Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Darling Doctor

A first time visit to a clinic/doctor that is inclined to do something about my low hormonal state, hopefully with something effective this time. Of course the perps can block the effect of most pills and supplements, and for those they cannot, why, they have me as a test/experiment subject.

Before the perps went berserk/overt in 04-2002 I was taking a methyl-testosterone medication that helped some, but kind of stalled out, as it was no help as they had me slowly slide into depression then. This was while I was taking medications for ADD that first started as highly effective and then slowly diminished in effect over a year or more. (ADD means being short on dopamine). At no time did I associate one being causal with the other, and nothing I read or heard (from doctors) suggested that. I gave up the methyl-testosterone in 2005 as they ground me down with a significant income reduction as my company supplied disability payments ran out.

Move forward to 2015 when the perps brought on a need to revisit my testosterone due to the pissing frequency problem they hit me with last year, and lo, I find that testosterone and dopamine levels are highly correlated. And too, I found my serum levels were low, and that my iron was at anemic levels. The latter got me into a colonoscopy and gastroscopy procedure, and found nothing, and no reason for iron depletion. Anyhow, I now take iron supplements, and am hoping that the perps don't block the beneficial effects. Though I suspect this is just what the whole game is about; learn how to remotely read and block beneficial medications and supplements by manipulating This Victim's symptoms.

And not forgetting that iron has magnetic qualities, and that I am constantly contained in a densified magnetic field, measured at 1500 Gauss sometime around in 2009. And given the number of shootings and other public massacres, I wonder if that too is iron related, along with the red blood color and the expiring victims.

Back to the doctor; female, blonde, attractive, under 40 and whip-smart. Not to mention charming, direct, empathetic and progress minded (no fluff-speak). A made-for-me combination of Favored Features, and all wrapped up as a doctor, that is, someone who just might help this time. Hope springs eternal, even in this highly manipulated state, along with cynicism as my constant companion.

This visit was in Kelowna, and hour's drive from here, and afforded me some extra time to visit a few favorite locations; used CD's and tools. And what is it about driving that turns me into a magnet for outrageous driving? One Fuckwit today didn't even look in my direction as he crossed in front of me, coming from a parking lot and entering the street. And the perps keep me from reacting to this affront by braking, and having our vehicles miss my inches. Yesterday, nearly the same deal; A Fuckwit crosses the thoroughfare I was driving on without looking to his right, exactly where I was coming from. Same deal; the perps have me refrain from immediately braking, missing the vehicle by 4' or so. All for covering the ground under me with the least possible delay; been there, done that, just leave me the fuck alone.

And what is it about JAR's CD albums that has me buying a copy when I already have it, at the same used CD+book store I visited today? I never forgot what albums I had, ever, until all this abuse rained down since 04-2002. That is to say I bought an unneeded CD of JAR's music twice at the same store, though different albums. And it "happens" to be the same place where I bought a used copy of her biography.

I got the dual dude convergence on me as I entered said store. The premise was that they had just opened (true), and both males were working there and headed to the door to turn the sign to "Open" when it had incorrectly said "Closed". Having strange dudes converge on me still gets my immediate attention and the perps just love to set this up, often with three or four and each pretending to be independently operating. Big joke that. But I must have some deep psychic abreactions they are still attempting to elicit and remotely detect. To the perps; go fuck yourselves and leave me alone. I have been abused enough, before all this insanity rained down on me since 04-2002 and I don't need any more.

A manufactured eye infection erupted today, all to send me to the local drop-in doctor for an RX of drops. And was this a stunt to send me to two doctors in one day, the above mentioned Favored female, and the Unfavored male (any, over 20 y.o.). Said male doctor has pulled these crotch exposures before, then backed off on a subsequent visit, and today, a half exposure, one leg out wide for crissakes.

And so I drop one medication yesterday to save on expense, and as it happens (one week later as I write this paragraph), I don't need it. And all to nail me $40 for the eye Rx.

My drive to Kelowna begat not one, but two forest fires. Both started today, and  I could see the small one on the hills opposite, facing Lake Okanagan. A day's work at most for a aerial drop tanker says this forester. The second fire wasn't too far from Kelowna, and was much bigger and lasted the whole week. I could see the plumes of smoke when I was in downtown, and a few days later, why, the Prime Minister came to visit the fire operations no less. The perps like a good blaze every so often, and even better, explosions and damage, aka war zones.

The boss lady got ancy on me over taking too long to do vine hedging. I was doing vine tending, cutting off extra long shoots, laterals, and tucking  etc. All she needed was a cosmetic hedging, no tending. I suppose it was the putative set up for her to borrow my new Bacho hand pruners, to show me how it was done. I got the pruners in the mail yesterday, and had first used them for a couple of hours. Anyhow, one can thank the perps for this stunt; they love to create these disparities in my production versus supervisor expectation. And then have the victim disparaged/upbraided etc. though all was civil.

Another set up when doing errands on the way home. I parked near downtown for 15 min. on the meter and walked through a public alley between two buildings to get to Main St. A large (220lb) blonde Fat Girl was stalking the Main St end of the alley, in a fugly dress, alternately banded in white, yellow and orange. I was at a pharmacy opposite, but as it "happened", there was lengthy instruction to deal with this test kit, and it was suggested I could park at the back for free. So..., with the Fat Girl still stalking the alley on my way by, she stretching her arm across it for crissakes, adroitly retracting it before I needed to pass by all while looking the opposite direction. She was  doing the pensive, waiting-for-a-ride act that has become de rigueur [Definition of "de rigueur"; prescribed or required by fashion, etiquette, or custom]. Sure beats the shiftless loitering vagrant males, aka "scum-inals", though not by much.

On the way to the "free" parking I was going to stop at my bank to park, but no, all the stalls were taken. I cross Main St to the parking lot, and it was very much a pay park. There were three stalls for that particular pharmacy, all taken. So.. I go to the meter box and lo, it was out of order. I park and hope, all to drive up my angst I assume. And all over getting screwed out of putting an extra quarter in the frigging meter in the first place when I knew it would likely come back to bite me. No, I am not that cheap, even in this repressed financial circumstances.

And so it "happened" that a do-rag wearing biker dude was excessively loitering in the aforementioned pharmacy; on his phone, talking to a buddy in person, etc. Like WTF; my total time in the store and doing the run to get my vehicle reparked was over 30 min. and for some reason, this do-rag dude needed to hang there too, walking around. And so when I finally finish up with filling in the forms and going over the instructions from the lady with the excessive red dyed hair, why, there was the Fat Girl standing behind me.

And the perps are getting more blatant with the Fuckwits tailing me, and/or managed "coincidences". Yesterday, having exited the doctor's office with Rx in hand, and walking at whole 50' to the adjacent mall doors, why, a Fuckwit was exiting the entrance coming straight at me. Nothing new there, these egress "exceptions". I get the Rx submitted after all the particulars are done with, say 10 minutes, and exit the LD store, then the mall. And lo, the same prior exiting Fuckwit is returning to the mall doors, this time figuring out where the entrance is. All to cross my path at the same instance in opposite directions, in the course of mall egress. Like WTF; why would ANYONE be returning to a mall 10 minutes later and timing themselves exactly to me in opposite directions in the double door set. Said Fuckwit had no shopping in hand in either direction, so screw the shopping cover story.

All the above details got blurred out and here I am a week later pondering what else "happened" this past week.

Oh yes, take the kids shopping at the grocery store at 2000h (8:00pm) when the victim goes shopping to avoid the crowds, and kids. Not only that, have the boy of six or so go shirtless in this large supermarket. He was with a parent, but somehow the parent didn't notice the kid had his hand down his shorts and was playing with his dick as they went by. But no, that wasn't enough, have the kid and parent come by me some 10 minutes later and still the kid is playing with his dick and still the parent hasn't noticed. Absolutely fucking beserk; each time I swear the perps have collectively gone off the edge, they pull another exceptional stunt such as this.

I purchased 1 lb of basil and converted it into paste with the addition of olive oil in my food processor. That was such an event for the perps that they arranged a thunderstorm outside as I began my (rare) long term food preparing activities, making basil paste. (Not a true pesto sauce as it does not have garlic or pine nuts). The paste was then put into an ice cube tray and then frozen over night. The cubes were later extracted and put into freezer boxes for winter time use. All depending of course that the perps don't pull a 9 hour power failure like they did in Summerland last week.

Anyhow, I best get this posted for the week just past.

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