Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cellar Work

Tuesday, like a Monday, the first day of getting back to work after a long weekend. (Yesterday was BC Family Day). The perps like these kind of disruptions, not the least being to screw me out of regular Monday yoga, as there was none due to the holiday.

And lo, if the urination urgency didn't subside today, though having no coffee in the morning helped, and perhaps another is a certain supplement might be now working. The urologist's office was useless; go see your GP they said. Thanks a bunch.

I was put on cellar work in the afternoon, using a special stirring device to put into the barrel bung hole and scrape the bottom of if to stir up the sediment. Called "battonage" in winemaking, as it confers buttery flavors if done for long enough, say, 1x/week for three or more months.

Then onto pressure washing, as the perps like to sabotage my efforts in this respect, going by past events reported in this blog. But now that this winery has other employees, unlike the last one, all these things going wrong, like hose leaks, might be curtailed somewhat. No blocked toilets at the new work site yet, but this might evolve slowly like past employers/worksites.

I was also dumping red wine sediment, packing it in buckets to dump on the burn pile. Which is where a gate is left open so the deer and elk can pass through. Naturally, this area is fraught with their droppings, but most curiously, there is cattle dung there too. And this is a vineyard, so I don't know how the latter got there at all, save some shit-disturbing outfit planting their very favorite prop in my proximity.

On the financial harassment front, I see that I got four charges on my charge card that were not mine; over $7k total no less. At first I submitted my complaint online, but as I didn't hear anything back for a half day, I phoned the charge card company. I then find out that my charge card was on "fraud watch" status, whatever that means. A good thing I phoned them up to find that out as they didn't tell me for crissakes. what were they expecting; me to pay the tab and then my card would revert to normal status? All the charges were on the same day and three of them were for the same amount and a fourth one some $20 different. All for the same "merchant", located in France for crissakes. Hmm; who coughed up my credit card details? Was it that site that sells flac file albums that shifted from China, to Russia and then the UK?

Ever kept as an audiophile wantabee, I swear that listening off a USB stick sounds better than files off a computer with rotational discs; this is using the same DAC/deck (OPPO player) in  each case. This "discovery" will no doubt launch many hours online for looking for the ideal audiophile server/storage device. Read, ridiculously expensive computer.

And who designed it such that no automotive player decks play flac (non lossy music) files? I load up a USB stick with 16Gb of music in flac format and the automotive player won't play them. Not too much of a surprise, but "somehow" I forgot about this a year after the player deck was installed.

A day of "browning around" games; I found some shit stuck in my ass discovered in the morning shower that totally grossed me out.

Then when I arrive home after work, I discover by way of underwear packed onto my ass another "brown stunt". This brought on a mid-week visit to the laundromat, to the unmanned one I frequented from 2013 to mid-2014. That meant a shower to clean up and then take my underwear (all the week's) to the laundromat to clean them all up. For some strange reason it went on cold cycle and I couldn't change it. When I was waiting for the last few minutes by the washing machine, a male  ball-capped stalker arrived, first by keeping his headlights on and beaming into the laundromat all the while waiting and then collecting and then exiting the premiises.

I also drove across town to go to the walkin clinic but got there after 1700, and were closed.

I went to the adjacent LD store and was gangstalked to the gills; a permanent gangstalker post beside the chocolate section for the three times that I attempted in 10 min. and gave up and exited not having bought anything. And there they were, loitering  near the exit to the mall.

Nothing much in the way of Valentine's for me via the perps. They like to have me disaffected for big cultural events, from football (Superbowl), to Stanley Cup finals, World Soccer Cup finals and cultural days such as this. Back in the intense gangstalk and pursuit brutality of 2002, they even had me sleeping in my vehicle over Christmas day for crissakes. Which was aided and abetted by the criminal First Feral Family scum and the antagonistic Ms. C. Such fine company I get stiffed with.

A visit to the doctor was finally concluded; he of the scared shitless camp, now doing smirk duty. Last time I saw him he was doing crotch display duty, yet another clue that sexual harassment might of been part of the perp's abuse regimen in the memory deleted years, aged 2 to 5 y.o, (1956 to 59).

Visiting the doctor is in aid of getting my testosterone tested, and if supplemented, maybe this urinary urgency abuse I am constantly cast into will finally end.

The medical office assistant was kind and helpful, and when I finished with the doctor, he told me to get a form from the desk. Well, she wasn't there, and so I waited. But as it "happened" two other women were waiting and were similarly looking to the medical office assistant. As in one twin sister and one elder sister. (Or else the medical office assistant was stunting me by waiting at the counter instead of serving from behind it.) Anyhow, this was all too weird that family shows up a the doctor's office to loiter in my presence, and so I went to the adjacent LD gangstalking store, got some items and returned to the doctor's office. The medical office assistant was back behind the counter and printed off the form I needed. I see three shiftless males loitering outside, one sucking butt (a cigarette). All were acting independently, but as soon as I exited they each got the call to then head to the doctor's office. Like WTF; let's make it obvious and have three Fuckwits suddenly and simultaneously abandon their ridiculous pacing about and file into the doctor's office.

I did my laundry afterward, always a big perp deal,and got stiffed with "forgetting" some items, ones that I launder once every week. How this "forget" happened is nothing I can account for.

Sunday, a shut-in day for some reason, even if the weather is inviting outside.

A big time waster is having me look ridiculously expensive hi-fi audio gear, as I don't have the scratch to afford any of it, even if better gear is substantially cheaper nowadays. Like $5,500 for a dedicated PC for audio listening, with separate AC cleaning, and power supply, no PCI boards and a SSD storage. Yes, this addressed current pissing match in getting music files to play through the OPPO's headphone jack is a pain in the ass, as it was supposed to be driven from the OPPO to find the NAS file copies instead, taking the load off the Windows PC. I have found that having a wholly separate and dedicated audio gear is better than having a PC provide the files. But that didn't happen, owing to the clunky OPPO interface and then the NAS support did not include flac files, my mainstay file format.

Anyhow, the above is likely dull material for most of my readership, and I generally keep the technical pissing matches off-blog.

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