Sunday, November 15, 2015

Biddy Stalk for the Blood Draw

As mentioned in the previous post, they wouldn't let me sleep and so got me up at 0200h to putz around online for the first time in the prior day. Also, ripping a two CD set seemed to be a big deal for the perps while my online search activities took place. There is something they like about having a spinning disc near me, vehicle included.

I had to get my blood draw by 1000h, and lo, if they didn't force me for an extra hour's sleep to force a "just made it in time" situation at the lab.

And what was with the biddy (geriatric females) stalk while there: one had to get behind me, crossing from my L side at the next wicket to my R side to get the key for the washroom, and then depart. And when she returned, the "need" to have her bllod draw had somehow dissipated. She of the mid blue gortex anorak. And within a minute of the key being returned, why, an fuschia pink anorak wearing biddy came in to obtain said key, on a large fob of identical color to her gaudy jacket. Again, no apparent "need" for a blood draw while I was there.

Then while waiting in the waiting area, two more biddies arrive in sequence with their walkers and both stop immediately in front of me when they normally would of progressed another 7' to the wicket. Another non-biddy woman with a loud mouth joined the fray, and for a few minutes, I have three arranged around me for some curious reason, on the verbal yak-attack. I think that was the biddy count for this blood draw event, always a big deal for the perps it seems. That I wore my new fleece tights for the first time after getting them altered last week was unlikely to be a coincidence.

Yoga this evening, and they kept up the biddy-stalk by putting one in the class. Another hopeless yogi it seemed, doing the victim theme stalk, for whatever the reason. One other semi-regular dude, he on wheezy breathing haflway across the room. The "bob' acts (male hair bobs) were conspicuous by their absence, and thank goodness for that. Some of the regular females are so hopeless at yoga, and have never got better, it makes me wonder why on earth they persist in this more advance class. And if normality were the case, the odd time I go to a Wednesday or Friday class, they are there too. So to extrapolate in the normal world, it would seem they are going 2x or 3x per week while I go 1x per week and I "happen" to meet up with them on these two latter days. Which should mean they are a getting much more practice in and should be well advanced by now, some three years into yoga at this location. But no, they aren't that advanced, which makes we wonder if this whole yoga show isn't a total contrivance each and every time I go.

And one of the regulars is this woman with a baggy ass. And lo, if they didn't put a blonde woman on my R side with a baggy ass too. On my immediate L, a younger blonde woman and one mat past her, the regular woman with the baggy ass. I have no idea as to why the perps are so preoccupied with this particular type of derriere, but they sure like me to see it at yoga, where it can be readily identified. And what might be the recruiting call for the perps when they solicit this body feature from the populace? Say, "we need someone with a baggy ass like yours, as the victim doesn't care to view such Unfavored body features, which are best displayed in yoga class. So will you come to stalk him at yoga for us and when we are done, we will tension up your butt so there will be no bagging". Something like that I suppose.

And for some curious reason, the perps injected me with a blah feeling after yoga, which has never been the case until now. And I wonder what they are up to; a once only event or are they starting to move me out of there for reasons known only to themselves? Or is this yet another selective dopamine shutdown? Time will tell.

Remembrance Day here, a national holiday to remember those who perished in war. A work day though, as I was on this construction job at the vineyard I have worked in the past, as they needed an extra body to clean up water and gravel  in this pool structure. As it was walled off, I had to enter via these formed stairs and use shovels, a vacuum cleaner and buckets to remove this brown muddy water and dump it 4' outside of the wall. I suppose there was an element of victim touring in this, as a few parties came out to visit the construction. And too, a female construction worker who I find especially attractive and she was even smiling and spoke to me a few times, different than her past head down avoidant behavior. I suppose she is on the slow-intro path, different than other attractive women who have been injected into my work site this past year, who have been friendly at first and then turn it down, as in avoidant and chilly for no seeming reason the next time I encounter them. What the perps get from running the friendly-then-not-so-friendly angle versus the not-so-friendly-then-friendly angle I have no idea, but it has been so consistent that it simply becomes part of the ongoing strangeness-sphere.

Said attractive construction worker was in tight denim pants and a large comfy work jacket for much of the day, though it did get warm at times and she was in a T-shirt with partial see-through fabric. And at other times (twice at least), when at "odd" moments I looked up, there she was standing 15' away looking to the horizon for some curious reason. I call this "posing', these strange departures from expectable habit in the context, where someone does the "just stand there" act with a vague ruse of something interesting in the distance. I have long given up in following their "interest",

An ersatz Remembrance Day ceremony at the construction site too; I was vacuuming water below this form work and rebar of a stair way, yet to be poured. One of the guys comes over to tell me that he is shutting down the vacuum cleaner  as it is 11 o'clock. Like WTF "thinks" me, it isn't lunch time. But the perp assholes let me catch up within a few seconds and I climb out of this hole to find the rest of the five crew gathered around the job site radio about to listen to a Remembrance Day ceremony. So yours truly joined this loose assemblage and stood there for the event, while at least two of them were leaning on the concrete walls, also partaking in listening to the ceremony broadcast. Nothing like advance notice, but this too is a much perp managed event.

Anyhow, it was back to standing in 1" of water and gravel and getting the latter out especially, and then later chasing the brown muddy water. And why on earth the perps had me "forget" to wear my gumboots when I knew this was a wet job in advance, with at least three "reminders" to ready my gumboots the evening before.

A day off, Friday, and not without some perp instigated and needless excitement, all over a oil change for crissakes. My appointment diary had a 1515h appointment for today at the Toyota dealership, but I got a phone message during a nap attack yesterday afternoon, indicating that it was a 1615h appointment, and could I come in earlier, say 1600h. So I assumed I somehow got the time in my diary wrong, though I didn't think so.

I get to the Toyota dealership at 1600h and the desk guy, big gut and bald (three Unfavoreds), tells me it was 1515h. I told him I got a call yesterday which said it was 1600h, and he says he will look into accommodating me. He didn't seem to motivated, even after I pointedly asked, as to who and how I got misled into getting the appointment time wrong. Not did he offer an apology. Anyhow, the deal was still on, and I got my oil changed. Once I got back from my twice skunked shopping in the interim, they put on the cute and gushy counter girl and during the transaction, the aforementioned big-gutted and bald male service person lurked some 7' away. Bring on the cute babe, and have the Unfavored male (usually) loiter nearby. How many times have we done that in this here blog? Said babe had some blue streaks in her hair, none of which I could get a focus on that were at the back of her head.

While I was getting my vehicle serviced, I had two local stores to visit on foot. A specialty grocer was to be where I replenished my zinc supplement that ran out two days ago. And lo, if there wasn't a 20% off sale and the "customers' weren't 10 deep at the two checkouts. Screw that, I have done the checkout obstruction jerk arounds some hundreds of times on this non-stop abuse-athon.

Then up the road to get to a place that had model paints, as I wanted some clear coat to cover the identifying annotation I put on my diamond whetstones (particle micron size, roughness). I attempted to do this with the last set but the nail acrylic wore off in short order, and I was reduced to re-writing the annotation with a sharpie. This simple act of keeping my two whetstones readily identifiable is yet another ongoing pissing match with the perps for at least two years running. All abetted by the manufacturer's seeming inability to do this at the factory. Yet again, a totally trivial event/task becomes a long running game of asinine and pointless fuckery. And lo, it seems the model paint and detailing business hadn't been taken over by another, and no remnant of it whatsoever.

Another pissing match today was that the perps screwed me out of taking my bed-sheets with the rest of my laundry to the laundromat this morning. It is totally standard that I take my bed-sheets to the laundry each week, and yet the perps have pulled at least 8 "forgets" on this account in the last six months. And what is the fucking deal over that? But as they the perps have been totally obsessed over my laundry, my detergents, the color and type of washing machine and the rest of the limitless physical and chemical parameters they seem to know and study., screwing me over my laundry contents is nothing new. Long past laundry games since 04-2002 have included theft, (and once even, the thief wearing my shirt), stalled washing loads, garment sabotage, no water supply to the washing machine and likely a few others that I cannot recall. Never mind the extra gangstalking too.

And somehow the still wet items that had to be re-laundered with different detergent because of a lint attack were in my vehicle when the oil got changed. And out of the deal, my black fleece work scarf got "lost". And the black toque I always wear with it somehow didn't get laundered as I found it on the floor when I returned to unload the washing machines. Like WTF; in the leas I should of stepped on it, never mind noticing it, and somehow it escaped this oversight. Needless to say, I am normally on high alert for dropped things at laundromats as it "happens" all too often while there.

Attending to wine-making; the perps DO love me when taking measurements (volume of wine additive), and one of the owners was downstairs for the day doing paper work and watching hokey movies as well. Lots of rain today, but little wind, and this must be at least two weeks of dingy cloudy overcast weather, which gets on my nerves and especially so when the dinged-hour sets in about 1600h these days. Still five weeks until the winter solstice, and it would seem the perps want to increase the seasonal dinginess this year. I suspect there is a melatonin-dopamine interaction they are looking to remotely detect. Though light conditions and sources of are of intense interest to them, especially given the propensity of light bulbs to go.

Sunday, and nothing on tap; I was going to work out at the recreational center but that turned to naught as I suddenly became demotivated later. I haven't worked out in six months or so, and I have the time to do it, and it doesn't "happen". Another one of those managed states/events it would seem. A shut-in day as it turns out.

More dingy weather, and the perps sacked me for a two hour nap attack this afternoon while reading and interesting ADD blog site, one that I later returned to this evening. It has to be the third time this week they sprung a mid-afternoon nap to have me awaken in much dingier ambient light conditions. And for the record, and especially today, I have no intrinsic need for these extended sleeps and don't run a sleep deficit.

More interesting reading of JFK; the CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F Kennedy by Fletcher Prouty and the lead up to the Vietnam War, and how President Johnson essentially reversed Kennedy's intent to have US troops fully depart by 1995. And how was it that the Secret Service in Dallas was so remiss in attending their normal protocols of providing security Nov. 22, 1963? And the entire JFK cabinet was in in enroute to Tokyo when they heard the assassination news, and returned to Honolulu thereafter. And even the author, was in New Zealand at the time, far removed from his usual duties, and when he put the time change and the news release there in context, the newspapers had LHO's biographical details and listed him as the assassin before any news release anywhere. And too, the elaborate and continuing deception and cover up games that go on to this day; who has the capacity to do all of this, never mind the Warren Commission made to be an abject exercise in prescribed futility. Talk about a major history revision. I have long come to the conclusion that war is yet another element of the perps' imperative of studying the human race and whatever quantum cosmological constants they are looking for.

Anyhow, I should get this posted lest this lapse another week as the demotivation impositions seem to be coming more prevalent of late.

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