Monday, August 03, 2015

Post Yoga Day- all things must go wrong

Yoga yesterday, and Bob was there again, he of the ridiculous bob knot on top of his head. And besides his big fugly beard, why, he treated me to more fugly black hair from his armpits, wearing a singlet this time. Thankfully he was out of my gaze for the most part. Another dude was posted on my other side at the back too, he of auburn hair, not quite at the red hair level that is so Unfavored. Another pointless yoga visitor IMHO, as he was so stiff and awkward that even a beginner level class would of been taxing for him. And why do they put these cats in a power yoga class? Beats me, but thankfully that fat oaf with the heavy breathing, another ridiculous male yoga plant/gangstalker, hasn't showed up in the last few months.

As I entered the parking lot after class, why, there was Bob in his California licensed vehicle, pulling out. Not your average tourist for sure, and all the more odd that he looks more like a itinerant fruit picker, a common sight in this region at this time of year. So what do the perps do to arrange this; teleport him up for the class, or have him "visit" the region for weeks or perhaps a combination? And how do they pick these fugly characters: genetics, major curly hair or some other Unfavored feature? Don't know, or care.

The effervescent darling pixie yoga instructor was back, adding tight boy-cut shorts to her compelling visage. It did dawn on me that of the class of 12 or so, only one other was a regular, the woman with the squarish ass, who they now like to put on my L side for some reason. Most of them are on my R side as I sit myself (per mind controlled and prior inhabited in the same E side location). Some class members come for a few months and fade out, and some seem to be guested in, just for single class. One time, the seeming perp operative male instructor singled them out as "you guys", who were in fact two young women, seemingly from a dance class as they were very limber, and never to come again.

Back at the vineyard day job, where the perps put on a show of the hedger and string trimmer both going wrong on the same job, taming the vegetation on the adjacent roadside bank. An excellent perp moment it would seem, as they kept steady vehicle trains in either direction, or both at once sometimes, and kept up pummeling me with noise through the hearing protection.

The new string trimmer line kept spinning off the spool, or else prematurely shortened to then retract inside the central hub to force me to stop, open it up, re-set the strings and put it back together, only to have this "happen" a few minutes later.  Then the hedger seized up, and further increased my annoyance level...., still at the roadside bank with the traffic trains continuing.  And to keep everyone in the extra-conventional reality loop here, the perps have exquisite control over all physical objects, including liquids, and can arrange any and all adverse events at their choosing. In the case of this TI victim, the adversity rate went up 5 fold or more since they went berserk/overt in 04-2002, and they haven't let up. Infuriating the TI victim is their first and best play all the time.

And that started this morning, getting me up at 0630h when the alarm was set for 0500h/ First they faked me into "thinking" it was 0530h, so I was a half hour late. Some 20 minutes later they let me in on the fact that I was 90 minutes late. Worse yet, there were all these lurid dreams with former co-workers during the 0500h to 0630h interlude when I should of been up. The assholes also kept me awake for 30 minutes or more when I went to bed, and had awakened me for about the same length of time in the night for no know reason. I wasn't short on sleep before I went to bed, and given the perps ability to control my awake state, regardless of prior sleep, the assholes are full measure for totally screwing me around this morning.

The string trimmer worked well with the new line I put in this morning, an unexpected bonus. I serviced the hedger but to no avail, and took it in.

I got much more weed eating done along the roadside, and lo, more long (10+) trains of vehicles in tight formation came by from both directions. Another stunt is to have a tractor drive along the road and the stream of traffic pass it, all of the passing vehicles going into the opposite lane, adroitly made vacant so more of the train can pass the tractor.

This corker about Eisenhower and HIS mass starvation atrocities HE perpetrated post WWII. Needless to say, something this well documented (per story), could have come back to bite him big time. And yet, he ran for president twice, and served two terms. So what assurances did he have that this atrocity would not come to haunt him for his later election or presidency? And from whom? Also interesting that General Patton countermanded Eisenhower's orders and set Germans free after WWII and he "somehow" had a vehicle accident two weeks later and died. And too, the perps do like to arrange starvations and stress the whole digestive system, often to the end. And how they can also arrange coincidences to suit their nonconsensual human research objectives too, don't I know.

Vineyard work was weed eating on three locations: which meant being covered in vegetative splatter that didn't come off in the laundry tonight. + a $80 tab to replace garments. thanks a bunch assholes. Never mind the "hits" they pull on my L leg; somehow those little pebble hits turned into visible sores that will take a week or so to heal. The perps like to delay healing much of the time, and the vitamin E cream did not help for some curious reason.

A very hot day, 32C, and I was perfectly OK in it. doing vineyard labor work in these huge vineyards S of Oliver BC.

Yesterday this same crew somehow "forgot" to tell me about the morning break, when they are usually quite vocal about it, informing everyone. Even the foremen got into the act, as I was the only person working N ward after the break, (because I missed it) when every one else began working S ward after the break. Sudden exclusive crew behaviours are not new, as long time readers will recall that this same stunt was pulled in 2009 at a farm I worked at.

Sunday, and what a non-day it was. I got nailed for a 2 hour nap attack in the afternoon, and that took the stuffing out of me. I got sucked down this morning online, their favorite place to have me waste time. Other errands kept me busy in the morning and by noon, the clouds rolled in to prevent tanning, a highly prescribed activity for the perps. They can even nullify tanning effects on certain body locations if they want. That I am in many hues of brown, deepest with the back of my leg calves that get plenty of vineyard sun, has not gone unnoticed in their long running brown color games they put me through.

 And skunked at the laundromat, not open Sundays as of today, and I was there two days ago and no prior notice, even when chatting with the owners. A full on freak show at the alternative laundromat, with a two male dude surge coming at me when I I entered in the place. Makes me wonder how long they were sitting there waiting for me. And now, outside the laundromat a motorcycle and later, a motor-home, both very common summertime gangstalking vehicles.

On the diet front, for the first time in over 10 years, the perps are allowing me to have green salads, sometimes two per day, and for several days in succession. This is a truly remarkable change in their permitted diet, as even last year at this time, as they would have me not eat salads for at least a three day interval after consuming one. I suppose the "warm up" was at Christmas time when at the First Feral Family house in Victoria, with my perp abetting mother giving me salad each day, which was a highly unusual frequency. How this ties in with the greater perp abuse/research objectives, and is one more dullified milestone, in project-speak, as far as I am concerned. Onto posting this for the week past..

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