Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Harassment

Ever the cynic about all things with respect to the First Feral Family quislings, and too, extensions of their actions and the whole harass-osphere, here are some observations in keeping with the season.

Will be at the First Feral Family house until Jan. 19, 2016 and I am already going squirell-y by way of my perp abetting mother's extra-hard of hearing. Act or not, everything needs to be repeated at volume. And the in-town, seemingly irresponsible brother doesn't seem too moved to act.

And she still has that unerring knack of getting in my way, before (usually), or else tailing me in the kitchen. Then plastering food remnants all over the place was another one, all the better (perp-wise) that it was yellow squash which she insists on cooking (unevenly) in the microwave, which then needs re-cooking once the cooked portions are removed, and of course, cause for plastering more of it on the fridge, counter, floor and microwave. That she cannot stand at the kitchen counter, but does the food prep sitting down in the dining area, means that an extra 12 running feet of house, mainly the floor and the table, get plastered too. I don't buy that doddering dip-shit act even if she is nearly 90 y.o.

The most memorable time did she go out of character, was in 2003 when the assholes finally allowed me out of incarceration to stay here at the First Feral Family house. (Which was protracted by three weeks as I just never find the right place to re-locate). And it was made verbally plain that I wasn't to stay here, even if there was plenty of room. At some point in this interim stay that I was in bed awakened about 0800h by someone stomping around in the attic over the adjacent bedroom. There is some 2' thick of glass fiber chips in the attic and so it is no mean feat to navigate one's feet on the rafters (2" high) as otherwise, standing between them would be too much weight on the topside of the plaster ceiling and one would put one's foot through. I was uncharacteristically early awake given the prior days' get-up times, and my mother from across the hall, through two closed doors, and seemingly sitting up, says "He is awake" in a tone of alarm, presumably to some unseen, but, audio-aware third party. Within some 5 seconds, the attic clumping/stomping stopped. All of which raises some significant questions; how did she know I was awake as I had made no sounds whatsoever and was getting out of bed to get closer to evaluate the attic sourced sounds. And too, she being a non-contiguous room away, across a hall, two closed doors and 25' away. Then, who was she talking to and how did she know they would hear, and how did she know the situation was getting dangerous (for them, as I was about to investigate)? And then, to dispel her non-stop dip-shit act, it meant she was totally on top of what was going on with respect to its ramifications that I was listening and then acting to investigate this overhead noise. And as the ceiling access to the attic was through a small space constrained needing a ladder in a closet in her bedroom, which was very unlikely to be arranged (at least in conventional physicality terms), how did this person get up there? And too, there was no subsequent noise of anyone coming down a ladder or otherwise coming down the attic access though the ill-fitting cover. It is one of the few times the perps seem to have blown their cover, but of course in this highly orchestrated unconventional existence, it might have served another purpose.

And what is it about this Merry Eruption of waving hands in front of one's face, that is, the Fuckwits shilling for the perps. That would be my perp-abetting mother, her visiting friend and then my in-town brother. This ridiculous sudden "habit" of saying something with excessive hand waving and making sure their hands are moving in front of their faces as they speak. Bizarre.

Then my mother's foot waving as she is sitting in the living room and artfully placing them in my L peripherial vision. So... I raise my L hand to side of my face while seated and block out this visual perturbation, one that also has the unerring knack of resuming should I drop my guard due to a perp invoked moment of inattention, usually due to shifting in my seat from a perp invoked discomfort moment.

The foot waving started at Kelowna airport, and that was before I got here. Three seemingly independent parties in each of the three possible directions I could look, each began the foot waving while seated. I can't think of anything more antithetical to the comfort of seating than that, and yet they kept this up for an hour. All aided by the fact that my usual sitting location with the wall at my back was disrupted as the wall had the seats removed and a bunch of other commercial kitch/services was placed there since last year when I was there.

The ex dropped by, and I got to meet her new boyfriend, and her only one since we split up in 2001. I assume her now-new boyfriend was perp arranged as the perps are constantly arranging me to pass between gangstalking couple members, and sometimes they deliberately split apart when they silently get the word even if their backs are turned to mine. In this case (my theory goes), when "coupled", each member will share some of the body energy of the other and I reckon their mutual visitation must of been some kind of test as presumably her and mine respective body exchanged energies are long dissipated and she now has exchanged body energies with him. And so it would seem that their visitation would be some kind of mutual energy interaction triangle test; ex to me, new boyfriend to me, between them and then add in my perp abetting mother being there too. More than enough to ponder for the perps, but all I want to be is left the fuck alone.

Enough of the FFF cast of culls and having me drop at least 20 IQ points and taken down to their standard this past week

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