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Cleaning Need

10-27-2015, Tuesday
A new follower I see; welcome to the Dispossessed Class of 2002, the fateful year when the perps went berserk/overt on me, and you too. Or now that I read some of, I am considered a "hostile contract". Hostility is might be a starting place, though ongoing assault with plasma beams, masers, extra-conventional gravitic and teleportational fuckery and the rest of the deranged mind-invasive and stalking abuse, makes "hostile" seem rather euphemistic. Though I do like that quote;
“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face 
with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” J. Edgar Hoover on COINTELPRO
And to me, COINTELPRO was warm up for later machinations. J. Edgar Hoover was also part of it, he "deciding"/leading the JFK assassination, by insisting that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin within 24 hours of him being in custody (not charged even), and that was well before all the evidence was gathered and evaluated (e.g. Zapruder film). And the over-seeing "they" (whoever they are, and perhaps including J. Edgar himself) knew the evidence wouldn't hold up in court, so Lee Harvey Oswald got nixed so that the lone assassin tag would stick for all time. Nice guys, and no less, LHO was a FBI asset. Anyhow, I digress, but one last kick; Jack Ruby, LHO's killer, publicly said it it was one large conspiracy. Those were the days when the suspects could speak publicly. And LHO even said, "I am just a patsy". Talk about the all time stinking conspiratorial pong of the century.

Anyhow, back to the prosaic abuse-athon; this is the second week day of my unemployed winter, until January I suspect. I got lots of errands done yesterday, and am still picking up loose ends today, though I suspect this will run dry by tomorrow. After last week's imbroglio over about not being fleet-fingered enough to make the cut at tree seedling packing, the work prospects aren't too good for short term week, hence getting unemployment benefits.

One errand to the alterations person got skunked; she wasn't open even if I arrived at her shop during opening hours, and I even had a stalker arrive ahead of me to confirm that this was true in subsequent passing conversation. Then the perps screwed me out of going there later just before yoga.

I cleaned the yoga mat from yesterday's practice, a little sweaty it was. (The "usual" forced jerkaround is to have me leave it on the floor and walk around it until next class). And why is it I am getting on to doing the small things right away instead of leaving them for days, if not weeks? Though they did screw me out of applying for unemployment benefits for a three weeks, thankfully to no negative result.

Then on comes the long running need to clean up the cordura briefcase that got covered in mold last year, and for which no end of ozone treatments could not remove the smell. Finally I was allowed to find a product that deals with the mold, any of its residue and a the smell. And all for $10 no less, though I had to go to that venerable Canadian retailer where the staff run around in red shirts. Lets see if it works.

Yoga was more benign in terms of Unfavored acts. The blonde woman cashier at a local specialty grocer was there again; a cute-ish blonde but a little grim, but then again, this whole nightmare and whatever the perps lay on the participating shills must be grim too, though I am sure the whole story isn't revealed. (Like, we humans are merely nonconsensual experimental vehicles for the machinations of our puppet masters, and I just happen to be in the front ranks of the abused-upon victims). Same deal, she keeps her head down and pretends that she doesn't know I am there. But she did know enough to park herself on my usual mat location, and at my alternate location in the corner,  three of the regular women filled in around me and one new one I hadn't seen before.

Before yoga class began, the dishy one-time instructor, there as a student, was flitting about to three different mat locations before removing herself to the far side of the room, and effectively, out of my purview. After class and while I was sitting on the couch and putting on my shoes, she hung around later for me to view her visage from 8' away. The last four times we passed by long enough to say "hello", but this time she was turned the other way. I don't know quite why the perps ensure I only get limited sightings of dishy women in my physical domain, but I suppose they have been working on this for so long that I don't notice. The one other dude was there in his fugly oversized shorts, and a ridiculous bob-do at the back of his head. Instead of the excessive breathing noise from other class members, there was one woman doing audible groaning. Like WTF; no one puts themselves out that much in a yoga class.

And who is messing with this PC? Someone turned of Bit Defender and it wasn't me. Someone also turned off automatic Java upgrades via the internet, and again, it wasn't me. Then when I updated the wretched Synology NAS (wretched for a whole lot of reasons, starting with unfathomable function and FLAC file support that was withdrawn within a month of purchasing it), I upgraded the "Assistant" to get intranet access to this box and it failed. On and on with these technical malfunctions.

Though to be fair, the perps didn't have me impale myself on the MS Windows 10 upgrade via one click; the PC tech I saw yesterday was doing no end of business doing recovery work. One has to do a full blown OS upgrade at the disc level, like Windows 7 for all to work well. Imagine the worldwide user vexation over this one; the perps just love to bring on angst and suffering.

A shut in day today, and the only time I was outside was in front of my door, as I was doing some metal filing to tweak my hand pruners. And even at 9C, plenty chilly, why, the perps put on the HD motorcycle and attendant noise. The only time I am outside all day, 2' from my door, and they put on one of the most loathed sounds I know of.

And what is it about hairs and eyelashes that "show up" on me, inside of 10 seconds of toweling dry after my morning shower? Not just today, but at least half the time. And not my hairs and eyelashes I hasten to add; a 4' grey hair placed under my more than ample L breast, a 2x longer and thicker all black eyelash draped over my nose (my eyelashes are shorter, thinner, brown and blonde tipped), and another black irregular head hair on my face, not mine either as my head hair is mousy and straight.

And what is going on that the perps need to block the "Purchase" button on CDBaby for Allison Crowe's "Souling"? I suppose I could go around the problem by going to the singer's website, and too, listen to a full free streaming play (no samples). This relentless fuckery over every damn thing is just so pointless as it is exasperating.

A trip to the auto body shop to drop off my vehicle for the L rear outside door handle install. This, after being set up to think that I could install it myself, once painted at the same shop. I checked out Youtube videos for this car, and figured it was doable. BUT as it "happened', the vids were of front doors, and the rear door was decidedly more problem fraught once I got the interior paneling off. So I gave up and was going to have the dealership install it for $210, but the autobody guy will do it for less.

And as it wasn't too far away, I walked back the exact route I drove; and the vehicular gangstalking was out in droves, and driving at me to get my attention all the more. I had exited the auto-body shop and was crossing the parking lot when a vehicle was aimed at me, and the asshole kept re-aiming his vehicle at me as I was walking out of his way. Like WTF; make it look obvious you are not going to drive over a pedestrian by pointing the vehicle behind them, not at them, and then again. Other vehicles where arranged to be pointed at me, to keep their headlights on me, and to get my attention. All the more obvious when it is a pointless gas station troll through.

And too, the bums surfaced from nowhere it seemed, to again, come straight at me. Then the extra loud bad mufflered truck had to (pointlessly) go around the adjacent block and then drive past me, all to add extra noise on my walk back.

More technical PC upgrade hassles; a triple whacking over an upgrade to my J River audio player software. It lost the library which had to be rebuilt, then it lost the external Oppo playback device which I still haven't figured out how to recover. (For now, I can play through the PC jack). All the playlists disappeared, and I have no idea where they went.  Then Firefox decided to crash, and I had a manual restore of the open tabs. The latter would really mess me up as it is the context for all that I do on the web.

And a radiator flush job was also performed on my vehicle today, the shop just around the corner from the auto-body shop. It is a tire shop, part of a local chain, that does automotive repairs. And since they charge half the rate of the Toyota dealership for the same job, why not?

I was told it would be an hour and so I took off wandering the local stores, some of which are regular ones. And lo, if the tanning salon wasn't nearby, something that didn't "occur" to me until after visiting two stores. I got my tan, decided that I best get back to the automotive shop, and it would be close to an hour. The vehicle wasn't ready, so I waited in the small four seat waiting section. Little did I know it was all about a gangstalk stakeout for the next 30 min. with the inevitable parade of dudes coming and going, many in shorts when it was 9C out. One younger woman sat in the chairs, three removed from me, with two vacant ones between us. One 50+ male came to loiter after doing the "customer" chat at first, leaning against the W wall. Another came to loiter on the E wall, sitting on tires that were on display. Still, two available seats, but no takers for some curious reason. Then an male finally did come to sit down, sitting next to the woman, one intervening seat between me and him. And finally, when my vehicle was ready and I got up to pay at the counter, why, the dude sitting on the tires immediately sat down in the seat I had just vacated. This whole musical chairs/stalkers orchestration was just as bad as a public transit bus for crissakes.

There was stream of customers while I was waiting (that is, hung out to dry), all seeming to be there for legit customer business, but after the shorts dudes, the strangest was this woman with a 1.5' diameter day-glo fabric piece (yellow-green) who came in. Like WTF; what would that be for, let alone carrying it around and into a tire shop? But as day-glo clothing (aka, hi-viz) is a part of the whole gangstalk scene, it was just another strange stunt.

No Halloween celebrations or interactions thankfully. I worked a vineyard yesterday, my first Okanagan employer for three years. And he spent the day inside, seeming watching news and videos while his wife gave me direction on all that was to be done. It rained off and on for the most part, but for the afternoon when digging over a 20'x20' vegetable garden bed, it was rainning most of the time. The soil was fine and silty, so no mud games, though "somehow" the perps laid on a fine layer of soil over my black pants and black rain jacket. The boots are still muddy as it seems they won't clean up.

On the way home I attempted to cash my employer's check, but lo, if there wasn't a dude stalker surge ahead of me to make the ATM line 5 long. Screw that, and off I went home. The surfeit of mud splattered gangstalking pickups around me did not go unnoticed either. Back to mud/soil displays on vehicles again, and I am sure this won't let up until fall of 2016. The next day I attempted to cash the check at the ATM, and lo, if it wasn't rejected as a corner got ripped off and the numbers weren't 100% machine readable. Skunked, and skunked again, something the perps just lover to pull off.

Anyhow, on to posting this for the week past.

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