Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Car Crash of the Fat People

A most curious car crash that occurred less than five minutes before I "happened" upon the scene. The police and ambulance had not arrived, and thankfully, neither the infernal siren noise. It is a rare day when I am headed out on a weekday at 0800h; first because I start work at 0700h during these hot summer days, and that I was on my way to the dentist for teeth cleaning. This particular corner isn't dangerous, a basic orthogonal uncontrolled T intersection, but it is nearly constantly covered by gangstalk vehicle trains anytime I turn there. It is a tertiary arterial with a single lane of traffic in either direction. But today, opposite me at the "head" of the T intersection, stopped at the curb were two vehicles, with some debris around them, and three fat people standing around the lead red vehicle. As I turned the corner I could see the second vehicle had the trunk bashed in, at least 2' of horizontal vehicle space mashed into untidy folds. And then the apparent occupants of this latter vehicle came into view standing on the adjacent side walk, and both of them were fat. As in each over 220lb, and under 5''10", as well as the first mentioned three. So here we have a vehicle crash, one red one, one silver-grey (get that?, the time worn favorite gangstalking vehicle colors), and five occupants all told, and all obese. Like who dreams up this ludicrous juxtaposition of Unfavoreds?  ECCO of course, per Dr. John Lily, the Earth Coincidence Control Organization.

It has been long noted since the perps went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002, that they arranged fake accidents with no vehicle crash, and the police and the ambulance duly participating in the arranged farce. But it has also been clear that there has been seemingly real ones, with smashed vehicles and debris on  the street. And of course I don't have a full opportunity to evaluate these crashes as I am driving and don't wish to cause further traffic congestion. But it also clear from the arranged past, before 04-2002, there have been real accidents and when mentioned in passing years later to say, a work colleague, they had personal knowledge of the victims, including the deceased. I don't claim to understand what the perps get out of this, say for real accidents, save blood interactions with the inside or outside of the vehicle, plus backed-up traffic slowly passing people (aka gangstalking) in huge duress. The perps plain "feed off", (meaning, derive some kind of psychic and physical research benefit) of individuals in dire emotional  and physical circumstances, i.e. duress and distress. And we wonder why these wars are declared, never mind the associated atrocities.

A long weekend here, British Columbia Day, and for many other Canadian provinces, though under different names in each province. Dull and cloudy conditions came on when I thought I could get some tanning.

While working at the vineyard, the vehicle/noise trains all day long, even putting on the HD motorcycle noise at 0715h, just after starting work. And nearly always, extra noise at I finish a row and change direction to work on the next one.

This is the 1700th posting, though that might include a few drafts that have not made it yet, now long forgotten. The perps like it when I hit milestones, e.g., when my vehicle turns 400,000 km, the former Volvo 245 I owned until mind 2006.

A single Snowbird came to visit today, supplying an hour worth of booming low level jet noise, circling the vineyard a few times, and keeping me inundated with varying degrees of rumbling and booming. Not unlike yesterday's thunderstorm that came for some 30 minutes, and delivering plenty of intense rain. And flying in the airspace approaches of the Penticton airport no less, plugging it up while this "show" was on.

And as I write this at 1835h, why, the same aircraft and noise has come to "visit" me again, plugged into this PC for the first time today.

Back to vehicular accidents and nearly so. Last week a negro on bicycle 2" from my mirror on my  parked vehicle came past at high speed when I was reaching for the door handle. I was about to open the door when this Royal Fuckwit screamed past my car door. Like WTF; how stupid in conventional terms to not leave clearance from parked vehicle doors when there is available road width, which there was ample . Especially as an unfortunate cyclist died in these same circumstances in Kelowna, only two days earlier. In unconventional terms, (totally organized harassment and remotely applied neural control), the whole deal was planned out to the microsecond, to "read me" just before getting out of the vehicle to get my blood tests done. And where does one find a negro in this town on a bicycle decked out in cyclist's clothing? Only if one orchestrates it as there aren't many negroes in this town, let alone ones as athletic cyclists.

A two Snowbird visit/stalk at the vineyard today. I got screwed into using two different kinds of sun block today, the old tube running out in mid-application when in the winery washrooms at break time. So I finish up on the break and go outside to my vehicle where the new bottle of sun block was, and apply it to the missed areas on my face. And at that very moment, why, two Snowbirds in formation came in low and directly overhead, maybe 150' above the terrain, and provided their characteristic booming jet engine noise they have inculcated me with for the prior 24 hours. Such a fluke, running out of one tube of sunblock (less than 1x per year), using the new tube and here they are again, closer than ever.

Saturday, and at my alternate employer for a day of vineyard work beginning at 0600h. Oddly, the crew was augmented with some of the Mexican crew members, around six of them. Not that they showed my interest in me, and didn't try Spanish on me to find out if I knew any. It was a similar crew make-up to my farm work days, 2008 to 2012; a few Caucasians but mostly Punjabis and Mexicans. In cynical terms, it must be all about the brown again, as in skin color, and placing them near my proximity, especially when I was shirtless for two hours. Too, the perps know I consider hats and other head adornments as Unfavored, especially turbans, and there were some of those too. The Mexicans also obliged by hanging rags on their heads and down their back just to look extra ridiculous (and Unfavored).

Sunday, and I made 3lb of basil into a paste with the addition of olive oil, to then froze into cubes and then to store in the freezer for over winter. The perps enraged me some with spills, basil leaves fluttering outside the container that was to hold all of them, and had pesto sauce flicked about on the food processor, adjacent stove etc. Put it this way, it wasn't as sabotaged as three weeks ago when I made 1 lb into pesto sauce. After the initial jerkarounds to enrage me, I was allowed to be reasonably competent, and finished the job, including cleaning up, in two hours. It is a 7 cup food processor and isn't adequate for these larger quantities.

Went back to the farm to start a hike, and then tanned skyclad off-trail for an hour or so. I wasn't totally alone, as three aircraft came by a half mile away or so, one being a new (to me) helicopter, a EC-120 (two door), a little smaller than the EC-135 (four door) that frequent this region, and by extension, participate in the TI noisestalk and gangstalk scene.

I shall wrap this one up today, 08-92-2015, as I am getting behind on postings and lots of other things too.

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