Monday, February 09, 2015

Quad Action

I got to drive the "Quad" today; a four wheeled Honda ATV for the uninitiated. Backing up with a trailer behind was an effing nightmare, as I could never get it to go the direction I wanted. All my life I have avoided trailering anything, as it always go wrong when I back up. So here I am with a trailering situation at my new employer, which is bound to continue. And the Quad has a rather sensitive throttle, and it made backing up all the worse.

Yesterday, a vineyard business truck tailed me right to the gate where I must get out to enter the keycode to open it. And not the usual passing by vehicular stalking, but stopped behind me and having to visit the winery as well. Can we say extra-obvious vehicular gangstalking?

Payday, and all kinds of enhanced harassment and noise today. Pruning vines today, and of course "mistakes" erupt as if I hadn't done the job before when this is the third year in succession I have done this job.

Pissing probs again; in the morning more than anything, and lo, if the urologist didn't get back to me, and then took the Friday off. Which again, signifies perp timing again, for maximizing protracted inconvenience; like WTF, why wasn't I allowed to get onto this last week for crissakes?

And after depositing my paycheck, why, I am $700 in the hole. Rent and the dentist visit cost me plenty, and I reckon another month of financial austerity until I will be debt free again. The perps like me to buy things I don't need, and have them sit around for nothing.

My ni-cad drill batteries finally arrived back from the rebuilders in WA state.This meant that I could get on with the belongings I brought back from Victoria over the Christmas break, and hang them up, and get the Ikea curtain rail up too. It serves as kitchen hang rail and frees up a lot of storage room that can be used for the new items I brought back. Just to think, I got back Jan. 07, and then the next day both drill batteries wouldn't charge, and so I was hooped. Then I discover that Ni-cad battery packs can be rebuilt, and so I had to wait out the snail mail scene. I see they sent the batteries from Vancouver to
Seattle and then to San Francisco and then back to Seattle to be routed to their final destination in E Washington state. I suppose I could of driven down there and had them fixed then, but as the Border Patrol has it in for me, e.g. pulling their guns on me for absolutely no reason whatsoever in 2002, plus two other refusals for no apparent reason, I decided that mailing the drill batteries was more reliable.

Sunday, on a long weekend no less, the Family Day holiday was added to the calendar in BC about four years ago.

And today was muffed up, with a tan at the salon, then grocery shopping (again, as there was such a gangstalk crush on yesterday that I bailed early), and then back to my residence to manage cleaning up the bathroom. My modified method to cleaning the shower stall is to scrub it down while having a shower, skyclad of course. That morphed in to cleaning all of the bathroom, from the tiles, toilet, sink and then the mirror. In the latter case, this mysterious crud arrives just where I would look into the mirror when standing next to it. Therefore, the many facial and chest area hair pluckings get obscured by this scuzz on the mirror, and so I must tip my  head L or R to get around it. And of course, attempts at photographing it are problem-fraught, taking a picture with a flash and the light going every which way.

And at the tanning salon the headlight beams were on me when I exited (from a metallic deep maroon red colored vehicle), a prime gangstalking moment it would seem, as it is not the first time I have had this particular exit attention. The cute young blonde girl attendant at the salon almost ran into me when I was exiting the bathroom, another one of those behind-the-doorway eruptions/almost collisions that have plagued me in significantly greater frequency since all this came down 04-2002.

A gym workout tonight, and the first allowed in two weeks. It infuriates me no end they control this when I want to work out. Not only that, but they added 3lb onto my body weight in the interim. They first crimped down on physical exercise in 2003 when they wouldn't let me run outside. They would deplete me of having the energy to run, one block into it. So it became pointless to run. Before that, they screwed me out of swimming when it became evident that all of the swim club was totally in on the harassment. And of course they didn't refund my $120 annual membership fee, only two weeks into the season when I bailed on swimming. And now, they only let me swim 1 or 2x per year. I worked near a very swimmable lake in the summer, and never swam in it once in the past two years after vineyard work. Before the assholes went berserk/overt on me in 2002, I swam for 12 years with the Victoria Masters Swim club, 3x/week, 2500m practice each practice. So thanks a bunch assholes.

Monday, and it is a Family Day holiday in BC. And lo, if my daughter didn't make an additional request for $1800 due to this infernal CPP Disability plan payback hassle that blew up last year. (And drained me of all my savings). I already sent her $1800 back in May 2014 to clear it off, and now they (apparently) want the same again. Though it does make me suspicious that she may of not used the money I sent her in the first place, added on to the fact that she didn't tell me about this seeming additional sum until the 11th hour of the "final notice". Though to be fair, she is careful about money and doesn't jerk anyone around. Maybe, she is adding to the FUD component that the perps so love to foment; keeping me in the dark and then not explaining why an additional amount is due. I cannot understand why a simple question cannot be answered from her; as in, "is this an additional $1800 over top of what I sent you last year?" All by email of course, and then taking a few days between responses, so enter the protracted FUD games. Then the ex steps in and is sending me a letter via snail-mail. I will be a $1000 in the hole by the time of the next paycheck; getting nailed $200 for my dental cleaning was choice perp timing , as I wasn't under a benefits plan between employers.

A major tool edge sharpening this morning, getting out the Dremel with the diamond burr, and then hand honing from there. Most of the other tools were hand honed, and the perps just love the diamond and tool steel swarf (cuttings) to go down the drain in the sink. Then followed lunch, prepared on the same counter space that the diamond tool edge sharpening was done. And the two plastic tool boxes were sitting on the table before I ate my lunch there.

Enough of the banal banter of a life in constant duress, and getting this posted.


facilidad de ser said...

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I´ve put up an article that explaines that so everybody can understand it:

Hopefully this is helpful for you. You may also be interested in seeing some videos that show you how easy it is to detect the equipment that tortures you.

Regards, Mike

AJH said...

Answer to: "Maybe it´s interesting..."

I had a look at the first link, and I have researched scalar waves in the long past, and I would agree, this seems to be essential to harassment abuses, as well as surveillance. Generally, I don't get into the technology on this blog, but thanks for the link. I couldn't get the second link to display, but I might of been blocked by you know who.