Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Headphone Hassle

My one pair of Grado headphones suddenly sprang a break in the plastic gimbel mount.  This the third time down for these particular headphones, and the second time they have attacked this particular part. Back in the frenetic full blown assault days of 2002, they spun the metal posts that attach to the gimbel mount in place. I was wearing my headphones at work as they kept the directed and severe head pains at bay. After odd sensations at my ears,  I took them off and found the perps were spinning the metal posts in their mount (in place) until the drivers dropped from the mounts, making the headphones unwearable. Sweet of them, and two years later when this high level abusive assault had "settled down" I phoned Grado for new gimbel mounts which were duly sent from their factory in NYC.

This time the game seems to be taking these preferred headphones out of commission for a few weeks, as I must send them away to a repair depot in Quebec and pay a flat $55 fee. And so the perps headphone games seems to be having me wear the cheap silver colored Sony headphones (that have never been sabotaged for the past 13 years) while listening to the same music that I did with the Grados. Meanwhile, the Denon headphones got sabotaged about three months ago and they won't reply to my emails as to getting replacement parts. Another sweet touch from the perps, all over headphones, aka, magnet,s at the side of one's head.

Even hearing protection earmuffs get beat up, and then the replacement head seal parts don't fit by 2mm, as long time readers will recall. No magnets in them though.

Still smoky in the Okanagan valley today, with some 200m of visibility at ground level. The perps like a good fire, and they got one in the Stickpin Fire in Washington state, now within 5km of the border at 35,000 acres. And I suppose all us folks breathing the same soot serves the perp's games as it revolves around the lungs/air/energetics (and associated colors) research objective. Beyond that, I have no idea as to what their purposes are with respect to "the breath" as they keep repeating in yoga.

A visit to the local drop-in medical clinic to get my Rx repeat; they insist that I can have only a 3 month supply, and so these trips to the doctor's office four times a year, plus others. They put the pleasant and attentive medical assistant on today, and with her doting manner and slim figure, she has made a significant positive impression the past three times or so that I have encountered her. She was running the show behind the counter while I was there, except when I exited, because the bitchy young one was placed next to her as I passed by.

This was the medical office assistant (MOA) that got into a total snit last year when my medical card had an unreadable number on it, duly rubbed off by the perps in the interim as three months earlier it was just fine (and had no other use). At the time, said bitch also seemed to not know that the magnetic stripe was readable and that she had a magnetic reader slot on the end of her keyboard. And of course I wasn't allowed to know about that detail at that moment as a rebuttal to her over dramatized complaining about my medical card's legibility. So what is this game about then, putting the nice girl next to the bitch, and having me glance their way for a second or two on the way out of the office? It is absurd as it is contrived. Or is it more games about placing the one with the Favored aura next to the Unfavored aura? This would be similar to the long running perp's game of putting the (Unfavored) dudes next to the Favored babes, and too, putting dudes and other Unfavored specimens next to the Favored attractive blonde babe. The difference this time is that the bitch "earned" her Unfavored status last year, different than the usual gangstalking parade of freaks that appear to have some kind of psychic abreactions generated in the lost years (read recall wiped), when aged 2 to 5 y.o.

And if that wasn't enough of the medical capers, then the Rx capers followed. The perps were having me piss more frequently of late, and that meant I needed to get my Rx refilled. I was holding off on the refill for the reason of avoiding a $70 charge for the Rx (read on). I asked for a partial refill of 10 pills and when I returned, the asshole filled the full Rx. Not only that, the perps controlled me to not complain, and not say anything and take the full $70 hit. Two days later, this same male Rx was doing duty for me to see him there, but he then retreated and I got a sweet young Rx babe in glasses to take my Rx.

I went to the the Good Doctor in Kelowna, this time no forest fires broke out along the way, unlike my last trip there for the same purpose, 6 weeks ago or so. I am going to be starting testosterone supplementation in the next week, and we shall see where this goes.  [later update: Wrong, three forest fires broke out in the Kelowna area during my visit, not two like last visit. The link has only one listed, but I was told by my co-worker it was three. Maybe he rolled these fires together].

After i visit the doctor I see a new skin tag has erupted on my face, making it the fourth one, three in the last two months or so. It is medical wack-a-mole again, solve one problem (I hope) and another erupts too late to get a doctor to deal with it.

Another music/headphone takedown, totally blatant. After listening to a new performer for one song, the headphones, the one remaining working pair, got sabotaged for no music. There was no change in websites, it was simply selecting the next song on the list, and poof, they didn't work. Ditto for a certain rock queen's videos, they don't play when they worked fine last night on the same site. (This was the same rock queen I whose biography I read two weeks ago).

The perps broke my frame-less glasses this morning; I had just got up, reached for them and poof, the temple piece broke. I turned on the light to see what happened, and the assholes broke (looks more like sheared) the titanium hinge-less temple. An hour off to see the optician and the part ($125) will have to be ordered from Montreal, and the custom soldering to put the cable temple on will be done in a lab in Vancouver. Some 8 to 10 days he said. So now I wear my backup pair without the integrated bifocal, hence much lifting of my glasses to see anything close.

And a blood draw at the lab across the street from the optician. The elder-duckie males were on the gangstalk beat; one had to accompany me coming from outside, and the other "happened' to be there on the second floor, now two of them and me in the elevator for a three story building. And lo, if the fuckers didn't go to the lab as well, needing blood draws too. And lo, if there wasn't a profusion of red vehicles after this, and even three same red vehicles in sequence ahead of me at one point. And I had a picture, but somehow it got lost when transferring from the phone to this PC. Funny how that happens.

Everything is going wrong today, and these recall lapses the assholes are putting on me are unsettling to say the least. The they pulled a driving stunt, having me exit a known location I have used before, and then I turned into the oncoming lane, in L hand drive mode for about three seconds until they let me in on the fact I was on the wrong side of the road with a vehicle some 100m away. I haven't had one of these blatant wrong way driving mind control stunts since about 2005 or 2006, when they pulled this one at night. And of course, held off the traffic to avoid a collision, just like this time. Funny how that happens.

I worked for my Saturday employer, as a member of a vineyard labor crew. They all seem to know what to do without instruction with respect to the gangstalking scene. As most of the crew are E. Indian, as is the foreman, and most of the instruction is in their language. More than once I have been lured into going the wrong way, only to find them all working away on an adjacent new block. Then they filter out unseen to move their vehicles closer, and lo, if I don't find this out later and retrive my vehicle at lunch time, two hours later.

And just the regular crew, no Mexicans as they are on the night time picking shift, supporting the grape harvesting that typically begins at 0300h. That is, the dead of the night when the grapes are cool. They may be hand picking after the harvester has been through.

The Penticton Challenge is on today, and my brother participates in regularly, and its predecessor, the Penticton Iron Man. In the case of the latter he would do all three triathlete sports, but the Challenge version allows team relays, so he does the cycling.

In the last thee years he has come for the event he and his family contact me and I hang out with my sister-in-law and niece.  We would try to catch him at the transitions and cheer him on, and especially when he finished. But this year, they never phoned in advance, and only today did I get a call from my sister-in-law, later in the morning, and she indicated that they were going to have a nap in the afternoon. Nothing says "don't bother us" louder when a nap is calling. I was told the brother-athlete would phone me in the afternoon, but he didn't. He and his family scuttled off without so much as phone call after the event..

My brother and family pulled this same stunt back in 2005 or 2006, when I lived in Victoria. They came from out of town to visit for the weekend and never called me when there. It is fucking rude, but in keeping with the harassment prominent hassle I get from every direction. This is just the First Feral Family version. Maybe he doesn't want to front for the speakers he stole from my belongings that I discovered last Christmas, though I doubt whether he gives a shit as to his thieving victims.But what I would like to know is who told that the speakers were there in the crawl space, and how did he manage to find the right box. (Though, it may have been labelled on the outside). But still, the speakers and other boxes had been there unperturbed since 2007, and suddenly he "finds" them (to steal).

Anyhow, I got 5lb of basil rendered into pesto sauce, though only by adding olive oil so it can be frozen in an ice cube tray and then kept as frozen for winter time use. A true pesto sauce would have garlic and nuts added, but I will add them at the time of food preparation instead.. Call it freezer storage pesto, as the perps so like to have things named, And usually, many names to maximize the confusion, aka FUD. And they are also besotted with vegetation being cut, and all the better when in a food processor. It was the last batch, or maybe the one before, when they ran a lawnmower simultaneously from several houses away.

Continued fuckery over being able to read due to my integrated bifocal glasses been taken out two days ago. To see anything close I must take my old pair off  or lift them to my forehead. As always, such fuckery is engineered to the microsecond, and what they get from it I don't know. It has long been apparent that the perps like to arrange for me so see familiar and unfamiliar objects and beings through all kinds of transparent medium; safety glass with the layer of plastic in it, single and double pane window glass, plastic lenses and even through poly plastic. At the farm I was working at in 2008 to 2010, they even had a negro parade though the poly covered greenhouse for crissakes.

And this posting got delayed for three days, as I like to post them on Sunday evening. Then they had my Sunday evenings too busy, and so it slid to Monday. That is yoga night, and so finishing the blog posting didn't happen until Tuesday evening. Now the assholes have made the weekly posting day Wednesday. I often find that the perps like to incrementally change days or expections from the readers' perspective. Just as they like to change prices on items in the store, jacking them up or down, and ensuring that I get to see it. Anyhow, enough trivia, and to get this posted

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