Tuesday, February 03, 2015

New Job Start

A new employer in the vineyard/winery biz; one who knows what they are doing. Employer competence is allowed now, after 2.5 years with the last one. Though to be fair, I was inexperienced in the commercial business when I started with the last employer. But as the perps just love to drag me through ineptitude (not of my making), and various related idiotic behavior (organizational and individual), it is nice to have some of these excesses behind me. Though, it is Day 1, but I don't expect any such endemic problematic issues all the same.

I was assigned to drive their truck to pick up some packaging a 20 min. highway drive. Then the joys of putting a plastic tarp over the load, and not enough hooks and tie downs and the like. The tarp did inflate while driving on the highway, and was threatening worse, so I drove slower, one of the rare times I don't go 10% over the speed limit. A blue tarp covering the load in the box of the pickup attracted blue colored gangstalking vehicles of course, about 20% coverage on my return trip.

Pruning vines is my major task for the next two month; I am doing spur pruning mostly, different from the cane pruned vineyards of the last employer.

I met the two ladies who form the office staff; the perps are often cranked over personal introductions. Sometimes someone isn't visible due to hair in their face, or who looks sideways while introducing themselves. This was a normal round of introductions. Going way back, prior to 1999, and when married, the ex would often not introduce someone and I could never figure out why she was so rude about this. When I complained afterwards, all I got was this loopy goofy grin. Now I know; introductions are a prime perp Fuckover event and they want all variations, from non-introductions through cursory ones, to formal ones.

This new vineyard I am working at is on the Naramata Road, and that means a whole lot of vehicles driving by, with hardly a full minute going by with a vehicle, or vehicle train. Bad mufflers, performance mufflers and all the usual variations of extra vehicle noise. No HD motorcycle noise yet, but that will change in March.

Which means that should I listen to music on my Android phone/player this summer, all that noise will "somehow" find its way through the headphones and provide a concurrent noise background. Can we say noise mapping, yet again? That is, map Favored and Unfavored noises together and see what neural energetic reactions there are. I learned from the news recently that the activity of dopamine, a brain neurotransmitter, increases with pleasurable sounds of music. And this whole dopamine subject also explains why they wanted, and did, give me dopamine blocking drugs at one time, which made me terribly unmotivated, fogged and generally listless. I kept telling them I have ADD/ADHD, which means a shortage of dopamine, and why would a person short of dopamine be clobbered with dopamine antagonists medication? They just blew me off of course, because they are working for the Psychopathic Confederacy, and there is no denying them when they have a human nonconsensual test subject (me) in their sights.

Day two;
I did the employee sign in, and read the employee hand book, a credible piece of HR-smithing, though it has been a long time since I worked for a professional outfit.

Staff stalking it seems, having them putzing around me when I was making tracks for leaving for the day.

And more forced pisses at row ends; finishing a row and turning and working 180 degrees in the next row was always a big deal for the perps; e.g. staff arrivals, drivebys, neighborhood noise, forced fuckups (e.g. cut the wrong cane) to have me rage-ified, etc., just like the last vineyard

All day long muffler noise, and excessive amounts of road traffic. The perps are heavy on sending greyscale colored pickups by, and then back again within a few minutes, often with some kind of horrid sounding and extra loud muffler noise, and often accelerating for no reason as there isn't an elevation gain of significance and it is a two lane arterial, one way in each direction. Another vehicle they seem to be hounding me with is the shit-tankers again, the so-called septic services vehiles with tank, hoses, and presumably a pump on board. Plenty of septic fields in this area, so there is a decent excuse to see them. Though that never bothered the perps; when I lived in Victoria, BC, they would even send the shit-tankers downtown when everything is on sewer, no rural properties whatsoever. Then they even parked a tractor trailer septic services vehicle one weekend in a parking stall meter zone, and a few weeks later tore up the perfectly serviceable sidewalk beside where it was parked and re-packed it and poured 40' of new sidewalk.

A full vineyard day; intro of the Electrocoup; haven't cut any fingers yet, but do expect the perps will pull this sometime. But they did have me attempt to cut the trellis wire and use that as an excuse to put some nicks in the blade.

Saturday, laundry at the laundromat. Only one freak; the supposed installation man in his long grey beard and his ear-flapped touque wandering around talking to himself and buzzing around me. I think he covered enough Unfavoreds (male, beard, wacko touque, appearance of deranged) to keep the freak content up.

Then this pissing match over detergent for the washing machines; I got what I thought was scent-free detergent but it wasn't as it turned out, and the perp assholes made sure they pumped that smell up my nose umpteen times over the prior week as I picked up a clothing item that was laundered with it. So off to LD to get better detergent, the HE kind for the first time. I was talking to the blonde woman co-owner about the washing machines and she opened up my new bottle of detergent and lo, if some didn't fly off the spout and land on her pants and the floor. Funny how the perps have been so utterly deranged over getting laundry done, and they resort to this kind of stupidity.

I hadn't been into the RA big box store in six months, owing to getting irrigation supplies elsewhere, but today I needed four 2" long screws. The perps were all over me there, much worse than usual; stepping in my way, posted exactly where I wanted to look (3x), doing etc. One Fuckwit made out he was looking at lower shelf items and then started backing up into me when he had to of heard my chirping shoes twice while approaching and headed behind him. Like WTF; who in their right mind EVER backs up without looking in any public location that is busy? I see stupid stuff all the time, but this gets a all-time dumbshit award.

I got hit for a 3.25 hour nap attack this afternoon, following reading the newspaper (plus ample flyers), while having lunch. Following that, a 10 min. session on this here PC and they kept napping me while seated, so it was hopeless. When I woke up at 1630h, it was dusk onset at this time of year. (I learned from work this week that is when the sun drops behind the mountains here).

Snow melt water seems to be a big perp deal, given that it is melting a little more than before. They was a 10" dump two days before I arrived from Victoria on Jan. 07, and it has only slowly melted for the following three weeks. There are still heaps of plowed snow in parking lots, and about 2" remaining at the new vineyard/work site. And since the perps are totally obsessed over the properties of water, and all its provenance/sources (e.g. snow accumulations, rain, rivers, lakes, as delivered in pipes to buildings, and of course, my intake of water and sweating and/or pissing it out), they figured a long run of snow melt in the urban environment was just too exciting.

And I see my fave football team of the NFL did not win the Superbowl. I don't have a TV and wasn't watching the game, but the perps kept pumping me with the notion that Seattle won. When I finally looked it up online and found that they lost, why, a bad mufflered vehicle passed by. For the record, I continually reject such planted notions as the perps just love to jerk me around, and this is only but one example


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AJH said...

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Is this medication also applicable to urinary tract problems, or is it that pin worms might be the problem? I have to be careful on such remedies in case the perps exploit to cause other problems not envisioned at first use.