Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Darling Pixie's Last Yoga Class

The last yoga class with the effervescent pixie instructor, alas, and we shall see what the next class instructor brings to the show. No tears, just an honest thank you from her to the class, and a few minutes later after I rolled up my mat, from me to her. Thankfully none of that huggy bullshit that the perps like to plant around me.

The vineyard job has me bushwacking, that is, downing the sumacs and other shrubs so no deer use it for cover during the upcoming harvest season, and too, feast on the adjacent grapes. Then I do a herbicide spray on the stumps to have them take it up and hopefully, expire. As usual, plenty of adjacent road noise timed for the very moment of cutting (with loppers) the shrubs. Ditto for applying herbicide spray on the stumps.

I dont understand what the perps pre-occupation with cutting of objects, from live trees to meat roasts to paper even, but they are totally crazy over getting such events noisestalked in every way possible. With road side noise they have a larger noise palette it would seem, from the infernal motorcycle noise that trails off for minutes (highly unlikely in a conventional world), to the extra amplified swish of sedans, and up the scale to loud 18 wheelers and the entire commercial vehicle noise scene. Not to mention adding plenty of cyclists. And the odd passing tractor, often with an agricultural air blast sprayer (not in operation). The perps are also besotted with me being around or within a sight-line of an active sprayer, and have even gone to the lengths of having them sit at the roadside with a For Sale sign on it so everyone passing by can get sprayer exposure, for whatever benefit the perps get from it. Even household spray bottle use gets extra perp attention with coincident noise, or if at home, infuriating me at the moment of application.

(Pardon the missing quotes and single quotes of contractions (e.g. dont) and posessive (perps) above and below in this posting; the assholes have remapped these and a few other keys -question marks too).

And almost a broken record for long time readers, but when doing vineyard green thinning, (removing the bunches that are 50% or more green), and I come to the end of a row, and start the next, why, it becomes a heavy noisestalking event as well. This would likely be due to me changing direction, as the perps have had a long time interest in something that changes its properties in a new direction. This could be the anisotrophy of energetic space, aka the ether. That is, the something they are studying (the energetic ether IMHO) has different properties in different directions. A more familiar example is wood; one can split it easily on its end grain, but have varying degrees of difficulty in other directions, say, cross grain.

Back to 0800h starts again, when I think that 0700h is perfect as one gets off at 1500h, with time to attend to errands before stores close.

An evening work BBQ with crews from other vineyards in another town closer to the US border. There were many Mexican and Punjabi members of the other crews. One could cynically observe that perhaps this was another one of the perps multi-ethnic brown (skin) events they so like to indulge me with. And all the better that there were two other languages going on that I could not understand, as language is processed differently in the brain than say, mechanical noises.

And even the children in attendance put on the rude show by purposely wandering through groups of chatting adults, or at least, the ones that I was in.

And the Mexicans were a mixed group, and for the first time, sporting skin-heads, with it all shaved off and a shiny pate instead. One of them in particular with an oversized mouth and noise features that looked like he had just escaped from a shrink ward. And of course, the perps made sure to feature him in the background as often as they could. Assuming the Mexicans don't go bald unless the perps ask them to, and pay them extra, what is the perps pitch. Say, we think you will look astonishing ugly to the TI-victim, and we will pay you $xx to shave your head and make it shine with wax. Something like that, as I cannot imagine that they would attempt to flatter the potential bald head shill-to-be, say, the bald look would good on you and here is some extra cash for you. It boggles the mind as to all the advance preparations the perps must make, not to mention having some of their own in the mix as well.

The many and large forest fires of the Lake Chelan area immediately S of this location where the BBQ was held made for very limited visibility with the lingering dense smoke. It was like a dense fog, except that ashes came down too. It was kind of eerie, as the sun was blocked out, casting a dull reddish glow, and then getting darker so much sooner in the day.

And too, having a employer sponsored BBQ cannot go down without drama, so they had one of the loopy tenants of the property get into a hassle with the employer to the level that the RCMP (police, aka, Royal Canadian Mendacious Plods, aka gangstalker-friendly police force) were called out to find out what the problem was. They didn't quite block the driveway with their vehicle and so were were not inconvenienced as much as we could of been.

And why to the perps have to screw everything up that I attend to. The irrigation repairs went amiss a number of times, and of course these were the connections buried deep among the shrubs, enough that I had to do some judicious pruning to view the problem.

Another jerk-around was that I told a staff member that there was a large number of boxes (in flat form) that she needed in a bin above on the cat walk. As it happened, possibly in the intervening weeks, the said boxes were depleted so that none remained, and I was the goat for misleading her. Well it so happens that the others should of known that this particular box size was being drawn down, or else it was a total mind-fuck prank. Either way, I ate the humble pie, and the perps just love these scenarios.

Saturday work, and I got to see the burned hillside from last week, but many hot spots remain. Later in the day the 
smoke from the other regional fires came into this valley, and is sitting here like the above mentioned BBQ location.

Two days later, the regional smoke stayed in the valleys, and here it is staying, some three days so far.

Sunday, my one day off and to get caught up got sabotaged with a 1.5 hour nap attack in the late afternoon. But I did accomplish (read, was allowed) some major cleaning jobs that had no gotten done for months. That would be cleaning the bathroom and followed by vacuum cleaning of all the other floor surfaces.

A heavy haze today, with the smoke from forest fires in Washington state and S British Columbia getting into the valleys and now staying there. So much for getting a tan today like my last weeks day off.

Another stunt, breaking my Grado headphones. Yet again, a gimbel mount has somehow being broken and it cannot support the headphone unit. A brief count on these and other headphone pairs that I have owned since 04-2002 when the perps went berserk-overt is:
  • Grados 3 sabotage events, 
  • unknown make pair were lost,
  • Denons  2 sabotage events and an apparent boycott of supplying me parts and service
  • Bose noise cancelling headphones were tossed out due to some mind-fuck paranoia at the time
And if seven headphone sabotage events werent enough, why, my hearing protection ear muffs have also been sabotaged; I am down three pair and the current pair has the foam seal breaking up and three attempts to get new parts have resulted in them not fitting on.

Anyhow, enough bantering and to get this posted.

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