Sunday, February 22, 2015

Monday Blood Draw

A Monday blood draw due to my new found desire to check out my testosterone level. The perps have me feeling very tired of late, and more anhedonic than usual. Going back, I was taking testosterone back in 2000, as I was low. I felt a little stronger, with more physical endurance, but this did not stop the perps from sucking me into a depressive state through to late 2002, when I was finally allowed to have a anti-depressant that finally worked and didn't trash me all the more. I started testosterone before the SPECT scan confirmed I was ADD-Inattentive in 03-2001, and I took testosterone until the perps ran me out of sufficient income in 2006. Since then there wasn't any compelling reason to re-start it, as the farm work physical labor was all doable, save the first week of bulb picking when my back was made to be a problem.

At no time did any medical practicioner or book on ADD mention that dopamine and testosterone in males was highly correlated. If one has ADD, then one is short of adequate dopamine by definition, but somehow it didn't "occur" to me that they were related, and nor did any doctor or other literature mention it. I "discovered" this fact a few weeks ago. So 15 years later I finally get clued in as to associated conditions of ADD. Infuriating as it is depraved to put someone through this.

The interest is testosterone stems from the fact that the perps are making me piss way too often, this enforced urinary urgency that has been going on for the past 10 months or so. A look into prostate proved to be a ruse in 10-2014, as it was only then I looked into other possible causes. And of course the urologist was no help, save from prescribing an Rx that helped some. My last message of three weeks ago was that this medication will vary in results and to go see my GP. Well, I don't have one as I go to the drop-in clinic and get whoever. (No doctors taking new patients in this town as it "happens").

After three attempts at the drop-in clinic last week I finally succeded in getting a test request, the doctor being unusually compliant for some reason. (The attempts at the drop-in clinic was that it was closed (after 1700h), then it was full to the end of the day at 1630h, and I finally made it the next day, early on a Saturday). Straight out of the perp's book of "warm up" events before actually being allowed to complete the event of a doctor visitation.

Anyhow, the usual strangeness at the lab/clinic, heads down, staff members being unusually tense etc. The parade of others, aka gangstalkers, was a tenth of the last lab visit in 10-2014 at the very same time of day, 0730h. A dude in day-glo jacket arrived in the line up while I was waiting, and made like he forgot his wallet and walked back to his vehicle and then drove off most curiously. Having short visits by Day-glos, my generic term for any gangstalker wearing high-visability safety clothing. A deep blood red vehicle was parked outside of course, as it is for every blood draw/visit.

Then onto work at the vineyard, and continuing pruning the vineyard. Per usual a heavy vehicle traffic noise, often erupting when I change directions, or re-work a panel (20' section between posts) cutting in one direction and pulling and cutting the remaining canes in the other direction. Ditto for the end of rows. But as it happened, I was directed onto landscaping duties for the week. The owner mentioned that I had already exceeded the previous year's man-hours of pruning the grapevines when I was only about halfway done. It isn't the first time I have been the butt of some kind of astonishing productivity statistic since all the harassment began, and it won't be the last. I have no idea why the perps wish to draw my attention to productivity statistics that are simply outrageous, say 4x or more faster than me. Yes, I know I am finger fumbled by the perps all day, but I cannot see how anyone can be 4x faster. Nor can I understand why they need to draw this to my attention.

The daffodil flower picking of three and four years ago was another; some 600 to 800 bunches a day was expected, with the all time champion at 2100 bunches in a day, and here I was getting 300 to 450. Well as it so "happened" I got put on a good section that hadn't been picked before and lo, I did pick 650 bunches that day. And of course the perps were finger fumbling me the whole time, so who knows how many bunches I could of done.

The vineyard owner arrived as I had just started a new row, leaving the vines cut but not pulled; she wanted a section of sumacs to be pulled out as they are out-competing the grape vines in one section. And so that became my job for the day, even adding a shot of herbicide to the just cut stump to hopefully quell the riotous sumac growth for an extra year.

 I also ran the quad ATV to tow a trailer to pull the cut sumac trees, as the vineyard owners don't want me to leave any landscape mess more than a day. My back got a good work out, which is odd as plant pulling never bothered me since the farm work gigs began in 2008.

Then to deposit my paycheck after work, always a big perp deal, any kind of financial transaction. A Fuckwit pulled in beside my vehicle just after I had exited mine, and I fully expected him to tail me into the bank and the ATM. But no, a woman in a dayglo jacket jaywalked to tail me to the ATM instead. I got to listen to her singing and whistling when she began at the adjacent ATM. Then when done, I was out the door to get to the bank parking lot, and lo, if the Fuckwit wasn't just backing out and taking off. LIke WTF; I have never known others to arrange their activities around me until all this gangstalking harassment first began in 04-2002. The parking lot was a whole three stalls, and was for a maximum of 20 minutes and was for bank business only. All this Fuckwit did was pull in beside me and then sit in his vehicle the entire time, and then leave just before me. Absurd, as it is utterly depraved.

And because I sweated so much pulling sumacs, partially because the sun came on and warmed up the slope I was working on, I took a shower before going to yoga.

Some of the regulars were there, plus a new doppelganger for my landlady; could of been her younger sister even for all I know. As it "happened" when I came back from yoga, my landlady was visible through the glass in her house, one of the very few times (less than 10) I have seen here there.

The major Fat Boy was at yoga again, in his disgusting oversize shorts that stopped below his knee. But thankfully they didn't put this wheezing and gasping mound of blubber next to me, and had him two mat widths removed, so I wasn't exposed to his infernal heavy breathing racket which I don't care for. (A new Unfavored noise in all likelihood). And they gave him some airtime to chat with his mat neighbor for a few minutes before yoga class began. None of the typical last minute arrival with his head down like the last five of his visits.

Other regulars were there, the long lithesome Tall Girl being one. For some reason she is "backed" by a blonde friend, as in having the blonde girl behind her for some reason, as if the Tall Girl needed blonde auric goodness in her proximity. The Tall Girl never bothered me any, even if she is about two inches taller than me, at 6'1" or so. Normally they arrange dudes and freaks, i.e. the highly Unfavored, to be "backed up" with a proximate blonde girl, but for some reason they are using a blonde girl to be proximate to a Tall Girl. So perhaps even those taller than me are also Unfavored, though I am not going to update the Favored/Unfavored list just yet. I have yet to encounter a tall blonde girl, but I suppose that will work into the perps' plans someday.

Onto barrel batonnage this morning. That is the fancy word for stirring the wine contents of a barrel, and then replacing the all important bung. But as the barrels are stacked four high on their cradles/racks, the top most layer is beyond the comfortable reach of the ladder. Yes, I can reach the bung and put the "baton" in and stir it, but it is at the near limit of effectiveness. The owner "happened" to come by and showed me what he does, and that is to stand on the hand rail of the ladder and stir from there. He didn't want me to do that, and wasn't keen on me climbing up the barrel racks either. Funny, why don't they get a taller ladder?

The winery water filter service guy was there too, "happening" to be there near where I was. But what a fugly dude; fat, crimped long hair in a pony tail and a fat pock marked face; four Unfavoreds in one person. Every so often I had to get him something, and he was all smiles, something I wasn't too enamored with that either. And of course, the perps regularly change my water supply, be it a hot water tank that "goes", adding filters, recharging filters, and even crimping my mother's water line so a short segment of plastic line was inserted between the copper ones.

I did an errand later; I drove the employer's truck into town to drop off chairs at the cleaning lady's house. Then onto a big box hardware store to get water softening salt, then back. As part of this, the perps treated me to witness a near collision, not of my involvement thankfully. A pickup (pu) ahead of me made a lane change without looking or indicating, and a smaller silver car was beside it. The latter beeped his horn and braked hard, and when the pu was 4" away he pulled back into its lane. But then the pu driver seemed to not understand his near miss, and did the same thing again, and the same outcome, with the silver car finally being able to get out if his way. Bizarre. And what was the purpose in making me see that, let alone twice in succession?

The perps fucked with my alarm clock, getting me up an hour later than planned. Funny how they woke me up at the regular alarm setting time of 0530h, and screwed me into not recognizing such, and then put me back to sleep for an hour. Also, they planted the notion that I was on time, and didn't have me look at the clock until after breakfast.

Screaming at the assholes again, they pulled a spatula from my hand and sent it to the floor, screwing me of even knowing it was in danger of falling, and of course, taking any pre-emptive action.

All the landscape material that I had stacked was to be burned today, as burning permission was granted. One must have a permit, and then only burn on specified days as determined by the authorities, based on weather and temperature. And so I tended to this fire for most of the day, and had to shut it down at 1530h, as in soak it so it wouldn't re-start. Not only did I get very smokey, but I also got some cinder burns on my jacket when moving the adjacent gate.

Saturday laundry, and in many permutations and combinations, something the perps just love. The cottons and sheets did fine in the one washing machine with my non-scented detergent. but the smokey and pitch marked clothing remained smelly. I couldn't run warm or hot water, as I had a wool sweater in there and didn't want it to shrink, being well versed in perp laundry attacks; any excuse will do to sabotage the victim's clothing. So, I ran it a second time, this with a "pod' of detergent I bought at the laundromat. And lo, if the dissolvable "pod" didn't dissolve and get smeared on some of the clothing the second time. The pitch did not come out either and so I had to apply a detergent to all the pitch spots on three items, and then wash this latter subset of clothes (pod smear and spot cleaned) a third time, but in a larger washing machine. (More water volume to purge the smell). And of course the detergent in the pod was scented, and so I got some of my clothes scented when I simply cannot stand to have them that way. Did I mention that the perps like to mess with laundry, detergents, washing machines etc. Many times I think.

And of course I will be getting blasts of smokey clothing and/or detergent scented clothing all week, just like today I predict.

Sunny, and so a hike as the low elevation snow has melted. But it wasn't that warm and the ground was partially frozen. Thankfully I had a hat and gloves, and was all in black save for a teal vest, and my boots which are greenish with a black rubber surround (welt?). Though my boots got plenty of black coals contact the day before, attending to the controlled burn as mentioned above.

And of all things, I didn't get one hiking (ambulatory) gangstalker on this three hour hike. About the fifth time ever in nearly 13 years of this insane abuse that they left me alone. Plenty of gangstalking vehicles though, and still they bring on the car carriers and the platform tow trucks with a vehicle on board. And too, a yellow Bobcat being towed on a trailer. The perps cannot get enough of towed vehicles around me of late.

Anyhow, that is all the news, and now to post this. And a welcome to the newest "follower", surely a Google term that just happens to describe the gangstalked experience too.

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