Sunday, August 16, 2015

Food Preparations

I was a total slack ass this week past, not even jotting down a few notes on each day to remind myself of the content, and filling it out on the Sunday.

Yesterday, it was hoeing all day, removing plant growth from underneath the vine rows. This material will end up in the tanks of the picking machine in a few weeks time unless removed. Such material is called MOG in the viticulture business, Material Other than Grapes as they term it. They like to pick at night when the grapes are cool, and there won't be any vineyard laborers then. But there are in-row cultivators they can use...

 The perps are having me go very domestic at this time of year, same as the last two, making winter food preparations for the freezer. For the last two years it was preparing tomatoes by boiling them to remove the skins and then putting them in freezer boxes for salsa or soup. Said tomatoes were given to me as my former employers grew a vegetable garden but couldn't be bothered to pick the ripe produce. Ditto for the six fruit trees they had.

This year my new employer has no such irregularities, and in place of tomatoes, I have purchased 9lb of basil over the past three weekends to convert into pesto sauce and then freeze into ice cube trays, and when frozen, place into freezer boxes. All this is new to me, save the basil, which I crave by the smell alone. And of course I have no idea if this is an perp introduced "craving" or if genuine. Such is life existing in this dual universe, being mind-invaded down to the last detail.

Other low-lights of this past week, where personnel can actually touch me were a dental appointment, and a day later, a leg wax.

The dental appointment was a continuation of the prior week where I had a dental cleaning that needed extra time for gum measurements. And as the perps just LOVE me, or proximate others, taking measurements, why, it was perp heaven. The dentist was leaning over me of course, and as she was masked and with the special magnifying glasses on, there really wasn't much to see. Besides, she has a nose like e prize fighter. She was in her usual jet black long hair; the prior week she had blonde streaks in her hair, attempting to borrow from a much Favored feature. But what I could not figure out is why the dental assistant, a blonde woman in her fifties, was up to. Sometimes she was in the room putting the measurements of gum depth into the computer, and at other times wasn't., with the dentist getting peeved that she was screwing up. Then the blonde woman exited to get something, and then the dentist recorded the measurements herself. It was odd, and seemingly pre-arranged.

And on the blonde side of things, a slim blonde woman walked into the dentist's office about a minute before I did. But then the perps added another blonde woman, this latter blonde was dumpy with an over-sized ass. The slim blonde woman had entered the dental cleaning technician's office by the time I got there, but the latter one was in the waiting area. Anyhow, it wasn't long before I was summoned to the dentist's chair, and I thought that it was the end of stalking blondes. My appointment finished in 30 minutes, with the slim blonde woman still getting her teeth cleaned. And while at the desk, the dumpy blonde woman returns for some reason. Possibly to stalk me as I was making a financial transaction, which was a little protracted as the dental desk assistant said I owed $54. I said it was inordinately inexpensive, and she asked me if I was on a dental plan, to which I said, no, just like last time. "Oh" she says, then you owe $275. And what was that all about, "forgetting" I wasn't on a dental plan. (I was a on a plan last year with the former employer).

Once I got to my vehicle, a three vehicle gangstalk clusterfuck broke out. A blue vehicle came in and parked ahead of me, no big deal. But the driver somehow needed to face me when he got out and not only that, he was grabbing his crotch until he closed his door and proceeded to the blood analysis clinic. Then a silver grey sedan came in and did a 180 degree turn in the parking lot between me and the blue vehicle. This vehicle had three males, aka "dubes" (for dubious ones) in it, the third in the back seat with a do-rag on. Then came a maroon red vehicle entering the parking lot, and the two latter vehicles had a Mexican stand-off when neither pretended they didn't know what to do. I was needing to depart from this same parking lot driveway, and I had to wait until this two car clusterfuck was over. Both vehicles were pointed at each other for some five seconds. Long enough for me to yell at them from inside my vehicle, and eventually they figured it out. Then I was permitted to exit the parking lot. And what was that all about, sending three vehicles over top of where I had just walked, a visual crotch grab, and this ridiculous vehicular stand off in front of me, preventing my immediate egress?

The next day's leg wax appointment wasn't so bizarre thankfully, with one Caucasian and one Phillipino on each side, and the overweight instructor, much like the last time. I suppose the perps are still working on their brown skin games, and of course, get extra mileage out of my tanned skin. The Caucasian woman was tall and large, one who I had not seen before, as the personnel rotates as this is a cosmetology training school. Anyhow, when it was all done, and I was at the payment desk, a short blonde staff woman comes to hang out, she only being 5' tall at most. I didn't think much of it, until another short woman came by a few minutes later when on an errand.

And what a forest fire they pulled yesterday, Aug. 16. While in the vineyard of my Saturday employer the hillside opposite us had burned in the night after a lightening storm, and there were remaining spot fires. It was called the Testalinden Creek fire, and this link doesn't do much for it. Here is a pic; the band of green below the fire/smoke are vineyards, and some vineyards were within 10m of the blaze, but did not get burned.

And that made for constant aircraft the entire working day, the fire retardant bombers, the helicopters and their buckets plus spotter aircraft.

Anyhow, onto getting this posted.

More pics (08-20-2015) to illustrate where the fire was and was not, and what it was like before.

Before pic, a week before from the same general location;

After delineating the fire boundary in both the two above pics in Paint, and having it disappear when inserted into this blog, I see that one has to zoom in on these photos to see where the fire was and wasn't. Basically, anything on the hill side that is blackened was burned in the Testalinden Creek fire, 08-15-2015 and continuing when I took the pics on 08-16-2015. The second pic of the above three was the S edge, and the third was the N edge, and that same hillside can be picked up in the third picture.


Anonymous said...

I have actually never seen so many fires after an electrical storm. And note the the smoke is coming from different elevations and locations. I see no evidence that the fire spread at all --- Just a bunch of different spots that lightning has struck the ground. It's almost like "someone" did something to the clouds to get the lightning to strike different locations. It doesn't look random to me at all. Usually lightning will strike at one elevation. And the fire would obviously spread out, which it did not. Looks like a number of strikes from different elevations, which seems unlikely to be random.

Or, some humans were out there setting fires themselves and blaming it on natural occurrences.

AJH said...

I added some new pics into the blog to show where the fire was and wasn't, and added a delinating black line which you will have to zoom in to see it. The pics better explain the fire location, and in my estimation it appears as a "normal" forest fire. the fire pics are the morning after the forest fire, which burned overnight. The smoke plumes are from "hot spots" and one can see that the N flank is entirely active, and where they spent most of their efforts in dousing it out, including that red streak of fire retardant that marks the hillside on the N side.