Monday, November 09, 2015

Bob-Job Closes In

The much loathed male hair-do coming into vogue of late, the "bob-job", was placed into greater prominence at yoga tonight.

The grey hair-long haired dude, (there is three Unfavorables there) took it upon himself to plant himself in my usual E side spot, he coming over from the W side where he has always been, for at least 5 months or so (1x/week). I placed myself against the E wall, getting more distance to avoid the sight of him, as he had three more Unfavored features; the baggy shorts, the fugly hairy legs, and the most ridiculous of all, his hair tied up in a bob. Anyhow, it would be another case of victim touring again, as there seems to be a lot of rotation of the freaks and others into my usual spot I have been frequenting these past three years of yoga at this one practice.

I didn't think he was a heavy breather, but as it "happens" he started up that bullshit about halfway through. Add in some woman doing soft moans, and it was last week all over again. Except the perps didn't sweat me as bad for whatever reason, or perhaps they are letting me gain some strength without the sweat. One cannot rely of one's prior personal experience for very long in this TI World, as the perps like to manipulate all factual determinations, even if they are not expressed to anyone.

A reflection on the past four days of a laboring job I had, a demolition job at a Mc Do's in a southern town. It was the inside eating area and the washrooms that were demolished in part by yours truly. But talk about a trades dude stalk fest; plumbers, electricians and a few others of unknown trade, plus others associated with the pop machine installation, and perhaps the inspectors and maybe even the owner popped in. All that waving and pointing and looking at the plans suggested they weren't laborers. And too, moving step ladders around me with such rapidity, and too, the trades dudes couldn't get on top of where I was working/standing fast enough.

And plenty of noise assault too; jack-hammering a 4'x4' patch in the floor, and another trench some 10'x 6" wide. The perps like ceramic tile being chipped, and there was at least a day of that, as the washroom walls were half tiled and it all had to come down. All of which had to be lugged to the dumpster, some 40' away outside. All these interiors now exposed to outside light for the first time, exciting moments in perp research.

And there was plenty drywall dust in the air too; the perps like to mess me with inhaled dust, and all the better to inundate my eyeglasses with.

And what was with the staff, still running the drive through, coming by to stand around for no apparent reason, making out they were watching demolition progress? First they had a job to do in the kitchen, second, it wasn't an idle stroll to come visit/stalk this laborer as they had to find their way around the poly barrier to stop dust going into the kitchen. Of particular stalking note was this gormless grinning E Indian, who barely spoke English, he of 20 y.o. for crissakes. I call it "victim touring", but he wasn't the only one. The manager woman, some 30 y.o. and a tad attractive had at least 20 different "pass bys", and other events to feature herself in a single day. Other days she wasn't quite as predominant, but so what, she just wasn't that interesting, especially dressed in brown for crissakes.

Then a seeming customer came by 6x the first day, making out that he was scavenging for the seats and tables we took outside, and were available for the taking. He later came to talk to the other laborer, a local. Said faux scavenger in his orange fleece vest came back two days later for another two visits.

I haven't been in a McDo's in 15 years or so, since my daughter was 10 y.o. She was somehow inculcated with needing to go there, and I didn't eat the food as I didn't like it one bit. Sure, I picked the odd fry off her tray, but that was it. And here I am now, going to one for a demolition job. One of the freebies was having green tea served at coffee break and lunch time, always of great interest to the cluster of gangstalkers as I drank it down while seated outside.

Friday, I went to the forest nursery to pick up my paycheck at the time they said to, and lo, no one there. The second paycheck "hiccup"/jerkaround this week. Funny how that "happens".

A near shut-in day, Sunday, getting out for a nighttime (2000h) shopping visit to the SOF supermarket. As usual, I had my gangstalking freaks around me, making gratuitous passes, often repeats over various locations in the store. The usual pissing match with the self-checkout, the repeating nag verbal messages seem to be a big thing for the perps. And too, I was left alone to deal with this shit, as the cashier oversight person was conspicuously absent. (This allows me to vocalize my displeasure with the continued adversity).  In the recent past, even the staff don't know why the checkout machine goes on the fritz when they come to reset it with their pass key.

A three hour nap attack put a major hole in my day this afternoon; never appreciated at best.

And a vehicular escort to the ATM on the above trip; I went to this ATM as it is near the supermarket, and I could get both done in one trip. Another ATM of the same bank is only a 3 min. drive in the opposite direction. This particular vehicular stalker made sure to get ahead of me, pulling an lane change immediately in front of me to then lead me for a L turn and two blocks. And so at the next light I took an alternate route, and proceeded to the bank ATM, a 10 min. drive in town. I parked and was walking toward the building and lo, if this same mofo doesn't cruise by, "happening" to be using the drive through ATM, something I never seem to think of. So it would seem that this vehicular stalker "chose" to go to a 3x more distant ATM so they could dog me all the way there, some 80% of my trip route distance. All at 2000h on a Sunday night. And too, they weren't quite done yet, as in the over-seeing abuser "they", put on a near identical same colored vehicle as the aforementioned stalking vehicle in the supermarket parking lot. Near like enough to freak me out for a few seconds to think that I was getting stalked at a second location by the same party. Which is all the perps need for these threat games, faux or not.

And lo, if they didn't keep me up for three hours before having me get up and go online to look up something I had in mind all day but somehow kept "forgetting". And it was my first online activity, and PC use all day, as I have become very much intrigued by the recently acquired book, " JFK: the CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John. F. Kennedy", by L. Fletcher Prouty. I am not even a third into it, and it is unequivocal that the Korean and Vietnam wars were planned for at least by 1945. Talk about a "changes everything" re-take on history.

And curiously, the perps twice had me nod off at the last page and half of two chapters, read with an interim break of of two hours or so.

Time to get this posted and see what the next week brings.

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