Sunday, July 24, 2016

Alternate Cancer Treatment

I got a tip from the fellow at the laundromat who once had an employee who was treated by this alternate health care practitioner. He gave me the name, I emailed her, and she phoned back today. It seems that she has had a number of successes with cancer patients, and I am going to have a consult next week. At least things are progressing on this front instead of the ongoing impasse about sending job applications for the fall harvest season (winery work), and too, the 8 week impasse about making a call to get the 12.5' shelf made. I cannot believe the staunch mind-fuck obstruction over getting these two items attended to. And I cannot believe a billion dollar/year outfit would have any interest in actively obstructing me for 14 years when they were shadowing me for all my prior 47 years. That is how it goes down this rabbit hole; who knew that Alice in Wonderland would be a template for nonstop abuse of innocent citizens? Every one but me it seems.

An intense gangstalk outside this evening after leaving the dirty dishes behind so I could get an organic cooked chicken. But no such luck, I got skunked. That didn't stop the tag team covering at every place I wanted to go, there in advance too, and joining me at the cashier. The checkout was another piece of work; a second one was open but the sign was up saying "closed" (after the present customer I assume). I go to the open one and the gangstalkers arrive behind me, and the aisle obstructer was ahead of me with a big load of groceries. The cashier calls for another checkout to open, and the same cashier comes back inside of a minute of closing it. She gets to come in real close as she needs to get to the cashier station, and asks me to come over to her checkout, and so I do so I can get done shopping sooner. Like WTF; she shuts down the checkout for a whole minute to play some stupid stunt that has her depart, then come back and cruise within few inches of me. Checkout follies are constant now; swapping cashiers when I arrive, moving me over to a just-opened checkout, obstructing checkouts (why I never go to Costco anymore), female-male cashier swaps just as I am about to be served etc.

Then at SOF supermarket they pulled a total rude one (same shopping trip); the self checkout suddenly plugs up with a wait line and so I go to a regular staffed checkout. Again, I get stiffed to follow a major grocery shopper. Then the assholes remind me about something I came to get, and I tell the cashier I will return to the checkout. I get back and need to again come close to get past a shopper who is filling the conveyor belt with shopping. I wait a few more minutes for the prior grocer to finish up and then the cashier calls some one over. A male store clerk arrives with a 2L bottle of brown cola, and she needs to tell him about someone (another staff member) "over there" (behind me). So this fucker starts waving his hand and the cola bottle in my direction, bobbing and weaving to look past me while the two of them determine just who this staff member is behind me. He puts down the cola bottle and still continues pointing at my face and I back off. This pointing and waving stunt goes on for another 20 seconds, and I am wondering why it is that so many assholes do this to me, ever since 04-2002. Anyhow, he finishes up and takes off, no apology of course. The cashier says "sorry" and I say it was nothing to do with her, but I told her it was the guy (staff member seemingly) waving his fingers in my face that I didn't like as I consider it to be highly rude. She goes all contrite and looks down and doesn't look at me any. How Absolutely Fucking Rude that a seeming staff member puts his finger 6" from my face and continues pointing while I was obviously disgusted with this personal space intrusion. This utter fucking bullshit every time I engage in a transaction. So Save on Foods; go fuck yourself and your rude assed SMIB staff. (Staff Members In Black). I am shopping elsewhere.

A daily view count of 234 yesterday according to Google. I don't know why I have spikes like this from a typical average of 20 to 40 per day, and then suddenly 234. I give up; how many people really want to go down this rabbit hole? Only the afflicted in my estimation. And 432 page-views yesterday; most strange as the individual postings page-view count (20 to 50 typically) don't reflect this large increase.

A Saturday, and a later start to the Penticton Farmers Market, as it gets to be a total ambulatory cluster fuck, and it was. More Fuckwits stepping in my path, more Fuckwits in "just stand there" to then present an obstacle, and even a Fuckwit making a beeline at me and causing me to divert. Thanks a bunch assholes. And to add to this fuckery, the display that I went to, same as last week, the woman was off attending to something for a full minute before "noticing" me. I stopped at another display, and got the same "ignore the customer/victim" routine. So with two purchases like that I got the out of there.

Later, a full leg wax at my usual location. New staff often, as it is a school. One worked on one leg, then another student came in for 10 minutes on the other leg and then had to leave for another service, and so the first one carried on on both sides. And then did all of the other side. The instructor, came by, she being a consistent player, and friendly, inspected the work, chatted with me and then left to meet me later at the till. On the way to the till, the student who took part in my prior two leg waxings "happened" to be coming the opposite direction and gave me a friendly hello. (This is not always the case as some students are friendly at the first service and then later give me the brush-off, aka "look away" treatment).

I was later sacked with an unneeded two hour nap attack, the perps wanting me to lie on the bed, not in it, with my just waxed legs exposed. And they hit me with more vivid dreams, something they now do every night since I started with the melatonin two weeks ago.

07-24-2016, Sunday
A hike today, with the usual high angst over getting a late start. (The perps constantly sabotage me so I don't get started on my hike, the latest time that I am comfortable is with a 1000h start for a short hike). This has been the first full sunny weekend for over two months, and for this region, that is highly anomalous. They allowed me to get up at 0730h, and didn't pull their oft-used stunt of having me sleep until 1000h, something which just infuriates me on a weekend, never mind the hiking consideration. Matters moved along reasonably well, and then within 20 seconds of leaving I get a text from my former weekend employer that he is passing by, and can he drop by to pay me. (This ridiculous scenario erupted as I had 18 unpaid hours with this on-off-on-off direct payroll deposit arrangement, and then they laid off much of their vineyard labor crew, so they had to pay me out. As to why a respectable large (250k cases/yr) outfit needs to pay me in cash instead of through their payroll system and mailing me a check is totally beyond me). So.... I texted him back saying I would be around for 30 minutes only. And with that, I drove around the block, parked again, leaving the pack in the car, and got onto vacuuming the place. It was a chore I decided not to do this morning when I was about to depart as I was sick and fed up about orchestrated delays in setting off for a hike, per above. And lo, I ended up doing just that. The guy came in 20 minutes, gave me the envelope with the cash, and we chatted briefly, and he left.

I finished vacuuming (always an event of high perp interest), and then set off to deposit the money at the ATM. And lo, if the thing didn't spit out the stack of bills and declare them as unreadable. The ATM didn't even count through the stack, and rejected the bills inside of a second or two. Another arranged delay IMHO, replete with malingering gangstalkers ahead of me and behind me, not bad for Sunday at 1030h. Both were elder-ducky males with the ridiculous big shorts and putting on the dumbstruck act and the one ahead of me standing around for no genuine purpose. And how many times have I complained about gangstalking and arranged jerkarounds (e.g. ATM on the fritz) when performing financial transactions? Too many to list here, and you can be sure to multiply that by 10x in the course of my daily doings.

Finally, I got to the trailhead at 1100h, not bad, but not what I had intended. Just more insane hike start time obstruction, consistent with nearly every time I have done this hike for the past 4 years IMHO. I got hiking, and then got to my off-trail tanning spot, and went skyclad for two hours, one hour per side. Then I was done, and then got back on the trail to return. I stopped at the farm store and met the friendly store keeper. I have met her some three years ago, and after the first year when she seemed unusually tense, she relaxed thereafter, and today, even came out to greet me as this was my first stop there this year. And she remembers my name no less, very unsual given the long standing perp games over people getting my name wrong, if the have any recollection at all. Last year, about 09-2015, she looked decidedly pregnant, not from one visit, but from many (3 or more). And so I asked her about her baby, and things got all confused as she has a 3 year boy, and she said she wasn't pregnant last year. I did the usual apology thing and said I got things "terribly wrong". So was this some kind of elaborate set up where she wore a prosthesis, or did she lose the baby? The latter instance I would dismiss as she seem very relaxed when the confusion came up, so I assume this was some kind of fake-out. So chalk it down to the "don't know" column, as I have definite memories of her with a progressive bulge on her front and the typical facial changes that go with it. (It was far more than possible weight gain, as I always allow for this possibility).

Anyhow, by the time I went to pay for my farm groceries she was on the phone and then two parties of U-pick blueberry pickers arrived and with appropriate visual apologies to me, the store keeper took the money for the just-arrived blueberry pickers. One giving me extra stare time for no seeming reason. At least I didn't get the rude-assed brush off which is what often happens when a Fuckwit intervenes to get ahead of me like at the Penticton Farmers Market when I go there. (Yesterday, per above, being a case in point).

Anyhow, the blueberry pickers preceded me to the same parking lot, and one party of two women split and then went to their respective vehicles, one each side of mine. One of them malingered on the passenger side of her vehicle like she was waiting, and then she moved 10' behind me to stand near the front of her vehicle, about 4' behind, me, and I didn't hear a thing. I looked at her in WTF mode, and true to stalker form, she was looking away. I was putting on a light jacket at this moment, always a high perp interest moment, any clothing changes for that mater. I then proceeded to the wine store, but from 20' away I looked back at her, now in pointless dumbstruck mode, shooting her the look of "are you crazy", and she looked away suddenly. I spend 10 minutes in the wine store and return, and there she is still pointlessly standing between our vehicles. Like WTF; why hasn't she departed? I get into my vehicle, and lo, if she doesn't do that too, and then proceeds ahead of me and down the access road and continues to lead ahead of me on the highway at the T intersection. Like WTF; she finished picking blueberries with her pal, puts them in the pal's vehicle, (odd, why didn't' they have one vehicle?) and then loiters around on the passenger side of her vehicle for no seeming reason (odd, why didn't she just get in?), waits there in dumbstruck mode for 10 minutes (odd, why didn't she just depart?), and then gets into her vehicle so to lead-ahead gangstalk me (odd, why did she time her departure with mine?). That is, stalk me in ambulatory mode near my vehicle after sneaking in behind me, and then in vehicular mode. I passed this wretch some 10 minutes later on a two lane section of the road, where a pickup also "happened" to be tailing her, and then passed her after I did. Go figure out all that.

And what is it about meal preparation that the perps launch into rage-ification attacks on me? At least 20x per meal preparation event, lunch and dinner. And even breakfast today, always the same, day after day.

A barbed phone exchange with the First Feral Family mother tonight, after my regular call with a TI. She thinks I should get a new urologist; true, but am I going to get anything different? Cut the prostate out, or else get it inserted with radioactive pellets, both with possible collateral damage of incontinence and impotence. (And we know who will exploit that problem don't we? All in keeping with the general theme I have been kept in for 14 years of having a lot of luck, but it has all been bad. A nod to HW). I told her I was going to see a herbalist and then she launched into automatic assignment of this person being a quack. I told her that this person (per above) has a lot of successes with cancer treatments and that it was worth a first try. And I added that mainstream medicine has got the science of cancer totally wrong, so no wonder urologists think of butchery solutions and call it a cure to cover their collective asses. And that they are like parrots, and one urologist would say the same as the next.

And then I tell the First Feral Family mother that how would I know that the cancer would be curable anyhow when I am kept in a densified magnetic field measured 4x with 4 different instruments? (Over 1800Gauss in 2008). Adding to that (rare) riposte, I said, "maybe the harassment personnel are causing the cancer and there is no hope of a cure anyhow?". She mumbled something about she didn't know anything about a magnetic field, and I said "yes you do and you knew this was going to happen 6 years before it did". Then she said  nothing, in keeping with her usual dialog format of dropping out on these matters. (A topic that I had mentioned in the prior phone conversation with a TI). And I added, "if two psychiatrists say that I am being harassed then it is highly likely that I am". Again no response. Anyhow, she reiterated that I should get another urologist, and to end the call early, I said it was a good idea.

It is late, and I am to start extra early, and lo, the usual Sunday to Monday time crunch has begun for the week.

PS: Rachael O is back blogging after a four month enforced absence, a seeming frame up for a hearsay rap from a LEO or two. And it is not me sending her strange comments, as I don't send her comments any more, as it seems things just go plain wrong somehow.


Anonymous said...

Gang Stalking in the news maybe .....

A daily view count of 234 yesterday according to Google. I don't know why I have spikes like this from a typical average of 20 to 40 per day, and then suddenly 234. I give up; how many people really want to go down this rabbit hole?

Anonymous said...

We are just being used as ( Emotional Sustenance ) for a Malevolent Borg like Hive Mind Society