Saturday, January 02, 2016

Tan Blocking

Perp abetting mother putting on the ditz again,... doddering slow act, always getting slower should I slow to match her dawdling pace out in public, aka, the gangstalk-sphere.

While at the supermarket she threw two brown colored boxes of kleenex in the shopping basket I was holding, adroitly timed after I was observing two seeming separate brown wearing dudes doing the usual malingering shopping act (bend over style), aka gangstalking. Good timing that, as one box defied normal gravity and slid along my hand while holding the basket handle. And to boot, it was fucking rude-assed (IMHO) on her part as I didn't see it coming and she didn't say anything in advance. And why is it that I am cursed with these rude assed ditzes and culls, aka the First Feral Family and the rest of the shit that somehow has lost "excuse me" in public? Another three weeks to go before I hole up in my place in Penticton.

Earlier I dropped her off at the bank and she somehow took 20 minutes to pay two bills when it wasn't that busy, and other customers, aka gangstalker ones, were in and out of there in less than half the time. All to have me sit there in the vehicle in the parking lot while this ambulatory freakshow paraded by, nothing to do with any of them going to the bank. Add in the odd duck who just stands outside the bank and is somehow dumbstruck about going the extra 10' to his vehicle and without the usual prop/act of needing to look at their cell phone.

And what is it about orange colors these days? My perp-abetting mother offered me an orange blanket when I first came, and I tossed it in the closet as I didn't need it anyhow as I was using the same blankets I always use while here. And orange is a decidedly Unfavored color, probably second after brown.

And too, the red dressed Fuckwits, though I suppose Christmastime is the excuse

And a total jerkaround in getting up late, then doing shuttle duty to take my mother to the old folks home to visit the demented First Feral Father, now nearly doubled over in his wheelchair and mostly sleep-prone. Then I got screwed at the (different) bank as the line up was long and the information desk was absent of anyone who could of helped me. (I wanted to find out my charge card bill amount as it "happens" my online password didn't work and I didn't bring the list for that particular card. And which maybe caused that my mother's PC has and out-of-date OS with attendant security risks.)  The gangstalk take-away was the blonde staff woman flicking her lovely blonde hair from behind the window glass of her office. Hard not to notice that sudden eruption.

I wanted to go downtown tomorrow and sort out the charge card amount and then get a tan, the first in two weeks, now off my once/week winter schedule. But no, my perp-abetting mother "needs" to go too for some perverse reason, so it is not going to happen. Before Christmas it was the same deal. I wanted to go to a local tanning salon that was in the phone book, and online, and lo, if they weren't there anymore as a wholly different business was at that same location. All this bullshit over the perps insane need to regulate how much sunlight I get, from what source and it spectral qualities. Surely there are enough people tanning of all skin colors with all kinds of products and light sources including at the beaches all over the world that they don't need to hassle me over this. But they do. (And for the record, they now allow be to be flu and cold free as long as I get adequate amounts of tanning, 1x/week over winter, and about one real tan session/week outside in the summer.)

All this fits in with obstructing my intention, a common perp theme. And my perp abetting mother keeps up the act of stepping in my way, having the unerring knack of doing this with her back turned to me and being so deaf, much more than last year.

Many more planted ideations today over helping a certain TI on the other side of the continent. While I have sincere empathy for any and all TI's who are acting on their own and in duress, I don't really spend my "free" time thinking about their plight in general, let alone thinking about offering refuge. And I am not meaning to be callous, as I am usually hassled about extra-conventional adversity and threats all the time, and spend my "free" time thinking about this facet of the abuse-stream. My mind share, (not that I have a say in this) is pre-occupied with dealing with the imposed extra-conventional hassles, gangstalks, and all other adversities, especially when away from my residence and at the First Feral Family house as there is so much more of this to deal with.

For the record, if one wants to leave a message on the Comment section and requests that I don't publish it, I will happily respect their wishes. ESL and I communicated for a time in this mode until she dropped off the blogging map. Too bad, as she was a rare TI with a sense of humor. As one can surmise, I am not allowed such mind freedom, though I do appreciate intelligent humor when it comes my way. In fact, any kind of intelligent discourse is not allowed by my keepers; invariably the other party just "drops out", by not replying or otherwise responding. Or in verbal interaction, I often get blown off, that is, what I say is totally ignored even if direct and relevant. Prison Planet indeed, though it makes me wonder how controlled the rest of the world is, and am I at the supreme leading edge of the hidden research agenda on us Earthlings?

I was digging over the flower bed in the backyard of the First Feral Family backyard this morning. The obligatory aerial coverage started up in five minutes, that being a single or twin engine small aircraft buzzing around. I got at least a hour of this aircraft buzzing overhead, though not my usual helicopter coverage. A high elevation jet also added its noise into the overhead noise-scape. Not only do the perps have me covered with terrestrial noises from further away, but it would seem they need a vertical range of noise as well, hence the differing aircraft and their respective elevations. And I also suspect they need distant dependent coverage of petroleum products being combusted; gasoline and diesel in vehicles, and varying aircraft engine types and fuels too. Call it the distance-dependent petroleum products combustion-scape for a mouthful, or simply, the combustion-scape.

While outside in the backyard, no neighbor noise for some strange reason as I nearly always get someone breaking out the circular saw, running a grinder or some such. No lawn cutting either today, though it did erupt last week before Christmas.

The perps pulled a minor earthquake last evening. It was not enough to have my perp abetting mother pounding up the stairs as she has done for the last two weeks while here, while I am below in the bathroom attending to this "habit" of facial hair plucking I have been stiffed with for the past four years. So... that is exactly when they put on the earthquake; I was below grade and the floor was shaking just as I was... pulling facial hairs out with the tweezers.

(Though, this is because of a gradual increase over the past four years of facial hair on my cheeks, and not the normal beard hair, that has come on. Said hairs come to the surface and then stop growing, accompanied by some blackhead material to make them look like extra fat hairs, and can be teased out to then be pulled. I have no idea what this particular skin condition is, and have it on my chest and legs too).

And mentioned in many past blogs, I was there in Seattle for the Nisqually quake, 13 stories up, and "happened" to be on the phone to my dentist in Everett when the building swayed, desks moved and the light fixtures came down. And do the perps ever love having electromagnetic devices at one's head, the most prominent gangstalking prop.

There was a tremor in Penticton earlier this year, though I wasn't doing anything too stalk-worthy at the time (that I was aware of) as I was preparing dinner the. In 2012 there was also a tremor just as I was getting into bed after studying for my first exam in viticulture. In fact, that would of been the case for all 20 something students in the class wherever we lived in the Penticton area. And the perps have a strong information epistemology focus to their agenda too; where information comes from, from whom, where and in what circumstances. So yes, they can "pull earthquakes" anytime they want IMHO.

Another gotcha, this time with the orange color games. I received an online order today for a raincoat that actually covers me to under my ass, and thereby defeats the perps games of having my jacket lift up and expose my back, especially while working outside in the vineyard. And a fine jacket it is, replete with a snow skirt to block further wind egress, and even has a lining inside. Mostly a black and a reflective silver colored lining, but lo, if they didn't add in a whole lot of orange panels as well. Then of course they had me "forget" that light colored clothing gets terribly messed up in doing manual labor work, so I really should not of ordered it and instead of got a similar quality black rain jacket. And the reason for this whole deal is that the perps are removing the goretex lining from my present black raincoat, one of those deterioration "happenings".

Back on the dopamine thing again; I read that dopamine is involved in "gating" the accumulation of knowledge in the basal ganglia. (The brain region where working memory is link1, link2.....warning; dense scientific reads- abstract is sufficient). Fascinating, and just to think, the entire human physiology, or more like, neuro-physiology, must be under study by the perps, down to the molecular level (or even smaller) including all those autonomic processes that occur that create learning, often while asleep. No wonder they like to gangstalk me with retards, autistics and the like. Not to mention the odd brainy person arriving in my school class from another school for a year and then going back to their private school once the year was over.

Another supermarket gangstalking swarm show with my perp abetting mother putting on the power-ditz act and now adding in extra wobbling and erratic walking. And as part of this faux-show she walked along the supermarket freezer cases with her arm extended so to sweep her hand along the case glass, door by door, as if to steady herself. Talk about amping up the act, as I have seen the Fuckwits doing these very same things; walking along the vegetables with an extended hand for no reason, holding onto telephone posts at the crosswalk, leaning on the outside of the aircraft body when embarking etc. The unsteady walking Fuckwit act then uses this as the excuse to add more energy interaction. And for some reason it annoys me all the more as I don't seem to have any patience with this faux-cripple act.

And why is it I get stiffed with these fucking culls? The wobbling walking act, the checkout obstruction games,... above mentioned pawing and clawing things while walking past them, the checkout disruption fuckery (asking for things that I told her were not there, and the staff confirmed it), and on and on. The checkout holding-up woman ahead of us requested that I lift her shopping bag into her cart no less. And in total defiance of every perp aversion I have, I complied. One big disruption fuck here at the First Feral Family land.

Even a blatant "brown stalker" at the grocery store; a big brown down quilted coat and curly haired woman  (two Unfavoreds), buzzing around me and my perp-abetting mother who was driving me to distraction with her hard of hearing, doddering and ditzing act. Said brown stalker was making out she was looking for something specific and we were in the way, and a few minutes later I look outside and there is this same brown stalker who didn't purchase a thing. And it should be noted that gangstalkers who buzz me heavily in supermarkets, say 3+ encounters in the store, just about always "show up" (often strangely delayed when they should of been long gone), outside again when I exit, needing to be seen in a different lighting condition. Ditto for another gangstalker in this same store, the white haired man in the white pants (three Unfavoreds- the latter feature especially Unfavored) just had to have one last gangstalking pass in the daylight lit passage way near the exit.

Add in screaming children in the supermarket parking lot... always a noise that travels up my spine for some reason. Though the perps injected a very specific telepathic rationale today for the first time; during the three "lost years" they wiped my recall, aged 2 to 5, I was there (they tell me) when child abuse atrocities were perpetrated as documented in Brice Taylor's "Thanks for the Memories". One can be sure that the unfortunate children were screaming plenty when subjected to these utterly despicable acts. (Buy the book if you want an astounding look into the depths of human depravity, and how organized it is and its broad scope (military, government, business, show business) and how high up it is (US presidents, UK royal family, Canadian prime ministers etc.).

Another day, and another calendar year of this fucking abuse-athon. There are no "happy" or "merry" moments in this tyrannical mind invasion/nonconsensual human experimentation imperative. Any more discussion on this topic and someone will serve as the rationale for the LEO's and Whitecoats to descend on me. Besides, the perps like to suck me down in January and February, even if I keep up the tanning.

The perps have been making me extra grumpy of late, and love to have me rant when all alone here at the First Feral Family house while my mother is out visiting my father at the old folks home. But as recently mentioned, this visit has served to get my off my supplementation consistency and taking mucuna pruriens in place of L-phenylalanine and L-tyrosine might be the putative "reason". And of course, there are the extra conventional fuckery provocations; food flicking, drop-hopping, pulling items from my grasp, and forced "forgets" where they  screw me out recalling something I needed to attend to two seconds ago. The idiotic driving of others gets my attention (likely the reason for it), like not stopping at the stop sign, pulling in front of me while taking their time instead of waiting at the stop sign before they cross in front of me, etc. And any excuse to drive on the wrong side of the road oncoming, say, to get around a parked vehicle when there was plenty of room to pass without crossing the center line.

And another round of screwing me out of getting gardening things done. By the time I drop my perp-abetting mother at the old folks home, have lunch and clean up some of the kitchen mess there is about a half hour. This time the yellow coated backyard neighbor "happened" to call out to me and I spoke with her for 20 minutes. She of the white straight hair with red and green over-layered swatches (or accents or whatever they call it in the hair styling biz). Of course it doesn't help that the perps have me sleep in to 0900h and not get ready to do things until 1030h, post breakfast, post shower, shave and dental hygiene. By then my mother is pouring out the coffee as part of "coffee time" and of course I somehow lose my motivation to get things done. It seems to be the pattern here so far, going by the last two weeks of my stay, and another 18 days to go. Chalk it up to the perps need to sandbag my productivity at every turn.

And my postponed trip to downtown for next week got messed with. In all her doddering worst, my perp-abetting mother somehow recalled that she wanted to come with me next week. So it will have to be another shit show of gangstalking mayhem again, and I will therefore need to truncate my trip and then somehow sneak out another day for a tan.

All this TV I get to watch now at the FFF house, every night. And what is with the TV signal? Selective smearing of the image like someone put a light coating of grease on the camera lens. Then its gone in the next scene, and then comes back again, getting moved around the frame. Usually the "smear" is applied to someone's form, or sometimes their face. Then the usual fuckery with the remote control; it works mostly but has a number of glitch moments. Then in concert with that, the perps put on a smear on my eyeglasses, usually the left lens.

I was led to "believe" (per planted notion) that the eyeglass smears were to "tone down" the image of the darling pixie babe instructor at yoga, one who I found attractive, even if she tried to hide her figure with wearing loose clothing (per perp direction IMHO). Though, since Sept. when they put on the Big Girl yoga instructor, tall as I am but of decent proportions though not slim, they still mess my eyeglasses lenses at yoga. Go figure.

More backyard digging and weed removal. This time the local noise-scape featured the basketball bouncing noise, presumably from a real source, this being the second day in succession. Missing was the aircraft, the kiddie noise and power tool activity for some reason.

I can never figure out why I get 30 to 50 views of my blog each day, when the views on the individual postings are less than half that. As usual, I suspect the perps are spoofing the numbers, though nothing new there. The strangest exception of recent months is the Car Crash of the Fat People posting (118 views), and who knows what kind of blog post trolling went on there, or was it an extra spoof job. And considering that I got four comments for all of 2015 it is not like I am generating anything too exciting here. Just relating the facts as they come down on me with relentless and unconventional abusiveness.

Anyhow, another week is nearly done and I will get this posted early for once.

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