Sunday, December 06, 2015

New Loudspeakers

After packing away my loudspeakers in 2004 for a move, and most curiously, never unpacking them since, I finally have a new pair that I get to listen to. Though, the original pair was put in my perp abetting mother's crawlspace packed in a box, and there they stayed until 2013 when they mysteriously disappeared. Only to re-appear at my brothers' place the next Christmas when we "happened" to be visiting. I could not say for 100% that they were mine, but it seems that a person with a history of pilfering stereo gear from our parent's place just might of decided to steal my stereo gear. (And that they were the same color, approximate size and make as my own). This was the year I was going to confront the perp-abetting brother with receipt in hand and reclaim them, unless he would tell me who told him to steal them after some 9 years in storage. But the family Christmas plans aren't going to take me there this year.

And so, with a hefty 65% discount on the loudspeakers that I have coveted for the past five years, I pulled the trigger and bought them online. They arrived today, and after an evening's putzing as to why the L channel was distorted, and checking each speaker, the amplifier, the source deck output and finally the power cord, why, the "problem" was found to the AC power strip. imagine that, changing the power outlet caused the L channel problem to fix itself. And of course the perps just love to have me swap hardware connections, for stereos, PC's and whatever else, so it was a mighty jerkaournd event for sure.

Never mind that I had to traipse all over town to find speaker wire, connections along with the rest of the shopping and errands I had to do.

In the process, I also got a haircut, and an extended edition version at that, as she did a re-cut, and then check, and onto another stereo store, and then across town again to find banana connectors. As it "happened", the perps clued me out and I could of used bare wire ends after all. And have I mentioned how the perps like to hound me after a haircut, all that steel scissor cut hair, both on the floor and on me, and they simply cannot get enough on how, where, and what tool I use for chopping, cutting etc., especially vegetable and meat.

A firetruck stunt when at N most part of my search for stereo connections. This was just post haircut, and after a few minutes the proprietor came back to tell me there were no banana plugs, and so he looked them up online at a mall shop. And lo, if the fire truck didn't arrive outside then, park transverse in the street to block all vehicular traffic and with lights and siren flashing they put on a good show  There were two fire truck exposures on my afternoon's errands, and at least two more separate siren events/

Anyhow, I start a bud collection job tomorrow, that is, cutting grape vines similar to pruning, but for bud propagation purposes. So I suppose my steel cut hair of today might be used for some kind of energetic comparative purposes to that of the cut vines tomorrow.

The most obvious post-hair cut event besides heavy gangstalking was in 2010-11 or so, when I walked the two blocks back afterward, and all the boulevard grass had been cut, with plenty of cuttings remaining on the sidewalks where I walked. (The grass had not been cut on my way there, so in that half hour interval while at the stylist, why, the city maintenance crew got very busy and cut the aforementioned boulevards).

Yoga two days ago; an extra skinheaded male was put into the class; normally they haven't added this extra Unfavored feature until now, some three years of yoga now, once a week. And the same double baggy shorts to the knees as the other one, still on heavy breathing duty.

Pruning on a new short term job, and lo, if a new weather system wasn't arranged. After two weeks of frozen ground and subzero temperatures, why, wind and rain. I was wearing a battery pack all day today, using the electric pruners, the ones I used earlier this year, and I was the one that sharpened all four blades.

The mind-fuck Pyschopaths kept me screwing up the pruning instructions, but of course the specs changed some and I was reminded at least 12x that I wasn't up to snuff. This one particular person has a nag role for me, and the perps put me into fuck up mode whenever I am reporting to him. Cute trick.

The low cloud dinginess was on all day, and do the perps ever like to mess me with low light levels. In the evening I "warmed up" with a visit to the tanning salon, having gotten screwed out a tan last week, and once out, why, the firetruck was out cruising around, no lights this time. As often before, the perps like to jerk me around when evening comes on, and one's vision switches from daylight retina cone cells to nighttime rod cells. Haven't we done this before? (And I recently learned that there is dopamine in one's retina cells).

And after three hours of messing with the stereo yesterday to get it functional without sound distortion, why, the assholes pull the same stunt again tonight. So, far, it seems it is not the new speakers, but one never knows what it could be next.  I cannot recall how many times I have set up my stereo gear at different places, say 50+, and I never had any problem at any time until yesterday and today.

The assholes have been ragging and enraging me all day today, and of course, all the more when at home and by myself. Forced dropping, forced fumnbling and on and on it goes. The stereo fuckouver follies continue; the device cannot be found (again), the device driver won't load properly, etc. Like WTF; all I ever wanted is one single device to send my files to and is that too much to ask? Another computer device, the NAS isn't working either and the last update blew up. One cannot win for losing in this insane abuse-athon driven by senseless imbiciles who haven't the gumption to declare their human nonconsensual research agenda; to me or any other TI's. Absurd as it is deranged.

Sunday, and one of work in the vineyard doing propagation pruning; cutting and removing canes for propagating shoot stock for next year. All from known sources, virus free etc.

 A blustery and dingy overcast day, but thankfully not as cold as the last three days of work. Now five weeks since the return to Standard Time, and nearly all of it overcast. It plain creeps me out this dingy weather.

I was finally allowed to figure out what the problem with the stereo was after two evening's of diagnostic games and getting new speaker wire. It turns out the "need" for banana plugs was a total ruse as the amplifier and speakers both take bare wire. It is the amplifier that is buggered; a 20 y,o. solid state premium amplifier just plain degraded, all by itself seemingly. (Looks perfectly fine when I remove the case and look inside). On with the electronic equipment sabotage. And of course begetting the quandary or do I get it fixed (sending it away somewhere) or get a new one. The perps love to set up these scenarios as to whether I chuck my personal possessions or otherwise contemplate owning them. The concept of ownership is also a big research theme for the perps. At the risk of conflation, a shrink term, one wonders if the brutal collectivization of the Soviet Union (pre-1989) wasn't an exercise for the perps to research this particular topic in all its neural energetic signatures.

Anyhow, enough techno-talk and to post this for the week just past.

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