Sunday, November 22, 2015

House Bound

Mostly house bound due to sustained inclement weather these last two days, and true to form, when I go out, it is a major gangstalking tour-de-force. I got out to yoga yesterday, then the bank today, both prime gangstalking events. Then onto the gym for the first time in 6 months following banking (always of intense perp interest),

The visit to the gym was a gangstalking special; a class of retards was finishing up and began to converge on me to get their coats just as I was at the tight coat locker area. Good one that, and I have I not mentioned the escalated frequency of retards on the gangstalk scene? Many times. And how is it arranged, as this crowd would not have a clue what the perps are up to, let alone the rationale, so are they controlled then?

And have I not complained about converging hordes on me at various venues and situations in this here blog, perhaps some some 9 years worth? And what is it that guides the perps to repeatedly set up this gangstalk stunt? If I cannot stand multiple persons converging on me, then why or why do they continue to set up this insane vignette? As always, it might relate to scenes witnessed, if not imposed upon, during the memory deleted years, 1956 to 1960, when child abuse has been documented in clinical (Dr. Ewen Cameron, Montreal), military (Indian Lake Project, NY) and clerical (Duplessis Orphans, PQ, incl. Montreal) situations. Note that I lived in Montreal for two of those four years, hardly a coincidence IMHO. And then of course, the epic work, "Thanks For the Memories" by Brice Taylor reveals concerted and frequent use of children in abuse situations, she being 4 years older than me.

Four CDs arrived in the mail all at once yesterday. Another instance of convergence of audio music, plus one that I ordered online the day before. It isn't the first time these "audio convergences" have erupted, though I am at a loss to explain why they do this. Some were used discs, some were new, some from overseas, and some from North America. Add in a few "coincident" online digital file purchases. Go figure.

Yoga was all female, except for me, some 15 or so yogis in all. The once-friendly (just "hello" level) slender married babe, a one time instructor, was placed behind me (S of me), though of late she has been stationed across the room to the W with about five intervening yogis. Per usual (now), she hangs near me and looks the other way, especially notable after class. And to be clear, no romantic interest on my part; I don't believe in it, and in these circumstances who would I get besides a perp saboteur? Of note, the instructor and the one-time slender instructor had a little confab about their December plans for me to overhear for whatever reason. Perhaps it is a variant of the Favored/Unfavored pairings the perps so like to arrange, though as far as I can tell, the instructor never bothered me any, even if twice the weight of the former darling pixie instructor.

The "baggy ass" brigade (of two) was there at yoga again, one of them stationed in my usual location. Both on the W side of me. Recall, last week I was between them. Another go figure.

And another feature at yoga is that there are more arranged "crowdings" around me after class, all at the one sofa where I sit to put on my boots. This time extra crowding was augmented by a woman putzing with her iPhone and not seeming to be needing to get to the class that was about to start. Then someone else comes in, and I "decide" it is getting too cramped/claustrophobic and I bail out of there, assuming my footwear is on, to put on my jacket elsewhere. They used to leave me alone on the sofa and for some reason everyone else would put on their coats and shoes 20' away on the other side of the entry doors. Now, a "convergence" situation has been incremented for whatever abreactions (psychic traumatizations that don't consciously register) the perps wish to elicit. Did I mention they seem to have real time reading on what I think, react to at levels that I am unaware? Many times I am sure.

A drive to Naramata to pick up a wholesale food seller who inexplicably didn't inform me that it was ready. A five day wait when there is rarely more than one. At least the person apologized and offered an explanation, weak as it was. He being the one who changed his name on me, though I see that his initials were close to the first name he gave me when I first met this cat in 2013 or so.

In explaining why I didn't get the full message to pick up the order, they kept the babe helper in view some 6' behind as he gave me the brown cardboard box with my order inside, he being red-faced, evasive and seemingly embarrassed. No need for that; I have seen all kinds of lies, feints and duplicity, starting with my own (First Feral) family, all of which reached another order of magnitude when the perps went berserk/overt in 04-2002. And too, having a "background babe" is SOP for this abuse-athon.

Then back in relative driving quiet; some vehicle trains, and the inevitable garbage trucks on the stalking trail. And what is with the helicopters today, even erupting before I got out of bed at 0800h? Yes, the Penticton Airport flight path is overhead, but still, so many "introduced" helicopters. That is, the local helicopter flying school uses the EC-135 models with the tail in the rotor, and there haven't been many of those flying today. I reckon they are into at least 40 overflights so far today, now 1600h as I write this.

I worked some: a nice sunny day when I expected cold from the forecast. Such a relief to have a warm(-ish) and sunny day at this time of year.

Worked some at the vineyard/winery... taking measurements on wine. Do the perps ever like me to me sampling and measuring.

Been reading JFK; the CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy by L. Fletcher Prouty, which makes it absolutely preposterous that a single assassin took out JFK 52 years ago today. Not when there has been such a barrage of disinformation since, (.e.g Warren Commision) and continuing to this day. And biographical information on the designated "patsy", LHO, was transmitted within an hour of his apprehension to newspapers worldwide. He was a 24 year old nobody, and somehow all this was known within the hour. The most ironic part was that he was apprehended in a movie theater watching "War is Hell". Little did we know how ironic that later was as LBJ and his cabinet overturned JFK's NSAM 263, and escalated the Vietnam War to the $550 billion boondoggle it became.

Even the (apparently) covertly released Pentagon Papers, a Vietnam War history to 1969, (relaeased to the public in 1971), was a disingenuous fabrication in part, as the NSAM 263 document was chopped into non-contextual pieces and not shown in its entirety. Released in full in 1991 (?) NSAM 263 clearly states the US will be out of Vietnam by 1995. And it is abundantly clear that Fletcher Prouty's work identifies the hand of a conspiratorial High Cabal, who had the Korean and Vietnam wars planned as early as 1945, and didn't want a war-adverse President to get in the way. After JFK got stung by the CIA sponsored clown show known as the Bay of Pigs, why wouldn't he be adverse to whatever else the CIA was cooking? And they were doing the "cooking"; that is, fomenting and encouraging and supporting of military action in Vietnam. Not to mention de-stabilizing the agrarian country by having the US Navy and Air Force relocate 1.1 million Vietnamese from the North to the South and essentially dump them there in the mid-1950's. JFK never had chance in retrospect. And so the human meat show continues, now with Mid-east nutters setting off bombs in Paris, and the rest of the world strife that makes the news.

And why is it that human suffering and death is so important to the perps? Never mind the energetics of humans they like to study and how dismemberment and blood-letting serves their momentary purposes.

Anyhow, not much to report today; a shut-in day made all the more doable by the perps as they nailed me for a three hour nap attack in the afternoon, taking me from 1315 to 1615h. They do like to have me sleep through major daytime light transitions, from sunny (outside) when I was forced to lie down, to a dingy half light when I was finally allowed to waken. And too, the three weeks since Standard Time was brought back were constantly dingy and overcast. No doubt that serves the melatonin-dopamine interaction research they so like to pursue. As nearly always, I was NOT running a sleep deficit and in no way needed three hours of napping. I had a 8 hour sleep last night. Who knows what the sleep disruption will bring tonight.

Onto posting this, such as the week it was.

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