Sunday, January 25, 2015

Food Flicking

And what is it about flicking food around that is so important to the perps in their extra-conventional/kinetic fuckery games? This all began in 04-2002 like so many other forms of harassment and high strangeness, and continues to this day. They just love to flick food around; in preparation, while cooking, while eating, while putting food away in the fridge, and if there are any scraps around, them too after the meal is done and the dishes are being cleaned up. Sometimes a chocolate crumb will show up two days later, haven't not had any since then. And the table, counter and stovetop have all been cleaned at least once.

Three times I had to scream at the assholes while eating up the tortilla chip crumbs on my plate, another Fuckover stunt to beget the hyperactive crumb stunts. They had them fly laterally out of the bag even if I had blocked such a trajectory while emptying the bag. Then twice at the dinner table, and again afterward. Even some mushroom fragments were blatantly teleported to land on the counter and not the cutting board that was in use.

The tortilla chip battles go like this; I buy them for unknown reasons as I am on a Paleo diet and eat as few carbos as possible. But they are never mashed or crushed when in the bag, and yet at the bottom of the bag these crumbs of tortilla chips somehow arrive and are made out to be the biggest pain in the ass. One cannot grasp them as they are too small, and so how does one eat them? I mix them with my gumbo dinner to dampen down the extra kinetic activity, but this still didn't stop the assholes from blatantly ejecting crumbs off the plate, twice tonight.

I suppose it is all about the key moments of starting or ending a food item; as packaging seems to be all important to the perps, begining or ending a package of food is a key Fuckover moment. As an example tonight, the end of the olive oil in the present bottle was drizzled into the cooking pan, and I started a new jar of coconut oil to complete the need for frying the onions in adequate cooking oil. And I suppose this too was a key Fuckover moment along with finishing the tortilla chips. And that being so, why then, it is a golden moment in the minds of the perps to enrage the victim yet again. We have done all this before, for 12.5 years for crissakes, never mind what happened the prior 47 years which was when they were in covert mode. Covert to me, though it seems everyone else was in on it after age 9 y.o. or so.

A focussed public gangstalking of a kind; a workshop on pruning for the viticultural community. About 30 chairs in the middle, and I was the first to arrive at ten to 0900h, when the workshop was to start then. I had some donuts and sat down, and over the next 30 minutes at least 50 others arrived and ringed the chairs with only me and one other Fuckwit in the same row. Here we have chairs for everyone to sit in, and lo, no one else sits down. That the chairs were made of brown colored plastic didn't go unoticed.

And the designated "hound dog" stalker was also dressed in the same color of brown, from head to toe. And too, he "somehow" bumped into me twice while the demonstrations were on. He and the orange dayglo (high visibility) coated dude tag teamed me it would seem, managing to coordinate themselves to be around me in four different locations.

And then the closing in behavior again. Two standing stalkers in front of me move slowly backwards over the 30 minute duration of a presentation. Like WTF; they appear to be acting independently and yet both are doing the same thing at the same time. And both at a very small incremental rate. the perps just love for me to detect the moment this is occurring, and once I do, why, some other stalker clears his throat at that same instant. Can we say coordinated personal space encroachment with feigned obliviousness?

I got kept from sleeping for 4 hours in the night, being plied with notions over guitar building, then finally got to sleep, only to be stiffed with dreams about running a cruise ship of all things. Maybe they wanted me to be channeling Schettino of Costa Concordia infamy.

Then I got hit for a 3.5 nap attack this afternoon; felt clogged, fogged and a little stoned (de-realized) for an hour or two afterward. The perps like to put me into this cognitively impaired state for whatever reason.

Friday, and always big excitement for the perps when I do a regular Saturday thing (the much harassed laundry) on a different day of the week. So exciting in fact they hit me for a 10 hour sleep for a get-up time of 1100h. Which meant, screw breakfast, have brunch. Better yet, have two eggs for "brunch". Then have the whole town go into silly gangstalking mode, not to mention keeping me in some kind of semi-stoned/de-realized state for the time I was out and about doing laundry.

Another set-up was to have me go to a specialty store to get peppercorns, and then fuck me around by the store not having any, despite the "help" saying that they carried such an item. I don't know what it is about sending me to get something and get skunked, but the perps just love doing it. Another variation is have me pulling on a locked door, having screwed me into thinking it wasn't locked, or else the assholes locking it by unconventional means just ahead of me attempting to open the door. I call these the "dashed expectations" events, but this covers a whole lot more ground than just locking doors and depleting the store stock ahead of me coming round to get that very item.

More gym games yesterday; about a third or more of the seeming visitors are sitting around doing utterly nothing, or else moving to another station to do the same. Another trick is for them to set up near me, and then abandon their efforts within a minute or two.

The designated "hound dog" gangstalker was the muscle dude in pajama shorts who just had to pound the floor umpteen times by dropping his weights on the floor. Then for some reason he had to bring this to the station next to me while I was working with the kettle ball. Once I got in 12 reps each side I departed.

A leg wax and haircut yesterday, always a special harassment event for whatever reason, cutting or pulling hair is a big deal. I had the pink haired girl of two visits ago who made a point of being prominent but avoiding my gaze. This time she was reserved, but at least she chatted. Then the leg wax followed; a cute young blonde girl on one side, and the instructor on the other. I nattered to the instructor for the most part, largely because we have a year of history and have similar interests, save her preoccupation with a TV fish boat show, forgetting the name.

And home accountlng fuckery today; it has been put off for months, finally getting November and December reciepts in and reconciled with the online bank statement. I was listening to music on the PC and about 20 minutes into it, I got a phone call for stupid reason; "if the order is delivered with damage you can send it back". I haven't got it yet, and I am expecting that it not be damaged. The second time in two days I got a phone call about 20 minutes into music listening.

At least 10 screw-ups in my accounting update, and a few of them at screaming (at them) proportions. Their latest game is to have the totals a penny different between the online bank balance and the local Quicken copy. I change the totals to get it to balance and it doesn't. Then I change them back and they still won't balance, all to drive me squirelly over a penny difference. Eventually I had to put an adjustment transaction of a whole penny to get it to balance.

Later; not enough screaming at the assholes it seems, because they then took out the player from Media Center so I could not play any files there. Another round of screaming at the assholes and flipping the player on/off and closing/opening Media Center  and as if by magic, the configuration came back, but lost the position in the play list. They deleted the playlist from view without so much as scheduling a "causal" keyboard finger fumble, it just changed it before my very eyes without any input from me. Talk about blatant sabotage.

 Later they took out the playing position of the music server and caused the Media Center to abort. Just too funny, as in NOT.

And it is always funny for the perps to have me broke, and so it was thus. The recent spate of CD acquisitions and sabotage puts me some $800 in the hole. Their way of saying "Happy New Year", and it isn't the first time that this particular timing and indebtedness has "happened".

 Anyhow, not a stellar effort for a week of doing nothing, and tomorrow I start my new job and finally get some income to keep this show barely afloat.

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