Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 High and Low Lights

A year end summary of some new aspects of the present harassment and non-consensual human experimentation abuse that has arisen in 2015.

This is being composed while staying at the First Feral Family house in Victoria, BC Canada, which if nothing else has served to disrupt my regular vitamin, supplement and medication intake, all of which is of intense non-consensual human experimentation (perp) interest.

The perps are allowing me to eat more colored foods; reds (e,g. peppers (not just red on the outside like apples), yellow (corn, squash)) and of all things, eating them in the same meal. Given their insane preoccupation over red and yellow colors, usually in the form of placed vehicles and gangstalker clothing, eating foods of these colors in the same sitting is truly a major event in their color-energetics games.

After dropping grains and carbohydrates (mostly) from my diet in early 2015, the perps are having me purchase and eat quinoa for whatever reason. In early 2015 they even had me drop my 1x/day 6" gluten free corn tortilla out of "concern", per recent book reading, that it was too much equivalent sugar. Not that any weight was lost.

And in 10-2015, after starting L-tyrosine and L-phenylalanine they had me reduce my chocolate consumption of some 300g/day, to now less than 100g/day. Which may also related to forcing me to drop coffee in 03-2015, per urologist's suggestion, to address the excessive pissing problem they laid on me then. (And re-started in 10-2015). That is, the perps were "de-browning" my food intake after this forced regimen of some 13 years, ever since this insane abuse-a-thon began in 04-2002. Though it may also relate to them removing coffee's neuroprotective effects.

On the food related information provenance front, the perps are having me search and then follow more recipes. And as usual, I am not allowed to follow them exactly, but to improvise, another hallmark of their mind fuckery by forcing variation. Also, the perps are allowing more food combination complexity, that is, doubling the number of ingredients on select dishes.

On the related unconventional gravitics harassment fuckery, more food flicking is erupting; e.g. I sweep my hand/knife/dishes cleaning brush/etc. rightward (say), and lo, if somehow a piece of food doesn't somehow eject leftward and thereby fly by some unbidden force to then cause more mess to clean up, or else, cause me to add the food to the cooking dinner separately. More variation in food placement it would seem. And too, more food hopping off the cutting board and onto the floor at my feet, and fucking me out of catching it before it falls.
Supplements, Prescriptions
In 10-2015 I dropped the tricyclic Rx (of 12 years) and took L-phenylanlanine, L -tryrosine, and later, acetyl-L-carnitine in its place, and felt better. (Plus the testosterone helped I suspect, but of course my complete mental being is controlled down to the last brain cell it would seem). This sea change in dopaminergic function was prompted by the sudden onset of fuckery in having me piss far too often.

In late 08-2015 I started Rx prescribed testosterone and another hormone, all under the care of the good doctor, about the second one I have known in my life. (Though as often, this could change as the perps like to arrange persons who earn my trust and then screw me around or otherwise go strange on me). The testosterone was first a dermal application, but based on the subsequent blood tests it was not increasing much. In early 12-2015 I began the self-injection method, and of course that fit with another perp Unfavored scene, that of syringes, needles, medical materiel etc.

Back in 2006 when the perps ran me out of my former employer's disability (har, har) benefit I had to give up the Rx testosterone at the time. (I took it since 2000). Though no doctor thought of testing me to see what the level was and if it was effective until the aforementioned good doctor. Funny how that happen; rampant unprofessional clinical practice, though I suspect it won't be just a historical event.

Health Conditions
The aforementioned pissing frequency came on in 02-2015, and then I appeared to "solve" it with a supplement. Then in 10-2015 when I got busy with two jobs and missed a week of the supplement the problem came back and has stayed, no matter that I resumed the supplement. Back in 02-2015 I told the urologist that the Rx he prescribed wasn't working after a week, he tells me to see my GP. How absolutely unprofessional and irresponsible is that? I don't have a GP, but I did tell the drop-in clinic doctor at the time and she rolled her eyes in disbelief.

Said urologist blew me off again in 10-2015 when I told him it is very likely that the "tiny bladder" problem was likely dopamine deficiency related, as I have a SPECT brain scan which shows ADD, a dopamine deficiency problem. And that Parkinson's disease, (a failing dopamine generating brain region, patients also have this symptom too. Later, when I saw the good doctor and explained this to her, she said, "there is nothing I can do". Talk about a red rag to a bull.

And I spent the spring and summer researching testosterone and "discovered" that dopamine and testosterone levels are highly correlated; if one is low on one it is likely that one is low on the other. Funny how I had to find this out myself, with perp aided remotely planted suggestions of course. I even read an up-to-date book on healing ADD and there was no mention of the dopamine-testosterone connection. (And no mention of this back in 1998 to 2002 when I researched ADD heavily and even attended a national US conference on ADD when I lived there, likely an arranged coincidence. And where I met Ms. L of the story, per Pages).

And so it would seem the perps are back on their dopamine and testosterone research agenda after jerking me around in 2002 by removing my then very helpful stimulant medication, and then giving me dopamine blocking medications which totally drained me of mental function, while illegally incarcerated. (The putative medical condition was later recanted). And how medically professional is that, giving a proven (per SPECT brain scan) dopamine deficient patient a dopamine antagonist, that is, blocking the function of the very neurotransmitter they are short of? Did I say that 99% of my doctor interactions have been at least professionally negligent, if not criminal? Not often enough the more I think about what I have just written.

I have always been surprised how fast the dishes dry in the dishes rack in the kitchen, even if the room temperature is a moderate 20C (68F), no matter where I lived. That is, until this year, and now into the third year of residence at this location. Which now forces me to use tea towels, joining the rest of the non-dishwasher owning world. This, and other fuckery made it abundantly clear that the perps did not want me to towel dry my dishes; I was OK with this intervention. But in 2015, and with the same room temperature, the dishes just don't dry like they did and I now use a tea towel (white with black and grey stripes) to dry them before putting them away. And this is a HUGE perp advancement in their remotely applied and monitored fuckery. Imagine the mentality of the assholes who can remotely invoke energies/physical events to expedite the drying of dishes over 13 years of sustained abuse/research and now changing their methods to allow me to physically dry dishes with a towel. And we have a long way to go on this front I suspect.

Disruption Fuckery
The extra-conventional gravitic fuckery delivered to enrage me has increased at least 10% this year. Screaming at the assholes often erupts when I come through a door (house, car, gate) and often when I prepare food, especially when cutting up cooked meat.

I am getting blanked out on all the stunts they pulled this year, and they have me too lazy to read my own postings to provide a summary. Same as for my written diaries in the past, though now they "forgetted" me on hand writing this trail of ruination. Nothing of substantial embarassment or exceptional mind-fuckery comes to "mind", as likely they just don't want me to dwell and write on this topic.

Two pairs of boots isn't enough as it "happened" in 2015. They alternated breaking apart, and at least twice, I changed my boots at the local shoemakers to put on the just-repaired pair to then turn in the pair I had been wearing all day on the vineyard job. The shoemaker didn't help any as his repairs didn't work that well, which included a $112 re-sole job that lasted a whole three months, his version of a "better performing sole" after he unilaterally changed the model he promised me. The original sole lasted two years and lo, if the same manufacturer's replacement sole didn't last three months.

When confronted with my annoyance that shoemaker wasn't going to eat it, and he told me of another possible solution which sounded way too involved. So, he being the only act in town, meant that I was screwed down to a single pair, and lo, despite repeated (3x, then, 4x on the year) sole de-laminations, I was down to no dependable work boots, and no dependable or trusted repair service. Ergo, a third pair of work boots were purchased, this time online at STP after a two year absence (the perps like to arrange absences from favorite sources for whatever reason). And they were extra heavy mountaineering boots as that was all that was available in stiff sided outdoor boots (not the sappy "running shoe" boots that are in vogue). The mountaineering boots were much the same color and from the same manufacturer as the hiking boots, so I could be assured that they would fit. (I have since come to enjoy the extra heft of these boots, and don't really notice the extra weight). And to add insult to injury, the Canadian-US dollar exchange rate had tanked since then ($1.35 at the time), and then as the boots were made in Romania and the Canada-EU free trade agreement won't become effective until 01-01-2016, I got screwed for another $80. Then add on the UPS border crossing ransom we Canadians pay, and the boots were at least $300. And did I mention the perps like to increase (or rarely decrease) the cost of items, and have extra charges added on, all to play whatever games they find it that? And too, screw their victims all the more out of their tentative cash reserves?

And as the perps have an unrelenting interest in my footwear, their color, composition, the shoelaces and fastening system, boot height and whatever else they find so fascinating, this ridiculous saga will no doubt play well into 2016. Come to think of it, all my regular footwear, save my gumboots and the delaminating work boots mentioned above, come from STP.

Financial Affairs 
Broke at the beginning of the year, as I wasn't working for two months. But that didn't stop them from running me into the hole as they hit me up with repairs to my portable drill as the ni-cad batteries "failed" once I got them back to my place. Then other expenses kept the well dry.

After six weeks of agitating I finally got my tax return papers I needed to submit, as "somehow" the wretched federal government lost my papers in their electronic system. I had to phone them, no mean feat, to re-supply the ID numbers of the forms I recieved, from a in-person transaction I made at their office. In parallel, somehow my daughter suffered the same fate of lost forms, but she was unlucky (har, har) in that she paid online and had no such physical forms and had to suffer many more months of delays.

I got a $5k tax rebate in 05-2015 finally, and spent some $2k digging myself out of the hole. Add on a "need" to get a few power tools and other expenses (e.g. vehicle maintenance) and I was down to no reserves by 09-2015. Believe me, I am not the spending kind and have always been conservative with my expenses especially when the income side has been mightily constrained. But "somehow", prudent financial practice escapes me since the perps first went berserk/overt in 04-2002, and this year was no exception.

Unexpectedly, my perp-abetting mother disbursed $15k in 11-2015 to each of three siblings, so I managed to stay in the black by year end Though this has been followed with some more reckless spending that I cannot seem to control, as the perps like me to have audiophile "habits", as they have been long grooming me on what equipment I "need" to get. Specifically, a new pair of speakers as the out-of-town brother seems to have stolen my pair in the crawl space here at the FFF house after being unperturbed for six years.

Following on from the expensive (for my income) speaker acquisition, there was an accelerated perp interest in having me purchase music online in the form of CD's and digital files and have me listen to them (different musicians/albums) on or around the same day, aka,"music and music format convergence". Now, once the amplifier gets fixed after unexpected problems, I get to do this all over again with speakers (new in 12-2015) instead of the headphones I have listening to. And too, they sabotaged my regular Grado headphones again in 2015, forcing me to send them off to Ontario, following the same stunt in 2012. Then Denon would not reply to my repeated inquiries as to getting a replacement headband for their headphones as it seems to have self destructed. For at least two months the perps in 2015 had me using the third rate headphones, though for the most part I didn't listen to any music then. Once the entire music listening, stereo, speaker configuration and likely re-location of my desk, PC, LCD display and furniture is accomplished, I get to listen to music through speakers for the first time since 2006. As to why this whole music component and music listening is so important to them, down to the source and type of my music files (CD case and where placed/kept, e.g. jewel case, box set or just-delivered in the mail, or a direct digital download, 16 bit or 24 bit or 96khz) I have no idea. One can imagine that this component of the non-consensual human experimentation fuckery that I experience all day, as do all TI's in differing aspects and intensities, has a few years to play out.

According to the local freebie newspaper with astrological predictions for the new year, it is only in 2018 that actions in 2016 will pay off for Cancerians. As in "pay off" for whom, and it what form. And as I have been in this intense abuse-a-thon for over 13.5 years, I maintain a day-at-a-time perspective. There are no Happy New Years on this gig and I had no part in choosing it.

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