Monday, October 26, 2015

Two Orders Too Many

Yoga; another "bob" job planted himself beside me, after the prior 14 students left the spot open for him at the last minute before class started. And lo, if the instructor's mat wasn't pulled W again, to facilitate him in blocking my view of her during class. I moved my mat some 12" away so I could see, and he says something (in faux offense), and I said I wanted to see the instructor. Then during class he seemed to have the unerring knack of copycatting my every move, even when I decided to speed up or slow down. And too, spatially, he lined up with me, being larger, I couldn't find I could be closer or further from the front than he as he lined up all the time. This "habit" has been long noted among other mat mates I have given up on reporting it here.

And why do the perps still need to mess with my online orders? I put two different orders in today, (One Click x2) for one of each of two different CD's from different vendors. And what "happens"? Why the perps mess it up by adding an extra order from a third vendor, and this order has two of the same CD's in it. I get three of one CD from two vendors and one of the other. Making it convenient to send the third one back in its entirety, unopened. And what is the purpose of that except to hit me up with extra mailing and charges, coming and returning. And both were from Amazon resellers, not themselves, as I have always found Amazon to impeccable and always got the orders right. (Same for resellers too, but hey, if we can lay a glitch on someone it would be easier if it wasn't the big guy.) Somehow, some sick ass perp thought it was funny to hit me up with an extra order for some kind of managed "glitch".

A mostly sleepless night, with the perps getting me up to take a dose of magnesium supplement. Yet again, they have changed up the magnesium formulation, from magnesium citrate to magnesium glyscinate. The former was not on my doctor's list of approved magnesium formulations, but I got screwed into purchasing it when there was no other. And lo, if it wasn't made out to be ineffective as the leg cramps came on last night to get me up. And before that, why, the assholes polluted my dreams as to which magnesium supplement I needed! The few remaining Mg-citrate tablets got flung out, and I started the new Mg-glysinate bottle. And no doubt, that was the entire goal; have me swtich magnesium supplements at 0300h or so. How fucking stupid is that? The perp's interest in magnesium supplement formulation knows no bounds; I think this is the fourth one in three months, and the arranged shopping experience is that the one I want to get is the same one as I had, (assuming it was on the doctor's list, and effective), and yet "somehow" it is not in stock when I return for more.

As nearly always, no tiredness from the abbreviated sleep from last night.

And some relief too, as they didn't hit me me up with the pissing urgency problem while at work. For a while it seemed like they were but somehow the sensation lapsed and I was fine until the afternoon coffee break.

I started a new job today, just half shifts this week, and perhaps that is what the perp excitement, per above, is all about. A forest seedling nursery needs personnel to lift (their term, though they also use extract) the tree seedlings from their growing containers, bundle them, box them, and have the empty containers cleaned and stacked on pallets. The boxes too get stacked on pallets and taken out by the forklift. Yours truly is on both these tasks, alternating between inside the greenhouse and outside, a perfect perp set up. And too, lots of other people around, those mainly being the piece rate folks who pull the seedlings, grade, count and bundle them, and load them into boxes. Plus regular staff to do quality checks and count boxes and monitor the rejected seedlings too.

And of all things, one of the just-hired workers who was on this float duty too, even chatted to me and we had much in common with respect to mutual vineyard work, and even where we were from. Most others are in a head down mode, nothing new there. Plenty of freaks and strange hair; male pony tails, male bobs and tattoos too, though no unnatural hair colors, or at least yet. Lots of brown color dressed workers, one with brown overalls, brown shirt and brown ball cap.

Back in late 2011 they had me work this same job in Victoria  when I was there, and it was early January 2012 when I re-located to where I am now to begin my vineyard labor training, and now, vocation. It would seem that the perps wanted a comparative job at my previous location just before moving away, and now three years later, they invoked this same job at this present location.

A half day at the forest seedling packing job, this time on extracting from containers, ensuring they meet the grade/specifications, stacking them in bundles of 15, and then wrapping them, and placing them in the shipping boxes. It is piece rate in part, and the perps made sure I was a klutz at this in many ways. The assholes would hop or snag them so they would fall out of alignment, they mind fucked me into "forgetting" how many I packed in a box (21 bundles, no less, or more), and ensured my productivity was on the low side. The boss man in looking for four boxes filled an hour and I did half that almost. I cannot see that I can pull a 100% improvement, let alone attain the level of the best at 5.5 boxes/hour. So much for the big bucks of $15/hour or more on this gig.

The assholes even sabotaged my quality; I had two sub-standard root collar sized trees found on a regular quality check, plus one tree and soil plug with two trees instead of one. Like WTF; I had no problem estimating root collar diameters the whole time, and yet "somehow" two slipped by.

A visit to the urologist; prostrate; it is healthy, but the number is up. Another visit in six months. I did my spiel on why I was taking testosterone, and the possible cause of the urinary urgency might be neurogenic, as dopamine deprived Parkinson's patients have this same problem. (And a number of other conditions that line up with my conditions over the past two decades). I might as well of talked to a wall. Last Feb. (2015 still), when I indicated that the medication wasn't helping this problem, the message I got via his MA was that the results will vary, and if any continued problems, see my GP. Here I have a urology problem, since addressed (until this last month) due to a supplement I subsequently took , and the urologist is saying go to my GP. Which I don't have as one cannot get one in this town, let alone me in in this contained bubble I am kept in. And did I mention the perps have an abounding interest in dopamine neurochemistry, and likely blocked me getting something done 1997-2000, when three shrinks and a neurologist blew me off about not having ADD when I flat assed told them, and had read the clinical text book on this. Of course there was no dialog even, just changing the topic and plying me with SSRI's and SNRI's which did not work.

A 1030h appointment and still the doctor was backed up for an extra 30 min. wait. The usual waiting room choreography of it being full, and then empties out over the wait time and then when I get out, maybe one or two patients there instead of 10 when I first arrived. It has been the same for the prior three visits.

No helicopters on exiting the urologist's office this time, but a brown gangstalk vehicle was on me first thing just as I was ready to back out.

And heavy on red vehicles these days; having had beetroot soup for the last two days might be the attraction for the perps

Another round of music ordering and "music file finding' convergence; what is the point of purchasing more music. I am fucking broke, and don't wish to purchase anything other than rent, food and gasoline, and I am getting managed to purchase yet more music? Online albums from CD Baby and another source with good prices, more from an artist's site, two CD's purchased used via Amazon (per above). And if that weren't enough, I "find" two albums of an artist that was downloaded but somehow I "missed" unzipping them a few months ago. And another variation was another download that somehow wasn't loading into my player's library until I forced a manual import. All this music convergence from differing sources and provenances and as I always tell the perps, I can only listen to one album at at time, and I have plenty to listen to as it is. So why do I "need" more music (read, am forced to acquire) for some psychopathic perps human experimentation when I cannot fucking afford it?

Or is this week's sudden decline in "needing" chocolate (after 13 years of forced high consumption) going to free up some extra cash? I am not holding my breath after day two of the piece rate tree packing job. Read on.

The boss man wants 4 filled boxes per hour and I didn't quite do 3. The returning regulars are doing 5.5/hour. This managed klutz (me) isn't going to cut it as far as I can tell, though I did three more for the four hour shift than yesterday, my first day. There were less snags and errant finger moves to disrupt my neat stacks for some reason today. At the end of it, one of the regulars on production support duties says for me to "hang in there".

And which fed into the fact that I felt like quitting all of the four hour shift, partially prompted by the guy behind me who worked a whole five minutes and said he was "going home". I assume that was the end of him, but he was the guy who was actually friendly and we had seasonal viticulture jobs in common. The one friendly seasonal worker-bee is now gone.

Which is exactly "happened" at the last forest tree seedling job I had in 2011. One of the seasonal worker bees was a friendly guy about my real age (61 y.o., not what I look like which has to be about 35 y.o), and about two weeks into the job he was telling me about some of the slackers, which I thought was odd, as I didn't see anyone doing that as everyone I could tell was heads down working. Anyhow, he brought this up with the boss man who took exception to his comments on the "regular" seasonal workers who return each year, and he was let go in mid shift.

As it also "happened", this firee was giving a ride to this negro woman as we were on the afternoon shift and there was no bus service at 2330h when we finished. I knew her from a few years earlier from other seasonal farm work I had being doing, so I ended up giving her a ride home every night for four weeks or so. And have I mentioned the perps like to plant negros around me as part of the gangstalk scene? Many hundreds of times by now, some 1700+ postings into this abuse-athon. The plasma beams over top this LCD display where I am typing are getting very obstructing, so I am going to call today's blogging done for now.

10-23-2015, Friday
Finally, the worker elimination method was revealed at the forestry seedling operation; if you aren't up to production snuff, one will get a phone call this weekend to say don't come back for Monday. I haven't been up to snuff, only at 70% of what he was looking for for the last two days. Not to make too fine a point of it, I wasn't on production, but instead, "support" where I handled the containers after cleaning. There are a number of support jobs, bringing the seedlings in from the greenhouses, handling the empty containers, fork lifting finished pallets etc. Soo..... a good chance my expectations for a two month work gig just may evaporate. And that would be a good thing instead of getting beat up by the perps with counterproductive finger fumbling, things snagging with unusual frequency, mind fucking me over what my seedling bundle per box count is, and the rest of the productivity depredations.

I got the phone call I was expecting; "nothing personal", "glad to have met you" etc. As in no forest seedling grading/packing job come Monday. And I am glad for that, not having unattainable productivity goals hanging over my head all the time. So four half days of work this week, all to find out what I already know; I am a managed klutz and my finger control does not belong to me. And what is the point of that from the perp perspective? Just to jerk my ass around and divert my job search intentions for three week? Something like that.

 A hike finally, after last week's blatant obstruction, and the prior grape harvesting and processing paid work. And too, in the new oversized mountaineering boots the perps made me buy, putting a serious hole in my finances, especially when they knew the forest seedling packing job was going to be naught.

The boots worked out reasonably OK, a little heavy going up, but welcome for their stiffness on the way down with the loose rock rubble on the hard pack glacial til trail. The perps even let me get started by 1000h, and hiking by 1045h, and no less, all by myself. Only a mountain goat there was there at the top of McIntyre Bluff, sensing that a human was around, and suddenly on the move while I was eating lunch. A full curl horn male it was, and I didn't relish doing any head butting with it. Thankfully, after it did some observation time from 80' away, and then took off and no drama. A near chilly day, some 11C, and a light wind to make sure I was reminded often enough. It was high overcast, so no sun to warm things up, and the fall colors coming on strong, vineyards included.

But within a minute of starting back down, and two minutes of finishing my lunch salad, why, the hiking gangstalkers were on me. Two parties; one couple strangely split apart with the lead female doing on off-trail stop an a minor prominent rock, and the follow-up male strangely carrying his green toque as he was hiking along. A lone female with a toque (on her head and a loopy smile came next) within a minute. Some 30 minutes later another gangstalking couple came at a trail section where I took a section that hadn't been used for six weeks or slightly longer, as some dip-shit erected a barrier to it from the other direction which the couple duly followed, outbound, just as I had. The trail re-diretion was totally backwards, as this short cut had been blocked for the past three years as part of a trail remediation effort to take the longer but less steep (and erosion prone) section. But as the perps constantly hound me over every step I take and where others follow on top, it isn't too surprising that this trail exclusion stunt wasn't erected, especially when another gangstalk couple "showed up". And all the more when in new boots.

The final act of trail gangstalking was to have a three-some of trail cyclists come by (outbound, while I was inbound) the very first time EVER they have put this element on the trail I have hiked for the past three years. And all the more obvious was that I was wearing new boots, with new rubber soles, and lo, if the cycle tracks weren't mostly on the very R side of the trail I was hiking. As mentioned many times, the whole thing about rubber is a HUGE perps interest. I assume, natural tree rubber, with its soil and provenance energetics (from halfway around the world) rotating on wheels in all their ubiquity, and of course, over the same ground of those (me) who "happen" to be hiking with (new) rubber soled boots. And have I given the "rubber imperative" enough exposition today?

26-10-2015 Monday
No excuse but a blatant mind-fuck blank out in posting this yesterday. I ALWAYS attempt to get this wrapped up for the week and post Sunday night, though at times other time pressures/events (read, arranged ones) somehow intrude. No excuse this time, but pure remotely applied mind dithering.

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