop as the assholes had me "forget" to look into my voice mail. I would of found a message that the repair was done at 1000h, and I was dropped off at my place at 1430h. I could of been dropped off at the repair shop had I been allowed to access my own mind and voice mail. Needless to say, huge volumes of road traffic were out on a Tuesday afternoon, this rainy day while walking there. Though, they turned on the sunlight for my 20 min. walk for some curious reason. Then they followed with more rain after I picked the vehicle up and drove to the ATM downtown. That was a skunk with Fuckwits backed up at the ATM and tellers. So I drove 10 min. to the other branch, and lo, if it wasn't backed up too. A double skunk all over obstructing me from depositing my paycheck for crissakes. How stupid and boneheaded is that?

Went out in the evening and deposited my paychecks. And no stalkers at the next ATM, a rarity.

I am 62 today, and still look about 35 or so. Back in 2004 they age regressed me and I haven't aged a bit since. What I find curious is that no one mentions it, save one doctor, and one supervisor in 12 years of this abusive fuckery. And not the First Feral Family, no sirree, not allowed.

My daughter is born on the 06-07-year, flipping the month and day digits. How is that for synchronicity?

Still more pelvic pain and twinges, even running down my leg and up my L side. Most curious, as prostate cancer is slow growing, and this has come on in the month I had my biopsy. A CT scan on Sunday should be the last word on these tests. Yesterday's pelvic aches and pains might have been from taking my testosterone injection yesterday, though this flys in the face as to its usual beneficial effects.

Plenty of gangstalking by the fat people of late, and dressing them up in red tops and white pants, usually women in this color scheme. What is with that? Even at the recycle/dump they put one on to wander into my view as I approached the scale, she some 40' from any recycle bin.

Tonight the Seniors Helpers (made up the last name), some kind of outfit to help seniors get around and do errands, was on the stalk. The large woman in a red/white top and white pants was in the LD store, then in the parking lot when I was and then by vehicle, stalked me to the other end of the mall to the supermarket. And lo, if she didn't lead me into the supermarket. And lo, if she didn't show up behind me at the checkout. What is with this shit, now 14 years of it and untold times in the preceding 47 years.

A trip to the bigger city to get an IV iron feed today. I cannot say so far it has done anything, now 2115h as I write this. And ongoing L side pelvic pain today. The "good doctor" wasn't too moved to look into the pelvic sensations today, instead it was all about the IV drip. I told her I was awaiting a  CT scan in 4 days time, so perhaps that was what she took to be as "care", in a health context. Later tonight I read that CT scans aren't that useful for finding metastasized cancer.

Said IV drip was a deep brown color, so no doubt having a new brown color "signature" from the inside was of intense interest to the Psychopaths.Though to be fair, I did not notice any brown colored vehicles on the way back. I sure there must of been something they would like to register to. Perhaps it was a Coke or Pepsi truck.

Saturday, and no work today, an exception as I usually go to another vineyard that takes on casual labor. I phoned the foreman last night, and he said there was no work. Hard to believe at there hasn't been a Saturday they haven't worked, this year and last. Not a big deal, and an extra day off is OK sometimes.

Not that the weather is cooperating; on-off rain and some sun thrown in. Warm though.

And doing my laundry early, 1030h, (instead of the usual 1900h) on a Saturday seems to be a big deal. Major vehicular cluster fucks and trains at every corner/traffic control....

A new Asian girl cashier at the specialty grocery today; it seems they gave up on the fugly negro woman cashier, and haven't put back the male cashier either. And too, a major gangstalk show while in there. The assholes forced me to drop my debit card and the too-close next customer "happened" to step on where it fell, after I picked it up. And what is with all these dudes sitting in their vehicle in parking lots? One next to my vehicle once I returned to it. Usually I avoid these set-ups when I am about to park my vehicle, but this Fuckwit rolled in after I parked.

Why do I often (20x/week) get web access blocked with these kind of messages:
Server not found
Firefox can't find the server at

    Check the address for typing errors such as instead of
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.
 This the exact message, nothing altered or messed with. I am supposed to have a high speed internet service and I cannot have this if this PC/Firefox gets these kinds of (bogus IMHO) messages.

And a slightly new ailment today, pressure on my lower back, just at my kidneys all day today. Pelvic flexibility and all other sensations seem normal. Once in the early harassment days of 2003, while I was standing up and taking a pee at the toilet, a pulse was fired directly into each kidney simultaneously. It made me realize yet again, that they had me mapped out to very precise degree.

I got my CT scan today of my abdomen and pelvic region. It was a 20 min. session, and not the first time I have been in a scanner. On June 29 it was a bone density scan. Back in 2014 or so my jaw was scanned for a root canal problem that erupted. A SPECT scan in 2001 for ADD became my trump card at the Liars Club, aka, the shrinks then and later. (Or is it the Liar's Cabal?) Prior to that, my doctor in Seattle had me scanned for a thyroid problem, neck and brain both for reasons that never added up. So the perps must get something from me when being immersed in electromagnetic beams, from magnetic beams (MRI) to X-rays (CT). I don't have the scientific know-how to make the associations with their methods, so I will leave it at that. And post this for another week.


Anonymous said...

I always figured the perps were trying to control who reproduced and who didn't. A lot of targets are very short-sighted; that is, they think the perps only had control when they came into their view (i.e. when they go "overt" on them). So a lot of targets will try to claim that the perps only had control in 2000 forward. In fact, I've seen evidence when I watch older shows of the perps' subliminal influence. An example would be a Hitchcock short from '58 I was watching last weekend. A young boy in the film puts his index finger in his mouth, in bewilderment, but there is something very subliminally sexual about the way he was doing it (the boy actor). This is an example of the perps' and their experimentation they were doing on young boys in '58, sometimes of a sexual nature.

I'm surprised that targets don't see perp subliminals from decades back. There is a big misconception about the late 60's from targets, too. Supposedly, there was a big cointel pro movement going on then. The entire "peace and love" and emphasis on "freedom" was very misleading. When targets think about their predicament, they think of slavery and oppression, and it didn't seem to be going on in the late 60's, but if you look hard enough, it was still there. The whole "acid dropping" movement should be a clue, as LSD was one of the main drugs used in MK Ultra and mind control. And here, we have an entire culture based around it.

I'm sure having electron beams and radiation beamed at your groin is a major reason you have this. I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Hopefully, everything gets better.

AJH said...

Answer to "I always figured the...";

When one's entire perspective on the world is suddenly shifted 180 degrees, it is understandable that a person, (a TI) develops a limited view and adopts the notion it all began when the perps went berserk/overt. In fact, from 2002 to late 2003, they kept feeding me the notion that they "decided" to jump on me based on my presence by way of online resumes when looking for work. And that family and the ex provided my history details. Only in early-2004 did they begin planting the notion that this had been going on beforehand, just covertly. (The definitive moment was when they set me up with a gangstalker who worked at the business next door to my office, someone only I knew about and no one else). Once they/me ran through strange events and others' behaviors over my prior life, and the similarities to the berserk/overt harassment, did it dawn on me that I had lived a controlled and orchestrated existence all my life.

One reason they might of done this was that I met a few friends and former colleagues over 2003 and it seems that the perps didn't want me to know they were in on the scam when I worked with them in the 1990's. My childhood friend (then) also "happened" to drop by in mid 2003, driving all the way from Hamilton, Ontario for crissakes. Of significance is that he at no time asked what had happened to me or was I OK, and the topic of 5 months of illegal incarceration having just ended a few weeks earlier was never broached. Had I known he was a participant in the scam since the day I met him when we were 13 y.o. or so and until 31 y.o. when he moved far away to Hamilton, I would of told him to go fuck himself after asking him a whole lot more pointed questions. Itwould seem the perps did not want the narrative to go off track at this point.

In 2006 when a TI phoned me up for the first time and validated our experiences and provided details of our prior lives, I suggested that she may have been followed/controlled and re-directed in her career by the perps by way of covert manipulation at the time. She wouldn't believe me, but I told her to evaluate the pre-overt harassment past anyhow. When I met her again in 2010 she indicated that she had likely been monitored from long beforehand, though she didn't give me credit for promoting such analysis. No big deal, but it shows that the denial aspect is very much a component of the perps' management of TI's.

The definitive book on LSD use and proliferation, "Acid Dreams" by Lee and Shain makes mention of the acid dropping "be in" in San Francisco in the 1960's at a large public park. One CIA agent is quoted as saying "it was one large experiment". And so it was.

There is no question that the high magnetic field (radiation) they put around me, last measured at some 1700 Gauss in 2009, may have something to do with their latest insult, prostate cancer. However, it seems that the perps manage me to such an high degree of resolution that I have come to the conclusion that the prostate cancer is arranged with absolute precision. It has been no secret that they want me to wear gloves so much of the time to prevent any kind of transfusion across the skin (of liquids), and then eventually wear holes in them to allow a small amount of to contact my skin. Similarly, it only this year (2016) that have allowed mosquito bites, where small amounts of anti-coagulant are injected by the insect. Similarly, an outbreak of bed bugs in 2008 erupted and I did not get one bite.

Thanks for your commiseration, though from what I have read so far is that the prostate cancer "cures" aren't pleasant given the collateral damage probabilities. Proton beam therapy might be an exception but it is so ridiculously expensive it really isn't a consideration. Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the "friends" who are in on this. I have a lot of those. And maybe your experience is similar to mine, in that these friends will deny being in on the harassment when you confront them about it. They'll swear up and down they're not, that they're not in on the perps' scripted mind games, and that I'm to blame for coming up for these "false conjectures" (according to them).

It's so funny how none of them are in on this. No sir. They are 100% genuine, and everything they say and do is all 100% coincidence. If I think otherwise, there's something wrong with me (hahaha). They are not operatives working for them. They would never!

AJH said...

Answer to: "Yes, the "friends" who are in on this..."

Of course the entire network of thought-to-be friends changed when all this harassment hell came down. Now I have none, and in light of my circumstances the only friend possible is another TI. It is like war; experiences so vivid and unlike any experienced before and since with attendant psychic damage, so who else but a TI could be of any support? Thanks for the comments.