Sunday, December 13, 2015

Potential Relief From One Imposed Condition

After ten weeks of this infernal urination urgency/voiding problem, very often timed to key perp moments like changing chairs, and latterly, arriving at the end of a vineyard row and to turn around and head in the opposite direction, the perps finally gave me relief. Perhaps it will be for a single day, or perhaps it will be permanent.

I had been taking mucuna pruriens, a dopamine supplement, for the last 10 days and was ready to give up on it yesterday (one of those "thoughts" planted on me at yoga yesterday), and was ready to dump it. But no, a curious co-morbid positive condition seemed to indicate it finally might be working, and so I took my normal supplement dose, along with all the other supplements I take. And lo, none of the incessant pissing "need" of the last week, all the more notable as I have been on vineyard pruning for bud collection. (We cut and take out adequate lengths of canes for shipment to a propagation outfit). As mentioned, the pissing urgency had an unerring knack of most often occurring at the end of a row or start of a new one.

I suppose it was also a big deal that I was wearing a red fabric enclosed ni-cad battery back all this while, running the electric pruners as I was.

Yoga,.. more red out around me, and all women in the class except for me. the owner was leading the class for the first time, and showing off her substantial muscles. I suppose when one is in the fitness business, it goes with the territory. The size of her butt was considerably larger than the regular instructor, who has a but larger than the darling pixie who departed in 08-2015. And what is it about butt sizes and shapes the perps need so desperately for me to see from all angles"

Another perp classic; spilled tea over the table, the mug somehow snagging the corner of the stove. Another screaming match at the assholes over that one.

More vineyard work, and moving from one site to another about mid day. This time I did not get screwed into "forgetting" my lunch at the first site like yesterday, and waiting an extra hour for someone to retrieve it.

As for the forced pissing problem, suddenly ameliorated yesterday, no such luck.  A mixed result, and no surprise for the amount of "yellow" testing they can pull off at any given moment.

A 35 min. one way commute this am with co-worker, and getting led by a red vehicle for most of the way in the dim hours at 0700h. he is a friendly fellow with plenty of gossip from the adjacent vineyard where I worked for three years, 2012 to 2014.

I was cutting vines with the electric pruners all day today; not too warm, and on-off rain all day. the perps like those boot warmers to be placed in my boots. after two years of sitting around and wondering why I was made to purchase them, they finally get used. It does seem to be the pattern that I use the electric pruners while everyone else uses hand pruners, like some kind of comparative stake-out of my energetic difference to those with hand tools doing the same activity in close proximity.

The pissing regimen is on moderate, no "recovery" like three days ago.

The perps lost one of my technical fabric gloves and the back up pair of similar material has gone missing despite my efforts to find the. It was the glove with the with the hole they dug in it. Said glove "developed" a hole over summer (when in storage) in 2013, and then they widened the hole again in 2014, again in the same circumstances. I only wear these for going outside and not for any manual labor work, and they are of synthetic fabric and the holes would not of been made by months in case you were wondering.

Another round of screaming at the assholes over my music playing. The CD player suddenly lapsed into "Netflix" mode without rhyme or reason and wouldn't play the CD again. The PC headphone jack is acting up and won't play. And the driver to play the PC resident files on the CD player (with DAC) is also on the fritz. Three ways to play audio and and ALL of them are now simultaneously sabotaged. That takes coordination IMHO.

They fucked me out of setting my alarm at 0500h again, but they did let me come to at 0600h an hour before my co-worker was to stop by to pick me up. Therefore, no shaving, a hurried breakfast, no tea made up for lunch, and of course, keeping the angst up to ensure that I would be able to compress 1.5 hours of activity into one hour. All part of the scheme it would seem, especially varying the body-energetic signature by not applying the shaving razor (plastic insert kind) with the teflon rub strip on it. They cannot get enough of the teflon rub strip it seems, and once, for the first time ever in 40 years of shaving they had the teflon rub strip drop off, and had me shave without it. Not that I noticed any difference. Exciting times in perpville when they expend so much effort over something that is so utterly trivial.

The imposed pissing regimen isn't much better, the above 12-08-2015 entry being an exceptional day in over two months of this wretched abuse theme.

The perps are jacking with my supplement intake again; a "forget" on B12 for three weeks, then today, "forgetting" the tyrosine and phenylalanine. More of the dopamine research agenda at work, and too, what particular package/bottle it came from and where it was purchased. On and and on, this endless psychopathic abuse as to combinations and permutations of provenance, form, substance, color of everything I wear, touch, see etc.

Vineyard pruning, with the E. Indians out for the first day, one bearded apparition in a yellow turban and if that wasn't freaky enough he puts on a red face scarf with pieces of fugly beard popping out. The moffo made sure to close in behind me at one point, somehow unheard, and just when I thought I had moved sufficiently far enough away, the mofo moved in close again, as before, right behind me. That takes coordination and orchestration IMHO. And have I not mentioned that I find head adornments particularly Unfavored, especially turbans? Hundreds of times I am sure. It always makes me wonder what the perps exposed me to in the recall deleted years, aged 2 to 5, and why they need to pursue me with this relentless freak show to elicit abreactions nearly 60 years later. The perps don't get it; they have fucked me enough and could do best by leaving me the fuck alone for all time.

A ditto day, though we did move to a new vineyard for three hours, and then to a third one for an hour. I got to lead the pack of personnel with map in hand. The perps haven't let me do decent map reading for at least five years, dithering me and all my former map reading skills. They were at least at a above average level having worked in forestry for 20 years. And today, with an annotated air photo in hand, why, they let me read it no problem with no recall and cogntive machinations.

Though a bit of added excitement this morning on the way to work, my co-worker driving. Some black ice sent the car into a unexpected spin after some swerving and we spun 180 degrees before we stopped. No other traffic and no collisions of any kind. Recall two weeks ago they pulled this stunt on me, though it was a 360 spin. Then the assholes forced me to take a piss a few minutes later. Sweet trick that.

Anyhow, a working Sunday today, and another two days before I am done this project that has gone for 11 days straight, so I best get this one posted.

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